Powerful Conservative Women Bring Out The Worst In Margery

While she defiantly backs lackluster Democratic opportunist Martha Coakley for the open US Senate seat, WTKK’s Margery Eagan used her Herald column yesterday to point fingers elsewhere, seemingly unaware of how America perceives Bay State moonbats.

What is it about powerful conservative women that has Margery in cat-fighting mode?

From the piece:

A little nutty or totally wacked?

Totally wacked, for my money.

But this is the question some Republicans still ponder about the two most “hated” women in the country, as Fox superstar Sean Hannity lovingly calls them.

The first: probable GOP presidential contender Sarah Palin, whose 13-week “Going Rogue” tour starts tomorrow on Oprah.

The second: rising-star Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, relegated to wacko world last year after numerous bizarre moments (some detailed below). Last week she came roaring back as her anti-Obamacare rallies drew thousands to Washington, and they practically ignored GOP big shots John “tan-a-rama” Boehner and Eric Cantor to chant, enthralled, “We want Michele!”

Here, she squeezes one last drop of Outrage (!!!) out of the footage editing mistake made by Hannity’s producer (without mentioning outright dishonesty by his MSNBC competitors):

A quickly rehabilitated Bachmann now averages a major TV appearance every nine days. Conservative superstars Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and all of the Fox News network, in fact, pushed her anti-Obamacare rallies.

Hannity did apologize after Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart caught him using pictures of Bachmann’s rally that in fact were pictures of last September’s much bigger “Tea Party” rallies. And Bachmann apologized for ralliers carrying Holocaust skeletal body posters. Then there are her own freaked-out constituents. “When your captain is crazy it’s time to jump ship,” declared Dennis Coleman of Oak Park Heights in a letter to his local paper. Bachmann’s Tea Party set, he went on, is “not in touch with the mother ship.”

As long as Margery truly believes do-nothing Martha Coakley should be handed a US Senate seat for doing absolutely nothing, her credibility regarding other women in politics will remain low.


Even Margery Gets It: It’s Time To Revolt

Clearly, Massachusetts Corruptocrats have learned nothing from California’s overwhelming rejection of tax-and-spend initiatives Tuesday. The attempt by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic-controlled legislature to shove this bloated excess down their throats failed uniformly across the state.

As the Golden State’s results and impact is felt across the country, this tidbit from the San Francisco Chronicle’s analysis stands out:

Focus groups run by the “yes” campaigns were so uniformly negative that consultants thought there was a problem with the groups.

“We moved to different cities and tried different questions, but we got to the same place with every group,” said Gale Kaufman, a consultant for education groups supporting the ballot measures. “People sent a very simple message: ‘It’s not our job.’ ”

Even before the election, focus groups were sending a clear message to Sacramento: after a wild spending spree, you created this mess. Now that it has become unmanageable, you want us to fix it?

In the Bay State, the key difference is that politicians aren’t inclined to place anything on the ballot when they can simply sneak in big tax hikes during a late-night session.

But the public anger is the same: anyone assuming Massachusetts taxpayers are going to roll over and play dead (like they usually do) may be proven wrong this time.

In today’s Herald, even WTKK’s Margery Eagan gets it, to the point where she’s quoting Howie Carr in her column. An excerpt:

The Tax Stealers – aka, our legislators – just did again what they do best: Tell us taxpayers to drop dead.

And we taxpayers just did what we do best: play dead.

Reform before revenue! That’s been Senate President Terry Murray’s mantra.

Guess that’s gone by the boards.

Several dutiful taxpayers told me yesterday they’re doing all they can to fight back: e-mailing and calling to harass The Stealers.

Either The Stealers ask for lots of personal information before responding, or they don’t respond. Or they send a form letter answering nothing. Or they do call back, and lie.

But there are signs that taxpayers are ready for all-out revolt. From Hillary Chabot in today’s Herald:

Outraged small businesses and tax watchdogs promised yesterday they’ll be heard on the hikes, be it at a rally planned for the State House steps today or at the voting booth in November.

“It’s completely out of control,” said Barbara Anderson, executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation. “The only thing they care about is not getting re-elected. We have to throw them out.”

Corie Whalen, who organized the conservative anti-tax Tea Party in Boston last month, invited anti-tax citizens to gather at the State House starting at 11 a.m. today.

“They’re misleading people when they act like necessary cuts have to be made when they haven’t worked to clear up real waste,” Whalen said.

