The Globies: Minor League Players?

Yesterday’s release of semi-annual newspaper circulation figures is remarkable for what isn’t included: The Globies anywhere in the top 25.

That’s right, the daily edition is no longer as important as publications in Portland, Oregon, Cleveland, St Petersburg or even Newark, New Jersey. How’s that $1.50 cover price working out?

Oh yes, the “Internet” argument – if that’s going to save The Globies, then why are other publications moving behind pay walls?

Meanwhile, the scrappy Herald is still alive and kicking. The establishment is not amused.

As for the latter paper, “less bad”, meaning a smaller percentage loss in print readers, isn’t good enough. Sunday circulation is especially alarming.

It’s time for Herald ownership/management to meet with readers and determine how to proceed from here.


800 thoughts on “The Globies: Minor League Players?

  1. What we need in this area is a GOOD English Fish & Chips place, and then I’m sure the Globe circulation will go up for sure!

  2. Howie Carr is going to have a field day with this information.

    The $1.50 rate certainly hurt, but the constant left wing editorial and reporting slant is the reason so many people are no longer buying the paper.

  3. Jeez, Brian- what place did that “scrappy” Herald come in at? Say what? Didn’t make the top 25 either?

    Oh well, the daily Globe readers total about 58% more than Scrappy readers and as far as the Sunday edition? The Globe towers over Scrappy- by 76%.

    So I guess your suggestion of Herald management meeting with their “readers” to determine how to proceed is not such a farfetched notion. There are smaller auditoriums here in Boston that could certainly accommodate Scrappy’s readership.

    Make sure you post that “strategery” meeting here. I’d love to attend!

  4. Billy, that person who dresses up like Captain Mawgun is still emailing pic-shas of themself to us, an, dum… Can you tell wut thee-ah genda is?… Because I kahnt, although the facial hee-eh looks fake, wheth-ah that means anything. Maybe this, um, bukkah-nee-ah wannabe can, um, get ta-geth-ah with Jandrogynous Napolitano to clarify thee-ah genda, rum…

    But right now, um, my good friend, Jim Boland of Fuddruckers New England is joining us to discuss why thee-ah parent company filed Chapter 11, wheth-ah or not it’s because thee-ah food is meet-ee-okah, at best, AND, ovah-priced, with an annoying atmus-fee-ah, resulting in ah-nuth-ah business getting in trouble because thee-ah not giving people what they want.

    Jim, welcome to 969 Boston Talks The Sports Huddle, how-ah YOU???!!!

  5. ENGLISH: “Propose”


    ENGLISH: “Cohorts”


    ENGLISH: “Pol Pot”


    ENGLISH: “Idea”


  6. The Globe begins to crumble as the rust from the left eats away at what remains…and jerks like piratetoby continue to whistle past the graveyard and make wisecracks and cheap shots. Smug and pompous to the end. Don’t look now, pirate…but you’re outnumbered…and we don’t like what you represent. Hang on tight. You’re marginalizing yourself and preaching to your own dwindling choir. Pathetic.

  7. Dr Q, is manning just about the worst host you’ve ever heard? It’s so difficult to listen to him, I take him in very very small doses. I was barely listening to him yesterday when I heard him do his sarcastic voice, he sounds like a whining little girl when he does that voice, he really should play back his show and listen to himself, he is way beyond awful.

    I couldn’t stand listening to rush because he spent an hour and a half talking about himself and I have said here before that I’d take manning over the ego maniac, but, after several weeks of manning, rush is beginning to actually sound good, if you turn the radio on around 1:30 or so he’s usually done with the back patting and while he plays the same game every day – dems bad repubs can do no wrong, etc. etc. at least he doesn’t sound like a little girl!

  8. Dr Q:

    Would you like him more if he omitted every ‘R’ like most other locals around here do? Those ‘R’s have to go somewhere.

    He might be the only local that “paRks his caR at haRvaRd yaRd”.

    Imagine a lesson on annunciation from somebody from Boston. It’s a twisted world.

  9. BJD, the word is enunciate (thus enunciation). Maybe you should take the english language in the death pool.

    Should we really turn a macro trend like declining circulation into a left/right thing? Does the fact that The Globe’s Sunday circulation is 17th in the top 25 mean that liberal propaganda goes down better on the weekend than during the week? Or perhaps it is just a larger paper with more features that isn’t as easy to read online?

  10. bob? I’m a “jerk” for defending the newspaper I prefer?

    Frankly anyone who revels in a newspaper biting the dust is a jerk. I’d hate to see the Herald go under.

    And your “outnumbered” comment – “we” don’t like what “you” represent? And what exactly do I represent? And who are the “we” you speak of?

    That’s all for now. Seems the “jerk store” is open and they’re all out of me….gotta run. Footnote to George Costanza.

  11. For 20+ years I was well aware of the Globe’s biases but subscribed anyway, figuring that my BS meter was allowing me to be able to read between the lines. When Times Co. decided to put their desire to inflice damage on the previous administration over the security interests of the country, I decided enough was enough and unsubscribed. As an added bonus I included graphs of the declining stock prices and circulation figures (and a smiley face) in my Buh-Bye Globe letter requesting them to cancel. I also found that their letters begging me to resubscribe fit perfectly on the bottom of my bird’s cage. Maybe I should consider mailing those to the Globe.

  12. Cap’n – I cancelled a subscription to the Globe about 10 years or so ago and was harassed over the phone by someone from the Globe demanding to know why anyone would want to cancel a subscription. Just his attitude alone was enough reason to cancel a subscription!

  13. Cap’n: “desire to inflice damage on the previous administration over the security interests of the country”

    c’mon! Are you going for drama or hyperbole? The Boston Globe is THAT powerful? Paleeeeze!

  14. Ad Man:

    I stand corrected. Sort of a good thing that I don’t “talk” on a radio station for a living. I’m more of a numbers / math person.

    (When posting it, I thought it looked wrong, but spell check “corrected” it for me.)

    I’ll make a note of it for the future. No it’s not twisted that somebody corrects my spelling.

  15. Pirateboy, the NY Times (their parent company) was running articles blowing the cover on national security info simply out of a desire to try to cause damage to the Bush admin. Really. Maybe you weren’t paying attention. It was in all the papers. (After it was leaked in that paper.) What options did I have? I wasn’t a NY Times subscriber, but I did get their local offering the Boston Globe at the time. So, normally I wouldn’t “revel in a newspaper biting the dust”, but in this case it can’t happen soon enough to the bastards. Maybe someone like Murdoch can take it over and I’ll quit cheerleading for their demise. Until then I’ll just have to content myself with my parrot using their begging letters as a toilet.

  16. Frankly anyone who revels in a newspaper biting the dust is a jerk.

    Anyone who gives an anti-American*18 newspaper a pass just because it aligns with their ideology is a jerk.

  17. Good morning everyone. Pirate the Cap’n is absolutly CORRECT that the NY Times devuldged secrets so that the Bush Administration would be hurt by it, and as a result Service Members and CIA members were killed. Not hyperbole, the truth! The Communist Times did it during Vietnam and suddenly it stops during the current regime?????? Pirate, the coffee smells really good today.

  18. I am not defending the NY Times… fact I hate that the Taylors sold out to the Times.

    It’s the Boston Globe that I’m defending. I wouldn’t dump them for mistakes made by their current owner.

    I guess I’m just a sentimental softy. I walk to Downtown Crossing…’s a ghost town. It feels creepy. There are so many Boston “institutions’ that have fallen by the wayside. The Ritz, Filene’s, Filene’s Basement, Jack’s Joke Shop……all gone! It make me sad, cuz I love Boston.

    I am awake and the coffee does smell good.

    Now I’ll just be heading back to the “Jerk Store”.

  19. Actually Mr Prag, it was NOT Cheney who outted Plame. It was someone else and I know that someone can give out his name. He is a large man with what is called a barrel chest. Besides, she was not a covert agent she was an overt one so it would not matter in any case.



  20. We are in bad need of a pooper scooper for the

    crap that is being dropped in the last few posts.

    Have at it!

  21. 1st, I ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm woooooooooummmmmmhooooooooooo have a spare ummmmmmm scooper – I’ll just put it “are eye tea eee” over here >>>>>>>>>> for those who want to ummmmmm use it!

  22. And how does the Captain feel about Dick Cheney (via Scooter Libby) outing Valerie Plame? Unamerican, yes?

    Didn’t happen. It was Armitage, and Fitzgerald knew the identity of Novak’s source almost from the beginning. In fact, Armitage blabbed to Woodward a few weeks before Novak even knew.

  23. Yeah, it was Armitage who “blabbed” Plame’s name and then claimed it was no big deal because everyone was privvy to her anyway. But that was just BS after the fact….covert or overt, Armitage should have know better.

    And I remember her as being covert, or at least her assignment(s) were covert even if she was overt. And it was leaked in response to getting even with her husband. So either way, it was a fucked-up thing for Armitage to leak.

    That was typical MO for the Bush administration- don’t get mad- get even. And Cheney delighted in getting even. Again, Bush was the puppet and Cheney the puppetmaster.

    Shooting his friend in the face, drunk no doubt, and the friend is the one to make a public appology! “I’m so sorry that my head happenend to be in the way of the VP’s line of fire. Please accept my sincere appology.”

  24. All of those Big barrel chested self important

    idiots damn straight new better! It was one

    of the meanest and nastiest things to come

    out of that reeeealy bad Admin.

    So shameful. Other Admin.’s have also been

    reeealy bad but this was cruel beyond description.

    Pirate, You are right!

  25. Ok, I have to admit everything, it MUST have been the Haliburton Hurricane Machine who did all those nasty things to Plame! Pirate, in the CIA, you are either COVER or OVERT, not both! Either you’re pregnant of you ain’t, it’s the same thing!

  26. Cap’n: no need to link me to any reading. I read all about it – ad nauseum. There is nothing new to add. Armitage tried to portray himself as just a big mouth goof ball enjoying a cocktail while spilling this info. – no harm no foul! Bullshit! He knew exactly what he was doing. There is NOTHING- not one thing that you can post or link for me to read that will change my mind.

    And just because I disagree with you is no need for the &#x3CO, okay?

  27. medic: what I said was her status (covert or overt) made NO difference. She was still the pawn used to get back at her husband.

    And I remember her as being covert.

    And what does “n” mean, Cap’n?

  28. Investigations by both the CIA and Congress classified Plame’s status as covert at the time of Novak’s story.

    That’s a fact, Jack.

  29. Pirateboy, that’s the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling “LA LA LA”. Armitage (a liberal in the State Department – when Newsweek calls you a ‘moderate’, you’re a liberal) went to his boss Powell (a liberal in the State Department) to tell him what he’d said and expressed his regret over having done so — because in reading a Novak article he realized he was the “senior administration official” being talked about in the piece. So, you’ve decided that your version of the facts fits in with your EEEEVIILLL BOOOOOSHH worldview and that’s that. You totally buy into medic’s #35.

  30. And what does “n” mean, Cap’n?

    It’s supposed to be the Pi symbol, but it won’t show up in this blog. I was trying to be cute. Sorry.

    Fitzy found no evidence that Armitage knew of Plame’s covert CIA status when he blabbed.

  31. Surprise! No evidence that A knew Plame’s status? Of course not- he’s just a big ‘ol guy who doesn’t know nothin’ about nothin’. Poor Armitage! He’s just a dumb ol’ guy enjoying a cocktail. Maybe HE didn’t, but whomever gave him his marching orders did!

  32. I’m not yelling , “LA LA LA…..”. This is just ancient history and I have no desire to debate it.

    We will have to agree to disagree, because I’m not interested in beating a dead horse.

  33. Pirate, Those are the magic words :MARCHING ORDERS” So much of their eeeeevil shiq has

    been left behind cuz it ain’t palatable.

    Somebody change the subject please.

    Haliburton Hurricane your arse. None of us know,

    any of you or me the real truth because it can’t

    be told. Enough was said to let us all know who

    the barrel chested talk with a smirk cruise director

    was on this mission. Have a really nice day.

  34. That smirky cruise director had an uncanny ability to pick his “soilders” for his own “battles” and they were duped before they ever knew what hit them. And his mission began back in the days of Bush 1. Dubya getting elected was a wet dream come true for him. Bush 1 was too smart and his term not long enough for the mission.

    So, how about those Red Sox?

  35. This thread=FAIL

    Why do you say the Sunday circulation is alarming? It is down less than average, apparently.

    If the Herald wants more Sunday readers, they need to appeal to the suburban readers. I assUme they don’t have non-compete clauses with Gateway. Launch a free Sunday newspaper, deliver it to all upscale suburban addresses in Greater Boston. Call it The Boston Herald Advertiser. Excise all the local Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/Chelsea articles to differentiate it.

  36. I generally like the content of Manning’s show but dislike his overdramatic, childish, and gloating style. Regarding his voice itself, I’ve heard it described as gay New York art gallery employee-like but, to me it sounds more like that of a gay (is there any other kind?) theatre critic or gossip columnist who was raised in the Philadelphia Area (e.g., the way he pronounces “show” [ugh,]) combined with Boston (“eye-dear.”)

    Yesterday, Manning erred by disclosing that he resides in Hull (instead of “near Boston Common.”)

  37. Ya know Billy, even though I don’t necessarily agree with the person dressed like a pirate about the Globe, ahm… I would defend to the death thee-ah right to thee-ah opinion, um.

    As you may know, Pat Whitley has joined forces with my son Michael Andleminn and Rick Chang, who owned the late, great, Weylu’s of Saugus and Stoughton, to bring the same famous Chinatown Ribs you can get at the Chinatown Restaurant at Cobb’s Kawn-ah in Stoughton to the Cow-Loon in Saugus.

    Now, Pat, these ribs for the Cow-Loon ah going to be sliced at an angle to the bone just like the ribs you describe at Chinatown Cobb’s Kawn-ah, ahnt they?

  38. Mr. A, sir, matey- appears we disagree on something else besides the Boston Globe – spare ribs.

    If you’re referring to those day-glo pink bones, how can you be a fan of them? “Spare” is an understatement. They’re nothing but pink coated bones- where’s the pork?

    Wait- are you Kosher? Maybe that’s why you like them. You get the gooey pink stuff without the pork. Right?

  39. Hey Barb, I was driving on 95 North this AM

    and a car went by and the license plate said,

    WOOHOO! LMAO over and over again.

    It sure turned an otherwise mundane Friday

    into a smile all day Friday. Indeed!

  40. “Linder from Med-fid, you’re next on the Charley Manning Show.”

    He DOES pronounce “show” like he might be from Phila or South Jersey, but “Linder and Med-fid,” could definitely be described as Miltonian.

  41. 1st! Someone stole MY phrase?

    How DARE THEY! LOL – yes indeedy!


    NYP, OMG did you hear that idiot today? Where is this guy from? What language is he speaking? Is this Hull lingo?

    Dr Q, you nailed it. Manning has a “gay accent”!

    I hate when he tries to pull off sarcasm. Speaking of sidiki, where’s he been? He used to call RKO all the time and whine. I wonder if RKO finally banned him. There was a woman named Esther who used to call as well, always complaining that the hosts were racists.

  42. You guys can talk about Charlie Manning all you want, but let me tell you, listening to that DORK Michael Graham today trying to talk about breasts and cleavage? Nothing tops that! If that guy did not have a few kids, I’d swear he was never with a woman. He sounded like a geeky 14 yr. old boy trying to talk about breasts.

    Both pitiful and painful to listen to.

  43. Pirate, Why the hell do you bother to listen to

    that dunce? You will never get that time back again. You are much to bright for his no-talent


  44. pirate, pitiful and painful describes bill kelly perfectly, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. He records a new segment about every 5 to 6 weeks zzzzzzzzz, good thing radios come with an off switch!

  45. 1stX: Trust me, I don’t as a rule listen to Graham. But think about it: a. I’m a pirate, b. the radio was on and c. the topic is cleavage. How can any man f_k-up that topic?

    Answer? “Eyeeeee ammmmm Michael Graham”….. the #1 radio host who can f_k-up a free lunch. That’s who!

  46. Pirate, He can’t even put his makeabelieve

    hair on properly,wtf is up with that?Cleavage to him has everything to do with leave it to

    beaver! As a favor, stay away from the dunce

    for your own sanity! There are not enough descriptions for his lack of class and talent but

    you sure hit a few of them.



  47. There’s no excuse for the unfeeling verbiage used by Laura Crimaldi in the print edition of this morning’s (05/01) Herald story regarding the sad and tragic John Olgren murder case. She wrote: “Convicted teen butcher John Olgren has to give up his stuffed bunny Nicholas when he is shunted to a single cell at maximum security lockup”. Come on…this is NOT a Howie Carr or Michael Graham hatchet job, but supposedly NEWS coverage of this event. This is not to excuse the perpetrator, but everyone familiar with the case knows about his troubled state of mind. It was NOT a simple case of one teenager stabbing another, seemingly for cause. The Globe wisely did not open their coverage to comments, knowing what would ensue…the Herald, alas, chose otherwise.

  48. LG: I’m glad you posted that, This time I will heed your warning and not read the article. It is just plain sad no matter how you look at it. My heart goes out to both families.

    1stX: This is the thing that irks me to no end……Graham’s popularity. Know why? Because I do not believe for one second he cares about any of the stuff he rails about. And his “fans” think he does!

    Michele McFlea drives me nuts, she’s marginaly informed, has the voice equivilant of fingernails scratching a chalkboard, but what she does have, and Graham doesn’t is PASSION.

    Graham has duped all his “fans” into thinking he is passionate about this and that. Bullshit- I say! He’s a fraud. He may have some passion for his cause, the Fisher House. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one!

    I’ve got Graham Cracker’s number!

  49. Double zero… ’bout less than zero? This “man” can not even say the word “breast” or “cleavage”….taw taws? Who says “taw taws”? Or how about his interpretation of the state rep. who called him an a_hole?

    Graham says the rep. called him a “sphincter” and to “fornicate” himself. Why doesn’t he want to use the real words? Because he is opposed to his comedy being “blue”.

    Being “blue” is the least of his concerns. His comedy isn’t even funny.

    I gotta get off this sphincter Graham….he just really bugs me.

  50. jeez! where’s me mates? abandoned ship?

    alex beam is filling in for braude tomorrow- paired w/our beloved magpie. jim/beam (wow, that worked out nicely)…anyway, they have a funny kind of “faux competative” repore (the little I’ve heard), however it will be interesting to hear him alone w/giggles. will she flirt her ass off w/him? or will it be a battle of the columnists?

    he’ll have to be well behaved towards her….afterall, it is her show. however I kinda picked up on a vibe that beam didn’t really take magpie all that seriously. is that just me? does anyone else pick up on that?

    maybe the dynamic will be quite different without braude? well, if I don’t get some shut-eye, I’ll end up sleeping thru their whole show!

    personally, I like beam, and enjoy his columns.

  51. Ta ta? Silly me- I thought 1stX was mocking Graham’s taw taw!

    I know that “ta ta”…… hmmmmm, someone else uses “ta ta’…….and “toodles”, too.

    Who is it??????

  52. Hi Pirate. The Brits us Ta Ta, or Ta when either hanging up the phone, or leaving to go on holiday as they call it!

  53. Yes, Darling, I am aware of the use of “ta ta”….. by British aristocats or sophisticats….. not your average British bloke.

    I’m not that intimate w/Pooh…..yeah I know the bunny, and Winnie, but that’s as much as I can remember.

    So who’s “toodles” atributed to?

    tick, tick, tick…..

  54. Tonight and also on Fri night, the Red Sox games will conflict with Celtics playoffs. WEEI will have the C’s, and the 7-games-behind Red Sox will air on WRKO. This means the very exciting Red Sox pregame show will air at 6, bumping off Howie…but try WCRN 830, WXTK 95.1, etc. Will we get another PapelBOMB? Will Ortiz …or V-Mart get a hit? Who knows! Howie would say “Entercom happens” but I think he’s been told not to…?

  55. pirate, I don’t listen to graham so I’m not familiar with his ta ta usage, I thought 1st was maybe running away from home!

    raccoon, wonder why the ever exciting pre game show is now an hour long, why not just give howie’s slot over to a four hour pregame show and let howie go to another station so we don’t have to deal with this nonsense.

  56. On May 3rd, 2010 at 10:23 am, piratetoby wrote:

    “So who’s “toodles” atributed to?

    tick, tick, tick…..”

    Is this a Quiz Show question? Are you referring to the girlfriend of former Boston Mayor John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald?

  57. Hey Pirate, I ain’t your darling!

    Actually, many of the Brits use TA, it ain’t just the blue-noses. BTW, I lived in the UK for 2 years so I know from whence I speak!

  58. Medic: keep your pants on, Darling. I used the affectionate term “Darling” as an illustration of who uses “ta ta” or “ta” as “good-bye”. You lived in the UK for 2 yrs? That would explain your craving good fish and chips.

    There is a diner in Boston, Victoria’s Diner that had THE best fish and chips…..but they made the BIG mistake of changing their batter/coating. Can’t even order it anymore. Man, that was one of my favs.

    Now the next place is called the Lobster Hut and it’s in Plymouth. Always crowded but they have the BEST fish and chips around, and even supply malt vinegar upon request.

    Now, Jim: No, that was not the answer I was looking for (but interesting nevertheless). Now Honey Fitz was Rose’s father and Toddles was his mistress? So the philandering comes from both sides of the family. Wasn’t Gloria Swanson Joe’s paramour?

    Anyway, my “toodles” is not a proper name. It’s in the same vein as “ta ta”……..tick, tick, tick….

  59. Actually, now that I think of it, bringing up “toodles” was probably not one of my best ideas today.

    When I give the correct answer, I will undoubtably get endless amounts of s_t here.

    And it will be well deserved.

  60. “But right now, TKK Boston Talks’ own Michael Graham is joining us to discuss ow-ah contest to benefit the Joey Fund.

    “We’ll explain shawt-ly, um, how to submit your entries of your guesses of what exists in the space between Michael’s scalp and his hay-ah. Is it an upside-down kaw-lin-dah, for example, lifting his hay-ah rup and, also, your best hypothesis as to why his creepy, white, overgrown, child mah-lest-ah style sideburns ah such a different cullah from his hay-ah.

    “Michael, welcome to The Sports Huddle, how ah YOU?!”

  61. Toodles and TaTa’s all in the same blog!!!!!

    Wow I’m in hawg heavin. I’m mean heeeevin, as in heave’n ma lunch over dis hee aaahhh blog.

    Loser Phony Baloney Maloney couldn’t dream up crap as bad as this stuff. UmmmmmWoooUmmmHooo .


  62. Yet the Globe still out sells the Herald by 100,000 copies per day. The Herald is claiming it is making up for its dip by bringing in more “online readers”.

    To me, Newspapers are dead anyway and I haven’t bought Globe or Herald in years. I find Brian’s take/spin on these figures humorous though.

    As both papers crash and burn Brian is commenting that the flame coming from the Globes’ wreck is burning hotter and brighter than the flames coming out of the Heralds wreck.

    Slow news cycle for Brian these days but at least he posting something.

  63. ENGLISH: “Waziristan”


    ENGLISH: Pakistan is geographically catagorized as a “South Asian country”

    CHARLEY MANNING-SPEAK: Pakistan is geographically catagorized as a “Middle Eastern country”

    (Of course, this is someone who describes his town of Hull as being “near Boston Common.”)

    I wonder why he can’t get any gigs “working on political campaigns” anymore?… Because he never did?

  64. pirate: Nice malt vinegar reference… It reminds me of “Gene’s Famous Seafood” in Fairhaven… What a guilty pleasure– Very greasy but very fresh fried fish, and that malt vinegar on the table is a wonderful foil for the grease. Their tartar sauce is homemade, also.

  65. Doc Q: I just had a funny little idea to make Brian happy….the next time I order fish & chips, I’ll dump them onto and wrap them up in pages 1-3 of the Sunday Globe. There will always be a way for me to make the Globe useless. I’ve been working on a spring cleaning project…..window and screen washing. Newsprint is the best for cleaning windows. Never leaves streaks.

    Now I’m craving fish & chips. I don’t use tartar sauce, but I do use fresh lemon and lots of malt vinegar. I’ve pretty much eliminated fried food from my diet….my 2 exceptions: fish & chips and my well kept guilty pleasure secret- McDonalds fries.

  66. ^^^^^^^^

    shoulda read my last post…..what I meant to say is in additon to providing me w/the news, there are add’l ways for me to make the Globe usefull (not useless).

    I am one tired pirate.

  67. Hey Pirate and guys. If you want GREAT fried seafood, go to Flo’s near Easton Beach in Newport, RI. The sweetest full belly clams, HUGE scallops, calamari and fried haddock, and just enough fries. Get the Fisherman’s Platter, and an extra plate, one platter will feed 2 people. If you go on a weekend, be prepared to WAIT in line. It’s on Wave Ave in Middletown, RI. No, they are not paying me but the should!!!!!!!!!!

