Does this mean we’re stuck with him on WRKO?

Felon Finneran’s stubborn bid to regain his ability to practice law has once and for all been snuffed out. The Dem-friendly Supreme Judicial Court didn’t side with one of its own this time, ruling the former House speaker should be permanently disbarred.

From the Boston Herald:

Finneran, who pled guilty in 2007 to obstruction of justice, had sought a lesser punishment of suspension, but the court sided with the Board of Bar Overseers. “(Finneran’s)” misconduct implicates both the integrity of the judicial system and the honesty of a member of the bar,” Justice Margot Botsford wrote for the court.

“We have no reason to disagree with the finding that (Finneran’s) conduct during the voting rights lawsuit represented an aberrant event in his long career of serving his constituency and the public with loyalty and distinction. But the respondent was convicted of a serious crime involving false testimony to a court under oath in a significant case about fundamental rights.”

The decision is retroactive to Jan. 23, 2007, the date when Finneran’s law license was temporarily suspended.

Finneran pled guilty in 2007 to making misleading statements under oath about a redistricting plan that was challenged by advocates for minorities. In arguing for suspension rather than disbarment, Finneran’s attorney said his 26-year career in public service, as well as testimony asserting that Finneran’s crime was “aberrant” from his normal conduct, should mitigate his punishment.

The big question: is he now locked in at WRKO? The program is as boring as ever, it’s astounding he’s still there after three long years. What motivates Entercom in their desire to keep him on their schedule?

The bottom line: it’s a great day to be Howie Carr.

Image: John Wilcox, Boston Herald


Peter Smyth’s ‘Tell’

Whether Peter Smyth is a decent poker player is unknown, but in the game of broadcasting, he’s just given away his hand. The Greater Media CEO is quoted in today’s Boston Herald as saying he won’t take another stab at bringing Howie Carr to long-suffering WTKK.

That’s a classic “tell”: making it clear he’s not going to invest the time and energy it takes to finally bring success to the struggling FM talker. Peter’s clearly given up.

Smyth’s stubbornness has held back the station for a decade as his own personal programming preferences trump what’s best for the station. When his friends (Mike Barnicle, Don Imus, etc) are bumped from the lineup, it’s usually because a (suddenly endangered) lower-level manager put up a fight and won.

There’s little doubt he despises Carr’s conservative stances, but was temporarily convinced Howie was needed to save the station from ruin.

From his political contributions (and love for Barnicle, etc), one can see that Smyth is a firm believer in our state’s corrupt ruling political establishment. Until he’s out of the picture (most likely never), WTKK probably doesn’t stand a chance.

There are other Peter Smyths in broadcasting, executives who try and fail at force-feeding unpopular talk programming to an unwilling listenership, but he’s a great deal more secure in his position than the others, who often eventually fade from the scene.

Even Margery Gets It: It’s Time To Revolt

Clearly, Massachusetts Corruptocrats have learned nothing from California’s overwhelming rejection of tax-and-spend initiatives Tuesday. The attempt by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic-controlled legislature to shove this bloated excess down their throats failed uniformly across the state.

As the Golden State’s results and impact is felt across the country, this tidbit from the San Francisco Chronicle’s analysis stands out:

Focus groups run by the “yes” campaigns were so uniformly negative that consultants thought there was a problem with the groups.

“We moved to different cities and tried different questions, but we got to the same place with every group,” said Gale Kaufman, a consultant for education groups supporting the ballot measures. “People sent a very simple message: ‘It’s not our job.’ ”

Even before the election, focus groups were sending a clear message to Sacramento: after a wild spending spree, you created this mess. Now that it has become unmanageable, you want us to fix it?

In the Bay State, the key difference is that politicians aren’t inclined to place anything on the ballot when they can simply sneak in big tax hikes during a late-night session.

But the public anger is the same: anyone assuming Massachusetts taxpayers are going to roll over and play dead (like they usually do) may be proven wrong this time.

In today’s Herald, even WTKK’s Margery Eagan gets it, to the point where she’s quoting Howie Carr in her column. An excerpt:

The Tax Stealers – aka, our legislators – just did again what they do best: Tell us taxpayers to drop dead.

And we taxpayers just did what we do best: play dead.

Reform before revenue! That’s been Senate President Terry Murray’s mantra.

Guess that’s gone by the boards.

Several dutiful taxpayers told me yesterday they’re doing all they can to fight back: e-mailing and calling to harass The Stealers.

Either The Stealers ask for lots of personal information before responding, or they don’t respond. Or they send a form letter answering nothing. Or they do call back, and lie.

But there are signs that taxpayers are ready for all-out revolt. From Hillary Chabot in today’s Herald:

Outraged small businesses and tax watchdogs promised yesterday they’ll be heard on the hikes, be it at a rally planned for the State House steps today or at the voting booth in November.

“It’s completely out of control,” said Barbara Anderson, executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation. “The only thing they care about is not getting re-elected. We have to throw them out.”

Corie Whalen, who organized the conservative anti-tax Tea Party in Boston last month, invited anti-tax citizens to gather at the State House starting at 11 a.m. today.

“They’re misleading people when they act like necessary cuts have to be made when they haven’t worked to clear up real waste,” Whalen said.

Jeff Golden, a buyer at Downtown Wine & Spirits in Somerville, said the vote to remove the sales tax exemption from liquor at package stores means many smaller shops would close their doors.

