Updates On Reese, The Globies, DePetro

One nice thing about below-freezing temperatures in New England is that it sure does kill off those nasty bugs. But some Rhody radio fans are fed up with what they see as a lingering pest: WPRO’s John DePetro.

DePetro John Dump.gif

Here, Jessica Heslam has an update on their drive to remove the former WRKO host. In addition, you can visit their site here.

One thought: why not simply wait until Citadel goes bankrupt and cans everybody?


— After former WRKO talker Reese Hopkins pled not guilty to child rape charges, the AP made sure its top priority, smearing conservatives, was fulfilled:

Ex-radio host pleads not guilty to NYC child rape

NEW YORK (AP) ‚Äî A former conservative radio host who dubbed himself the “Crossover Negro” has pleaded not guilty in New York City to charges he raped his stepdaughter’s former friend when she was 11 or 12 years old.

Reese Hopkins pleaded not guilty Wednesday at his arraignment on an indictment charging him with first-degree rape and endangering the welfare of a child. Hopkins is being held on $300,000 bail.

The charges say Hopkins sexually assaulted the girl between Sept. 1, 2004, and Oct. 31, 2004, at his Upper East Side Manhattan apartment, within weeks of her 11th or 12th birthday.

Luckily for us, the AP is cutting 10% of its staff, so we can now expect 10% less bias from the left-wing news agency, right?

The Herald’s far more reasonable coverage is found here.

— While their paper’s overall value has fallen below the price of a number two special at Dunkin’ Donuts, how do The Globies remain so arrogant? Just asking.


Herald: Entercom Cuts Hit Boston

As Entercom’s share price sinks below two dollars a share, layoffs hit the company hard today, with deep cuts coming across the country.

Here at home, the Herald’s Jessica Heslam reports that 10 were let go in Boston, including “Reese Hopkins” of WRKO, The Felon’s producers and even a sales manager:

The ax came down hard today at Entercom-owned radio stations in Boston and the casualties include WRKO host Reese Hopkins – who was whacked after his mid-morning show.

About 10 employees at Entercom’s Boston stations have been canned so far as the company’s stock tumbled to under $2 for the first time ever during trading today.

Two producers of Tom Finneran’s morning-drive show were also ousted, including Rich Teter, and Andrew Strecker, according to sources. The head of promotions at WRKO-AM (680), Laura Rieder, and the head of national sales, Donald St. Sauveur, were also let go. A producer for the “Hillman Morning Show” with Greg Hill on WAAF [website]-FM (97.7 and 107.3) was also canned.

But if they can’t afford these people, then how can they continue to pay Finneran a high salary for subpar performance? How many programming managers will really be needed to oversee a shrinking on-air staff?

Judging by the rapidly-collapsing stock price, Entercom (NYSE:ETM) may have much less of a future than anyone could have imagined just a few months ago.

Between the credit crunch, loss of traditional advertisers such as car dealerships, still-bloated managerial costs and heavy debt levels, it’s a wonder how any radio company is able to survive this crisis.

At Entercom, however, these moves could prove much too little, way too late if the hidden financial picture looks as bad as one might suspect.

Entercom’s Luxury Box Blues

Today’s Boston Herald Media Biz column is a doozy, with Entercom and WRKO looking foolish on many fronts.

First, Jessica Heslam reports that the beleaguered broadcast firm has asked sales execs not to bring clients to the company’s Fenway luxury box this weekend so that elitist CEO David Field can entertain his friends and pretend all is well.

Fenway suite.jpg

Next, she has an update on the Reese Hopkins meltdown over any suggestion he might have misbehaved at the ballpark:

Meanwhile, over at Brian Maloney’s savewrko.com, the Entercom suite was getting attention for another reason.

Maloney wrote that it was a “risky proposition” for WRKO-AM (680) to send host Reese Hopkins to Gloucester earlier this week to do his show after the “Fenway incident” last spring. Hopkins broadcast his show live from Fenway on Opening Day.

Naturally, many Web visitors wanted more details and Maloney told them to ask Hopkins or WRKO. One radio listener did. Hopkins responded to the listener with an e-mail and Maloney posted the response online.

“For the record, after my show I went up to the luxury box to watch the game, had a few and got in the face of a few media types that had been giving me crap while hiding behind their articles and cameras,” Hopkins wrote.

Yesterday, Hopkins wouldn’t comment on the “private e-mail” he sent to his listener. The host told MediaBiz that he has talked about the Fenway incident on his show, telling listeners he “went upstairs and had a few.”

Finally, she reports that Tom Finneran couldn’t successfully auction off a spring training trip, with proceeds going to charity. Number of bidders: zero.

See the column here.