  68. DR. Q – I often hear manning say he lives in Boston, does he have a place in Boston where he stays a few days a week? How can he say he lives in Boston if he lives in Hull? They’re not even close. Someone yesterday asked where he lived and he said Boston and then went on to talk about Marine week and all the activities, did he move from Hull to Boston?

  69. medic? “Hey Pirate and guys”? Just cuz I called you “darling” does not mean that I am not one of the guys!!!

    Newport, RI…just love it. From the first time I viewed one of the Mansions, I was hooked. So it was nothing less than serendipity to find out shortly after I bought my home ( 5 yrs. ago this month) that the original owner/builder had a substantial association with one of the Newport mansions. He was a partner at McNeil Bros. (the most prominent architects in Boston during the mid-late 1800’s) His specialty was woodworking- and his most renowned project is the Reading Room at the Library of Congress.

    Anyway, McNeil Bros. were commissioned to build a mansion in Newport for one of the Vanderbilt’s. Its name is “Rough Point” (Doris Duke owned it for years after Vanderbilt sold to her). During construction, Vanderbilt commissioned very wide and elaborate wooden moldings- all hand carved- with a variety of gargoyles. What makes it unique is each gargoyle has a different expression on their faces. They are awesome (a word I never use because it has lost its meaning in today’s culture).

    When it came time, Vanderbilt changed his mind, deciding NOT to use these moldings. McNeil Bros. apparently kept them- probably sold some and kept some for their own use. That is how they came to grace my dining room. They are amazing and I love showing them off and repeating this story.

    My home really has a history worth writing about. Someday I’m gonna drop this blogging s_t and write a book about my home.

    Barb: I met Manning 2 yrs. ago in the spring of 2008. It was at a meeting for selecting delegates to the DNC. We were introduced and chatted for a while. I distincly remember him telling me back then that he lived in West Roxbury.

  70. Who are these people calling into manning’s show and telling him he has a great show? Are they kidding?

    Pirate, ok, now we’re getting somewhere! If manning lives in WR then I can understand why he says he lives in Boston, but don’t understand why he would say he lives near Boston Common. Also if he moved to hull in the last two years and and still claims to live in Boston – well that’s um um um um ah ah um ah um just wrong!

  71. Well, after meeting him that day, I asked my colleague who had introduced us and supposedly has know him for years, who he was, and what he did.

    Funny, she couldn’t really answer. She’s originally from WR herself and is fairly active in local politics. She said he’s always at everything she attends- not just WR stuff. She claims he knows everybody and everybody knows him, but nobody seems to know what he does/did.

    Evasiveness, vague and different answers to the same question? Beats me! All I can attest to is he was personable and always, ALWAYS, has a smile on his face. Clearly he is a happy man.

  72. Saturday, May 8

    Start Finish Program

    12:00AM 1:00AM Michael Savage

    1:00AM 5:00AM Red Eye Radio

    5:00AM 7:00AM Paid Programming

    7:00AM 8:00AM Wall Street Journal This Weekend

    8:00AM 9:00AM Best of Howie Carr

    9:00AM 12:00PM Bill Kelly’s Financial

    12:00PM 2:00PM Sherman Baldwin

    2:00PM 4:00PM Avi Nelson

    4:00PM 5:00PM The Mortage Radio Show

    5:00PM 8:00PM Bob Brinker

    8:00PM 11:00PM Rusty Humphries

    11:00PM 12:00AM Jerry Doyle

    NOTE: 12 – 2 – who is sherman baldwin?

  73. Barb, I am back for over night but have to go

    again in the AM. Sounds like ol’ Shermie is a

    barrel of crackers! Now the duo to watch would

    be the Shermster and the laugh-a-matic Tommy!

    WRKO has some sort of magnet on their front

    door. It is a beautiful night so enjoy.

  74. LG, thanks for the link, very interesting comments there.

    1ST, you’re running away from home again? Going to Fenway? Bomb scare there, who the hell does something like that? Seriously, some people have waaaay too much time on their hands, calling in bomb threats, sheehs. I used to work in downtown Boston and our building used to get bomb threats at least once a week, very distruptive.

    Ta ta, toodles, wooooooooummmmmmmhoooooo and all that jazz!

  75. My guess is Michelle McFraud called in the bomb scare at Fenway. Well, actually she had “Happy” do it. She so wants to be involved in reporting something like the car bomb situation in NY. Her show over the last few days has been all about how she was in NY during the “crisis”. She must have mentioned it 20 times. Then she goes on to say how the burst sewage pipe here that caused the bad water was a terrorist job. So begging and wanting to be part of something bigger. Pathetic.

    “I was in New York during that cah bawm issident. I was at a Dagastinos buying a case of wawtah faw $22 dawlahs! And the blawnd from that show Lost was standing in front of me on the line and Matthew Modine was buying awlive awwl in the next aisle ovah. I knoooooow caller, $22 dawlahs for a case!”

    So Mcphony gets (what she perceives) as the best of both worlds. She can say she was in NY for the Carbomb and talk about it on her show and also still say she felt the pain of having to over pay for water just like the rest of her listeners.

    My guess is she never even left Boston. She musy be taking B.S. lessons from her buddy Severino.

  76. Anyone who pays more than four bucks for a 24pk of water is an idiot, plain and simple. I keep cases stockpiled in my home “just in case”. I do the same with lightbulbs because I’ll be damned I’m going to use those 5 buck a bulb hazmat disasters the gov insists we use come 2012!

    I don’t listen to mcfraud or anyone on tkk for that matter and now I know why! She sounds desperate for attention, so desperately wants to be “cool” and wants to play the victim at the same time. RKO has it’s own morons and I can’t get the new 1400 station because the reception is nil here on the south shore.

    Common sense died a long time ago, replaced with ego maniacs and those who think they are entitled to anything and everything! God help us all!

  77. If Manning resides in Boston now, he’s not a property owner there. I couldn’t find any public record of current property ownership in his name, except for Hull. Perhaps he moved to Boston so he could be closer to McPhee so they can motivate each other to achieving and maintaining the most absurd orange, fake tanned big-faces.

  78. ENGLISH: “Jim in Easton”

    CHARLEY MANNING-SPEAK: “Jim in Eastern”

    ENGLISH: “Janet Napolitano”

    CHARLEY MANNING-SPEAK: “Janet Napolitar-low”

    ENGLISH: “Hull”

    CHARLEY MANNING-SPEAK: “Near the Esplanade”

    ENGLISH: “West Roxbury”

    CHARLEY MANNING-SPEAK: “Near the Esplanade”

    OMFG, did anyone hear Manning “sing along” to the bumper of Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken” today? It was definitely behavior becoming of a high-powered “political consultant-” NOT!

  79. During TKK’s all “boil your tap water (or ‘warter,’ as Jimmy Myers would pronounce it) before drinking it talk” all the time last weekend, not only did Jimmy confuse “fluoridation” with “chlorination,” he called “fluoridation” (to treate with fluoride) “flourination” (to treat with fluorine.) Someone called to correct him and, since said person claimed they had a public water utility background, and were nice enough to satisfy Jimmy, he didn’t resort to claiming the caller was bigoted for correcting him or yelling “I am not your house negro!”

  80. Good morning everyone! It is hearwarming to see that the 3rd Navy SEAL was found not guilty in “beating” an enemy combatant. The Navy should never have even taken the men to Courts Martial.

  81. manning in the midday>>>>barf! He really really really needs to stop with the sarcastic voice, makes him sound even more gay than he usually sounds.

    Dr Q, OMG is that was that was? Manning singing? I caught a second or two of it, wasn’t sure what I was hearing so I walked away, no wonder my head was exploding! He said something awhile ago that was bizzare, he was talking about the media and how they won’t report on something, he said – I’m not thinking they’re going to report on it – ummmmmmmm yeah, charely, you’re NOT thinking……period. This guy is a trainwreck, good thing there’s an off switch readily available.

  82. “Hey, Kevin, I’ll leave you with one final thought. Don’t kill the job. That’s one thing your hero Whitey never did either. Killed everyone else, but not the job. It’s the Bulger way.”

    Cap’n, thanks for posting that, I love it when Howie uses the name Bulger in a column. Ahhhh the good old days!

  83. no plastic surgery show today woooooummmmhoooo and no sherman what’s his face? baldwin? Hmmmmmmm

  84. magpie: if she married him, Mrs. J’s problems are much bigger than the dogs. And it’s not his wife and child, Jay prefers “mommie” and “baby” nowadays.

    jim: I dunno about 17 dogs. I think that would be against the law unless his home is registered as a dog breeding facility as well.

    Now I’ve heard him mention he has a couple of Newfoundlands as pets. Can you imagine puny Jay walking those massive dogs? Must look like “freak show walking”. Well, the Big Apple circus is in town. Maybe he can pick up a little pocket change!

  85. Jat can’t keep his lies straight. In a few weeks a story will come out about yet another dog owner living in squalid conditions. At that point Jay’s reaction will be “there should be a limit on the number of dogs (or cats) an owner should be allowed to have, I have 2 and they are tough to manage”. His tall tales of hanging out at the NHL offices as a child and seeing Orr, and the rest pf the HOFers as his dad had some sort of business related to the NHL, to his dad taking him to West Point to the football games as a child, to his father being a civil rights pioneer. The lies just go on and on to the point that he can’t even keep them straight. Han’t he also run around claiming he is some sort of mountain climber as well?

  86. It bears repeating…Jason Wolfe knows NOTHING about Talk radio. Worse, he’s got no respect for WRKO’s heritage, or for the format itself. He’s just a simple jock sniffer who thinks Sports is God.

    Collectively, we’ve been witnessing the Dark Age of the station since Mike Elder left to go start Fox Radio News. He was the last of the great programmers at RKO.

    Something else that bears repeating with respect to Talk radio: Liberalism is a mental disorder. It becomes like the reverse Midas touch. Everything Liberalism attempts in this format turns it to Sh*t. And then they blame their failures on Conservatives and of course, GW Bush! Anyone who thinks politics isn’t at the root of WRKO’s demise must be a moonbat!

    Makes Rush Radio 1200 all the more attractive!

  87. bob: any post including that tired old “mental disorder” line is not deserving of any serious response.

  88. babs: that was hysterical…..I’ve never heard of those two……now I’ll have to go and watch their other clips. Thanks a lot! With the availability of stuff on line, I’m lucky to get anything done anymore!

    Oh, and to all the Mothers out there- Happy Day!

  89. Thursday I heard Charley Manning pronounce “chutzpah” as “choots-par!” WTF? It was funnier than the great impressionist David Frye as President Nixon pronouncing it as “shutz-par” while speaking to Georgie Jessel.

  90. A week or so ago, I heard Michele McLinguistic (not!) use one of my fav words, superflous, incorrectly.

    Hey, I applaud anyone trying to improve their vocabulary. However if one is not sure of the word’s meaning, using it on air is not such a great idea.

    I can’t remember the context, but it was not the proper usage.

  91. Pirate, if it’s one of your favorite words, you should take care to spell it correctly. Especially when you’re ridiculing someone else’s linguistic ability.


  92. burlgurl: you’re right- and I admit my spelling is bad. I am dyslexic and do mix up placement of letters often- especially when I’m rushed. I’m sure it has contributed to my poor spelling.

    Point well taken.

  93. Sorenson:

    Another 2 week old post. Seems da Capin’ is going down with the ship. Rush is gone, anybody else worth saving there? RKO will go down soon enough. What about a pool for the date when RKO is done and what the new format will be? Maybe da Capin’ and Felon can do a show together playing Spanish Music in AM Drive?

    I hope that all those NOT making 800 large saw the iceberg long ago and were ready with their life vests and near the lifeboats.

  94. I am starting to hate talk radio and more with the narcisstic Bostonians and their crybabiness. No one can be happy whatever program is on is on. They aren’t happy with a talent that can’t have the christma or whatever else. Broudny and and Jerry Willams alikes are way past that. You can’t replace them, and I am sorry to say there probably won’t ever be someone like them ever again.

    I read facebook posts and the replies on this blog and all you guys do is moan and bitch about the talent, and the format (“TALK radio” “*conserative* talk”) and all other BS.

    Let please everyone – what about no more talk radio? What about some a real 24×7 all news radio station? What about scrapping all the teenieboppers songs on the current “AC” FM formats and put songs that are supposed to be TARGETED to the demo of 30something females that should be reserved to the punky college people demo down there?

    And I’ll be the only guy on this forum that will stick up for Charley. I know the way Entercom had given no class to the dismissal of Rush’s airtime, but at leat Charley understands the Boston politics. He may have a voice problem (god shut the hell up on that arguement) or prounucation issues (Howie does too -and that piss the hell out of me – should be an FL yakker w/ a majority Southern dialect) or whatever else.

    How would you like if if WRKO just goes off the air for one weekday? I would love to see how that would play out, maybe the bloggers and posters could STFU for a change and enjoy the remaining life of a medium that is quickly dying.

    Jerry and David are long gone now. You won’t find someone like them ever again. Talk radio is going down hill and the radio medium is going to be dead soon. I don’t want to be the messenger of bad news, but it is what it is.

  95. Hey itunes, first of all, learn how to spell, secondly, stay away from caffeine, seriously, stay away from caffeine.

    If RKO went off the air for one day I don’t think anyone would faint or even notice for that matter.

    We still have freedom of speech in this country, at least for now anyway, and we have the right to complain and moan, the thing is, if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to come to this blog and read what we have to say, get over yourself, seriously, get overself and stay away from caffeine, caffeine is not your friend.

  96. In my best charley manning sarcastic voice, um um um um, sheesh, this guy really needs to listen to himself. Why doesn’t his producer say something to him?

  97. Applogie the real Barbara for my mental retardaton, and also don’t shorthand usernames – that’s not right ether. Two wrongs don’t make it a right.

  98. Yes I know the the real Barbara – but that is your typical retarded Bostonians. It just makes you look really ingorant. I mean it. Shorthanded just makes you look just as dumb as a simple misspelling.

  99. It takes a lot of choots-par to criticize Charley Manning. I am also glad we still have freedom of speech, unlike Cambodia/Kampuchea (or “Cam-boad-ee-er/Kampoo-chee-er” as Charley Manning might pronounce it) during the days of “Pol Part.”

    pirate: Maybe the night you heard McOrange Fake Tan say “superfluous” was the same night she pronounced “United States” as “United Shaych.”

  100. itunes, seriously? do you have a sense of humor? you don’t sound like you’re much fun, get the stick outta your butt!

    LOL, NYP! What about michelle obama saying the word struggling? SHtruggling, haven’t heard her haiti psa lately but she prounces it with an sh in the beginning, where do these people learn how to speak? Perhaps she went to the charley manning school of diction? Manning is pathetic. RKO has hit rock bottom.

    Newsflash,,,,,,Lawrence Taylor did not have consensual sex with anybody………heard the clip didn’t see the tape, I wonder if the lawyer is wagging his finger like clinton did??? Anyone??

  101. Are Paul Benzaquin, Bruce Lee, or Jim Westover still available (or alive) for local talk radio gigs?

    Steve LeVeille has degraded to Larry Glick quality. He sounds like he’s on anger management medication(s) and loathes his audience. The guy’s so lucky and should be so grateful that he got his job back. Too many regular, predictable, boring callers to his show (e.g., do we need to hear Claudio talk about making his fu_cking donuts in the wee hours?)

    “Well Diane and I were sitting on the beach (or “shitting on the beechsshh” as Steve would pronounce it) up in Maine during the weekend.”

    That content makes for great radio. Weiner-Savage talking about his POODLE is umpteeen times more interesting.

  102. Doc: Savage talking about his poodle? We’re talking canine, right? Oh, nevermind……

    Lawrence Taylor is one mess of a man. That guy can not stay out of trouble. Kinda sounds like he was set up, however it does not change the fact that she was 16 (if it’s true).

    What is it with the black super athletes that drive them to **** any female they can? And yes – I meant to say ****, because that’s what it is. And are they so blinded by their raging testosterone that they’re unaware they’re prime targets for $$ or a baby daddy?

  103. Tonight’s overheard McPheeism: “simu-taneous”.

    Although I generally only hear Leveille for ~15 minutes or so a night, I can’t say I have any idea what DQME is talking about. He sounds like the same old genial Radio Steve to me.

  104. mumbles, what a disaster that man is, he can’t speak to save his life even when the words are printed right in front of his face, perhaps he should hook up with the other dynamic articulator, manning, the midday mumbles and stumbles show!

    Athletes don’t think with their brains and that’s how they get into trouble, live for the moment, don’t look at the long term consequences, I have plenty of money to buy the best lawyer in town. Athletes and all others should learn a lesson from tiger I can’t keep it in my pants woods.

  105. RKO news: one of their producers has jumped ship to 1200. From Boston Radio Watch:

    “…Producer Jason “Jpod” Pothier moves from WRKO 680 to new talk rival WXKS 1200/Rush Radio…”

    Jpod started on the Mike Adams show on WEEI

    I believe (often pre-empted by Red Sox) and when Charley Manning started on RKO, he shifted over to Zombie Radio, producing that plus Howie.

    Now he’s gone to 1200

  106. PLEASE NOTE: I have switched back to my original moniker! I changed to “the real Barbara” when we had several imposters on the blog.

    medic! LOL, pwease forgive me, I wost my head for a minute, you are wight, it should be ummm ummm ummmm ah ahhhh athAleets! Silly me!

    Jpod gone? Hmmmmm, personally I think he left because he couldn’t stand listening to manning mispronounce every other word! I think when Howie jumps, Sandy will go with him.

  107. I heard J Pot last week on Jeff’s show, and was suprised that “Entercom happend” to him that quickly to jump ship that soon.

    Explains why Howie’s show is like a mickey mouse show since. I partially missed last weeks ChumpLine, and I am kinda pissed it didn’t go onto the podcast.

  108. Caller: Charley you have a great show, you speak my language.

    Ummmmmmmm ahhh ummmmmm caller ??? does that mean you sound like a dummy too??

  109. I had high hopes for Charley Manning but he turned out to be a disaster. Look for WTKK to pick him up as a side kick to Graham or McFake once he gets fired from WRKO.

  110. One reason to listen to Boston’s Progressive Talk WWZN-AM 1510 (there are many others, such as knowing that Stephanie Miller drives Brian insane): like Rush Radio 1200, there are more promos and PSAs than spots, and one of the PSAs features Menino voicing a text urging parents to be careful when they buy video games for their kids. He is almost as precise in his pro-nunn-see-ay-shun as multi-dog-owner Jay!

  111. Was Howie suspended again????? Avi is on and I don’t recall hearing Howie say that he would be on “vacation” the rest of the week!

  112. medic, I believe Avi said Howie’s daughter made her confirmation? and that’s why he’s off today, Avi mentioned on his show Saturday that he would be sitting in for Howie today.

  113. OH, that’s right, Howie did say that yesterday. Thanks Barbara…whoooooooohoooooooooo. To borrow a phrase! LOL!

  114. A caller today asked Charley “I live near the Boston Common” Manning if he resides in Boston and Charley had to think about it a few seconds before answering “no.”

    He might’ve been wondering to himself how long he could keep this charade going and that it was time to give it up because instead of immediately answering “no,” he answered:

    “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… no.”

  115. Dr Q! yes I heard that comment, charley was stumbling for a few seconds there, he wasn’t sure what to say, what aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh clown he is!

  116. “What is it with the black super athletes that drive them to **** any female they can?”

    Wow, Pirate, I do believe that is a racist thing to say. You who would jump on a person right of center if they say something like this. Heck, the right can say something negative about the presidents policies and they are called a racist. I think you will find a lot of other athletes, not just black men behaving this way as well.

  117. Jim: Why is that a racist thing to say? For all you know I could be black. Somali? Pirate?

    Anyway, I am not black, and if you knew me you’d know this was not a racist comment. It was an observation and I’m secure enough in myself to state it because I’m NOT racist.

    I’ve had this conversation with black colleagues- men and women- and find agreement.

    And I am not talking about athletes behaving badly- a la “Wade Boggs” bad. I’m talking about rape and murder. Taylor is just the most recent, however Steve McNair was shot and killed by his mistress, Rae Carruth hires a hit man to shot his 6 ½ month pregnant girlfriend, Michael Irvin civil charges filed for rape, Kobe Bryant, Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlain bragging about bedding thousands of women, Michael Vic, Tiger Woods……the list goes on and on…..all the way back to OJ.

    Off the top of my head, the worst white athlete scandal was Pete Rose gambling. Oh, and there was some other player (can’t think of his name) who smacked his wife in public.

    The steroid thing spans all sports, regardlaess of race or gender. That’s an altogether different issue.

  118. Thanks for that link, Babs.

    I quickly did the stats from the NFL only and out of the 22 cases cited, 91% were black and 9% were white.

    I don’t know what the race percentage are for the NFL, but I do know there are more black players that any other race.

    When I get a minute I’d like to look at the stats for baseball where there are more white players than any other race.

    I missed my calling. I should have been a statistician. I’m terrible with math, but love working with numbers and analyzing them statistically.

    But who would trust any analysis done by a pirate? That settles it- this pirate look is getting old. I think I need one of those make overs- the before and after thing. Does anyone here have Oprah’s cell?

  119. ….”and if you knew me you’d know this was not a racist comment. It was an observation and I’m secure enough in myself to state it because I’m NOT racist”

    really, well you need to think about that the next time you cry racism. I don’t care what wiki has to say, mentioning the person(s) color was uncalled for.

  120. really, jim? that’s what I need to think about? In general I’m not one to cry racism.

    If my comment offended you, sorry, although I don’t think it did offend you. For some reason you feel the need to judge me for an observation.

    Maybe YOU need to think about that before YOU cry racism?

  121. Wonder if there will be talk about polls out today saying Patrick is pulling out and Cahill is fading fast perhaps due to RGA attack ads. Howie has said the 3rd party candidate tends to fade in the end, but does this mean the voters fleeing Cahill

    are choosing DEVAL instead…?

  122. Ok, Jim, answer this hypothetical:

    Suppose there was a post here about a man just recently released for wrongful conviction. His name is John Doe. And I respond/reply by making a comment, based on an observation and my limited knowledge noting that John Doe is black, and there are many more blacks, than other races who are also falsely convicted.

    How could I make my point without mentioning race? Is race uncalled for? Is mentioning one’s race to make a point dependant on what the issue is?

    The above hypothetical is exactly what I did with Taylor. It’s not racist, it’s not judgemental, it’s an observation, based on fact.

    I know you don’t care about wikipedia, however these are their stats: NFL 91/9, Baseball 46/54 and Basketball 92/8. (the first # is black and the 2nd # is all others).

  123. Keep back pedaling, I stand by original call. Go back and read what you wrote. I have also seen a comment from you referring to a black woman who used the word “aksed” as a diversity hire.

    I did not like that comment either.

    The left is constantly calling the right racist, I know you are a liberal so go use that language with some of your pc crowd and see how it goes.

    You have no idea what race I am either but I don’t think that matters.

  124. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! I listened to Manning for 5 minutes and my head umm,ahhhhhhhhhhh hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. LMAO medic! Isn’t he something? How does this clown stay on the air? I am stunned at the # of people who call and say they love the show. What’s to love?? What am I missing? Manning sounds more gay by the day. He does not do a sarcastic voice very well, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. I wonder how long his contract is for and how do we get him off the air? I only listen sporadically, small doses is all I can take.

  126. No back pedaling here.

    First off, you didn’t answer my hypothetical scenerio. Why?

    Second, I remember posting about the “axed” comment and yes it was in context with diversity hiring. However the woman who said it was not black, and I never said she was. I said she was a professional and had a prominent position within the company. Maybe you assumed she was black and therefore did not like my comment. I’ll have to look back in my calendar to find out when that meeting was, and I’ll look up the post.

    And just because I’m a liberal does not mean I can not make an observation – not a judgement – like I did and have pc types like you jump all over me. If you, and/or any other pc types don’t like my comment, that’s fine. I speak what’s on my mind knowing how I feel and think inside. If it comes out as less than politically correct, so be it. I don’t really care too much about what others think.

    Two days before the Presidential election, on a Sunday night, one of my brothers called me. He is the only one in my family I am (was) close to. Anyway the night he called me, he was apparently trying to pick a fight. He came out with the disclaimer that he knew I wasn’t going to like what he was about to say, and proceeded to state if Obama was elected, the n***r’s were gonna take over. I was so sickened, I thought I was going to puke. I was speechless. I’m sick now thinking about it. Anyway, we have not spoken since.

    So, my pc friend, while you might view my comment as racist, I know it wasn’t. And that is all that matters. Could I use a filter sometimes for what comes out of my mouth? Maybe. Guess I’m more of a Joe Biden type than a PC type.

