Herald Ambushes The Felon, Other Boston Media Silent

The same Hub media outlets that were positively giddy in covering the fishy suspension of Howie Carr last week are silent as one of their oldest friends, Felon Tom Finneran, is under fire for calling Carr producer Nancy Shack a whale on the air.

But that’s not discouraging the Herald from doggedly pursuing the former Democratic House speaker, right down to a Guest Street car park ambush earlier today. Photographer Mark Garfinkel (who took the above picture) and reporter Jessica Heslam were waiting as the sleazemeister headed to his vehicle.

And what does The Felon have to say for himself? Almost nothing.

Clearly, Entercom’s lawyers are running this show. What’s next for Carr’s camp?


43 thoughts on “Herald Ambushes The Felon, Other Boston Media Silent

  1. Now, which is worse? Getting called a whale or the dumb ass on ‘BZ-FM saying that the Tebow family was having a “Nazi party” because no one of color was at the house? Gee, both are equally WRONG!!!!!! But, remember both are managed by liberals!!!!!!!!!

  2. Getting back to Rush Radio’s ratings, dumberthanaboxofhair at radio-info posted the following info:

    >> 6+ ratings for the 12-3p slot


    WRKO: 5.3 (4th)

    WKOX: 0.3 (tied for 38th)


    WRKO: 3.3 (12th)

    WXKS: 2.5 (18th)


    For Rush’s show the numbers are pretty good

    at WXKS and this is just the first month.

    But um um um Charlie got even higher?

  3. Say what you will about Howie’s wisecracks and on air comments, but weasel Finneran took a shot at Howie’s producer…not Howie. Why? Because he’s AFRAID to pick a fight with the big dog. What a coward! He’s everything Howie ever said he was…and so is management for giving the Creep a pass.

    As a former advertiser, I’m glad I pulled my ad dollars from that place.

  4. If you ever saw his house in East Milton, you might say either Tom Finneran has not accumulated a tidy sum of $ over the years, lost alot of his $, or he’s doing a good job of concealing it. His house needs a paint job.

  5. Jim: My full head of hair is merely good luck genetically, not a suggestion of superiority. It’s irrelevant to my comments about DePreto’s, Carr’s, and Graham’s bizarre, albeit entertaining, techniques of “maximizing” what’s left of their hair with combovers and shims for heightening. Graham’s hovering “hair” disc looks like it’s awaiting clearance for take-off.

    They should just have what’s left of their real hair cut as short as possible (i.e., a very short crew cut, not head shaving.) Perhaps DePreto and Graham also need medication to accept THAT.

    Related: One day, David Wade, resplendent in his fake tan, walked by me in West Roxbury and I could see the top of his head (he appears to be about 5’5″ tall) without the black dye sprayed on his scalp (to conceal his balding) for TV broadcasts.

  6. Entercom continues to happen: since Celts lost today it forces a Game 5 which I think is Tue night at 7. It will be on WEEI, forcing Sox to WRKO. And with a one hour pregame show, that means Howie loses his last hour (WCRN still has it &

    they no longer have Sox)

  7. my fav, of all the remedies for baldness is that spray stuff. I wonder if it has any texture? Does it feel like felt maybe?

    I guess if a man is so insecure with their baldness that they feel the need to augment what they have left, then do it. However spend enough $$ to get a decent looking rug…..like Lettermen or Ted Danson. Cheap rugs DO NOT make a balding man look better…..they make a balding man look hideous and insecure.

    I like to imagine that spray stuff is like “chia-pet” …..apply to a clean and shiny dome and voila! little sprouts happen.

  8. Calling a co-worker a “whale” while not particularly nice, is pretty high-school stuff…however, consistently insulting the company that pays you a $%#@load of money day in and day out seems to be a more actionable offense. Don’t get me wrong I like Howie and him trashing the suits every day is funny as hell…but making a million bucks a year doing radio…not a bad gig Mr. Carr.

    Just my one and a half cents.

  9. btw on radio-info Dan S asked how Howie’s ratings have been affected by loss of Rush as a lead in. dumberthanaboxofrocks replied:

    >>Not much affect at all. He went from a 5.5 in February to a 5.3 in March (6+ demo). In the 55+ demo, he was #1 both times, and his share actually increased slightly from February to March.

  10. Medic, please don’t tell me this is the stuff that keeps you up at night? If so, I’d say it is you who is in need of a nap.

  11. Medic and Staffer- chill out, okay?

    I always though the “whale” at WRKO was Howie Carr anyway!

    Speaking of hair (not the head kind)…..legs and underarms. Forty+% of men AND 40+% of women DON”T CARE about hairy legs and underarms.

    Is nothing sexier than cleanly shaved tan legs on a woman? Silky and smooth?

    There’s many things I find attractive about European’s way of life…..hairy women is not one of them.

  12. In the Spring a young pirate’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of… armpits.

    It usually takes a few days of Maloneyan neglect for this blog to start going off on weird tangents, but I would say that we’re currently in a period of relatively high activity.

    An acquaintance is in the same bee-keeping class as the Felon, Cap’n Spackle has learned.

  13. Not to worry Pirate, I wasn’t the one who yawned, I was thinking that Staffer had just awakened from his mid-winter nap.

  14. Cap: me needs to ‘splaine….the reason for my hairy post was just a reaction to the reading of a poll taken my J & M…..should women shave?

    I don’t particularly fancy armpits, but the upper, inner arm, the soft skin just below one’s armpit is a very sensitve and sensual spot.

    just sayin’. Weird tangent? Guilty as charged!

  15. medic: Yeah, I think Staffer just stumbled out of his cave….he’s been hibernating all winter.

    Papa Bear! Are you still a bit grumpy?