Jeff Golden, a buyer at Downtown Wine & Spirits in Somerville, said the vote to remove the sales tax exemption from liquor at package stores means many smaller shops would close their doors.

“It’s frustrating for a smaller place. We’re operating on the margins already,” said Golden. “We’re going to have a hard time convincing people to come here when they can get it for less in New Hampshire.”

In the end, it’s not enough to simply write columns about unfair tax increases. How about using that microphone? It’s right there in front of you.

First task: removing Therese Murray from office.

Time to raise some hell.

Arnold image: KCBS

What Margery Is Afraid To Tell You

Let’s face it: Margery Eagan’s performance at the Boston Herald has been spotty for some time. Occasionally, the WTKK talker makes a decent point or two, but it’s usually followed up with a crappy piece that probably isn’t worth publishing.

In particular, she has an obsession with the appearance of other women, coming across as catty and petty. That is still evident in her references to Sarah Palin.

Eagan & Braude.jpg

In Sunday’s Herald, however, she’s played defender of evil, attacking those who dare to question the increasingly-creepy cult forming around Barack Obama.

Clearly, the body-snatchers have full control over Margery, so she’s gone on the offensive, accusing cult critics of suffering from “Obama Derangement Syndrome” (itself a cheap rip-off of Michelle Malkin’s Bush Derangement Syndrome of a few years back).

Subject to the Herald’s standards (which must have been relaxed a bit to run this rubbish), it’s her column, so that’s not my objection.

In two places, however, she’s completely out of line. See for yourself:

Meanwhile conservative talk radio, having failed to prevent Obama’s election, has launched the undermine-him-right-out-of-the box squad. My Herald colleague and fellow WTKK 96.9 FM talk radio host Michael Graham has his own Obama resistance movement, warning about civilian police forces and mandatory youth indoctrination, etc.

Personally, I love Michael. Politically, I think he’s out there.

“So Michael, are you deranged?” I asked him yesterday.

“Just because you’re paranoid, huddled in your bed in the fetal position doesn’t mean somebody’s not out to get you,” Michael said.

Deranged? I let you be the judge.

First, Margery wants you to think that conservative talk radio “failed” to defeat Obama, despite being burdened with John McCain, a candidate the right never wanted.

And if Rush Limbaugh and others are so ineffective, where does that leave Margery Eagan? She fails to note in her column that in the most recent Boston ratings, Rush is now beating her program in the critical 25-54 demographic.

That’s thanks to a 22% drop for her team, versus a 44% gain for Rush over spring 2008 figures.

Second, many talk programmers I know would be quite uneasy over the way Eagan has used her column space to attack a fellow host so directly. An oblique reference to The Felon in Howie’s column is one thing, but at most stations, Margery would be in hot water this morning with management.

The problem is that she’s undermining WTKK’s image and credibility by making a co-worker out to be a nutcase. A station’s brand name can be damaged this way.

Obama cultists will be looking for a variety of ways to attack resisters in coming weeks and months and Margery has offered her own approach, weak as it may be.

Stations Plan Coverage, Sort Of

Both WTKK and WRKO are trumpeting their election night coverage, but neither has assembled what could be considered a dream team.

WTKK’s might be okay, but what’s with the pinstripe-loving New Yorker in the lineup? Let me guess: he’ll be “here” via his phone line. Will he be discussing our local issues from there?

Boston, MA (November 3, 2008): Boston’s Talk Evolution, 96.9 FM-WTKK will host a special live Election Night broadcast on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 beginning at 7pm and continuing until the results are in.

96.9 FM WTKK’s Margery Eagan (Monday-Friday, 12noon – 3pm) Michael Graham (Monday-Friday, 9am – 12noon), Michele McPhee (Monday-Friday, 7pm – 10pm), and Curtis Sliwa (Monday-Friday, 10pm – 1am) will team up to bring listeners and a special studio audience up to the minute results from across the country. In addition to the latest results, they will get live reaction and reports from around the country and host special guests including Jay Severin, Jim Braude and local political go-to people. WTKK’s Ed Cherubino will be live in the newsroom

Meanwhile, over at WRKO, there’s not much of a staff left that can handle election coverage, so they’ve given up on it:

Beginning at 7p, we’ll provide the expansive resources of Fox News for up to the minute race results, national reaction, and every major speech from both candidates camp. We’ll also include local reports from our area’s elections and ballot questions.

Let’s hope WRKO is transferred into more capable hands soon. This is pathetic.