  127. Marco: He’s a white dude. Any why the hell was he let off the hook. Yes, he was suspended, however there are no charges being brought against him? Even if he was accused by a woman, and then the woman decides she doesn’t want charges pressed, isn’t it the law that once it’s reported as a crime, it’s out of the accusers hands?

    Why did he get a pass? Is it because he’s a white athlete? He sounds like s real s**t-head.

  128. Saturday, May 15

    Start Finish Program

    12:00AM 1:00AM Jerry Doyle

    1:00AM 5:00AM Red Eye Radio

    5:00AM 7:00AM Paid Programming

    7:00AM 8:00AM Wall Street Journal This Weekend

    8:00AM 9:00AM Best of Howie Carr

    9:00AM 12:00PM Bill Kelly’s Financial

    12:00PM 2:00PM TBA

    2:00PM 4:00PM Avi Nelson

    4:00PM 5:00PM The Mortage Radio Show

    5:00PM 8:00PM Bob Brinker

    8:00PM 11:00PM Rusty Humphries

    11:00PM 12:00AM Jerry Doyle

    12-2 TBA? Rut ro – is sherman baldwin the TBA?

  129. She wasn’t a diversity hire. The discussion with her was about diversity – how they were planning on achieving hiring goals if they were awarded this project. That was my reason for attending the meeting- to ensure the project would be done by a diverse work crew.

    I never said she was a diversity hire. I don’t know any more about her than she was a representative of the Developer and she happened to be the person who addressed my questions. Diversity questions.

  130. ^^^^^^^

    my last post, let me clarify. Truthfully I don’t have a clue as to why this woman was hired. Every other person from the Developer’s project management team was a male, so she may have been a diversity hire. A woman- white, black or purple adds diversity to an all male team.

    What’s ironic, Jim, in your attempt to infer racism onto me, it was your own stereotyping that seems to have germinated months ago into your opinion of me.

    I’d suggest looking at yourself before you start casting stones at me.

  131. Speaking of Lawrence Taylor, during May 8’s Phantom Gourmet radio show, Michael Andelman described how he met Taylor on an elevator at Foxwoods and, after explaining the supposed benefits of, and trying to persuade Taylor to make an impromptu appearance at their Foxwoods “Barbecue Beach Party,” a stunned Taylor looked down at Andelman and responded with an angry “WHAT?!” Andelman just walked away before things got worse.

    Of course, the story might’ve been an Andelman fiction, but it was still pretty funny. It’s another example of how bad things are at TKK when their best local talents are the senior and junior Andelmans.

  132. Sorry, I made a mistake, you called it affirmative action hire.

    I actually like to listen to the Andelman’s once in a while. A little sophomoric humor is good for the soul.

  133. There is a time in life when one thinks about what, if anything, they have contributed to the world. Many have kids and raise them to be responsible, caring and compassionate human beings and they hopefully they pass it on to the next generation. I have no kids, but there was a point in my life where I felt I needed to do more in my life – to make a contribution. I did not want to look back at my life, and measure my success by how comfortable my retirement was.

    My turning point was about 11 years ago. After 15 years with the same company in the private sector, I quit. I gave up a salary that was greater than what I current make, car allowance, expense acct., bonuses, and stock options the whole 9 yards. I took my long construction experience and union contacts and went to work in the public sector with one primary goal: to help Boston residents- minorities and females- get a fair shake on the then booming construction industry in Boston.

    I’m good at what I do. I have great relationships with both the skilled trades unions; community based organizations and all the major developers / general contractors in Boston.

    Am I always pc? Because I represent the City, I have to be as pc as possible. Am I always? No. I make mistakes, I swear (usual the f word) way too much. Why? Because I’m passionate about what I do and I get pissed off when I get bullsh*t excuses from contractors not doing the right thing. I get pissed off at workers I’m trying to help not following thru.

    My point? Being pc is fine, but if it’s language/actions that are motivated by being politically correct, rather than a genuine desire to do the right thing, then all this political correctness in hypocrisy.

    I really had no desire to expose my career here- I felt compelled and not because I want or need to be recognized for what I do. If one wants to label me less than politically correct- fine- I could care less, however label or associate me with racism- now that is NOT fine.

  134. Manning, bla bla bla ummmm ummmm ummmm aaaahhh aaaah aaahhhh, can’t even read from a copy, this guy should be um um um umum um fired. Not sure which is worse, manning or those never ending are eye tea eee window ads, although I have to admit the rite window ads have died down some over the last few days, for awhile there they were aired every 15 minutes. Manning even sounds gay while reading a news flash!

  135. “But right now, I’d like to welcome the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, to whom I’ve

    offah-ed the role of this yee-ah’s Hot Dog Safari Grand Marshal, to TKK Boston Talks The Sports Huddle. Reverend Wright, how-ah YOU?”

    Reverend Wright: “God DAMN The Sports HUDDLE! It’s in the BIBLE!

    “I thought I was on with Jimmy MYERS, NOT you ANDLEBAUMS!

    “Where Jimmy at?… What’s the mattah, he got time fah Chahles Ogletree, but not ME?

    “Anyone who calls an event a ‘safari’ is a racist!.. Hot Dog Safari’s rainbow of condiments… have come home to ROOST-ah!”

    Eddy Andleminn: “Alright, Reverend Wright, so I guess that’s a ‘yes…’ ah-um.”

  136. Merit Shops Rule…

    Manning sucks eggs thru a straw and is well known in P-Town as an eggcellent shrimper.

    Rush Rules,even without a clear signal in metro Boston.

    And Maloney still blows.

  137. manning, whining and whining, waaa waaaa I have a cold, waaaaaa waaaaaaa. Sheesh, shut up already or go home!

  138. Caught the beginning of McOutrage’s show tonight on the drive home. I’ve given her tons of s**t here, so in all fairness, I’ll have to admit I agree with her outrage at Eric Holder’s admission in front of Congress today. He’s testifying against the proposed Arizona law allowing cops to arrest any illegal they stop for a traffic violation. During his testimony when questioned if he did, in fact, read the 10 page bill, his answer was NO! Ten f_ing pages! He could have easily read it taking a morning dump!

    Now that being said, that’s all I agree w/McCarrot on. This bill is a disaster, and anyone who has spent time down there will know why. There is such a hatred for any Hispanic and/or Native American people. The Hispanics are hated because most of the illegal ones do not insure their vehicles. This results in sky high rates for those who do. In New Mexico it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% of the cars on the road were uninsured. That issue is only one of a few that has generated such a vehement attitude towards illegals. This is a license for the police to vent their anger and trust me; they will find a way to stop anyone who is not lily white. And the argument that cops are there to uphold the law and should be above targeting and profiling people? Spend some time down there. Cops are different everywhere, and their professional and/or personal ethics reflect their jurisdiction.

    Native American hatred down there? I don’t know why that is, but it’s ingrained in many cops. I have a good friend who is an artist. Lives in Colorado, but does exhibits in New Mexico and Arizona. She is full blood Cherokee. She gets hassled and stopped and harassed all the time.

    By the way, what the hell has happened to everyone who normally posts here? Babs is still singing the “Manning Blues”, but everyone else scattered like rats after that little “racist” moment here?

  139. Saturday, May 15

    Start Finish Program

    12:00AM 1:00AM Jerry Doyle

    1:00AM 5:00AM Red Eye Radio

    5:00AM 7:00AM Paid Programming

    7:00AM 8:00AM Wall Street Journal This Weekend

    8:00AM 9:00AM Best of Howie Carr

    9:00AM 12:00PM Bill Kelly’s Financial

    12:00PM 2:00PM Holly Robichaud

    2:00PM 4:00PM Avi Nelson

    4:00PM 5:00PM The Mortage Radio Show

    5:00PM 8:00PM Bob Brinker

    8:00PM 11:00PM Rusty Humphries

    11:00PM 12:00AM Jerry Doyle

    The mystery has been solved, 12-2 Holly Robichaud, now the question is, is she going to be another whiney female. I remember the felon had several whiners co-hosting including the biggest whiner of them all, wendy murphy, I recall holly being the felon’s bore fest, but don’t remember how whiney she was, I guess we’ll find out later!

    pirate, I guess you and I have this whole blog to ourselves!

  140. have zzzzzzzzzzzz bill kelly zzzzzzzzzzz speak at zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz your zzzzzzzzzz next function zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  141. Hi, I’m Holly Robichaud and I’m filling in for the plastic surgery guy………….aw geez, another professional radio person……………

  142. Holly is The Lone Republican on the Herald’s Monday politics page. Not exactly a voice for radio. Guess she was on the morning show awhile back, and maybe Pundit Review radio…? Caught a bit of it on way to North Shore Tea Party in Salem and a bit of Avi Nelson on the way back

    Tomorrow WRKO is prob carrying Sox as Celts will be on WEEI (also Tue night, sorry Savage fans, and for that matter, Howie stops at 6 on RKO

    that night for Exciting Pregame show)

  143. At least Robichaud’s show is/was local, however I wished she asked the guest today from the National Republican Congressional Committee why they’re not helping Keith Lepor in his campaign opposing Stevie “Madam Speaker allowed me to vote ‘no’ on Obamacare because she was confident there already were enough ‘yes’ votes” Lynch in the 9th Cngrsl Dist.

  144. The countdown begins… 191.

    Barb, we need to cross Bill Kelly with Michael Graham….then maybe we would have something in between the yelling and the snoozing.

  145. Jim, it we crossed Bill Kelly with Michael Graham, we’d get Bill(y) Graham! And at 91 I’m betting Billy Graham is a lot more exciting to listen to than the aforementioned fools!

    Post #192, on our way to 200, wonder if we can pull out 500 on this thread??

  146. And yes, holly robichaud was live and local, but when a person starts off with, hey, I’m filling in for that plastic surgery guy, how serious can you take her? She wasn’t even professional enough to mention that plastic surgery guy’s name.

    Stevie Lynch needs to go, everyone was so proud that he voted no on healthcare but when you find out why, well, he’s just another hack that needs to be fired for screwing us over. I just wish congress and all others that make laws were forced to live by them, maybe, just maybe, things would change dramatically for the better.

  147. Barbara, no kidding. He was portrayed as some sort of hero but his anti-vote was more than likely brokered by the party. McPhee sounds like she’s getting damp every time she talks about the guy (ooooooh he used to be an ironworker, pant, pant) but the fact is he voted against it not because he was against a Democrat takeover of the healthcare industry, but because it didn’t go far enough for him.

  148. Well, what would you want, a local guy talking about MA-centric issues or a national yakker whose also a control freak on the board? he rarely takes callers, and if that he doesn’t let the people finish their thoughts!

    I know Charley probably was brought under the not so great conditions, but just because he can’t speak cleary, doesn’t mean he’s all that bad.

    I can say that there are so many non natives to New England when the callers that call into the local radio stations having an accent that is not even close to this region. I would like to stop the rape by forcing the non locals to listen to local talk about local issues.

    I know when the goverment is rigged, when I hear so many people call into a show talking about a senator or another pol thousands of miles away instead about their own local senator!

    I fear the interest of local politics are going away from what I have see and hear in local media and the changing New England.

  149. Did anyone hear Charlie calling Aunt Zeituni “Ant Peituni” at the beginning of the show? He said it a few times …then I got out of the car for an hour and when I came back he was pronouncing it “Zeituni”.

  150. Charlie needs to go, he’s an embarassment, he’s far from professional and even less amusing. Mispronouncing a word every once in awhile is one thing, but mispronouncing every other word is just unacceptable and quite frankly the “conditions” he was brought up under are irrelevant, if one is a talkshow host one needs to learn how to speak clearly and not sound like a fool every day. He may be good as a consultant but as a talkshow host he’s horrific. As for the yakker that’s a control freak, well, I’m not a fan of his but at least the man doesn’t mispronounce words and he speaks very clearly. I thought manning would be a breath of fresh air compared to the stale ole egomaniac he replaced and I have to admit manning was fresh for a couple of days but the constant ummms and aaahhhs and mispronounciations just cancel out everything he has to say. He sounds like a fool.

  151. Yo pirate:

    1) Where in Colorado (one of my favorite states) does your ethnic Cherokee friend reside?

    2) What’s the (ticker) symbol (if publicly-traded) of the stock you used to have options on via your old employer? (I’m curious how it’s performing during this economy.)

  152. “Ahm, wee-ah gonna talk now with Nick Ka-fah-do from the Globe, who will scintillate us by including the phrase ‘ya know’ in each of his sentences, about Theo Epstein reportedly consulting with Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan, on how to make his face moo-ah like a man’s face, instead of his current feminized face.

    “Nick, how-ah YOU? Welcome to TKK Boston Talks!”

  153. NYP: My friend, Darlene lives in Colorado Springs.

    The company I worked for is named LVI Services. I don’t think they’ve gone public yet. Their goal was to expand their operations into as many states as possible (when I started w/them, there was only 5 or 6 offices), really build the company up before they went public. Now I see they’re still privately owned, they won’t be able to go public until the economy has improved substantially. If I remember correctly, I had an option for 5,000 shares.

  154. 206 comments, is that a record?

    Too bad he couldn’t make this so you cousl comment on specific comments then if yours get a reply you get a notification.

    Then it would become the grandest living document or even docudrama, bringing an end to the tyrannical approach that Brian has treating us as if we are chattel, here merely for his pleasure..


  155. We got 305 posts to go to beat the record! Look at the March 11th posting by Brian. “Obliteraing Entercom…..”

  156. pirate: Did you ever eat at Jake and Telly’s Greek Taverna in CO Springs?… It’s not bad, considering it’s CO.

  157. What’s atop Richard Blumenthal’s head?… It looks like someone melted some Bit O’ Honey Candy Bars, then combed the result into his “hair.”

    I wonder if he had surgeries to look like a cross between Frank Sargent and Joe Biden. I suspect a chin/jawbone implant. With botched surgeried eyes like those he could be mistaken for Chinese… but they look good on HIM! He’s standing on a platform/has an extra low podium so he appears taller than he actually is… Ugh:

  158. NYP: No, I’ve never really spent time there- (Colorado Springs). I spend time in Greely many years ago (University of Northern Colorado). Denver, Boulder, Co. Springs- I’ve just visited. Here’s a sample of Darlene’s work:

    Doc: Blumenthal’s gotta go. He’s gotta just resign. And not because of his Bit O’ Honey hair.

    You’re a tought critic, Doc. I wonder what you’d critique if you saw a picture of me. I feel like the past year has taken a toll on my looks. And gravity is tugging at my body. By next year, I’ll most likely be dragging my ass behind me.

  159. ” 1877469432218774694322. Full of food that Michael so woman brought in from Michael Kelly so good that John Roberts has decided to stay over.”

    ” For one more segment duress when mark segment Myanmar’s sandwich.”

    Gotta love those auto-generated Howie transcripts.

  160. Herald: Howie Carr beefs with WRKO

    >>WRKO radio host Howie Carr has lodged a trio of complaints against the station with the state Attorney General’s office, seeking unpaid bonuses and a pay raise in the three years since his bosses thwarted his attempt to defect to rival WTKK. The Herald received the complaints from the Attorney General’s office under a Freedom of Information Act request. Carr declined comment this week.


    Ah, the attorney general. Howie’s a big fan of her, isn’t he?

  161. Ah yes, Marsha Marsha Marsha of the “it’s not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts” fame, I’m sure is more than willing to help Howie out with his complaints! I’m sure his complaints were moved to the bottom of the pile or perhaps that nice little round file under the desk or even the shredder for that matter!

  162. On today:

    Mass. economy speeds up, jobs coming, says forecast

    The economy is recovering at a pace that will set the stage for the possible creation of more then 200,000 jobs, according to a new economic forecast. (Globe, 8:22 a.m.)

    Perhaps the creation of a proofreader job might make sense.

  163. Man. our guy Bri must really be DOA. Nothing on Carr and his formal complaints filed against RKO?

    What gives? Are we back to being orphaned again? Appears so.

  164. The latest ratings are out for Boston, and WRKO seems to have dropped below WTKKK in both percentage and cume. There’s a slight uptick for WXKS-AM as far as cume is concerned, but the percentage dropped below 1.0.

  165. Rush Limbaugh’s “show prep” seems to consist of regurgitating Drudge; one Drudge story he ommitted: Viagra may cause sudden hearing loss. (Beethoven’s hearing loss was very gradual)

  166. Beethoven’s hearing loss may have been gradual, but relative to his age when he died, it seems accelerated. Wasn’t he quite young when he died? Thirty-ish?

    Anyway, not to worry that Rusho neglected to dish on the Viagra thing (may be a bit too personal for him to discuss with his pockets stuffed with the little pills?) Magpie and Big Jim are all over it. Tune in tomorrow am. Say what? Come again?

    Ok- I’ll nip this topic in the bud…..

  167. pirate: I see Darlene’s place is right near the Garden of the Gods… There are some pretty impressive red sandstone formations in that park.

    I like that old building the gallery is in.

  168. Pirate, Beethoven died at 56, possibly of complications resulting from overconsumption of alcohol, possibly of inadvertent poisoning by his physicians.

    You’re probably thinking of Mozart, who died at 35.

  169. burlgurl: yes, you’re right. I was thinking of Mozart. Didn’t he die young, possibly from sphilyss (sp?)?

    NYP: I missed out on an opportunity to spend time at Darlene’s a few years ago. We were both in New Mexico for a wedding. I only had a week to stay. A few others drove up to Darlene’s and spent time in the Garden of the Gods. I’ve had to sit thru hundreds of pics showing me what I


    Oh, in addition to missing the Garden of the Gods- I missed my flight as well. Denver’s airport was under high alert. Check in was taking hours. My luggage got on the plane, but not me.

    I love old buildings, too.

  170. lol


    pirate isn’t that the oozing boo boo you have on your lip?

    oh and 305? seriously? what is up with Brian, is he still doing any tv interviews?

    Last time I saw him do one was so long ago and then he looked like he needed blood pressure meds.

    I wish we could post directly on a comment and get notification by e-mail on it.

    Michelle M at TKK is slipping lately. Getting too repetitive . Oh Well we all have a mission. She sure has devotees.

    Well see ya troops, keep a stiff upper lip, especially you pirate so that sore doesn’t get worse.


  171. Ok,,,,,,after the 5AM news this morning there was a promo – WRKO home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays at 12 noon – Really? Better check again RKO!

  172. Actually, pirate. Just recently I realized that Rush uses the FREE PRESS. I go there everyday and there you can read “headlines” and click on the site and read the complete article, if you want. I was on there one day about a month ago, and I just happened to read the same headline Rush was mentioning. He never credits them, but he might say where the article was from, e.g. NY Slimes, etc. Yes, he does give credit to Drudge, but I’m thinking that he/staff, emphasis STAFF goes there to get what he needs.

  173. Saturday, May 22

    Start Finish Program

    12:00PM 2:00PM Jennifer Brien

    Jennifer Brien????????????? Anyone know who she is?

  174. She’s a talk show host on WXTK on the Cape. Not a racist, the term desperate Dems throw at anyone who doesn’t buy their lefty lines.

  175. yes when I type jennifer brien into yahoo at the bottom of page it said “also try jennifer brien wpro”…and that led to me a radio-info thread where a “guest” named fallriveractive or something said “the worst think (sic) about WPRO is that racist Jennifer Brien…” But WXTK, noted….

  176. Listening to Jennifer Brien now, she actually gives out the time! Amazing! I like it! She’s talking about the teenager who ran away from the courthouse yesterday.

  177. I don’t know why hosts don’t give the time anymore. Especially in the morning. Just noting the time at the top of the hour is not enough for some of us. Every minute in the am is precious time for me.

    Maybe I can request one of those dreadful shout-outs. Something like, “Pirate, move your ass. You’re gonna be late again! Forget your contacts and put on your four eyes…..or the patch!”

    Magpie has been doing a few shout-outs lately. What does a pirate have to do, Magpie, to get a shout-out from you?

  178. Pirate, I guess you and I are the only ones who appreciate and understand what it means to have the time given out. Those of us with busy lives who are not sitting around all day listening to the radio and watching the clock have an appreciation for the simple things in life!

  179. Babs: We must not take the adivse from Cap’n and Jim too glibly. Honestly, it just never occured to me to shower with my watch on, and/or rest my crackberry beside my shampoo. Are they waterproof, or do you have to put them into a baggie before you bring them into the shower?

    I just realized why I continue to come here to this site. F_k saving WRKO! It’s the excellent advise I receive! If not for this site, poor pirate would be just walkin’ around bangin’ into walls.

  180. lmao pirate! LOL! You and me both, my goodness, I’m so grateful for this site, I’d be lost without it, how would I function? LOL!

  181. My job is appointments and I manage without the constant time telling on the radio, I love my watch. Babs, make up your mind, if you want the radio stations to mention the time all day then you must be listening!

  182. Jim, I listen sporadically, not every minute of everyday and it would be nice if a newscaster mentioned the time at the top and/or bottom of the hour. Radio stations have gotten away from providing that little courtesy just like they’ve gotten away from providing quality programming with decent talent.

  183. This am I heard the Magpie announce the time (7:16?) and the temp. (getting up into the 80’s).


    Announcing the time meant I had to get a move on instead of dragging my ass on a Monday morning.

    Announcing the temp. helped me choose my clothing.

    Early morning radio should announce the time/temp. It’s helpful info.

    Sue me.

  184. Did anyone catch Peter Wolf with Howie today? What fun, I wish I heard the whole thing but I had an appointment.

  185. If you have a facebook page you can see pics of Howie w/Peter Wolf. Only caught a few seconds of the interview, sounded good though!

  186. Oh, how delightful: I get to give Jim some helpful advise.

    There’s this technology, Jim, which allow one to record audio. Really! It’s true!

    Not 8-track either. Discs! You can record your favorite radio hosts show onto a disc and listen to it at your leisure!

    I know! You’re thinking, what? But trust me, it’s true!

    See how we’re all here to learn from each other?

  187. I noticed that either Howie or Entercom pulled the plug on the Howie Carr show on Apple iTunes. It’s been out of action for a few weeks now.

    The radio signal does not reach me out here in Minnesota.

    My bet is that Entercom did the nasty deed.

  188. Wow, I had no idea Pirate! Can I pick the signal up on my watch? I am a facebook hold out, I don’t want anyone to find me. I don’t have itunes and I will try to find the podcast.

    I have tickets to the concert with J. Geils and Aerosmith at Fenway Park. I am really looking forward to seeing Geils.

  189. Jim, you can be on facebook and not have anyone find you, there are privacy settings. You don’t even have to use your real name – you can be on there as joeblow – no one will know it’s you unless you post a pic!

  190. Jim: Your watch may pick up an AM signal…..depends on where you’re standing.

    I have two noteworthy J. Geils’ memories: the first is seeing them at the Tea Party (yes, I’m getting old) and the next is seeing them play in a BARN up in Maine, Nov. ’72. The show was cool (barns were fun back then), it was after the show when we tried to locate some hunting cabin (our beds!) that belonged to the father of one of the girls with us, when the night became the night from hell. Finally found the god-forsaken cabin and SURPRISE! the key wasn’t where it was supposed to be! Freezing cold, cabin locked up tighter than a bank, pitch black, and we were high- really high.

    Trivia question: when J. Geils was in high school back in New Jersey, his girlfriend was a now very popular actress.

    Joe Blow, Babs?

  191. Somewhere I have a tape of WBCN’s “Back to the Future”, a show where they played old live in studio or live-remote broadcasts, and Canned Heat was there along with members of the J.Geils

    Band. Either the Bear or Blind Owl kept referring to “Mr Giles”…at the end of the show, the CH leader said “we’ll be back another time if the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise”–an old Hank Williams saying, I believe. Charles Laquidara would later throw this into his daily goodbye on

    The Big Mattress.

    unrelated: I note that WXKS is giving away “$50,000 of Rush Limbaugh’s Money” in a contest. Conservative talk makes money.

    You never heard 1200 in its progtalk days give away “$50,000 of Al Franken’s Money” 🙂

  192. Wow…I saw Canned Heat live, too!

    That’s a good little bit of trivia – the origin of CL’s sign-off.

  193. pirate, joe blow is the first name that came to mind – my father used to call people joe blow if he couldn’t remember their name!

  194. Babs- just givin’ you a hard time. My mother still calls people Joe Blow, and………there are Joe Blows on Facebook!

    But explain how one can be a part of Facebook with an assumed name? If you don’t know the assumed name, you’re not going to friend them, right? Your privacy settings keep others from friending you, but your need for privacy prevents you from friending others? Right?

    I reluctantly joined years after most of my friends dumped it (late bloomer). I’m not really into it, but post stuff occasionally. I’m always amazed at the requests to “friend”. People who were friends of my baby brother. What? I barely knew them.

