Even For Dysfunctional Entercom, This Is Unbelievable

We already know that Entercom (NYSE:ETM) is notoriously dysfunctional, placing managerial ego ahead of ratings and profit, to the point where looking frankly silly in public is disregarded.

But with Howie Carr mysteriously under suspension (for doing absolutely nothing wrong that we can tell) while Tom “Jumping Whale” Finneran remains on the air, the latest situation clearly tops them all.

True to form, the company is up to its usual tricks: employing PR flakmeister George Regan (doesn’t he host a show on a competing station?) to deflect unpleasant media questions, keeping the Herald at bay while The (senile) Globies ignore the matter altogether.

Yesterday, “former co-host” Wendy Murphy was brought in to defend The Felon for reasons that seem transparently self-serving. Looking to return to WRKO, Wendy?

But today, onetime Green / Rainbow gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross (once the target of a now-former WRKO host’s weight-related dig) is speaking out and isn’t backing the station.

The bottom line:

1) the ball is in Nancy “Sandy” Shack’s (Howie’s producer who was the object of Finneran’s pathetic personal dig) court. She can’t expect the company to help her, only a legal team can get the attention of Entercom, otherwise, they will laugh this off.

2) A decent gentleman wouldn’t wait to be compelled by the company to apologize, he would do so on his own. Only a moron treats women that way. Thanks, Felon, for making your true nature clear for all to see.


21 thoughts on “Even For Dysfunctional Entercom, This Is Unbelievable

  1. Howie calls Tom a Felon and Chrome Dome and feels he can get away with it because Tom is a felon and he is bald.

    Tom calls Howie a whale and a fat guy, cause, well Howie calls him self a fat guy too and by comparison a whale is a fat mammal.

    If the comment was about Nancy Sandy, I’ve never seen her….is she fat?

    If she is, then maybe he was being truthful.

    If it was about her, I find it comical that a show that has built an audience out of ripping down other people with nicknames based on speech “mumbles” height “corrupt midget” and weight “fat matt” all of a sudden gets prissy when the stone comes through their window.

    Remember about people’s feeling, Nancy Sandy, next time you play your fat boy cut or your wizard of uh’s or your mumble menino garbage….

  2. There are videos on YouTube, parts 1, 2, and 3 of “Howie Carr Behind the Scenes”. They were done by the Herald and uploaded by me. You can see and hear Sandy. Just type in Howie Carr Behind Scenes in the search.

    For example

  3. What I find interesting is people commenting on articles they obviously have not bothered to read.

    1st – it’s Friday – wooooooooooummmmmmmmhoooooooooo!

  4. re: WXKS ratings

    hey can do a little better though not sure if they can match WRKO or WTKK numbers. Thoughts:

    –People were still trying to find Rush, etc. for a few weeks (“what happened to Rush?” comments on WRKO

    facebook) Now people hopefully know where he is, and there are billboards. Signal-wise, it will help with later

    sunsets–and in some areas it can do well. As I mentioned, at night the signal beams due east right into the

    heart of Boston proper and it comes in even up here in Beverly. Much better signal than before but yes more

    that a few will have trouble

    –Even at its peak, prog talk got maybe a 0.7, but weaker signal, little promotion, xmtr in Fram. not Newton

    –This was before Jeff Katz started. Maybe more and more people will discover his show and it could help

    WXKS ratings. Now, how many people will find they prefer Katz to E&B or Finneran; Beck to Graham or Laura I.;

    Rush to Manning or Graham, Hannity to Howie or Jay, etc.? Obviously the lineup is mostly syndie and local

    when DONE well can DO well here…it’s almost like when ESPN was rolled out on 890/1400; how many people

    want the national shows?

    –If they clear the national spots and get half decent ratings on a low budget, they may declare it a success.

    (Only 1 local show, the rest syndie). What would be interesting would be if Greater decided to ditch WTKK

    (but, for what?) or if Howie jumped to WXKS in 2012 or possibly earlier (a miracle would be needed)

    Given other possible formats Clear Channel may have figured this was about as well as they could do

  5. Hi everyone! I can’t get WXKS 1200 on the radio here at work, although I have on the car radio, so I have been listening to it via streaming. I keep forgetting about Katz, and I like him. But I turn off the radio noon and stream 1200 to listen to Rush and then listen to Howie at 3. At first WXKS had probs with the streaming but they have fixed it, I guess.

    A question since I am not in the radio biz, is streaming counted somehow in the ratings?

  6. Yo,Babs,honey,baby,please,please,please have mercy on those of us who come to this site to get away from the “um ahh umm ahh ohh mmm’s.

    There is only so much of Baloney Maloneys friend Manning I can take.

    Peace,love and WOOHoo

  7. I hear ya lance, believe me I hear ya! Sometimes I just can’t get over the lack of professionalism that is RKO, and, mom taught me to share so that’s why I post the ummm ummm stuff! Sharing is a good thing……sometimes!

    All week long RKO has been broadcasting live Redeye Radio overnite, it’s refreshing to hear live radio as opposed to retreads of howie from 1 – 5 am, however, last nite like every Friday nite RKO aired a rerun of Redeye (retread of Thursday’s program) when it could have been live. Does Redeye have the same rules as rush did, either broadcast the whole show or none at all, keep in mind RKO interrupts regular programming at some ungodly hour like 3 or 4am to switch to paid programming for vitamins.

  8. OMG! For those who listen to RKO – Bill Kelly will speak in front of your group as a motivational speaker – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. >>RKO aired a rerun of Redeye

    it’s possible Redeye has the same sched Steve Leveille has: Sun night (Mon morning), Mon

    night, Tue night, Wed night, Thu night. Then Fri

    and Sat are reruns…/? (in case of Leveille

    Jordan Rich is on instead but you get the idea)

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