  16. Oh and Papa Bear….if you’re looking for honey, Cap’n claimes the Felon is in a bee-keeping class.

    There’s your honey, honey!

  17. p: The Felon’s apiarian pursuits are no secret to anyone who’s tuned in when D&C are talking about golf and/or D&C and Katz are in commercial breaks.

    m: The Pirates are so bad this year that their W/L record closely resembles that of Your 2010 Olde Towne Team. In other words, pretty much like most of the past 15 seasons or so.

  18. Yeah! The Pirates (of Pittsburgh) broke a few records (“worst of” records, ) and the pirates of Somali have al-Quida up their asses!

    In my best Kermit voice, “It’s not easy being a pirate”. Maybe there’s some room in that class of bee-keepers? I’ve gotta think about a career change. I’m getting too old for this pirate life!

  19. I doubt David Wade has his scalp sprayed with bald concealment dye or goes into the tanning bed by his own choice. These people on local TV “news” typically have no control over their appearance.


    1) Jack Williams’ hair was bleached so often in the late 70s that it was appearing pink on camera (“there’s nothing wrong with your TV set”)

    2) Todd Gross being ordered to become “blond”

    (it looked yellow on camera)

    3) Dan Hausle ordered to shave off his mustache

  20. Not that the Los Angeles commercial radio market is of very high quality (especially when you consider its size) but, a Boston Area native I know who now lives in L.A. told me he listened online to a few minutes of Combover Carr’s show a few months ago and was appalled by what it has degraded to.

    How much of Max (let me insert a forced, effeminate giggle into every sentence) Robbins every Monday and references to “Officer Mark” can an audience tolerate?

  21. NYP, from what heights of radio greatness has he slipped from in your friend’s imagination – “Hondo” videos for the best Who Would You Like To See Naked On TV? The erstwhile Algonquin Round Table wannabe featuring the insights of Giles Threadgold and V.B.? Do enlighten us.

  22. bostonradio tweeted:

    >>Howie Carr sounds happy and chipper 2day.Sounds like company fine got rescinded as was expected.As long he keeps it nice+civil,it’s all good

  23. NYP – how much of jada pinkett smith can we take, how about michelle obama and the haiti psa – she can’t pronounce the words “destroyed” and “struggling”, how about the non stop ads for rite window – that’s – are eye tea eee – window, then there’s the constant stumbling by scott pike doing the news, the overnite news people who can’t pronounce quaid as in randy quaid – pronounced it randy quid, sandy’s constant pms’ing and sarcasm, charlie manning and his continuous use of the words ummmm and aaahhhh, the felon and his constant sucking up to hacks, bill kelly and his three hour snooooooze fest, the giddy plastic surgeon, the numerous financial shows, the gardening show where you can’t understand a word the guy is saying, the dead air, the hour long “exciting” pre game shows – and I’m sure if I really gave it some thought I could come up with numerous other reasons why RKO is a mess!

  24. Yeah, I found J&M stimulating this morning. Great for a crummy morning.

    Braude gets away with a fair share of inuendo. Many times I think they go right over Margery’s head.

  25. real Barbara (not Anderson:) Don’t you enjoy “board-certified” cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joe-shef Roo-sho voicing the dentist’s ad on RKO in which he’s speaking as if the novocaine hasn’t worn off yet? It’s a nice juxtapostion to Eagan’s voice-overs in which she sounds like she has peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth.

    “The strongest urt-quake in 200 years… I’m Pierre Garçon of the Indianapolis Coats, and Haiti is my country.”

    He sounds more like he was born in Pittsburgh, since he can’t pronounce the letter “L,” unless it’s the 1st letter in a word’s spelling.

  26. Howie’s criticism of Ent./WRKO has been blunted but is still there…today when he was told of

    comp. difficulties affection the Chumpine he sighed

    and said, “Someday…” (as in, some day he’ll flee to another station). He also referred to Rush Radio in a way when he said that “this morning I was listening to one of the new talk radio shows”

    (translation: Jeff Katz, WXKS) “…and they played a clip…”

  27. NYP, right now I’m listening to an are eye tea eee window ad, that’s are eye tea eee window, I swear this ad comes on every 10 minutes!

    Don’t get me started on the surgeon, I don’t listen to him, I have the radio on but I tune out when I hear him, of course he comes on after that other disaster bill kelly, another tune out.

    I forgot about Pierre and the Indianapolis “Coats” – lmao! What a buffoon, and speaking of buffons, remember when Shaq did the ads for who? I can’t remember – Denny’s maybe?? the big breffess.

    I was listening to the replay of howie carr around 4:30 this morning and the announcer said “you’re listening to the best of howie carr” huh? Best of? Yeah it was a repeat of yesterday’s show but when did they start inserting the “best of” nonsense? First time I’ve heard that, but I don’t listen to the whole overnite repeat show so maybe they’ve been doing it all along.

    raccoon, I too heard the little jabs yesterday that howie was dishing out, clever and definetly got the point across.

  28. Howie said yesterday that he heard some sound clip on

    “one of the newer radio talk shows”. I think he was referring to either Jeff Katz or Glenn Beck on WXKS 1200. Katz has filled in for Howie but now has his own gig on rival

    Rush radio. When I mentioned this on Jeff’s facebook,

    Jeff replied, “i am flattered to think that howie was listening – he is one of the best columnists and hosts that boston has ever seen!”

  29. Didn’t I see that guy on a park bench the other day telling an old woman, “My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates..”? 🙂

  30. LG: why is it when warned not to do something, human nature responds by doing it?

    I enlarged Graham Cracker’s image. And next time I will heed your warnings!

    Man, that is one creepy lookin’ dude! Def. a face/head for radio!

    And while I don’t think it’s ever any good for a state rep. to call anyone an a-hole- especially via email- I must say that I agree with his assessment of Graham. 100%!

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