  195. Yes that’a how it works – your privacy settings keep others from finding you – and you friending others – you can unblock your settings to friend someone and then put the privacy settings back on – you control what people see about you including who your friends are and any and all other personal information. The profile can be set up so that only friends can see info and your friends friends cannot see your page. It’s a way to keep in touch with friends/relatives who you may not see/talk to on a regular basis and it keeps info private from prospective employers, etc. People have lost out on jobs due to info they’ve posted on FB or people they are associated with on FB.

    You can also use an assumed name – for instance if your name is Joe Blow you can be on FB as Joseph Jo Jo or whatever! When you want to friend someone there is a way to send a private message to let them know who you really are. You do have to provide a valid email addy in order to sign up for FB and that addy is your choice as to whether or not you want people to see it. You do not have to post a pic of yourself, it’s optional, for that matter you can post a pic of your cat, dog, bird, etc. if you want!

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm it’s manning in the midday…….ungh……….

  196. Raccoon, in the Stuart Smalley days they’d have been giving away Gloria Wise Girls and Boys Clubs money or more likely just giving it to that effing moonbat POS from MN.

    I saw J. Geils as an unannounced surprise act at a ’79 concert to benefit the striking WBCN employees. In ’88 or so Peter Wolf bumped into me making his way through the crowd at a Bryan Ferry show that I took the ol’ lady to. We had better seats than he did. He looked older then than he does now.

  197. I’ve seen Peter Wolf over the years, clubs listening to music, shopping at Chestnut Hill Mall. He hasn’t aged much. He’s looked the same for years.

    I did listen to him w/Howie Carr (thx for the link, Babs). I like him- always have.

    Now Cap’n, what is this “ol’ lady” shit! I hated that expression back in the day and still do. My grandfather called my grandmother the “old lady” and it always rubbed me the wrong way.

  198. ok, I’ve gotta listen to Manning…I just tuned in. I can’t remember that last time I listen to AM. They sell that same Chamanoix stuff as TKK.

    Jeez, how many ads does one have to endure?

  199. Fifteen minutes is quite enough. This man is impossible to listen to. Can’t even follow him.

    Almost sounds like a SNL skit!

  200. Raccoon, I would love to hear those tapes. Pirate, I saw the Geils band only once and it was in the mid/late to 70’s. For some reason I thought it was in Hull…did they have a venue there or are my pot smoking days catching up to me? Maybe it was the Cape Cod Col.?

  201. Jim: there were a few places – one in Hull was the Surf Nantasket and then there was the Rexicana Ballroom – I think located in Marshfield. The Surf was just a little bit before my time. I (think?) I’ve been to the Rexicana. Pot clouded my memories, too

    Funny you mention Cape Cod Col. I was talking to a friend and she recalls the night her boyfriend gave her an ultimatum….”meet me at the beach at 9:00 or we’re OVER”. Well, she didn’t meet him, instead she came w/me and a few others heading to a show down the Cape. I had completely blanked out the name of the venue (she eventually remembered the Colleseium) and neither of us remember what band we saw.

    She always says if it wasn’t for me, she probably would’ve married him! Her TURNING POINT! I point out she should be forever grateful to me (he was an ass!)

  202. Apparently no one wanted to take a stab at my trivia question……so here’s the answer: Meryl Streep was J.Geils’ girlfriend in highschool.

  203. I heard some of Combover Carr’s ass kissing of Peter Wolf (who still has a bad case of trying to act cool) on Monday. I shut it off after hearing Carr’s pitiful reminiscing about taxis delivering free pizzas for Wolf when he was a DJ on the very early WBCN. Fine radio material, Mr. Combover, it’s not.

    The last thing Wolf did artistically significant was shaving off his beard and abandoning his sunglasses for the tour to support the “Sanctuary” album.

    I saw the J. Geils Band play at Kansas State’s Ahearn Field House (Jon Butcher Axis opened) during the “Freezeframe” tour. John Geils himself hasn’t produced an interesting guitar lick or riff in the studio since the “Bloodshot” album, despite the band’s commercial successes subsequently. They started relying on excessive studio production & engineering to prop up weak material… “One Last Kiss?…” “Love Stinks?…” “Centerfold?…” What sh_t! It’s good music for 14 year olds though.

    REO Speedwagon’s “High Infidelity” material has aged better!

    It’s only appropriate that the J. Geils Band appear with Aerosmith, another entity who cannot age with dignity and haven’t written any good material in decades. They might as well have Paul McCartney as “special guest.” Ugh.

    But, for anyone who’s attending, have a good time.

  204. NYP: Last year when McCartney came to Boston, you couldn’t have paid me to go to the show.

    Last month I saw him in Miami, and I can honestly say it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to….and I’ve seen a lot of bands over the past 40 years (of course, I started while still in utereo!)

  205. OMG! Repeat radio on ‘RKO. Not only did Tom and Todd have Paiologus (sp) on this AM, now Manning has him on talking about Gay Marriage. NTTIAWWT

  206. Cap’n used the best word to describe REO – nauseating. One of the members of the band is on TV right after SNL on Sat. night- w/some unknown woman- selling the “Best of whatever year/genre” these bands were in.

    Journey was another one- makes me sick.

    And I know a lot of people liked him, but Bob Seeger (? is that his name?)- I never liked any of his stuff.

    The guy from REO on TV is this little man, wearing black leather pants with this big smile on his face (yeah- I’ll bet he’s really f_ing happy selling this s_t on TV in the middle of the night). It’s worse, if you can believe it, than Peter Fonda selling the “Best of the Sixties” with another unknown woman. (Are we supposed to know these women?)

    Call now…..operators are standing by to bring you all this great music on 2 discs!! Imagine reliving all those wonderful memories….what are you waiting for?

  207. pirate, Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That!

    Manning is a waste of air time – monkey see – monkey do – nothing has changed since Paiologus was on a couple of hours ago – first charley needs to learn how to speak then he can work on being creative.

  208. thanks, Babs, but that is WAAAAY too many letters. Might as well type the whole thing.

    Here’s my abreviated version: NT2AW2T.

    And for the record, I dislike the bands Boston, Kansas, Whitefish and Toto, too. (“Yes, Dorothy, and your little dog too”)

  209. How can you call the agglomerations “bands” when they have no brass instruments, no reed instruments, and no string bass. Some have “keyboard players” who put some fingers over certain keys and then raise and lower their hands, not even playing a glissando. Yuck!

  210. thanks, LG for making me log into Not only did I learn 2 new words, I also downloaded as an app. on my crackberry! Love that!

  211. Pi, how is subbing “T2” and “W2” for “TT” and “WW” in any way an “abbreviation”?


  212. well it takes out 1 letter and it looks better: compare

    NTTIAWWT OR nt2aw2t

    yeah, Whitefish…..just wanted to see is anyone is paying attention!!!! I meant Whitesnake.

    I remember Art Linkletter talking to kids when I was young. I always felt sad for him because his own daughter died very young- drugs maybe?

  213. Look out below! Michael Graham’s book has slipped below the 10,000 mark on Is it remaindered yet?

  214. remaindered: a book that remains w/a publisher after sales have fallen off.

    I can incorporate both remaindered and agglomerate into my vocabulary. I can imagine using them in a sentence.

    Glissando? Great word but I just can’t imagine me ever saying it.

    Thx Laurence the Lexicon.

  215. pirate: How did Sir Paul’s hair replacement system look at the Miami show?… Sorry, I don’t consider someone who now looks like a 68 year old woman who’s had too many bad cosmetic surgeries loudly moaning their way through “I saw her standing there” to be very entertaining, regardless of how much “enthusiasm” he/she might “perform” with.

    A good enough group of backing musicians can conceal a lot of weaknesses and make almost anyone sound good. Look at what it does for Roger Waters: His “voice” is worse than ever, and his shows since 1999 have become very predictable, but he always has great musicians and vocalists backing him so his shows still sound very good and… he’s not trying to act like he’s still 30 years old, the way Sir Paul and Wolf do.

  216. NYP: Trust me, I was not thrilled about going to this show. I’d seen him recently on Letterman, and though he looked like Angela Lansbury’s sister. He came off as aloof and kind of an asshole (not a good way to act towards Letterman- he’s not into that stuff at all).

    Yes, excellent musicians can make up for a lot of weaknesses, however they can not conjure up the feeling and emotion that defines the Beatles music. McCartney’s looks and age didn’t matter. The songs, the music, the visuals transcended “him”. No one was more surprised than me.

    McCartney played for 2.5 hrs. w/out any breaks and then returned for an encore. He was neither enthusiastic, nor aloof. He was funny, touching and seemed genuinely surprised by the wildly roaring crowd.

    Today, I don’t like him any more or less than I did before the show. But he did it for me in those 3 hours.

    Roger Waters- I love the guy. Saw Pink Flloyd with him, and without. Waters was the soul. Water’s makes me weepy- I’m so moved by his genius.

    I hated that he and Gilmore had to fight over the band’s name.

    Speaking of old acts, I picked up a Boston After Dark, or something like that and noticed Iggy Pop and the Stooges are playing somewhere in town.

    Man he looked like hell in the sixties- skin and bones- and that was 45 years ago? He’s surely an original, that Iggy.

  217. For the first time, I have gotten involved with a politcal campaign. The only time I did that was when I ran for school committee in Taunton 25 or so years ago. BUT, I am knocking of doors for Shaunna O’Connell who is opposing Jim Fagan, who is the democrat. I went and lost weight tonight but I hope it is worth it.

  218. medic: Good for you! Of course it’s worth it. Getting involved is always worth it. I volunteered for Martha Coakley, but lost steam after the primary. The holidays didn’t allow me much time, but that’s not the only reason. Her campaign was so poorly run, and over-confidence translated into less inspiration and enthusiasm with many volunteers.

    Even with Brown defeating her, I don’t regret one moment of it. What a lucky time to be alive and into politics. I love it!

  219. Jessica H in Herald Media Biz says RKO was going to hire former felon Sherman Baldwin (Sat aft) but it fell through when he got a fulltime gig in Florida

  220. On our way to 300! woooohooo! LOL!

    Geez I’m surprised RKO didn’t fight harder to get baldwin, afterall he is a felon and we all know RKO loves felons!

  221. Latest Entercom happens: During Ingraham’s show I don’t think there was a board op on duty.

    You had PSAs and Laura running at the same time. Ads and the traffic report running at the same time. If I had bought those spots I’d be pissed. Why buy time on Zombie Radio if your ads won’t be heard anyway? “Nobody’s home.”

  222. raccoon – that happens all the time on ingraham’s show – and sometimes there’s a reverb on top of it – RKO really is pathetic – a couple of Sundays ago I was listening and was stunned at what I was hearing – from 8 – 9 there’s a financial show – from 9 – 10 a totally different financial show – I usually have the radio on but barely listen on Saturdays and Sundays because the programming is horrendous – during the second show from 9 – 10 towards the last 20 minutes or so of that program there was a commercial break – after the break I was listening to the last 20 minutes of the show that aired from 8 – 9.

    I know this is a radio blog but I have to share this with you about local NBC station WHDH channel 7 – the other day I turned it on to watch the news – either 4 or 4:30 and instead of seeing the usual news – I was watching MSNBC – the feed lasted for awhile – I don’t have cable so I know it wasn’t me!

  223. “they plugged the hole”……they did? It was successful? I couldn’t find any confirmation of its success…..the most recent stuff I read stated it would be another 24 hours until they could gauge if it had reduced the level of the leak enough to cement it.

    saving wrko? is that why we’re here?

    oh yeah, I forgot, ostensibly we’re all here to save wrko!

  224. spending way too much $$ on zipcars, along with the red line running late over 30% of the time, i’ve been driving into my office for a few weeks now.

    you guys all poking fun at manning? have we all forgotten about ms. jay? i hadn’t been listening to him for quite a while now- since j & m’s time change. man, he is just such a piece of work, i spend my whole drive home assessing which mental disorder he’s under at any given time. too much to go into now. and……

    magpie! what the hell is going on w/her? she writes about venus william’s outfit calling it “hooker” couture? i know mags isn’t a racist, but she usually calls this look “sluts”. little sluts. hooker is a bad choice of words (maybe this is what I did here recently-like magpie, I should have been more judicious in my words)……but that is secondary to my main complaint.

    what is magpie’s problem with other women’s breasts? she’s annoyed by women showing cleavage, yet she’s constantly making breast, nipple, buttock comments. she judges women for how sexual they look, yet she seems comfortable with sexual talk/innuendo.

    if a woman with normal sized breasts wore the same low cut v-neck tee shirts she wears, there would be cleavage. so because she is so small on top, she can wear them, but ample breasted women should avoid the v-neck and weare a crew neck? because they may show clevage?

    methinks she wants every sexy woman to just go away, then she’ll be the queen, all her problems will be solved, and she can live happily ever after.

    imagine being a younger, sexy brainy woman meeting magpie for the first time. is she even able to converse w/her, or is she too fixated on sizing her up? she doesn’t have a lot of respect for men, and she seems to view attractive women as the enemy. go figure?

  225. pirate, you do go on don’t you?

    I swear there was a headline today that said the hole was plugged…just went back to the source and the headline has changed to “BP halts…..”

    great, I was so ready to read about some success with this.

  226. Speaking of holes being plugged, Charley Manning sounded like he had his best butt plug inserted on the air today, the way he was gushing over Chris Schlesinger as a grilling advice guest. This guy needs to listen to recordings of himself. If he does already and doesn’t know what to correct in his style, etc., then he’s really scary.

  227. Charley Manning keeps criticizing the RGA-funded anti-Cahill ads and emphasizes the ads have caused votes for Tim Cahill to defect to Patrick instead of Baker. Well, doesn’t that support the ad’s claim that Tim Cahill IS the same as Deval Patrick?

    I haven’t seen/heard any of the pussies in the news media ask Tim Cahill these obvious questions:

    1) If you say that “Commonwealth Care” (“Romneycare”) cannot be repealed, can you specify what state statutes or part of the state constitution would prohibit repeal?

    2) If the “landlord paid,” for the Lottery Hdqtrs renovations, does that mean that if you had NO renovations done as part of the lease extension negotiations, the state’s taxpayers would be paying even LESS in rent?

    3) What are Michael Travaglini’s qualifications to have ever been executive director of the state’ pension funds?

    I knew Cahill lost all credibility when he was asked about repealing Romneycare and his immediate response was “Ya can’t repeal it.” It reminded me of Sarah Palin’s complete loss of credibility when Son of the Meatloaf Thrower on Fox News Sunday asked her why she resigned as Gov. of Alaska and she couldn’t provide a believable answer.

    Using her logic, all you’d have to do to is keep filing frivilous ethics complaints to drive a governor from office. Is THAT who you want protecting us from terrorism, etc? I’d have some respect for her if she admitted that she resigned in order to exploit her celebrity before it diminshes by going on lecture/personal appearance/book promotion tours because it’s more lucrative.

  228. yes, jim, at times I can go on and on and on.

    observation? or criticism? that’s one of the problems w/on-line communications. so you can either play a guessing game, or you can be direct and ask. and even then you never know if the answer is the truth.

    I can be blissfully silent, too.

  229. Dr Q – what was priceless about manning’s show yesterday is how he went on and on about the RGA ads – he had a real pity party for cahill and after the segment ended RKO went right into an RGA funded ad about cahill, priceless! It was the ad where the woman is calling 911!

    I have said here before on more than one occasion that manning needs to replay his show and listen to himself, he has got to stop with the ummmmmms and ahs it is totally unprofessional and he comes across as a complete buffoon – he can’t get through two sentences without saying um or ah. And yes, I too heard him gushing like a school girl over the grill guy – that was embarassing to the point I had to turn the radio off for awhile.

    Jim, I too had read that the hole had been plugged then later in the day I heard there was an issue.

    Thank you to all veterans who have served, are serving and especially those who died serving this country to give us the freedoms we enjoy today.

  230. Manning gives me a headache! I can’t listen to him, I either listen to music or stream Rush. Some guy called into Howie’s show last night and he was as bad as Manning. He was going ummm, ahhh, and I yelled at the radio to get his thought out! I think Howie even heard me because he even pushed the conversation along. I forgot the subject, it really doesn’t matter, if you have to use LIKE, Ummmmmmm, and ahhhh’s in your conversation, then don’t be on or call a radio station! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

  231. she ah of ah course ah – manning in action – ah ah ah um um ah um – this guy cannot complete a sentence with saying um or ah – un um freakin um believable – shutting off radio!

  232. pirate, don’t be silent, I just find the stuff you tend to go on about amusing.

    Barb, I am glad you heard the news as well, even Imus had reported it after 9 yesterday morning based on an LA Times news flash I think.

    And like Barb say’s, THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VETERANS!

  233. Jim: Amusing, like funny? …..” funny how? What’s funny about it (me)? …… What? …. You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny? ”

    See! Even fictitous gangsters need clarification at time.

    Now get me a 7 & 7 and stop limping around here! That bullet just grazed your foot…

  234. Remember the Fallen, whether or not they were placed in harm’s way by incompetent and corrupt politicians.

  235. NYP: Thank you for the reminder. With this catastrophic oil leak, the meaning and importance of Memorial Day has not been in my thoughts- where it should be.

    Yesterday I heard on the news the # of our troops killed in Afghanistan hit 1,000. I can not even fathom what familes must go thru when the lose their loved ones in battle.

    I was so much more personally affected and aware during Vietnam. Lost friends during and after. Guys who commited suicide after returning (2), men who snap after having a few drinks and it scares the shit out of you. They lose their families, then they lose their minds.

    I’m thankful for the reminder, NYP. Now I feel sad and solemn…..and that is exactly how we’re supposed to feel……along with gratidue for those who made the ultimate sacrafice.

  236. Dennis Hopper passed away today….he was 74.

    Loved him. He was an original. He had his share of high highs and really low lows. He cleaned up and sobered up, and then died of cancer. F_k!

  237. “top kill” has failed, now what?

    pirate, I lost a few friends in Nam as well, so young, so brave.

    RIP Dennis Hopper, Art Linkletter, Gary Coleman.

  238. “top kill”? Which genius from BP came up with that clever name for yet another failed attempt to curb this leak from hell?

    I don’t think they have a clue what to do. That thing is gonna keep gushing until a worldwide panel of the best engineers, oceanographers, and whoever else majored in international catastrophes in college, convenes in a think tank and comes up with a solution, and regardless of the costs, BP has to comply with their plan.

    Kinda like binding arbitration for BP.

    They are NOT capable of fixing this mess. Are they going to keep making these useless attempts until the “thing” they’ve assured us will work will be finished in August? And how do they know THAT will work? They don’t! Just another BP lie!

    Every day that passes now leads me to believe the only way this thing is gonna stop is when the oil well runs dry.

  239. Yo, Pyrate, Chill out dude. This aint the first or last oil well blowout to have happened. Yeah I know cause I been there and done that. And although BP is making a hash of it now, Haliburton will be called in and they will call the real experts,Boots and Coots.

    So ,Like chill out,dude.

  240. Pirate, now they are going to try the LMRP – “lower marine riser package” where they split the pipe and cap it – no guarantee that will work either. Here’s a link to the explanation of the LMRP and also a live feed showing the oil spewing out of the pipe, peek at your own risk, it will make your blood pressure rise, blood shoot from your eyes and your head will explode.

  241. “lower marine riser package”?

    At the risk of sounding like a real goombah, hey BP, I’ve got your “package” right here!

    Greedy, lying f_ks from BP.

  242. Well,PyRate, you have successfully described our government,from top to “hot bottom” with those three beautiful words…

  243. Larry Kudlow coming to RKO – anyone ever listen to him? Is he worth tuning in? Not much weekend programming is worth listening to on RKO – what about this guy?

    Saturday, June 5

    Start Finish Program

    5:00PM 8:00PM Larry Kudlow Show

    Oil will be leaking til August, yep, August.

  244. Bob Brinker is reducing his radio workload from two weekend days to just one: Sundays. Kudlow is an ultra-far-right-wing-the-free-market-is-the-solution-to-every-problem fanatic. (I hope he owned stock in Lehmann Brothers and A.I.G.) Bob is conservative-leaning but almost reasonable. Kudlow, based on his CNBC appearances, is abrasive and monomaniacal…a perfect fit for WRKO!

  245. Yes, Barbara I have heard Kudlow, he has a show on either CNN or MSNBC, one or tuther. Normally he does a business show and he is a conservative but does have both sides give views. He’s not as far right as Rush. He certainly does not do the ummmmmmmmmm’s and ahhhhhhhhhh’s.

  246. Someone PLEASE teach Scott Pike how to pronounce the names of the streets in Dorchester.

    WHAT? no ums and ahhhhhhs? What’s a girl to do? Hmmmmm, it may be worth the effort to listen if this guy can actually speak and not be a whackjob like the ego maniac. I read the ego maniac is getting married again to someone very much younger than he is and IIRC it’s going to happen this week. This will be wife #4.

  247. Late Breaking News:…

    Al and Tipper Gore to separate…

    And in a related story,ManBearPig was spotted at the Playboy Mansion wearing a silk robe and smoking a pipe.

  248. charley manning – “idear”………cripes what a buffoon.

    So, al and tipper are splitting…….well hell, I won’t be able to sleep tonite, say it ain’t so…….;-)

  249. Hi all- haven’t been in the mood to post anything for a few days… associate who I’ve worked with for years had a stroke on Friday. She’s only 62.

    It happened in Maine where she was attending a conference of union training and apprenticeship directors. She is highly respected, working really hard earning her PhD when her kids were young. I love her not only for her intelligence, compassion and her dedication/outreach to include women in non-traditional careers, but for her thoughtfulness and kindness. She is a gentle and kind woman. Tiny is stature yet enormous in heart

    There have been a dozen emails going back and forth today from people who are just returning today from a long weekend- all shocked and saddened by this dreadful news.

    She’s in ICU- serious condition – in Portland, ME. Cannot be moved and only her immediate family can see her. Her movements are minimal, and she has no speech or any other signs of communication.

    I have no religion, but I do pray. Please pray for my dear friend and her family. Thanks.

  250. I live in Taunton and I drive up 24 each day to Randolph, and the traffic was slow this morning, and as I approached Harrison Street, (Ave), the one that goes to Jordan’s Furn., there was a sign on the overpass that read:

    oBma needs to be


    The BP was highlighted in a way that you knew he/she was talking about the horrible mess in the Gulf!

  251. Thanks, medic for your prayers.

    The highlighting of the BP is clever (was Obama spelled correctly?), but impeachment is a bit harsh.

    Still I wonder, what is it that is preventing Obama from taking forceful action? Is it because we don’t have a clue how to fix this leak from hell? Do we not want to alienate “British” petroleum? Is it because Great Britain is one of our closest allies?

    WTF is it? This thing is just gonna keep spewing until August? Eight – ten more weeks of this? How can that be?

    Now I’ve gone from sad to mad. This disaster makes me really f_g mad. Every time I see another news clip with a poor little bird, covered in junk, unable to fly or swim, it just kills me. BP has just f_d-up that whole eco-system. And do they care? NO! They care about one thing $$. Birds? Fish? Plants? Little or no concern!

  252. Pirate, sorry to hear this news, I will pray for your friend. Please keep us posted on her condition.

    Dear God up in heaven, will someone PLEASE tell Scott Pike how to pronounce Bowdoin Street.

  253. The Obama Admin’s lack of action re: the Gulf of Mexico oil mess I suspect is part of a plan to demonize energy’s private sector in order to rationalize to the public a govt takeover of oil exploration.

  254. I have a friend who lives in New Orleans, actually abit north of there, and the Administration is allowing BP to control the news. At one point FEMA had NO boots on the ground LAST WEEK! And Brush was unresonsive to Katrina?????????

    Pirate, I misspelled Obama, my bad!

  255. Yes, Pirate, BP IS British Petrolium. When I was in the UK, BP and Shell had the biggest Petrol stations. In case you didn’t know, Petrol is Gas, not the type you need TUMS for. Kidding!

  256. pirate: I’m sorry about your stroke-stricken associate…

    What’s your favorite track on the last Floyd album with Waters, “The Final Cut?”

  257. NYP: The Final Cut is my favorite track. You?

    Medic: Why thank you for that petrol/gas thing. Silly me, I thought British Petroleum was in the Vaseline business. I thought it unusual there was no outcry from little babies whose little bottoms depend on the stuff……just kidding!

    Thank you all for your prayers. It is comforting for me knowing you guys are praying for her, because she means so much to me. It really means a lot to me. You’re all the best.

  258. If you get up to northern VT or go into Canada you’ll see “Petro Canada” stations…

    BP= Barack’s Petroleum. He got the most money of

    any candidate the company & its employees gave to…

    Kudlow and Jim Cramer used to do a TV show together, maybe still do, and WRKO used to run Cramer’s old radio show weeknights at 7p

    (“I’m Cramer. Money torks…and SOMETIMES

    IT SHOUTS!” –ad he did recently)

  259. If my post offends anyone, please accept my apologies in advance.

    That being said, do I remember Magpie writing a column recently about our culture has become, “sexed-up”?