“It’s frustrating for a smaller place. We’re operating on the margins already,” said Golden. “We’re going to have a hard time convincing people to come here when they can get it for less in New Hampshire.”

In the end, it’s not enough to simply write columns about unfair tax increases. How about using that microphone? It’s right there in front of you.

First task: removing Therese Murray from office.

Time to raise some hell.

Arnold image: KCBS

Voters Want More Corruption, Dems Happy To Oblige

Given our current, sorry circumstances, why is anyone surprised to see Beacon Hill Corruptocrats getting away with stuffing bras full of ca$h and groping random women on the street?

Think about it:

— Unhinged Senate President Therese Murray (D-Smashmouth) knows she can cover for Prius Perv Jim Marzilli (D-Fondlington) and Dianne Wilkerson (D-Bribebury) until they disappear into political oblivion.

Under Obama, the feds are not likely to push embarrassing investigations into the conduct of other Democrats, so this means waiting just a few short months for it all to go away.

Murray Therese angry hothead.jpg

— Crooked Dem senators who enjoy full protection may be a lot less likely to rat out the other criminals in the chamber, especially Murray herself, who seems awfully nervous regarding the FBI’s investigation. Just to get out of Boston, she’s actually willing to do public events in her district these days.

— Instead of punishing Beacon Hill Democrats for creating a disgusting atmosphere of corruption, voters rewarded them with even more seats. All it took was shifting the blame to Bush and it was the few remaining Republicans who took the hit, not the perps themselves.

— The sorry state of local talk radio means one of the primary checks on their power has been neutered. WRKO, for example, is down to just Howie Carr and The Felon, who actually SUPPORTS corruption on Beacon Hill.

And WTKK isn’t much better, with syndication in the morning, sandwich/burrito talk from noon-3pm and Pinstripes in the late evenings. Jay Severin can’t be bothered to spend much time on local issues, so the listener’s only hope is Michael Graham or the night gal who suddenly seems to have returned to the Herald.

With the Obama-Patrick tag-team now in full control, we’re going to see a lot more of this kind of behavior, not less.

And unless Murray can be nailed for whatever role she might have in the bribery scandal before Bush leaves office, she’s got nothing to worry about. In her own district, Republicans aren’t even organized enough to give her an opponent, despite a still quite respectable GOP voting base in the area.

More Sore Winners

Unhinged Obama cultists still unable to find a reason to be happy are still lashing out against those who dare to challenge or question their Dear Leader.

From today’s Herald, here are two fresh examples:

Carr a spoilsport

By Babs Beaulieu

Friday, November 7, 2008

It’s a shame that Howie Carr had to write such a negative column after such an historic day (“It’s a moonbat nation Рbut I’m no citizen,” Nov. 5). It is not just “moonbats” who voted for Barack Obama Рit was 52 percent of the population, which includes all genders, races, economic status, education levels and political affiliations. Obama will be everyone’s president including yours, Howie.

Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck had to admit she will support Obama because America has spoken.

Babs Beaulieu, Lynnfield

If only this were true, Babs: Obama’s made it clear his administration will be about serving his thug friends from Chicago, with Raum Emmanuel overseeing this process. You were tricked.

Here’s the other guy, he’s using WTKK to call for censorship of talk radio:

What a turnoff

By Alan Vervaeke

Friday, November 7, 2008 –

Is the radio as a medium no longer fit for the listening of children to political commentary (Nov. 6)? My daughters are far better off listening to Don Imus than to either Michael Graham or Jay Severin.

Maybe the very reason that some in Congress speak of curtailing talk radio has to do with the venomous rants of others like these two and the clear and present harm they continue to inflict on America as an institution. Normally I would lash out at anyone who expressed an interest in limiting public discourse, but in the case of these two “gentlemen” I might just make an exception.

Alan Vervaeke, Fitchburg

This is more than just being unhappy about the election, these people are pushing to crush dissenting voices before they have a chance to effectively cast doubt upon Obama’s thugocracy.

Sore Winner Attacks Carr

Since yesterday, I’ve been tracking the sore winners out there, Obama supporters who still can’t find reasons to be happy despite their victory.

Here’s another example of an unhinged Obama fan who would rather lash out at Howie Carr than celebrate:

Exile for Carr

Yesterday morning, Howie Carr was just another tired, cranky, bitter old man (“It’s moonbat nation Рbut I’m no citizen,” Nov. 5). Oh wait, that was John McCain. Howie is living in his usual delusional place if he continues to blame just the Democrats for the economy tanking. McCain and all his fellow Republicans were gleefully shuffling up to the trough throughout the whole process. I understand Howie is upset because his grandfather lost, but let’s be real.

By the way, has Howie Carr, in his delusional state, ever met Sarah Palin, who lives in her delusional state (Russia/foreign policy)?

– Bruce McPhee, Yarmouth

Rush Limbaugh had a great point yesterday, that Obama’s “progressive” left will be forced to find new outlets for their eternal rage and anger. With Bush gone, what will they do?

Clearly, as Bruce McPhee indicates, attacking those who dare to criticize their cult leader / messiah will provide one avenue for rage release.

Memo To Howie: They Were Wrong In 2004

Is there a bigger downer on the air today than Howie Carr?

Perhaps he’s right about the outcome, but jeez, Howie, those exit polls were dead wrong four years ago.

Why do you believe them now?

BTW: I wrote in Carr’s name to prevent having to vote for tyrant-coddling scumbag Bill Delahunt. Luckily, I didn’t run into Hugo Chavez’s buddy at the polling place.