    Now this morning I hear a bit of the show and Mags is asking Governor Patrick a few questions. She asks question one, Patrick answers. Now she’s about ask question two and prefaces the question with a disclaimer of the issue not being “sexy”.

    Did I hear her right? Did anyone else hear it? Since when is sexiness even considered when asking the Governor a question? It’s hard for me to imagine a sex-kitten prefacing a question to the Governor with a comment like that. Yes, Patrick is laid back and good humored, but how does he respond to that? And, in the context of the question, it made no sense.

    Magpie- we all get it. You’re hot, your sexy, you like sex, everything comes back to sex, sex, sex. And that’s fine, but stop bitching about our culture being too “sexed-up”, unless you make sure to include yourself in that sexed-up cultural stew.

    Oh, and a final tip- try getting laid. Might help.

  260. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    “our culture has become, “sexed-up”? ”

    s/be “….our culture becoming too “sexed-up?”

  261. LOL, pirate, love your advice to magpie!

    Oil still pouring out in the Gulf, heard it’s only a few miles away from FL now – how long do you suppose it’ll take to get here?

    Jim Cramer makes my skin crawl.

  262. *C-Span has done all it could…”That’s No Angry Mob, etc.” is now down to 15-thousandth place and probably sinking. *(I’m assuming they’ll never run Michael Graham’s “Booknotes” appearance ever again.)

  263. ….maybe the publisher of Graham Cracker’s book can offer them to BP at a discounted rate and they can try to patch the leak from hell with the papes from hell?

    let’s see…..what shall we name it? how about “pulp fiasco”? Fiasco applying to both the book and BP’s attempts to fix the damage they’ve done.

    And don’t get me going on Magpie, Babs. I have a suspicion if their show was on a webcam, we’d see Mags banging into door knobs. Did I just say that?

  264. So, Barack had Sir Paul McCartney at the White House last night? I wonder if the former Beatle sang, HELP!

    Help! I need some body/help! not just anybody/Helppppppppppppp! LOL!

  265. I’m listening to Manning, and I have NO idea as to why. But he was just talking about the direction of the wind!!!!!!!! Who the bleep cares??????????????????????

  266. medic, Sir Paul kissed obama’s butt last nite, it was nauseating – he also took a cheap shot at Bush. He also admitted he can’t remember most of his songs.

    um um um um um Manning is a disaster and yes he does check the wind I believe he does that every freakin’ day, not sure what that’s about as I only half listen to him and some days I don’t listen at all!

    Here’s a blurb from Howie’s facebook page, I guess they’re trying to drum up listeners for manning’s show. How pathetic is that!

    “The Howie Carr Show – Do you like The Charley Manning Show? Visit his page and comment on his most recent post and you could win a $30 gift card!”

  267. Barbara, Sir Paul can’t remember many of his songs????? Cudda been from all the drugs he did in the 60’s I’m thinkin’. LOL!

  268. Drugs? Drugs? Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO, say it ain’t so! LOL, plus the fact that he’s 67, I’m sure short/long term memory loss plays a part in that as well!

  269. I’m so old, I remember when McCartney’s hair was grey and he didn’t look like Angela Lansbury in men’s clothes. Quoth Lady Paul: “After the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.”. I wonder what happened in 2002 that supposedly caused Bush to suddenly forget what a library was. (That was back when “When I’m Sixty Four” was still set in the future.)

  270. So President Obama has been working hard on the oils spill since “Day One” as his spinflaks hit the Sunday news show circuit a couple weeks ago. He “assumes full responsibility” as of last month. It’s time to rechristen BP as Barak Petroleum.

    Oh wait, the economy/joblessness is Job One. Uh-oh, unemployment “unexpectedly” refuses to respond to the stimulus, except for Census hack jobs. Barak’s war on the private sector and consequently middle class jobe that produce value continues unabated. Agree with Howie today about the Obama rump swabs on CNBC.

  271. Oil now about 5 miles off Pensacola shores. Here’s a link to Howie Carr’s website, left hand side about halfway down, “featured video” “Tar Balls Reach Florida”. It’s about 2 1/2 minutes long. I must warn you though, it is heartbreaking to see the pelicans. Computer models project the oil will swing around Florida and come right up the east coast and has the potential to go across the Atlantic. This is a major major disaster. Dear God up in heaven, please help us.

    Here’s the link:

  272. The other day Manning mentioned that his state senator is Bob Hedlund (who fathered a child out of wedlock in January.)

    I didn’t realize the Norfolk and Plymouth Senatorial District is so close to Boston Common, where Manning claims he resides.

  273. I’m beginning to think manning is just like the politicians – a big ole liar. I only listen in small doses – he’s incredibly annoying – ah um um um um – misprounouncing words, giving the wind direction (?), speaking in a gay tone of voice, lying about where he lives, geez. Anyone who says he has a “great show” must need their head examined. Manning may be local, but I’ll tell ya, the egomaniac is looking better and better every day and I am not a fan of the man who by the way, will be marrying his fourth wife this weekend!

  274. The country added 430K jobs, 410K of which were census workers who were repeatedly hired and fired to drive up the phony numbers. Counting ourselves is our only growth industry.

    Manning claims to live in Boston Common? What is he, a wino?

  275. Babs, I won’t comment of Rush’s marriage, or Bush being the co-respondant in the Gore’s marriage, LOL! But I cannot listen to Manning even in a small dose!!!!!!!!!!

  276. My, Pirate, you sure do get worked up over Margery. Might you have a secret crush? Like a boy in kindergarten, picking on a girl he likes?

    I have often heard topics referred to as sexy or not. eg, BP gushing oil is a sexy story. BP dealers having to charge the higher prices BP prescribes and losing business because their prices are not competitive is not a sexy story.

    BTW, I think Jim and Margery have settled into their new time slot very well. I’m also glad to hear some news back on the station (though I still miss Ed Cherubino.) I absolutely cannot stand Jay any more, and Graham’s political bleatings are on my nerves after a few minutes, though he’s okay on non-political light topics, and I like it when he and the great and powerful Tom go at it. I will not listen to McPhee at all any more–her screeching is too horrible for me and I’d rather hear Savage rant and wander about all sorts of topics. I don’t often agree with him, but he can talk in a voice that is listenable and his trips off the topics can be fun–he is a great story teller, like your crazy old uncle at the family gathering.

  277. magpie: your observation is true, and if you notice it’s not lost on me, either. Of one thing I can be sure-my own self-awareness. When I allow a talk radio host/columnist to get me worked up to the point of my last rant, I’ve learned to step back. I am much more interesting and have way more interests than to post about Margery Eagan.

    And I am no longer in kindergarten. I don’t have secret crushes. I don’t have the time, or the want to keep a crush a secret. Margery is not my type. I neither drink or smoke weed. I’m not superficial- I’m getting older, but am not worried about it. I’m not jealous or envious of others – I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. I rarely get a “crush” on anyone, but when I do, it’s not secret. Life’s too short.

    And as far as the oil spill, I don’t care if words like “gushing”, “thrusting”, “pounding”, “plugging”, “penetrate”, etc. are used. Nothing about that mess, and how the news spins it, is sexy.

  278. oh, magpie, almost forgot…….even if I DID have a crush on M.E. (which I do not), I’d have someco “stiff” competition, “wooden” I? That’s a tall order for this pirate……looks like Braude has some big feet. Pirate here is no competition for “Big Jim” and with M.E.’s libidio in overdrive, she’ll need someone with more stamina than pirate here can muster up.

    TH121 responsible for Braude’s weight loss? I tend to think she’s responsible for f_ing him thin.

    See? This is what I’m trying to stay away from doing here.

  279. Stiff, wooden–funny puns! But relax, I was just kidding around. I seriously usually don’t hear it the way you do, and if I occasionally do, it doesn’t bother me. The words nipple and codpiece are funny to me, the same way fart sounds are funny to me. Goofy funny. So I don’t mind.

    Michael Graham, on the other hand, sometimes skeeves me. He’s all “I’m a single guy on the prowl for hot ladies” when he isn’t “I’m a great fun wholesome Dad.” Talk about cognitive dissonance.

    Jay, or as you call him, Ms. Jay is even worse, as has been noted here many times over the years.

    And the “Daddy Jay” is only slightly less yecchy than “God’s gift to women Jay.” God’s real gift to women was putting Jay on the radio and not TV.

    Any thoughts on WTKK out there? Even though I can’t stand half the hosts, I love the sound of that station.

  280. pie: I think you’ve missed my point, or I wasn’t clear. I am not bothered by “sexy” stories (although your comparison of BP scenerio #1 & #2 are different, I’m not sure “sexy” is the right word….I’ll have to think of what might be better)……anyway, my point was M.E. had just written a column about how we’ve become a “sex-ed up culture” (which she disapproves of, and then she prefaces a question to the governor with an appology as to it not being very “sexy”.

    I’m not the least bit offended by sexual words, innuendo, or anything of that nature. If a word is repeated over and over for no apparent reason (i.e. but-tocks), it doesn’t offend me, and bothers me only because it is so boring to listen to.

    I’ve always been a fan of J & M, and miss the show being on when I could listen, and participate, via email. Now I rarely have the opportunity to listen to a whole show. I hear bits and pieces up until 9. I can usually catch the last hour unless I arrive in my office with some “catastrophe” demanding my immediate attention.

    Graham- I shut his show off. Can’t tolerate him.

    Ms. Jay- I catch him now only because he’s on during my drive home. Daddy-Oh…..that’s my new name for him. I love to diagnose his mental illnesses…’s fun!

    Orange Julius- Again, I only catch her when I’m driving at night. She just sounds like a broken record. I did hear her show re: Diane Wilkerson. She, along w/all of her callers are sure of Chuck Turner’s guilt. He’s guilty of some impropriety-yes-but conspiracy and taking a bribe? No. The thousand bucks he took was nothing more than a contribution to his campaign when meeting this guy that Diane sent to him. He was not privy to any of Diane’s “relationship” w/this “developer”. His mistake was not reporting the grand on his books.

    There are many more people, other than Chuck Turner, that D.W. has the goods on. Lots of people don’t like Chuck, but I can assure you, he is not about taking $1,000. bribes. His mistake was trusting and associating with Dianne.

    How did I get off on this tangent?

  281. A “sexy” story is an “if it bleeds, it leads” kind of news story–at least where I’ve worked.

    The oil spill is not sexy in any gushing sense! It’s that people are drawn to the story. It’s a big horrible thing and it’s ruining millions of lives (of all species) and there are faces to relate to and heartbreaking scenes to witness….a story people can’t get enough of. So the oil leads, because the story bleeds.

    On the other hand, BP stations losing sales (some as high as 50%) is not sexy because “it’s too bad for the owners and all, but they’re related to BP and nothing personal but we’re sending a message with our dollars.” Unless you know one of these station owners (who were Getty dealers until BP took them over last year), you’re probably going to have your attention drawn to the spill, not the poor unfortunate few.

    Heh heh, we had Chuck Turner on our show last year and that man sure can talk. Didn’t really answer any of our questions, but man can he talk!

  282. magpie: Yes, I get the difference between the stories, but I don’t get the “sexy” part. I understand the “if it bleeds, it leads” concept, but don’t get why that’s considered “sexy”. Is that just some insider media term to differentiate a story’s content?

    And you had Chuck on your show? What show is that? First you deny being M.E. (affectionately nicknamed “magpie” here), and now you have a show?

    I know Chuck fairly well. And yes, he can talk, but he can listen as well. If he has any sense of humor, I’ve never seen it.

    Anyway, back to the show……….????

  283. It’s just called sexy, that’s all. I don’t know where it came from, that’s just what it is. It has nothing to do with sex; it’s about attractiveness of the story. That’s enough of that.

    My talk show (with a male partner):

    I’ve also worked as a producer for a long time.

    Actually, I was a newspaper columnist for a couple of years, too, about 10 years ago.

    Maybe I am Margery! I’ve never been in the same place with her….

  284. Oh Pie: The tone of finality in your last post (re: “sexy), I’d recognize that tone anywhere. Period.

  285. Any thoughts on WTKK out there? Even though I can’t stand half the hosts, I love the sound of that station.

    They have inherently better audio to work with than AM stations, but they have no clue how to use it. I am constantly boosting the volume to hear the callers and lowering the volume to avoid having the hosts blast my eardrums. They should be boosting the volume of the callers to approximately the same level as the in-studio sound. On the off chance I put on the Two Chicks Dishing show, it always sounds as though Margery just finished eating a peanut butter sandwich or something.

  286. caller: hey charlie – saw you on channel 5 over the weekend – you looked great and sounded great……..?????????????????????? caller must have been drunk when he saw manning on tv looking and sounding great.

  287. Thanks burlgurl for mentioning that. I read the article in the print edition but didn’t make the connection with her and her remainder-bin-bound husband. (Ther counter for “That’s no angry mob…” is beginning to resemble the national-debt counter at Times Square.”


    There is no experience so sublime that it cannot be ruined by the presence of small children. Procreate wisely.

    And in her website’s bio:

    Before procreating too many times, Graham was a reporter and columnist for newspapers in South Carolina

    And in one of her essays:

    Ms. Flanagan’s most famous phrase to date is “When a mother works, something is lost.” The feminists she disdains are enraged by that truth, so evident to the rest of us. When looking for ways to discredit her, they find ample ammunition in the many admitted hypocrisies of her comfortable life. Ms. Flanagan is at least honest, calling herself an “at-home mother” rather than a woman who works in the home. Now that her sons are older, and their care has been delegated to prestigious teachers and coaches, Ms. Flanagan should quit her day job as domestic engineer and focus, unapologetically, on her real career. Sometimes, when a writer mothers, something is lost.

    Someone seems to have unresolved issues that simply divorcing a radio loudmouth can’t solve..

  289. English: “washing up on the beaches of Pensacola”

    McPhee-Speak: “washing up on the beaches of Pennis-Cola… Excuse me- Florida.”

  290. Magpie & Braude officially “out” as a couple?

    During Hank’s news thing, he made a comment about women never choosing short men- regardless of $$, power, or whatever else they may offer. He directed the comment to Magpie and she answered when she chose “him” (Jim) yes he was tall, but that didn’t make up for his shortcomings.

    C’mon, Magpie… were all chatty Kathy a few days ago.

  291. pirate, I have tried three times unsuccessfully to post a link for you about women choosing short men – can’t get it to post – either there is a problem with this blog or the link is not allowed to be posted for whatever reason???

  292. ok we’ll try it this way, if you paste without spaces

    http : // www. askmen . com / dating / heidi / 51_ dating _ girl . html

  293. I was at a French restaurant in Needham Sunday because flooding on route 128 kept me from going elsewhere to eat (my girl friend lives in Needham). On the menu was ‘Chicken Coq au vin’. Um, ‘coq’ is Francais for chicken, so the menu item was ‘chicken chicken in wine sauce’. Fun fact about Ludwig van Beethoven the younger (the famous one; his grandfather had the same name and had acquired the ‘van’): he called his greatest piano work “The Hammerklavier” Piano Sonata”. “Hammerklavier” MEANS piano, so it’s actually “The Piano Piano Sonata”.

  294. it’s http colon forward slash forward slash www dot askmen dot com forward slash dating forward slash heidi forward slash 51 underscore dating underscore girl dot html

  295. LG: Thank you merci beacoup for that info.

    Here’s another fun fact: On the Mama’s & Papa’s “I Saw Her Again Last Night”, Denny Doherty comes in alone with an early start “I saw her…” and then the real start with Michelle, Cass and Doherty, “I saw her again…..”. It was a mistake, but the band decided to deliberatly keep it in as it added to the song.

    John Phillips was a genius with the harmonies he put together for those voices. Just beautiful.

    Babs: I’m off to the orphanage…..

  296. pirate: Lou Adler, their producer, & Dayton Howe, their engineer, were much more responsible for those Mamas & Papas harmonies than was John Phillips.

    Howe was also involved with the sound of The Association, The Turtles, & The 5th Dimension.

  297. “Coq” actually = “rooster” en français.

    “Poule” = “hen” en français.

    “Poulet” = “chicken” (as a food item) en français.

    I knew my 2 yrs of junior high school French would be valuable some day.

  298. Charley Manning sounded like he ejaculated in his panties today (as usual) when he took his daily boring call from “Mike in a truck:”

    Manning: “Hey!- Mike in a truck, how-er YOU?!… Are you up in Maine?”

    “Mike in a truck:”Hey Charley, how are ya?… No I’m down in Abington!”

    Host’s unnecessary buffoonish delivery + taking daily calls from ass-kissing, adding no value groupies who shout into cell phones like “Mike in a truck” does not result in good talk radio.

    Manning: “Oooohhh, so down on the SOUTH Shore!”

  299. No, Pizza. Lou Adler was a genius behind the “sound”- not the voices and the harmonies. Phillips wrote the music and he was more intimately aware of each member’s voices.

    Adler’s production- no doubt- contributed to their success.

    The other guy-Howe…..don’t know anything about him, however I know all the bands, and they were all great sounding.

  300. Dr Q – lmao, you described manning perfectly as usual – what a buffoon he is – I can’t believe people actually call his show and say how “great” it is. I damn near fell over when he observed that Abington is on the SOUTH shore, what a clown and he did it in his best gay voice too. It seems no matter what time I tune into this clown he’s making a fool of himself. I haven’t listened to all three hours steady – I listen 5 or 10 minutes here and there and it’s brutal, I can’t imagine what all three hours is like and I can’t imagine what these callers hear that is so “great”.

  301. >>“Poulet” = “chicken” (as a food item) en français.

    For awhile Salem (MA) had a chicken place called Peppy Poulet…the word poultry may be somehow related.

    And back when Montreal had a baseball team, les Expos, you could see a PFK stand in their stadium:

    Poulet Frie Kentucky…

  302. Mr. Glavin: Needham has a “French” restaurant now?… Is it “Petit Robert Bistro?”

    Is it a better value than “Sweet Basil?”

  303. Mr. Glavin: Needham has a “French” restaurant now?… Is it “Petit Robert Bistro?”

    Is it a better value than “Sweet Basil?”

  304. pirate: More specifically, I know John Phillips is credited with “arranging” the harmonies & wrote some great songs but, they (the M&Ps) needed Howe to achieve their signature sound.

    Did anyone see the Jeff Beck/Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks show the other night?

  305. Pizza, I’m sure you’re right regarding Howe’s developing the M & P’s signature sound, however if not for JP’s arranging the harmonies, Howe wouldn’t have had much to work with.

    I always liked Jeff Beck, but no longer want to see him live. I like Tedeschi (always root for a local girl….Julliana Hatfield was another I liked (she’s pretty cool)…..oh and the woman who sang in “Letters from Cleo”. I’m spacing out on her name, and I’ve met her several times …..Kay Hanley? Anyway, Tedeschi married Trucks (I think). I thought he was the son of Butch Trucks, of Allman Bros., but he’s the nephew.

    I heard a really lovely song recently on the soundtrack for “Young Victoria”. It’s title is “Only For You” written and sung by Sinead O’Connor. She has that unmistakable and haunting voice. I really love her voice.

  306. Pyrate: do you mean the still bald but not beautiful “Sine-Aid O’Connor” as Frank Sinatra would say???

    And between the gay radio hosts and endless info-mercials masqueerading as an interview shows, I don’t think there is much of WRKO left to save. So go ahead and um and ahh your way to four or even five hundred Babs.

    Man o man do I miss Gene Burns and Jerry Williams.

  307. pirate: I’m interested why you no longer want to see Jeff Beck live but I’ll explain why I’m also no longer interested, even if I can secure seats close enough to the stage to observe his technique:

    As amazing as he is, playing the way he does (with heavy gauge strings, no less!) without a pick (he might have the world’s strongest fingers/hands for a 65 year old) & minimal outboard gear, the tones he produces in concert have become too predictable & monotonous over, at least, the past 11 years. I wish he’d include some of the tones he produced in the 70s & early 80s in his current shows.

    He has at least one guitar technician traveling with him so why can’t they have some other guitars/pedals/settings ready onstage for different sounds? I suspect he’s playing only his “Signature Series” Stratocaster to promote sales to maximize his royalties from Fender, even if it’s not the best guitar for certain material.

    At his 2003 show in Mansfield, I heard someone yelling to Beck, out of frustration, when it was quiet enough, “Get your Les Paul!” The show was very good but, I also felt like shaking him and yelling “Put the Strat down for half an hour & get a fu_king Gibson Les Paul like you used in 1974 & play ‘Diamond Dust’ & ‘She’s a Woman’ for Kryse-Sake!”

    Jeff is still amazing to watch though, compared to fakers like Joe Satriani & Steve Vai.

  308. Let’s see…..well I guess what I used to enjoy when I saw great guitarists in the past, I don’t enjoy so much anymore. I could go to a show and be mezmorized for hours watching a guitarist…..especially the ones who didn’t show-boat, but stood there and made their amazing playing seem so effortless. Most of these old-timers, who’s music meant so much to me in the past, I no longer have the desire to see. Not all, but most, I can’t say I’m dying to see again.

    Although I had NO desire to see Paul McCartney- none whatsoever- and the show just blew me away. No one was more surprised than I was at how much I enjoyed that show.

    While I can appreciate Beck’s skills, his music never really moved me. I guess the criteria for me seeing older bands/performers is they have to have a really special place in my heart.

    Or maybe I’m just getting old.

  309. “Manning: “Oooohhh, so down on the SOUTH Shore!”

    are you sure it didn’t sound more like this….”ooo0hh, soooo down on the south shooooooooooooooore. “

  310. Howie is up to his old tricks:

    “Maybe someday I’ll be on a major station of a major company” (Clr Chnl, WXKS?) Equipment

    was malfunctioning, but he didn’t quite go to “Entercom happens” territory…

    “I was listening to one of the hosts on the new talk station in town…”

    “Jeff Katz will be at this rally” (mentioning competion by name; also has mentioned Michael

    Graham but maybe got away with that by saying Graham also worked for the Herald). And the kicker

    was yesterday when Charlie Baker was on with him.

    Howie: “Jeff Katz will be there, you know who he is, right?”

    Baker: “Yeah, he’s on Rush Radio”

    Ha! Free plug for the competition! Not bleeped out! (And since Howie was also promoting the upcoming

    Baker-Patrick-and-possibly-Cahill debate on RKO, he got in the “Felon” nickname for

    Finneran…yet he and Baker manage to give a free plug to Finneran’s competition!)

    Awhile back I heard Howie say “I was listening to one of the morning hosts on the new

    talk station” and I told Jeff about it on Facebook. Jeff was pleased, feeling honored

    that Howie was mentioning that (who knows, could have been talking about Glenn Beck

    but maybe Jeff). Jeff Katz filled in for Howie in the past (he was also filling in for

    Bill Cunningham on WLW this week, no doubt doing the show from the WXKS studios

    for a fellow CC station) and is on Howie’s Facebook…he’s a fan of Howie and who knows,

    years from now they might be on the same station.


    (As for the free plugs for Rush Radio, etc., maybe Wolfie is listening to WEEI and not Howie

    and thus doesn’t know…?)

  311. >>“Sine-Aid O’Connor”

    My nickname for her given the shaved head was “Shinehead O’Connor”. Nothing compares 2 her.

  312. Jeff replied on my facebook ”

    as i’ve said howie is the gold standard for boston talk radio and boston’s best newspaper columnist!”

  313. Tom Ashbrook is the ‘Gold Standard’ these days (in the past Gene Burns and David Brudnoy). This was made even more vivid because Tom was off today (Friday), and Anthony Brooks did not actally “take his place”, but filled the two hours between 10:00 am and noon. I listened to the week in review segment, then switched furiously to Stephanie Miller.

  314. Just turned the radio on about 2 minutes ago and manning is in full gay and sarcasm mode, please someone, please fire him.

  315. Today I heard Charley Manning claim, while “describing” the Abby Sunderland saga, that he’s “been sailing for yearrrs!”

    He’s been sailing on what, other men’s penises?

    It was almost as funny as when Pat Whitley used to regularly claim that he was “held hostage by Islamic Jihad” in Lebanon in 1982! Oy vey!

    On Whitley’s show recently, the China Blossom’s once “wonderful” luncheon buffet received a robust zing from a caller and Whitley, along with his son, immediately attempted damage control- It was priceless!

  316. pirate: Many of the best electric guitarists for their genre toiled in relative obscurity; witness:

    1) The Late Danny Gatton (better than Roy Buchanan, IMO)

    2) The Late Albert Collins

    3) The Late Lenny Breau (jazz genius, murdered in 1984)

    4) Clarence White (fatally run over while loading an equipment van for his band’s next gig in 1973)

    5) The Great Arlen Roth (who is still alive and looks more like my Jewish dentist than a guitar virtuoso)

    6) Ronnie Earle (not so obscure any more)

  317. Well, Doc, once Manning gets that mast up, he’ll have to be blowing a gale otherwise those sails become limp, and they’ll need one hell of a gust to build up steam…….are we talking sailboats or penises?

    I like Robert Cray, do you?

  318. Yes, Robert Cray is a very good overall performer; his guitar skills are not critical to his shows because he can sing well and has some good material to sing.

  319. Jennifer Brien’s faux provocativeness shtick is now well past its expiration date. I suspect that after her first show a few weeks ago she was slapped around in the WRKO Management Broom Closet and told she had to be more “edgy” if she was to be invited back for another paid-per-diem, working-without-a-contract appearance.

    2PM and Avi Nelson’s show couldn’t have arrived soon enough.

  320. I heard some of brien’s show, why do women always come off as whiney and/or shouting – (laura ingraham for example)….had to tune out of brien’s show and I agree Avi couldn’t have come fast enough – I wonder why they don’t give him the noon to 4 slot? Maybe he doesn’t want it?

    Larry Kudlow on now, what a horror show so far, problems with feedback in his mic – not sure what day this show is from – dead air – typical RKO crap.

  321. Oh and by the way – I’ve said this here before but it bears repeating – you can hire bill kelly as a motivational speaker – if you’ve listened to his show you’ll find the humor in that statement – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  322. A motivational speaker specializing in insomniac conventions.

    Ms. Brien is likeable enough and well-spoken, but she’s pretty uninformed to be hosting a politically-oriented talk show. She wasn’t aware that Scott Brow is a Republican.

  323. well, my friends, looks like this site is on its last legs. brian hasn’t written anything in almost 2 months now. lites will go out any day now.

  324. Did I hear Charley Manning today pronounce “comparable” as “com-pare-a-ta-ble?”


    If the likes of Manning, Mary Anne Mush, & that little freak, Michael Goldman (who finally replaced his blonde wig with a gray one) claim to be such sought-after political consultants, why do they spend so much time making unpaid/minimally-paid media appearances instead of actually consulting at a well-paid level? When these jack-offs drop the names of people who they claim are/were “clients,” you can smell the stench of a wanna-be. That blonde wig Goldman wore for years contrasted by the dark beard was a great look. He’s still more skin crawl-inducing than the Jordan’s Furniture Brothers… Eeewww.

  325. I’d say Goldman’s almost as creepy as Ernie Boch, Jr also but, considering Boch actually provides jobs & pays taxes (I hope,) now I must say Goldman is creepier than Boch.

  326. Manning sounded like he was withdrawing his anal beads while ejaculating when he took “Mike in a Truck’s” call today.

    Mike in a Truck: “Oh, I just made a delivery Charley, now um eating lunch”

    Manning: “Oooohh, so what’s for luuuunnnnch, Mike?”

    Mike in a Truck: “Oh, um brown-baggin’ it, Charley.”

    Is this some homosexual code language they’re speaking to each other? Urban Dictionary can only define so much.

  327. English: “Senator Mitch McConnell”

    Charley Manning: “Senator…..ah-ummm…..ummm…Mitch McConnell”

  328. Here’s a funny Barry & Elliot story. I’d met them both a few times (they were socially conscious and did volunteer work around Boston). Neither one would have remembered me. Anyway, before they split I happened to bump into one at Home Depot. He was waiting in line in the Garden section, and as I passes by him, I asked him, “Now which one are you? Bernie or Phyll?” I had been dying to say that ever since I thought of it. Funny, right? Well, Elliot didn’t think it was so f_ing funny. He just glared at me, and never even cracked a smile! Either someone had already stolen my line, OR he found nothing humorous in my silly question.

    And seeing as Doc here opened a can or worms with Charely Manning brown-bagging it, I’ll add my own observation about our dear Magpie. Was she creamin’ her jeans over some Italian soccer player today?

    Sometimes she’s ok, if she doesn’t go overboard. Mostly she sounds like a middle aged hornball.

  329. Hmmmm, Brian mia on a big radio event tomorrow – 7am – 8am – commercial free – RKO – patrick vs baker debate –

  330. Cahill has just confirmed that he will be on RKO tomorrow morning as well. When the offer was first extended to all three candidates, cahill stated he had a prior committment and wasn’t sure if he would be able to join in on the debate, he has now confirmed he will be participating.

  331. Who knows, the Celts could win the 18th banner tonight and tomorrow people would be too giddy with that fact to concentrate on a debate. We don’t know for sure if Celts would win, but Da Mayah may have to deal with potta potties and

    jumbletroms (to use his pronunciation) in a rollin’ rally…soon…?

  332. Forget todays big event…how about last nights? Even MSNBC panned it.

    Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman react to President Obama’s Oval Office Address on the oil spill. Here are the highlights of what the trio said:

    Olbermann: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.”

    Matthews compared Obama to Carter.

    Olbermann: “Nothing specific at all was said.”

    Matthews: “No direction.”

    Howard Fineman: “He wasn’t specific enough.”

    Olbermann: “I don’t think he aimed low, I don’t think he aimed at all. It’s startling.”

    Howard Fineman: Obama should be acting like a “commander-in-chief.”

    Matthews: Ludicrous that he keeps saying [Secretary of Energy] Chu has a Nobel prize. “I’ll barf if he does it one more time.”

    Matthews: “A lot of meritocracy, a lot of blue ribbon talk.”

    Matthews: “I don’t sense executive command

  333. Even perky katie isn’t happy,,,,,,,She was on with Letterman……

    Add her to the growing list of libs that have criticized Obama including Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman Katie: “They’ve lost a lot of time, boom was sitting idle on some of the beaches, some of the skimmers were not being utilized. You know, I think that basically the effort just has not been coordinated, I think in my opinion, and I usually don’t give my opinion but I thing BP has been giving too much authority in this”

    Dave: “People are saying this is another Katrina, help me out with some objectivity, part of Katrina, it seemed to be George Bush and what we perceived as his rich group of feckless fat white boy buddies, didn’t care, now we have this in the same part of the country is it safe to say that President Obama is making the same mistakes George Bush made with Katrina?”

    Katie: “I think the idea that President Bush didn’t care about the people and the devastation of Katrina is just, really an unfair thing to say about that”

  334. Didn’t Obama mention kicking ass a week or so ago? I wanted to hear some verbal ass kicking last night, with heavy BP casualties sentenced to our oil infused coastlines, on their hands and knees, licking up their oil.

    Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed.

  335. Pirate and everyone, good morning! I didn’t see the so-called speech last night, but I saw some of the lowlights this morning! Obama did NOT look presidential at all, and in fact, it looked like he was on a Hollywood set playing president. I would say that he reminded me of Alfred E. Newman, but that would be insulting MAD MAGAZINE! This guy is a MAROON!!!!!!!!!

  336. Just turned the radio on without realizing manning is still on the air, turned it on just in time to hear him take a call from “Mike in the truck” – does this Mike guy call every freakin’ day? Are they related?

  337. Doc: Thank you for that link. That video blew me away- I was totally loving it, and was thinking, wow, it’s too bad this guy is dead. I would have loved seeing him play in a small venue, or (even better), a club.

    After listening to the video, I looked him up. What a waste of a life. Forty-nine and he shoots himself? Another musical genius teetering on the edge. How sad. Demons dwelling within so many extraordinary human beings. What a horrible, torturous existance- battling demons.

  338. May ratings out, discuss

    Without getting too specific of course.

    WRKO down just a hair, WBZ-FM up slightly. 96.9 higher than RKO.

    WXKS 1200 down a hair.

    WGBH the same, WCRB down a hair. The usuals on top: Kiss, WBZ, Magic, Jam’n, WEEI (up a bit,

    still considerably higher than 98.5)

    While WXKS was slightly lower than last month, the cume went up just a hair. (107.7k to 108k)

    No sign of WWZN anywhere, not even in the “-” ratings (under 0.1? WJIB, WMKI, WCAP etc.)

    WEEI= 5th


    Sox baseball had to help WEEI. When did Bruins bow out of playoffs again?

  339. Good morning kids! Babs, don’t forget that ‘EEI-AM had the Celtics on while ‘EEI FM had the Sox most nights. That may be why WEEI had better numbers. Does anyone really listen to those twits on WBZ-FM?

  340. WEEI mostly had Red Sox but a couple times a week there would be a Celtics playoff game, bumping Sox to RKO. (South of town is where WEEI-FM, 103.7, comes in) This happened for the last time this year just last night as Sox-Diamondbacks started coverage at 5 pm last night (Sorry Howie) on RKO and EEI did Celts.

  341. Caller: I look forward to noontime so I can listen your show – you come across as someone with a lot of integrity

    Manning: Are you Polish? With your accent you sound Polish or Irish – you sound like my grandmother

  342. manning is like a car wreck, you know it’s really really bad but you can’t look away.

    I have the radio on all day, most of the time I’m working and not really listening, I tune in periodically, when I hear crap like this, I have to wonder how this guy still has a radioshow, then again, the felon still has a show so why not manning.

    Waiting for Miiiiiiiiiiike in the truuuuuuuck to call in.

  343. “WCRB down a hair”? Only if you focus on the 6+ percentage. The station’s cume is the highest of the last three reports.

  344. A couple of things! People still listen to WCRB since they got bought by WGBH?????? The Felon show is “carried” by Fineberg, and he keeps Finneran “honest” (an oximoron with Finneran!), and finally, Manning doesn’t know the difference between a Celtic (Keltic) brogue and a Slavic accent????????? OMGgggg, what a dope!!!!!

  345. Re: “Manning: Are you Polish? With your accent you sound Polish or Irish – you sound like my grandmother”


    It’s a given then that Manning can’t distinguish between a Polish & Ukrainian accent!

  346. piratetoby: Regarding Gatton, he supposedly was severely manic depressive. I had read a few years ago that, for the few weeks before his suicide, his friends/family noticed more frequent mood swings, urging him to get professional help. Supposedly, immediately after a vehement argument with his wife, he went out to the 4-bay garage where he restored old cars on their farm just north of Wash DC, locked the doors, & shotgunned himself.

    I agree, he was one of the greatest. He played a lot like his friend, Roy Buchanan, but displayed more imagination & versatility. Buchanan was usually at least somewhat impaired by alcohol onstage & could be very monotonous with some of his licks & phrasing (at least for the last few years of HIS life.)

    I wasn’t even aware of Gatton’s work until a guitarist I know who wrote for “ink19″ informed me about 8 yrs ago. I’m amazed at how many different styles he’d effortlessly incorporate into performances like this:

  347. pizzadawg: thank you for the links. The videos have a paradoxical impression on me- the audio is so beautiful to hear, but the video is almost too painful to watch. It pains me so to watch anyone who is so possessed by mental illness/depression that they see no other way out.

    thank you both, pizza and doc for turning me on to this extraordinary guitarist. and “big star”, too. I don’t get too excited about much of the music nowadays, but I love to learn about the music I may have missed.

  348. Laurence: yes that’s the one I’m going by. 25-54s

    etc are different (as are 18-54s etc.) as noted by recent stats showing Sports Hub doing very well with certain slots. Again I am just using the 6+

    numbers on radio-info, etc

  349. I realize that “credit-card-relief” commercials run on the Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and ThomHartmannThomHartmann shows, but they are the VERY LIFEBLOOD of extreme-ultra-conservative-far right-wing talk radio. Today’s (06./19) Noo Yawk Times has a front-page article about these scams. Listeners to extreme-ultra-conservative-far-right-wing shows would have lower IQs, be more likely to go to church and thus be susceptible to “magical thinking” (if you can call it “thinking” at all) and place a great deal of confidence in talk show hosts who proclaim themselves as providing the ONLY information and analysis they’ll ever need, even though some of them never went much beyond high-school!

  350. “Oohh, can you beleeeve it’s already Thuurrrsday, I can’t beleeeeeve how fast this week has gone by, here on the Charley Manning Show….. Oo… oo!”

    “Oh my!, it’s Friday already!… Oo… Oo!”

    The clip of Scondras grunting “MMM! MMM!” is very appropriate to be frequently heard during this show.

    Did anyone hear Cooksie trying to sound like Manning during The Felon and Todd “Hair Replacement System” Fineberg (Feinberg?) Show?

    Speaking of Feinberg, he’s voicing a dermotologist’s ad currently in which he claims to have initiated a hair transplant 3 yrs ago but within the past 3 yrs he’s also claimed to have been using a hair restoration tonic!… Did he do both simultaneously?

  351. Did anyone hear the nuts calling Mannings show saying Obama caused the oil spill? They think he is puposefully taking down the country. Three in a row had the same angle yesterday, I thought Manning had a stroke he was so dumbfounded.

    I am right of center and am embarrased by the fact that the right has people who are nuts just like the left. OK, the left still wins for saying Bush planned 9/11.

  352. I did hear Cooksie imitating manning, thought he was spot on!

    As for obama causing the oil spill, it would not surprise me, call me a nut, I don’t really care, nothing he does would surprise me. Meanwhile, the gulf is in major trouble and the BP’s execs are yachting and obama is what? oh yeah, he’s playing golf >>>> again<<<, imagine if Bush even mentioned the word golf during the Katrina and/or the Iraq war. Rome burns and obama plays golf.

    For you basketball fans, Manute Bol has passed away at the young age of 47.

  353. OMG, Babs, say it ain’t so. I’ve been pretty much supportive of Obama’s decisions, but will readily admit I am disappointed in his handling of the oil spill.

    But to say he caused it? You’re joking when you say it wouldn’t surprise you, right? If not, trust me, you’re much more than a nut.

    I can’t even get into any of this Obama wants to bring the country down nonsense- not as a discussion and/or debate. The idea to me is so ludicrious, it doesn’t warrant a legitimate discussion.

  354. oh, almost forgot to mention Manute Bol. How did he die? He looked like such a freak of nature. I remember the first time I saw him. I’d never seen any man that looked like him. Forty-seven? Man, that’s young.

  355. Pirate, btw, I said hello today when you IM’d me. Bol, according to the news reports, died of a kidney disease along with another cmplication.

  356. Sometimes the very short or very tall can die young of odd medical conditions. Recently He Pingping died (28″ tall?) as did Nelson de la Rosa (the dwarf who hung around with Pedro Martinez)

    and that Robert Wadlow guy, about 8 ft tall,

    long ago, had some kind of infection/foot problem/circulation etc.

    I know it’s not Charley Manning but there’s a guy who’s regularly on Howie’s chumpline who sounds like him…not necessarily a slight lisp, but the same

    kind of voice.

    6:48 in

    “When George Bush mispronounces a word it’s because he was an idiot. And when Obama mispronounces a word it’s because ‘that’s how they say it in Hah-vud” (not the best example but that could be the guy–sim in some ways to Charlie?) Repeated at 8:19 since it was the

    chumpline call of the day

  357. yes, racoon, I think that many humans born with extremes tend to develop other complications earlier in life than those “normal” sized.

    and medic, I’m aware of our IM- I said hi, you said hi, awkward cyber silence, I said see ya, and you said ok, talk again soon.

  358. Oy vey, “screaming obsessities?” Well that doesn’t sound like a very good eye-dear!

    Speaking of mispronunciations, McPhee does it so much now, it IS akin to Norm Crosby’s shtick. The other nite, she said (as in baseball) “the World Serious.” Now she’s back to discussing the all important subject of annoying ice cream trucks (& at least once mispronounced it “eyesh-cream.”)

  359. speakin’ of screaming obsceneties, pardon me if I scream one of my own: JAY SEVERIN IS A DOUCHE BAG. And I never use that expression, however if the bag applies, then douche it is.

  360. pirate: If you dig Gatton’s playing, veteran session guitarist & Hellecasters member Will Ray has the same attitude. John Jorgenson’s good here also but if you fast forward to the 4:40 mark, you’ll see Ray (with the green guitar) start to play the best instrumental version of “Sweet Dreams” I’ve heard; it’s better than any version I’ve heard played by Roy Buchanan, IMO:

  361. pizzadawg: well it’s nice that we still have one guitarist who hasn’t yet sucked on a gas pipe. Ray’s guitar skills may be superior to Buchnan’s, however I really like Buchnan’s version. If I didn’t know Ray was playing “Sweet Dreams”, I might not have recognized it. Buchnan’s version has more recognizable melody, which Ray’s lacks. I do love his style, though. They make it look so effortless. They just get up there and play their ass off. Love that.

  362. Buchanan was an innovator (pinch harmonics, etc.) but he eventually became seemingly bored with playing, resulting in all-too-often monotony in his live shows. That could be said about many guitarists, I suppose. I prefer Ray’s version of the song because there are so many more textures & dynamics than Buchanan’s. I must say though, Buchanan made at least one cover of “Hey Joe” that was more interesting than any of Hendrix’s versions, but I even prefer the Byrds’ studio cover of the song than Hendrix’s.

  363. LOL @ your link Cap’n – that’s better than listening to manning!

    Is RKO so desperate for “talent” (and I use the term loosely, very loosely), that they continue to keep the felon and manning? Are you telling me these two are the best RKO can find? And while we’re at it, do NOT get me started on bill kelly zzzzzzzzz the number one snooze fest on radio – thank goodness someone was smart enough to equip radios with an off switch!

  364. OK, I decided to check out Manning’s show just to have something to contribute to all the Manning talk.

    Who is his audience? Right now he sounds like he’s teaching a junior high civics class to a classroom of future hopefuls for his dating pool.

  365. Oh, and if anyone sees “Tom the Toolman”, give him Magpie’s number. She’s trolling for a tool. And if he shops at “Work Gear”, a pair of Carhardt shorts will seal the deal.

  366. English version: thorniest

    Manning speak: the horny est

    This is a rare day that I have him on- and don’t plan to do so in the future. Today I’ll play along. I’m waiting for the pre-mature ejaculation portion of the show…..hope I didn’t miss it.

  367. I’m half listening to manning, has he done the flag thing yet? He looks across the way to see which way the flag it blowing – it somehow determines the weather

  368. For some reason the stream is not working on Rush Radio, and I am forced to have noice, so that I don’f fall asleep. Ever since Manning started on the gig at ‘RKO, I’ve had ringing in my ears. It can’t be can it? His ummmmmm, and ahhhhhhhh’s actually hurt the ears.

  369. Yes, it IS “Tim the Toolman”…..but on the show (Home Improvements) wasn’t it Tim’s sidekick who wore the toolbelt?

    I was never wild about Tim Allen. Can’t quite put my finger on it- he just never did it for me. I do respect him for getting his life together (he’s had drug issues and I think he was in jail for a while, too)

  370. Thanks Barbara. I got busy at work, and I was not able to get back to listening to Rush. BTW, if anyone else from Taunton is still coming on here, the candidate I am supporting against Jim Fagan, will be in Michael Graham’s show at some point after 10 AM today. Her name is Shaunna O’Connell. Today is the 1 year anniverary of Fagan going off about Jessica”s Law. If you don’t remember it, GOOGLE/YAHOO, JAMES FAGAN JESSICA’S LAW, and you will see the Youtube rant as to what Fagan would do to a child on the stand during a trial. This message has been brought to you by………..

  371. I’m surprised that Jim Fagan was not stoned to death in his community. I am stupified every time I hear that rant. Where does that kind of thinking come from? How does that breed in another human being- and spills out of his mouth? Hateful! Towards childred, no less! Who on earth could cast their vote for this guy?

  372. Hi Pirate, that is why Shaunna is running against Fagan. I could say something here but Brian would have to censor it or take it off so he wouldn’t be sued! LOL!

  373. Here’s my two cents on Gen. McCrystal- this will sounds kinda weird, but I’m sorta happy this has happened. For nothing more than getting people interested/educated in what is going on over there in Afghanistan.

    We were kept abreast of what was going on in Iraq, but the struggle in Afghanistan has been like the forgotten war. I know there has been so much going on domestically, but that cannot be used as an excuse for allowing Afghanistan to go on with our troops still getting killed. Two very, very young men, both from the Fall River area were killed in Afghan. in less than two months.

    I hope this McChrystal fiasco wakes people up. Pay attention to Afghanistan. Pay attention to the troops losing their lives. I know that I’ve been guilty of sometimes pushing Afghanistan into the back of my brain. However, I truly believe everthing happens for a reason. McChrystal’s loose lips is the reason I’ve become active in my need to find out and keep better informed on all that is going on in Afghanistan.

  374. Good thoughts Pirate. McCrystal should be fired no doubt, but I’m not so sure that Osama Obama has the “tools” to do it! As you know, I don;t LIKE Obama, but you put that uniform on and you do not talk about the President that way IN PUBLIC! I heard that McCrystal tendered his resignation, but we will see what happens. McCrystal brought to lite that Obama is a little man in a big office. He is intimidated by the Military, and right now I think he is crapping in his draws! Just like the oil situation in the Gulf, he has not a clue as to what to do next. The USA is in very VERY serious trouble with Obama and we have 2/1/2 yrs to go. God Bless the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  375. Very interesting! You will notice the headline, “Obama ‘relieves’ McCrystal of duty.” So that Obama can keep face, he has to report it that way, and McCrystal will be allowed to retire as a 4-Star. Now this is when the real fun comes. Will McCrystal do a REAL tell-all or is he taking a no-tell attitude so that HE CAN retire as a 4-Star?????? Veddy Interestink!

  376. By the bye: I was near a radio at just after noon. WXKS-AM runs public service announcements between the noon nooz and Rush! What, can’t Rush Radio get advertisers for Rush?

  377. Gen. Stanley McChrystal released a statement today on his resignation:

    “This morning the President accepted my resignation as Commander of U.S. and NATO Coalition Forces in Afghanistan,” he said in the statement. “I strongly support the President’s strategy in Afghanistan and am deeply committed to our coalition forces, our partner nations, and the Afghan people. It was out of respect for this commitment – and a desire to see the mission succeed – that I tendered my resignation. It has been my privilege and honor to lead our nation’s finest.”– President Barack Obama said Wednesday that his decision to change commanders in Afghanistan is “a change in personnel, but … not a change in policy.”

  378. “we get the pic”, Barbara? So McChrystal is the “good” guy and Obama is the “bad” guy?

    McChrystal is an embarrassment. He embarassed himself, and if anyone was shitting bricks, it was McChrystal- not Obama. Generals DO NOT call the President “little man in big office” and how Obama was intimidated (in his opinion) by him and the military. Sounds like McChrystal has quite the ego.

    McChrystal fucks up and still everyone finds a way to bash Obama. Give him a fucking break for a second, will ya? Try to comphrend all this man has on his plate. And the Republicans are just nipping away at his tail at every turn.

    I am just rip shit that no one here is open-minded enough to give Obama credit for ANY fucking thing.

    I knew why I originally came to “Save WRKO”, but for the life of me, I don’t know why I’ve stayed. If there’s any spelling errors- then pardon me- I don’t plan on proofing this before I hit submit. click

  379. whoa pirate whoa, please show me where I said McChrystal is the good guy? All I said was McChrystal OUT – Patreaus IN – now where the hell do you get the idea by that four word sentence that I think McChyrstal is the good guy and obama the bad guy??? Please explain????

    Geez pirate, settle the hell down. All I said was that we get the picture about obama. Now, if you want to have a decent discussion perhaps you should ASK ME what I think of the whole obama decision. I’ll save you the time of asking, it just so happens I agree with the decision, as much as I don’t care for obama he is still the president and even though he does not respect the military he is their leader and should be respected for that reason and that reason only.

    Get a grip pirate, I don’t see where anyone here said obama was the bad guy in this decision. Having a little heat stroke are ya??

  380. just answer this, Barbara- what do you mean by stating: “I think we get the pic about obama – McChrystal doesn’t need to say anything more ”

    you didn’t answer my question re: your post #460 – not being surprised if Obama caused the oil spill.

    Regarding my use of the word fuck in my posts, I don’t really care if you do not appreciate it. If you don’t like it, sorry, I’m not going to change the way I express myself. You don’t have to appreciate it but you’ll have to tolerate it because I’m not going to change. All the shit that gets posted here, and me saying “fuck” gets you bent out of shape?

    And, no, I’m not having a heat stroke. But thanks for your concern.

  381. So sorry to hear you’re having a mental breakdown pirate. My statements are pretty clear – even the simple minded can figure them out – if you choose not be respectful then I have no choice but to leave the board, you can sit here and swear and carry on all by yourself.

  382. Repectful? Mental breakdown? Simple minded? Having a heat stroke because I get angry? As a woman you should understand how condescending that comment is. When you get angry, is your anger based on PMS?

    Is typing “eff” more acceptable to typing “fuck”? Did you (for some reason) think my whole rant was targeted towards you? Well, you’re wrong. The “get the pic” at the beginning of my rant was the ONLY thing directed towards you.

    And you’ve yet to explain to this simple mind what you meant with the Obama CAUSING the oil spill comment. And you request a “decent” discussion on Obama’s decision? Why the fuck would I care? I will not discuss Obama with you, or anyone else who even entertained the idea that Obama caused this oil nightmare.

    You want to leave the board for my language? I don’t give a flying fuck. Just one less “Sybill” to me. And don’t let the door hit you on the ass, lest those anal beads lodge further up your ass. (Funny, all those type of comments about Manning didn’t seem to bother you)?

    See ya

  383. IF there are elements within Afghanistan who are a threat to the U.S. (and “IF” is the operative word,) the only military solution is to destroy anything and anybody that our military personnel are not convinced are nonhostile to them, regardless of higher potential civilian casualties. Our precious military personnel are safer when they are on the overwhelming offensive, instead of being dangerously exposed with obscenely limited “rules of engagement,” being forced to act as social workers, opium police, and distributing humanitarian aid. Let them do their job of destroying the supposed enemy or withdraw them now.

  384. and the soccer game score was 1 nil not 1 zip.

    and the lightbulb just went on over my head. you almost had me, but you blew it. I did know you weren’t the “real Barbara”, but I was fooled for a bit.

  385. Has anyone seen the latest pics of Charley Manning?… It appears he’s had new (facial) cheek implants installed and his face has been tightened so much that he now looks almost Chinese.

  386. Separated at birth:

    The girdle-wearing, phony-tough-guy-whose-biography-keeps-changing, Bill O’Reilly and:

  387. NYP: I agree with your last post. The last two days he’s heavy w/the call your rep. stuff. I like that, too. AND he always encourages people to be polite when they call. I find that endearing, I must admit.

  388. Hi Pirate. I WAS THE ONE who called Obama a “little man in a big office” NOT McCrystal! As for Obama firing McCrystal it had to be done. When you wear that uniform whether the lowly Airman Basic to the highest General, you don’t say those things in PUBLIC. It was NOT a brilliant move for Obama to fire McCrystal and hire Petreius (sp), Petreius did the job before UNDER BUSH! Obama’s man bleeped up!

  389. Pirate, just for the record, McCrystal called Obama and Biden and others in the White House WIMPS! Not to far from the truth!

  390. The Biggest Celebrity In The World‘s handpicked guy couldn’t get Barry’s ear for months when he wanted to discuss increasing troop levels in Afghanistan, but let a few disparaging comments get leaked out in a celebrity gossip magazine and he gets whisked to 1600 Penn. Ave. and thrown under the Hope-Change bus before the rag even hits the newsstands. Even better: he gets replaced by Bush’s guy who successfully implemented the Iraq policy that Obama opposed 3 years ago.

  391. Sorry, medic my mistake. I’ll footnote you for the “little man in a big office” quote.

    And regardless of anyone’s opinion of Obama/Biden as being “wimps”, I don’t give a flying fuck if they’re dressing up J. Edgar Hoover style. The bottom line is Obama is the commander-in-chief and the General’s boss. There is NO WAY Chrystal could be kept on after his unfortuate flapping of his jaws.

    Obama had to make a quick decision. He chose Petraeus. Should he automatically rule out Petraeus because he served Bush? Or does he stick with a General who thinks he’s a wimp?

    No matter what Obama does, he’s gonna get shit for it.

  392. Pirate, I agree with you, if you read my posts, I also said that Obama should FIRE McCrystal. Actually, I was surprised ‘cuz I really didn’t think that he’d do it and HIRE W’s General!

  393. medic: yes, I know you agreed with me on the firing of McChrystal, however your use of “Osama Obama” along w/a few other negative Obama comments indicates we are on opposite sides in regards to the President. Which is fine.

    But I’m curious why you’d be surprised that Obama hired a general who was associated with Bush? This is the kind of stuff that drives me nuts. This partisan struggle that is choking the country. If Obama thinks Patreaus is the best qualified man for the job- then why should he disqualify him because of his service under Dubya? This choice by Obama is one of the reasons why I like him. Patreaus knows all the goings on over there – which is no easy task considering we’re talking tribes, countries (like Iran) with 3 leaders (I still don’t know which one is the ultimate authority), cultural and religious extremes. I don’t even know what we’re actually doing in Afghanistan. If we’re anywhere over there, it should be Pakistan….that’s the new refuge/breeding ground for Al-Queda.

    Anyway, winding up……I will readily admit when I think Obama fucks up, or falls short on what’s expected of him. Yes, I agree he waited too long before getting into it with BP, and was really shocked to learn that last week, or two weeks ago was the FIRST time he sat down with BP. Was he a wimp? No, I wouldn’t use that word, but I think he spent too long trying to be judicious towards BP, when out shores were/are getting damaged beyond any concievable immagination.

    Gotta stop short….like Mr. Costanza….forgive my spelling booboos, don’t have time to spell check-

  394. Hell Pirate, the spelling doesnt bother me at all. I use Osama Obama because The so-called Liberal Lion called Obama that. But you have to admit, Obama bleeped up the BP thing, and to the life of me I cnat understand why the govt is stopping the building of sand burms because it will be “hazerdious” to the environment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  395. As Michael Weiner-Savage described it, “Obama replaced a fighter (McChrystal) with a fainter (Petraeus.”)

    Perhaps General McChrystal should be replaced with alleged “actor/comedian” Billy Crystal.

  396. Jim: Cap’n Morgan, Jack Sparrow, Cap’t Hook were all taken.

    And, I’ll tell you a well kept secret, I’m not a REAL pirate.

    “Toby” is from the movie Juno “I never met a Toby I didn’t like”.

    And how could you think I hate women? I adore women. At one time you even thought I was a woman.

  397. ok, jim, don’t get yourself in a snit. I’ll take back you love pirate, and I’ll take back you fear pirate….ok?

    let’s say jim is captivated by pirate. fair enough?

  398. I am just messing with you pirate.

    I was listening to wbz today and when they did the sports the announcer was describing the loss of the US soccer team (yawn). He said one goal did not count because the official did not see it but the other team went on to score 2 more so it was a “mute point”. This was after there was some hysterical laughter while a commercial was running.

  399. that’s ok, jim. I’ve inadverntly made myself easy to mess with.

    how long do you think the announcer at wbz has been waiting to use “moot point”? years? did you lauo gh when you heard it?

    i’m not into the soccer thing. the fact that some countries kill their players when the return defeated kinda turns me off to the sport, in addition to the rules- which seem to change mid-game.

    i can say, although not into it, the us winning would have been a cool thing. oh well, they lost so any further discussion is moot, or as bz states, moot point. is the spelling “mute” or “moot”?

  400. Hi pirate. It’s spelled “mute” pronouned “moot” when manking a point such as a rule of law, but prononunce “myute” when talking about one who cannot hear.

  401. ok this is what I read: “mute point” is just a common misspelling of “moot point”. Now as to the meaning, in the US a “moot point’ is hardly worth discussing, however in English in other countries, “moot point” is worthy of discussion.


    medic: someone who can’t hear is deaf and mute is someone unable to speak….yes?

  402. A couple of statements by Jay Severin are highlighted on today (Monday 06/28). It’s unusual for MMFA to highlight a show heard only on ONE station (there’s a team in Minneapolis they’ve mentioned in the past) but they did so today. I wonder if Vacay Jay knows it, and if he’ll wear it as a badge of honor if he does.

  403. It would do you good to view MMFA daily as a counterweight to the claptrap spewed elsewhere. The link to Severin on the home page is gone (MMFA moves fast, unlike Brian and the Drudge), so you have to scroll down to the bottom of the home page for the most popular tags.

  404. Have you noticed that the Margolis bros. no longer seem to have ties with Brian?

    Their hubpolitics blog no longer links to his sites.

    Their devalpatrickwatch blog no longer exists; now their Deval Patrick link simply points to pages within Brian’s About page still mentions them, however.

  405. I’m walking across the plaza of the JFK Federal Bldg. As I’m approacing the far side (Sudbury St.) I see an elderly woman – gray hair, frumpish clothing-standing in the corner at the top of the stairs, looking intently down Sudbury St. In the other corner about 8 ft. away, another woman, 50ish also frumpy w/sunglasses is staring in the same direction. No one else- just these 2 women- and they’re not speaking to each other or even looking at each other. Rather strange. I’m assuming there was an accident.

    As I get to the top of the stairs, I see another female at the bottom of the steps on Sudbury St.- very similar to the 50ish frump – staring in the same direction. I look to see what the attraction is, and see nothing but a paddy wagon with a Fed. car parked behind it.

    Then in clicked- that Fed. car was parked on the street beside the side enthrance to the Federal Bldg. The frumpish women- they looked like they could all have been Russian. There’s a farily large Russian population in Brookline, so I know the look.

    They must’ve been bringing one of the spies into the FBI’s office. I wonder how many people noticed these women, or even gave it a 2nd thought? They didn’t look at or talk to each other and they were all maybe 5 or 6 feet away from each other. It was a surreal moment, and will surely stick in my memory.

    Hey, the “real” Barbara turned out to be a “real” fake. Now that I look back, I should have figured it out way back.

  406. My initial reactions to this whole spy thing were:

    Commies in Cambridge? Talk about a dog-bites-man story.


    If the Rooskies wanted to know our secrets so badly, wouldn’t it just be easier to subscribe to the New York Times?

  407. So the last post here was in April and now it’s July? Dare we start our own site? I think we do have a yahoo group or something.

    During yesterday’s show Howie said he can’t be a Beautiful Person as he will be on air both today and on Monday. I’m guessing that by yesterday afternoon, the Entercom section of the “sneaker building” looked like a deserted ghost town of the old West, with tumblin’ tumbleweeds a-blowin’ through!

  408. From Boston Radio Watch by Mark Schnyder:

    Looking beyond the numbers : The new WXKS AM/Rush Radio 1200 is not be getting any mega numbers after only four months on air. Not yet at least. The Clear Channel’s new talk radio entry which snagged Rush Limbaugh away from WRKO AM 680 back in March now boasts some 108,000 listeners a week based on May ratings. Tthe loss of Rush is only one part of a bigger story – WRKO’s year-long audience slide. WRKO has now lost about 200,000 weekly listeners since last summer.

  409. Is Howie a rerun today? Maybe a show from last week? I was out of area all last week, wouldn’t know. No mention of Galluccio being released on the 14th…Howie had said he would be on today and Monday too..but did he mean a RERUN?

  410. Maybe it’s from last Fri. howie said on quiz it was anniversary of start of Korean War. Wikipedia: “In South Korea the war is usually referred to as the 6–2–5 War (yuk-i-o jeonjaeng), reflecting the date of its commencement on June 25”—so, a show from 6/25/10? Is Howie taking a long weekend or did he get suspended again?

  411. HI everyone, Happy Independence Day! I thought Howie was supposed to be on Friday also, but he came out with a comment about being somewhere else and wondered if he would be “suspended” again! Thanks Raccoon for the update in ratings, Apparently, Brian has gotten tired of doing it or he has been on vaca since April. Come Back Barbara, we need your input!

  412. useless trivia:

    Martha was married to Ben Bradlee Jr., and they had a daughter together who was just married.

    Recently Sally Quinn wrote the tasteless column about the wedding “mix up”…she and Ben Sr. have a son together and they planned his wedding for the same day as the grandaughters. Sally blamed Ben Sr. because he is not good with dates or something. LOL, the man has to be what 90 now?

    The column cost her her job. It was really uncalled for. I will see if I can find the column if anyone is interested.

  413. Thu: Howie says he’s no beautiful person–he will be in on Fri and Mon

    Fri: rerun

    Mon: rerun

    Tue: “Avi Nelson will be in for

    Howie today”

    So, is he gone all week?

  414. That is what I was thinking bjd, he said something that he hoped one day he would be at an FM station or words to similar to that. See my post of July 4 where he said he was going to be not like the “beautiful people” and be there Friday and Monday. Me things he’s been suspended. AGAIN!!!!!!!! LOL

  415. Howie’s show FB page says he’ll be out a couple weeks. There would be no La Verdad remote next Tue as the Sox don’t have a home game (date of All Star Game)

  416. I hope Howie’s not sick. Remember when he had a “seizure” at a restaurant a couple of months ago?

    Otherwise, methinks he has been handed a 2 week, $18k per week forced vacation by management.

  417. Hey Jay, stfu already. You think you are the only one who predicted Lebron going to Miami?

    My blind and deaf cat could have called that one.

  418. Jim: I’ve never called into Jay’s show, but did the other day when the discussion was Lindsay Lohan’s sentence.

    I have no interest in Lindsay Lohan other than her well publicized substance abuse travails. I feel so passionate about addiction/alcoholism /recovery and disagreed with Jay so strongly, I felt compelled to call in.

    First of all, many of his “best and brightest” referred to the judge as “him”- the judge was female. In addition, they spoke about her ankle bracelet, supposed alcohol in her system, etc., when in fact the judge said specifically none of that influenced her sentence. Her sentence was for violating her court mandated drug rehabilitation sessions. Period. They don’t even know the facts those “best and brightest”.

    Jay thought the sentence was too harsh, she was being used as an example, she’d get beat up in jail, her career would be ruined, she’d come out worse than when she entered. Blah, blah, blah.

    I called in and stated in my opinion, the judge gave the best and most thoughtful sentence to Lohan- 90 days in jail and 90 days of rehab. Jay does not realize that the judge may have saved her life with that sentence. Ninety days in jail will give Lindsay a decent amount of time to think about where she’s heading- and if she looks around at what her life has degenerated into- JAIL- then and only then will she be able to begin a rehab. I asked Jay, “Her career ruined? What career are you talking about?” He then asked me a hypothetical question, and I think I gave him a flip answer. I don’t have time to discuss stupid hypotheticals with him, only asked to make look like he has a clue.

    Jay kept harping on getting beat up in jail and how scared he’d be (no surprise). He’d get his ass kicked in an all female jail.

    Anyone want a laugh? Look on WTKK’s site and there’s a picture of a bare cheated Ms. Jay frolicking in the waves. After your done peeing your pants with laughter, you’ll realize why he’s scared of even going to jail. If I was him, and didn’t give my permission for WTKK to use that pic? I’d sue!

  419. pi, please tell me that you don’t really think that’s a picture of him. That’s as bad as when Oprah’s head was ‘shopped on a pic of Ann Margret.

  420. pirate, I am sorry I missed your call because I afgree with you. Lohan needs to be locked up for the reasons you stated.

    Now, off to see the picture of a bare chested Jay…does he have breasts?

  421. Could be either they forgot they were to run Red Eye when Howie’s out, OR they were having trouble with sat. feed and put rerun of the colonel on while they tried to fix it

  422. Word has it that all business radio WBIX 1060 out of Natick (50,000 watts) has been sold and will soon air all Catholic programming.

    In the past there was one effort to do an all Catholic station (WNNW 800 Lawrence) but it fell apart when the Archdiocese backed out–they prob needed money for sexual abuse settlements that was making the news at that time. As for the AM 1060, for a time it was a brief reunion of some WRKO voices–Jerry Williams, Gene Burns, and

    Marge Clapprood etc. Awhile back.

  423. Howie’s off again today, Where is he? Did I miss an announcement? (I was away for 2 weeks).

    Avi Nelson fills in today and provides an instant antidote for insomnia.

  424. who did ‘da capin’ piss off this time, julie or jason? he must be “thinkin” about something he said.

    what could he have said that brought this on him?

  425. Does anyone know if WBIX-AM has begun broadcasting with 50,000 watts daytmes yet? I don’t know if there are many other 50,000-watt signals so close each other on the dial as well as geographically with directional antennas pointed toward each other (thus AMPLIFYING THEIR ERPs) outside of Mexico City!

  426. The closest 1060 that runs on 50K + Class A status is “KYYYWW Neewssradiio” 1060 in Philly (couldn’t resist reciting the jingle.) That’s why WBIX failed to run 24/7 on 50K.

  427. I don’t mind Avi but can’t take the Col. Col Hunt is on Tue and Fri, Avi on Wed and Thu. Sandy had said Howie would be out 2 weeks. (Plus the Fri before the holiday)

  428. The Col would be ok if only he didn’t appear to still be clueless about the Mass. politics, and still a little clueless about Howie or his show (or Howie for that matter.) I don’t know how long they have known each other or “friends” ether, that’s one reason why I don’t like him that much. I still remember when he didn’t know what “hack” meant after a chumpline message a few years ago. And the most recent clueless statement was right during the induction of the Howie Nation, when he said “aren’t we not supposed to say that on the air?”, referencing the Wilkerson’s “stuffing money into the bra.” Of course, he became a fool after Howie lectured him that he’s supposed to keep up with the local politics.

    Avi is puts me to sleep with his severe depression/PTSD of “THE Government” rants. Something must had traumatized him to make his radio show so depressing. And he needs to know when to swallow his spit because I can hear it even through the narrowband AM signal. (sorry, but it is true.)

    Jodi Applegate hasn’t been that bad when she subbed in the last year. At least she was a local for a few years (compared to the Col) and shes a current or former pal of Howie.

  429. Not much happening here lately.

    Anyway, I’m not getting on my soap box, but I’ve just heard a bit of Michele McTan-in-a-can tonight talking about Anthony Gallucci, and encouraging her listeners to call in with members of their families who are “hot messes”. Drunks.

    She mocks Galluccio for the toothpaste excuse, asks Happy how many times Galluccio has denied having a drinking problem and makes fun of his kitchen duty while in jail (you know, the cooking wine?)

    While I understand 100% public figures (Galluccio, Lohan,……the list goes on) are subject to riddicule, I wish people would understand that if these people had a different disease, the media would treat them with dignity and respect. Because they are sick, and they need help and support, and it is not easy.

    Getting clean and sober (while so frightening for someone addicted) is the EASY part. It’s the staying clean and sober that is the challenge.

    If the media can not find it in themselves to be supportive and encouraging, then don’t say anything. There is nothing funny or entertaining about mocking Anthony Galluccio as he’s released from jail.

    Given the choice, I would not change one moment in my life. I have a compassion and understanding that was rooted in my own struggles with this disease. I’d never trade my life expereince in a million years.

  430. I was never keen on this guy anyway but I just saw Montel Williams hosting an infomercial for a vegetable & fruit liquifier & was so impressed by how effeminate & feeble he now acts that I suspect he is ill with AIDS instead of the multiple slerosis diagnosis he claims.

    His face is caving in while still resplendent in his über-prententious earrings & he’s talking more like a woman now whose dentures are slipping (although he doesn’t sound as bad as Margery Eagan’s peanut-butter-stuck-to-the-roof-of-her-mouth voice.) It was like the aftermath of a car crash you couldn’t keep yourself from looking at.

  431. There’s no alcohol in Sensodyne. Sorbitol can’t set off a breathalyzer. Gallucio is a convicted drunk driver, and you aren’t supposed to be “supportive” of drunk drivers. If you’re an alcoholic who managed to overcome your problem, huzzah. If you are/were a drunk driver, screw you.

  432. At the time of year when WXKS-AM’s daytime signal is operative from before 6:00 am until 8:00 pm, thus providing mostly interference-free coverage over Eastern Massachusetts, their rating and cume (released Friday 07/16) actually DECLINED. No wonder they’re running so many PSAs and promos.

  433. Now Avi Nelson sounds like HE’s been slapped around by management in the WRKO Broom Closet for not being provocative enough, given his recent shortness of temper (short for Avi, at least) and newfound name calling.

    Speaking of getting short with people, that’s what’s happening now with U.S. Senator Brown when people disagree with him on air. He’s having trouble with not getting his ass kissed as much on the air now since he’s been behaving in the senate in a way more left-of-center than most of his pre-election supporters would like.

    You know he’s going to pussy-out and vote for Kagan’s confirmation if he hasn’t already said he’s going to vote against her. I haven’t heard any of these media cowards ask him “how can you NOT vote against her?” He needs more than a sunburned face and contact lenses this time to restore the goodwill he garnered pre-special election.

  434. The people complaining about Scott must not have heard the bit where he said he’d be independent, he wouldn’t always vote with Republicans (despite the ad the opposition ran saying “Republican Scott Republican Brown would Republican vote Republican in lockstep with the Republican Party” (OK, slight exaggeration!) But at the same time he is starting to worry me a bit.

    Scott’s problem is this state can’t elect a full conservative–he has to hope to bring moderates in without pissing off the Right or the Left in his actions. Watch as a conservative wins the GOP nom. in 2012 and then LOSES in a landslide to Mike Capuano or some other moonbat. Sorry folks, but I’ll take the half-full glass than an empty one, though even I am

    starting to worry.

    In MA you have to be a moderate/liberal Republican to win (that, and be charming, good looking, and have Martha Coakley as an opponent plus running at the time when

    those of us with SOME sense are banding together in the slight, slight hope that

    we won’t get another moonbat)

  435. btw I posted the article (not just a link, but the whole article, sorry) to the story about Tom Finneran’s conflict of interest and it said it’s still awaiting moderation. Well, it’s in the Herald the other day.

    The Globe is apparently sniping at Howie and his fundraisers and today’s Herald has Howie saying that the Globe shouldn’t be one to point out a splinter in his eye when the have a 2×4 in theirs.

    Also, Brian, we love your blog, we really do, but isn’t it time for another post? We are replying to something you did in April…

  436. Personally I have a new found respect for Scott Brown. If pols continue to vote their party, we are going to continue to get nowhere. And if pols continue to focus on their own re-elections, again, we’ll get nowhere.

    I always liked Brown, even though I didn’t vote for him. It’s a shame to hear those who did vote for him bitching and moaning that he’s not towing the line- like they expected- and now they’re pissed off at him.

    I, too, heard him say during the election he was an independent. And it appears he is true to his word.

  437. If Scott Brown is so independent, why did he vote “yes” for the FinReg Bill, which does nothing even close to restoring us to the net benefit the public had prior to the repeal in ’98 of the Glass-Steagall Act? All it does is increase the size of the govt he claims he seeks to reduce the size of.

    He’s betraying those who helped get him elected, regardless of polital party affiliation.

  438. Last week when I was on vacation, I called Senator Brown’s Washington office. They listened to my rant, and they told me that they would inform the Senator of how displeased I was. Later in the week, I heard where Scott voted AGAINST the Democrat sponsored voting (can’t remember the correct name of the bill) finance bill, and it went down in defeat! BUT, you didn’t hear of that in eiter the left or right wing sights. I then emailde Brown to vote AGAINST Kagan. That will be Scott’s big test on how he votes on that!

  439. Remember when WRKO’s morning show was Blute and Ozone? Whatever happened to John Osterlind

    aka Ozone? (had been a WAAF DJ then got shifted to RKO). Well if it’s the same guy he’s a host on

    WRNO 99.5 New Orleans–Rush Radio. I was doing research on stations for New Orleans airchecks

    and there he is…

    Can you remember the various WRKO am drive talk hosts over the years?

    Tom Finneran and Todd Feinburg

    Peter Blute and John Osterlind (also Blute solo)

    Jeff Katz (now with Rush Radio 1200) and Darlene McCarthy

    Tai (Tom Irwin) and Marge Clapprood

    Marge Clapprood and Pat Whitley

    Scott Allen Miller

    Tony Pepper and… ? (female host…?)

    just a few

  440. Senator Brown voted yes on the recent Wall St. reform bill- the bill primarily includes safeguards to prevent another financial meltdown like the one we’re still digging out of.

    Second, he broke party lines by voting yes on the Jobs bill (back in Feb.) because as he said, it would help put people back to work.

    With those two votes, Brown has proved to me he has a willingness to work with the Dems. How can that be a bad thing?

  441. Sorry Pirate, Brown bleeped up when voting for the so-called Bank Bill. All you have to say is DODD/FRANK and find out that somewhere in the bill we will be screwed!!!!!!!!

  442. Raccoonradio, don’t forget Ted & Janet, and Blute & Moes.

    I had WRKO on the morning of 9-11 and they had just finished talking to that J. Peterman guy from Seinfeld and they mentioned that there was a breaking story about a “small plane” crashing into one of the WTC towers. Ozone immediately said that it was no accident — it was terrorists. 3 years or so later he got unPCed off the air.

  443. oh right, Ted and Janet (Jeghelian) I remember now.

    Blute and Moes: One day I had to go to Brookline cable TV for an on-air interview and RKO in the morning was remembering Andy Moes, who had died in his sleep overnight.

    9/11–slept late due to work hours, put on EEI

    thinking they’d be talking Sox and I heard “we’re going back to ABC news; a plane has crashed into the WTC”. Saw TV coverage etc

    Wow, Ozone had said it was terrorism–he was right and yet he later lost his job due to

    comments (can’t remember what they were…)

  444. medic: so because Dodd/Frank f’ed up in the past (in your opinion) on banking regulations, this bill automatically is going to screw us?

    This is the kind of stuff that drives me nuts. Preconceived opinions block any sense of objectivity. Both sides are guilty of it. The power struggle does NOTHING to serve our country and only results in further divisiveness.

  445. Pirate, they ain’t PRECONCEIVED at all. Dodd, a special friend of the guy who gave him a terrific loan rate on what a 2nd, 3rd, 4th mortage??????? And Barney Frank demanding that loan guidelines be softened and his bum buddy at Fanny/Freddie????? Being in the Credit business all my adult life, with the exception of 4 yrs AF, makes me kind of an expert as to how Dodd and Barney bleeped up the credit laws and made this freakin’ mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  446. medic: how have Dodd and Frank negatively impacted the current bill?

    I know Dodd got a sweetheart deal on his mortgages. (not this time around)

    How did Frank benefit? He didn’t! He wanted less restrictions on mortgages to help less fortunate buyers, and the banks and Wall St. benefited!

    What I’m asking is why is THIS bill is no good? Because Frank and Dodd voted for it?

    Is Dodd still on the same committee as Frank (finance or something?)

  447. warning…I have a petty complaint!

    Would someone please let the advertising agency who handles the local MacDonald’s account it’s Canada Geese…not “Canadian Geese”.

  448. Scott Brown is to be lauded for demanding the “new tax on banks” be deleted from the bill for his support, but he’s deceptive when he describes the FinReg Bill he voted for as ending “T.A.R.P.-like bailouts.”

    That might be true per se, but now it could be worse per this bill, because it would be easier for future bailouts to occur since they won’t require congressional debate and approval, as T.A.R.P. did. The FinReg Bill empowers the “private” component of the Fed Reserve to rescue its member bank holding companies (e.g., Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Bank of America, Wachovia Corporation, Wells Fargo, Bank One Corporation, et al) without congressional approval. The Fed would fund rescues of its members by increasing the money supply, possibly devaluing the dollar to a devastating level.

    The bill is too large, provides too much power to questionable entities, does nothing to reform or abolish FNMA/FHLMC and, as was mentioned, still leaves the public and small investors with less protection than when Glass-Steagall was still in force.

    Brown should have gone on record as demanding it be scrapped, but he rationalized his support for the final version by moaning something to the effect of “Well, there were enough votes to pass it, anyway.” So, that’s why you vote for a piece-of-sh_t legislation?

    The Brown defenders’ mantras of “would you rather have Martha Coakley than Scott Brown?”

    and “well, you knew he was a ‘MODERATE’ Republican when you voted for him” are now as invalid as saying “it’s Bush’s fault.” Just because Scott, who voted for Romneycare, Brown was less flawed a nominee than Martha Coakley, doesn’t immunize him from scrutiny and criticism. He appears to have already gotten too cozy with the likes of Sen. Kerry and the other longtime D.C. douche bags.

    I don’t believe he should intentionally act adversarial, but he should keep his relationships with peers at arm’s length. He should be able to be reelected, even in MA, without whoring himself out by acting too left-of-center.

  449. Jim, how about

    ♪♫ “Audi of Brookline

    Rout 9 on the Green Line ♫♪♫” ?

    Are there no jingle writers from around here?

  450. Dr. Quincy, I totally agree with you. I heard the interview Brown had with Avi Nelson and I just shook my head when Brown said………well there were enough votes to pass it……..he blew it when he said that. I will give him his due though, he DOES come on the radio to explain why he does what he does, and that is refreshing. Pirate as for Dodd and Frank……THEY WROTE THE BLEEPING BILL……I can guarantee that there is something hidden in that damn thing that will benefit THEM and screw us!

  451. medic: I am in no position to argue, as I haven’t read the bill. Even if I did, I’m sure that I would not understand it. My point was not the bill or its contents… point was Brown was willing to cross party lines.

    It did kinda minimize the impact when he stated that the Dems already had the votes. Why did he say that? To save face? I don’t get it.

    I’m listening to Braude right now. I totally disagree with him on Lohan. Juxtaposing her with Mel Gibson? Lohan needs a little jail time before she attempts rehab. Rehab has not worked for her so far…..maybe a few days behind bars will allow her to see her fate IF she doesn’t get clean and sober. I feel badly for her, but she’s exactly where she needs to be.

  452. I hear ya Cap’n.

    Pirate, MacDonald’s has an ad referring to the geese. They call them Canadian….there is no such thing. The geese are named for a guy whose last name was “Canada”.

  453. Cap’n: If it wasn’t for those geese from the north, Sully Sullenberger never would have become a hero.

    Everything happens for a reason……even getting goosed.

  454. “John canada was the taxidermist who first identified and classified the Canada Goose from the North. He decided to name the bird after himself, hence the name Canada Goose”

    Sully can call them whatever he wants to call them…he is lucky to be alive to do so.

  455. jim- where did you get that info? really. I looked Canada Geese up online and didn’t find that? source, please?

    sully and all his passengers are lucky. for some reason though I have a hard time imagining sully calling them “f****ing geese”, don’t you?

  456. ok, looked up john canada…….there is info. on him, and discussion on the naming of the goose. it’s one of those things….could be true, could be urban legend. either way, it is an interesting factoid and something I will use the next time I play “Balderdash” (bluffing board game).

  457. On 96.9 Hank was filling in for Michele. The topic of John Heinz-Kerry dodging taxes by docking his $7M New Zealand-made yacht in RI came up. Hank said he couldn’t imagine Teddy Kennedy doing something like his.

    How naive can you be to believe that?

  458. bjd, you bitch…gliding in to be number 600. Were you waiting in the wings?

    Cap’n, of course Rose Kennedy was the biggest tax evader, she claimed residence in FL right? People were surprised at that when she died.

  459. Doc Q: I’ve never imagined Canadian geese could cause more noise on a blog than they do when you walk past them with their young- with your dog on a leash. For about 10 years I lived in Jamaica Plain- along the Jamiacaway. I’d walk my dog around the Muddy River (near Brook House in Brookline). Those geese were scarey.

    I always though, and still kinda lean towards the name coming from their country of origin- Canada.

    Jim; bjd is female (bitch)? How can you tell?

    I knew about Rose using FL as her home (for tax-filing purposes), however she still had to pay real estate taxes for Hyannisport. Doesn’t the DOR tax more for MA real estate taxes if not the taxpayer’s primary residence?

    Kerry is gonna get the s**t kicked out of him for the docking of “Isabel” in RI. He shouldn’t be surprised. He should let Therese answer the questions. She’ll tell them all, basically to go f**k themselves, in her charming German accent! I love her! Kerry has his hands full keeping her restrained, for sure!

  460. Terrrrreeeeezzzzzzzzzaaaaa Heinze is of South African descent.

    Mozambique,if I am not mistaken.

    Yep,she is an African American,just like PyrateToby.

  461. Mozambique, on the continent of Africa, is owned by Portugal. While there in nothing wrong with being African-American, Teresa is Portugese.

    Now please get out the hydrogen peroxide and stop oozing all over our site, Mr. Boil.

  462. Mozambique is “independent” of Portugal now.

    When at at Cafe Mimo in New Beige, have the Shrimp Mozambique. It’s the best in the city.

    I don’t know how their veal is though, or, if they even serve veal.

  463. With Schilling AND Kerry in RI there will be no head room left ..the state is now officially closed to any new residents…until Patches moves out.

  464. no room! jim don’t be silly…..a little head can always be accommodated.

    nyp: I tried responding to your ‘new beige” post last night. funny to hear someone, other than a fisherman, use that term for NB. maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t have you pegged as a fisherman… I right? pirate intuition, I guess.

    anyway, after typing it, my damn computer, or this damn site didn’t connect and I lost it.

  465. Pirate! Anyone who lives in Little Portugal, NB, Taunton and Fall River area, knows about New Beige or Fall Riveeeeee! Come ON!!!!!!!

  466. medic: my initial response to NYP (which I LOST) stated that the only people, other than those who lived in or near NB who referred to it as New Beige were fishermen. I was too lazy to type the whole damn thing again.

    In addition I also commented on the Shrimp Mozambique and included my own shrimp favorite- again I was too lazy to re-write the damn thing.

    I haven’t been to Fall River in years. It’s too bad that all those factories couldn’t have been converted into artists’ lofts or something. The city has potential but has really turned into a dump. Maybe it was always a dump…..I’m not up on the history of NB. I just know it as a city for fishing fleets and formerly a major textile producer.

    Come on yourself!!!!!!!

  467. Brian’s got a new post up — about how Ear Leader is blowing off the Scouts to go on the women’s gossip show with Blondie and the 4 moonbats — at his real blog. Meanwhile we’re stuck here at #617.

  468. Pirate, ya gotta go back to NB, especially the Whale Museum. The fishermen’s chapel is across the street from the Museum. I live in Taunton and there is a bunch of history on the Southcoast.

  469. I know NB is rich in history- not just the whaling and fishing industries, but the textile and fabric manufacturing as well.

    For some reason I always find it very sad to visit places that are steeped in history but have degenerated into a city like NB. Empty warehouses, manufacturing buildings, rampant drug traffic. Pretty soon the fishermen will be hit even harder than they already have. What are they going to do? They have been fishing all their lives.

    I’ll tell you what they’re going to do…..get drunk. And stay drunk.

    I remember reading that efforts were being made in NB to make it a more desirable location (I think it started with the commuter rail proposal that never happened). I think once the train plans died, the idea of making NB attractive died with it.

    When I’ve visited NB, I can feel the heart of the city – and it feels like its on life support. I find that terribly sad.

    I must admit, though not a religious person, I adore visiting chapels. I’m sure I’ve been to the Whale Museum…..or maybe the one I’m remembering is on Nantucket.

  470. medic: did you grow up in Taunton? There’s a big family who lived there until the mid-70’s- I know a bunch of them. Two brothers and about 7 sisters. All the sisters (and the boys, too) were great looking and all the girls had french/itallian names: Adrienne, Danielle, Martine, Nicolle, Olivia (Libby), Gabrielle and Pamela.

    they lived right outside of town in a huge white mansion, flanked by big white columns. Their father was a scientist and got transferred to Florida and they all moved down- except the two boys. Nine kids- and there was never a dull moment in that family. Libby, who was in high school when they re-located to Florida was so distraught leaving her friends in Tauton that she actually hitchhiked back- alone- all the way to Mass. These girls were all beautiful, and all a little nuts, too!

  471. Actually Pirate. I’m a Norton Townie, but moved to Taunton around 1961. There was a large family called the Hoye’s, but they all stayed in Taunton. The father was a physician, and many of the “kids” became doctors of some sort, MD’s or Dentists except one who is a Monsignor in the Catholic Church. His name is Daniel Hoye, and he graduated from Coyle HS in 1964, a year after I did. I’m really surprised that he has not become a Bishop unless he turned down the Pope. Now that would take balls……….LOL!

  472. Yes, Coyle was the boys Catholic HS and St. Mary’s, then Bishop Cassidy was built, were the girls Catholic HS’s. Coyle and Cassidy merged in the early 70’s I think, and is now known as Coyle-Cassidy HS.

  473. My grandparents were married in the Seamen’s Bethel (grandfather was a wooden ship builder in Marion). My mom grew up in Rochester MA.

    It is sad to see the decline of that area’s business.

  474. Supposedly, “New Bedford” roughly translated into that area’s Portuguese speakers’ lingo = “New Beige.” The way beige is pronounced in English supposedly sounds the same as the word for “kiss” in Portuguese (“beije em Português.”)

    Maybe their associating “kiss” with New Bedford was a joke unless the “New Beige” name was conceived way back when all of New Bedford was livable. However, as Frank Pentangeli said to the senate investigators, “but THAT was a LONG time AGO.”

  475. Jim: I agree and share feeling sad when I see a decline in businesses that once were the foundation for any city or town.

    Onset is another example. Prior to the Bourne Bridge, Onset was a beautiful Cape Cod destination. The cottages were all gingerbread/Victorian buildings. There was a dance hall that was THE place to go.

    Now Onset has a honky-tonk vibe. The beautiful cottages are now run down, rented year round to locals. It is sad to see such a beautiful location turn into a dump.

    Pizza: I found a possible origin for New Beige on line. Supposedly it is a play on words for how it sounded and how it was pronounced by the newly immigrating Portuguese: “New Beigeford”.

  476. It has been noted ABC news is now running on WRKO instead of Fox. No doubt Clear Channel’s

    Premiere div. wanted it on WXKS 1200 Rush Radio only (for awhile it was on both).

    WRKO had been an ABC affiliate before–also briefly was with CBS. WBZ had run some ABC

    in the past.

    Clear Channel’s Premiere has Beck, Rush,

    Hannity, Coast to Coast, Bill Cunningham and

    Fox News (there is a Fox News Talk radio network that is separate though: Brian Kilmeade, John Gibson etc). I think they also

    syndicate Fox Sports Radio which had been on

    Entercom’s WEEI and now is on CBS’ WBZ-FM.

    Anyway, RKO has apparently lost Fox and picked up ABC. Also it was noted Avi Nelson may be gone from Sat afternoons though I think he still does fill ins for Howie.

    Was slightly amused to see a Facebook post from someone wondering why “boring” Dennis

    Miller was on instead of Howie. It was dated

    July 18.

    That was a Sunday. Lady, Howie doesn’t do

    Sundays. WRKO has been running Dennis

    Miller Sunday afternoons for quite some time now 🙂

  477. Did anyone have Mitch Miller in the Death Pool™ ?

    MSNBC: “During Queen’s nonsensical camp classic, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the group chants “Mitch MILL-uh!” as if to affirm the song’s absurdity”.


  478. OMGawd…’s bad enough listening to Michael Graham Crackers voice and opinions on the radio… I see he’s filling in for Braude on NECN.

    His rug is so high up on his head, one can see the top of his shiney dome. It’s like peering down a tunnel.

    Forget that sap’s hairdo- that’s the least of my problems w/him. That guy really bugs me. He is just so effing lame.

    At the close of the show he announces he is a conservative, right wing radio host. The ONLY thing he needed to announce was the radio host. After listening to his show, there was no need to clarify his conservative, right wing stance.

    Man is a lunatic. I’m emailing Comcast/NECN to voice my displeasure.

  479. I heard a few days ago Charley Manning say he was “driving in, to the studio this morning past the IBEW Headquarters on the expressway.” Why would someone who resides “near Boston Common” take that route to Brighton? It would make sense if one was driving from Hull to Brighton, however.

    Speaking of the expressway, can you imagine happening to see in a neighboring vehicle, Manning staring at you, with his giant, gay, fake tanned, orange face, with his nose still resplendent in its post-rhinoplasty redness? You’d struggle to not drive off the road due to fright!

  480. Doc: Considering you’re a medical examiner, and based on your last post, my observation is you seem to possess a low fear-factor level.

    Charlie Manning?

    Now you pull up to a stop light next to a revved-up motorcyclist. They turn their helmeted head in your direction and when your eyes have adjusted to the orange day-glo orb with too white teeth and eyeballs staring back at you, you realize that mounted on that hog is none other than Michele “Easy Ride-her” McPhee? That will frighten you back into reality.

    I’ll take 2 Manning’s- pre, post or botched nose job over that scary motorcycle mama any day. I do steer clear of East Boston, you know, just to be on the safe side.

  481. “Did anyone have Mitch Miller in the Death Pool™ ?

    Cap’n…I am sorry to say that it was the FIRST thing I thought about when they announced his passing late last night. I think I need to be de-programmed (-;

  482. ^^^^^^^

    hey, jim…..nice smiley face. when you get de-programmed, maybe the desire to post a smiley face can be corrected at the same time? the cost upgrade I’m sure is minimal, and it would be oh so appreciated by me.

    my future vision of life here in cyberspace would outlaw smiley faces and emoctions for anyone over 25. it is a real pet peeve of mine. so, go ahead, all my fans here. send smiley faces to me.

    i thought mitch miller was long dead. he was old when my grandmother listened to him and she’s been dead over 25 years now.

    is there any prize associated w/this death pool?

  483. “Man is a lunatic. I’m emailing Comcast/NECN to voice my displeasure.”

    Pirate, you must like smiley faces…after all you are such a “girl”! What is there to complain about? I thought it was a good show…try opening your mind…oh wait, you are way too left, no open minds allowed!

    Karen Polito presented herself well…she has my vote!

  484. Sorry, Jim, but you be wrong. Smiley faces do nothing for this “girl”. Strike one.

    And, I am open minded until someone closes it. I’ve heard quite enough from Michael Graham to become close-minded towards him. Strike two.

    Didn’t tune in tonight, so have no opinion on Polito’s presentation. I’ve listened to her in the past and I find her both well spoken and well informed.

    You can call me a girl or boy, a female or male, a woman or man and I could care less. But it is an insult to be called close minded because I work very hard trying to keep an open mind.

    Ok, Smiley?

  485. I saw the interview with both Polito and O’Connell after knocking on doors last night. My candidate is O’Connell who is running against Fagan! She presented herself well, I thought, and not being a life-long pol, she is doing well in Taunton as we knock on doors. My feeling is that O’Connell will beat Fagan.

  486. Want a good example of why I have such disdain for Michael Graham? I heard a promo this morning with Graham claiming that 60% of Democrats believe 9/11 was an inside job.

    Sixty percent. 6 0. Where in the world did he get those stats? Over half of Dems. believe that? Tell me, where these people are because I know a ton of Dems and not one has that belief. (Well, with the exception of one lunatic friend who is a true conspiracy theorist. This man came up with some convoluted story trying to convince me that the tragic fire at the Station Nightclub in RI was a conspiracy……but I’m digressing…… point is, I cannot be open minded to the likes of Michael Graham who just makes s**t up as fodder for his stupid radio show.

  487. Pirate. I dont listen to Graham on the radio. As you know I’m a conservative and Graham is more right than I am. One thing I can tell you, Michael Graham is for Michael Graham and Michael Graham alone, although he is promoting Shaunna O’Connell, my candidate for Taunton Rep, and I like that believe me, but I don’t like Graham and don’t listen to him.

  488. medic: I don’t listen to him on the radio and only went off on him because I was falsely judged as being close-minded (see post #634).

    Like you, I don’t dislike him for how far right he is, I dislike him in general- as a person. And I will go so far as to say, in my opinion, the things he does for charities like Fisher House, sponsoring a workshop for would be candidates, touting the Tea-Party, etc., is all done is a way that reeks of self-promotion.

    I hate his style, his exclusion of facts, his condescension towards any caller who disagrees with him, his “aw shucks” good ‘ol boy persona. And that Maestro nickname?

    Pardon me…..talking about MG is making me sick…….really- I’m gonna puke. I’m struggling with my gag reflex as I type.

    A female friend of mine was at a social event with Graham in attendance as well. He tried to come on to her with some lame comment about how he had the same dress as she did and was glad he didn’t wear it that night. Hahahaha. Boy that was a real knee slapper, Michael.

    Anyway, she said that he was creepy. Yeah, I told her, now that’s a real BIG surprise. I get the creeps from him projected over the air waves. What a talent!

  489. I did a Google(tm) search for the terms ‘9/11 truthers’ and ‘democrats’, and came up with a link to a 2007 Rasmussen(tm) poll that reported 35 % of Democrats DO believe that George W. Bush knew about September 11th in advance, and 26% are not sure. Total= 61%

  490. LG: Sorry, but based on that poll that means that 35% of Dems. thought it was an inside job. Not 60%. Unsure is unsure. And there is a difference between “knowing” about something and being “an inside job”. One is passive and the other is active.

    Where did you learn statistics and how to “interpret” them? The Michael Graham School of Manipulation Statistics?

    C’mon, LG. Don’t go Graham on me. Please.

  491. The “not sure” crowd want to believe, but they just want some evidence beyond “fire can’t melt steel” and “the Jews all stayed home from work that day” Loose Change-type crap that was sufficient evidence for the more ardent troofers.

    This AM while commuting, I’d flip to 96.9 whenever 680, 1200 and 850 all were in ad breaks at the same time, but Margery and her callers were giving Cadillac such a nauseating ball washing I just couldn’t take it. There are actually people who think this guy is doing a great job. I’m sure they’re mostly 26 and 35 percenters.

  492. ok- looking at that poll….it reads that 35% Dems. voted Yes, Bush did know, for Ind. (or undeclared-whatever they are) 18% voted Yes Bush did know. Republicans voted 7-1 No, Bush didn’t know. The overall stats claim 22% voted yes. That would make the Rep. Yes votes 13%. However if the ratio is 1:7, then something is wrong. That would be Yes 13% NO 91% (104%? and no undecided votes?)

    I don’t want to pay to look at the actual stats, but that synopsis does not compute.

    And again, what Graham said was not that Dems though Bush KNEW, but that Dems though he (or they) were “IN” on it. That’s why I don’t like Graham. That is a perfect illustration of what he does. And it is just plain WRONG.

  493. Charley Manning staring at you is almost as scary as seeing Braude’s face staring at you from a neighboring vehicle in traffic.

    Manning claims he’s “raced boats” all his life… If that’s true, I wonder what modifications had to be made to sails, ballast, etc., to compensate for the adverse effect of his giant ass being aboard.

  494. The shameless & unethical self-promoter Wendy Murphy has been frequently assaulting local talk radio recently via her brokered (paying to be on the air) “interview” appearances. I understand why RKO & TKK, given their financial problems, would air her shrill bullsh_t for revenue’s sake (she seems to appear as a “guest” on Severin’s show at least weekly now,) but even CBS is now so desperate for revenue that it’s forcing Mr. Phony Benevolence, Dan Rea, to have her appear as a “guest” on his show.

    It’s amazing this corrupt bitch has “no record of public discipline” per Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers’ info.

  495. Shameless promotion is not a valid reason to report an atty. to the Bar of Overseers. I have filed a claim against a lawyer in the past and was very pleased to find out that they take any formal complaint very seriously.

    I know an atty. who was on the Board years ago. He moved to NH and now practices up there.

    And forget about Braude and Manning. I tuned in to the last 30 seconds of MG filling in for Braude on NECN. Talk about flipping one’s wig…..if someone turned a fan on, blowing towards his face, even the lowest setting would have sent his wig flying. It does not sit on his dome, it hovers above it. How is that possible?

  496. Heard that Graham went on a cruise to Alaska with his new girlfriend/fiancee. He is a creepy character but he seems to have recovered from his divorce.

  497. Commute from hell this evening and WBZ’s “Traffic on the Threes” gets preempted for the stupid Katy Couric sumulcast. AAAAARRGH

  498. >>Commute from hell this evening and WBZ’s “Traffic on the Threes” gets preempted for the stupid Katy Couric sumulcast. AAAAARRGH

    But I thought “New England’s news watch NEVAH stops…”

  499. I noticed on America’s cable news network MSNBC that they were pointing out that Tea Party-endorsed candidates lost out to a moderate, Rick Snyder, in the Michigan Goobernatorial race. I checked google(tm) News, and came across this interesting tidbit: a major polling company in that state, EPIC/MRA, is headed by a man named Bernie Porn. Here’s the URL:

  500. Hey LG? You didn’t respond to my post #641.

    Sawy, I cannot take any poll seriously associated with the name “Bernie Porn”.

  501. I wasn’t “analyzing” a three-year-old Rasmussen poll, just terying to find out where The Cracker got that 60% number.

  502. LG: OK. You answered my question. I was concerned because I thought your post was an indication of supporting The Cracker’s “60%” misleading statement.

    No, I stand corrected…..his statement was not misleading, it was incorrect. That is what he does. And that is why I don’t like him and why I don’t listen to him. Even a 5-10 second promo for his show gets me riled up.

    I love “The Cracker” nickname almost as much as I love the name, “Bernie Porn”. What could have happened at Ellis Island which would have resulted in his ancestors being named “Porn”?

  503. I’m glad I was wrong assuming that Senator Brown would fold like a cheap camera and vote to confirm Kagan. Even though he shouldn’t have voted for the FinReg Bill, I thank him for not voting to confirm the unqualified Kagan as Supreme Court Justice.

  504. pirate: I don’t believe Murphy should be sanctioned by the Bar for self-promotion itself. She should be investigated (if not already) for consistent violation of Section 3 of the Preamble to the Massachusetts State Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct via her many untrue statements.

    She apparently believes if she acts aggressive & combative enough during her media appearances, that it lends credibility. The scary thing is, it might be working.

    Can’t these blowhards like the girdle-wearing Bill O’Reilly, et al get a credible attorney to opine?… Oh, I forgot they care more about entertainment plus, Murphy or her allied organizations pay these outlets for her to appear.

  505. I’m not near a radio…the internets are aflame with the story of how Al Franken made faces and rolled his eyes while the tortoise-human hybrid (Stephen Colbert’s description of Mitch McConnell) spoke in the Senate. Has Howie Carr made any reference to this and criticized him, considering how Howie himself did the same thing on C-Span years ago.