WRKO’s Implosion Has Only Just Begun

*** BREAKING ***

Faster than outsiders have been aware, WRKO’s internal situation is rapidly imploding. It’s now so bad that staffers favored by management have taken to taunting others in the building, with this caught-on-tape example as Exhibit A:

Here, The Felon is clearly heard making a reference to Howie Carr producer Nancy “Sandy” Shack’s weight, with a tie-in to “click on the jumping whale”, a slogan used in an ad they’ve recently been reading live on the air.

Amazingly, it was CARR who was suspended later in the day, NOT THE FELON!

Nancy had better be careful, Entercom will load up on lawyers as it always does and turn her into the evil-doer.

Short of a quick change of ownership and management, WRKO is absolutely beyond help at this point.


59 thoughts on “WRKO’s Implosion Has Only Just Begun

  1. This audio proves that Todd Feinburg is every bit as much a lowlife as the felon and that idiot producer from Lynn.

  2. Hey Cooksey. She’s been doing Talk Radio for 25 years and you’re a piker who happened upon a Trainwreck show because you kiss ass. A little perspective??

  3. “Short of a quick change of ownership and management, WRKO is absolutely beyond help at this point.”

    Might as well pull the plug on the blog AND Station. My death pool pick of RKO looks better and better, especially now that Rush is gone and ‘da Capin’ is “suspended”. (Funny how they did that on a week he wasn’t going to there anyway. They know the source of their income, and it’s not AM drive.)

    Just hope they still have enough cash to send me my winning “Hondo” video.

  4. As I said on one of the related facebook pages, please let Howie go and change the format. To

    ANYTHING. Anyone who wants morning drive radio better than this has other choices, including Jeff

    Katz on Rush 1200

  5. For those who may say, well, they’re just making fun of a person’s appearance the way Howie does, etc. let me say that they are disparaging the station. Howie got suspended for that.

    If Felon, Feinburg, and Kook-sey don’t get suspended, it’s unfair. Who knows, the morning show ratings could actually improve.

  6. raccoon:

    You’re right, suspending them will only prolong the death of rko by making the ratings better. I say punish them and put them on all day. Then if rko is still around come Saturday, run a “best of” show. Granted, you’ll be rerunning the same 45 second clip all day, but for the amount of time felon’s been on the radio can you expect more? I mean it’s only been years, you can’t make a best of show with such little material.

    Then if the owners want to punish the people that destroyed a once great station, make j&j listen to “all felon all the time”.

    It will require a warning and disclaimer for the general public though.

  7. I’m glad we had Brian point out these comments to us. Since no one listens to “The Felon and Fineberg Show” we have to rely on news reports to find out what they actually say.

    These guys aren’t even on the radar in Boston. Why are they allowed to continue? Pipe in some national morning show – it would be preferable to this sophomoric trio.

  8. Whale, huh? I’m sure Granny Feinburg isn’t exactly a beauty if she’s needed to be slathering on that SHAMonix snake oil for all these years, so Todd should keep his yap shut, and I can only imagine what kind of hag Mrs. Felon is. That said, I’m loving this.

  9. Of the three of those clowns, cooksey is the one that really needs to shut his mouth about commenting on others, his pics are up on the felon and todd page – 2010 repub convention – he has no right at all to be commenting on the way anyone else looks. I’ve never seen mrs todd but I’ve seen mrs felon and, well, you can probably google her and see for yourself!

  10. I listened to the audio…who exactly did Cooksety comment on? Finneran was the one who said it. Seems like howie and the whale can make a career off of ripping people apart “fat matt” “corrupt midget” etc…but as soon as someone says something about them the run to the bosses with tears in their eyes…..

  11. remember…

    a post SaveWRKO post about Finneran saying bulls— on the air…and TF told Cooksey to shove a banjo where the sun don’t shine

    from a Herald article excerpted on SaveWRKO:

    “Take your banjo and shove it up your ass, Cooksey,” Finneran fumed at his producer, Bill Cooksey, according to audio of the show, which was heard over the terrestrial airwaves. “I’m going to shove it down your throat next.”

    “Why are you so defensive and sensitive about this?” laughed his co-host, Todd Feinburg.

    “This is bull(expletive) – what’s going on,” Finneran said. “You’re playing dumb, and Cooksey’s being a wiseass.”

    The Federal Communications Commission can fine on-air users of offensive language up to $325,000.

  12. I understand, but I dont get the reference to Nancy…..Tom is always calling Howie fat or whatever, and howie does it to himself…so where is the problem

  13. I didn’t see anywhere in the article where it says howie and sandy went running to the bosses with tears in their eyes. The reference to nancy was the part about “click on the jumping whale”.

  14. “dumberthanaboxofhair” at radio-info said:

    >>Five seconds at WRKO’s web site would have provided the reference for the “click on the jumping whale” comment…the Alaskan cruise that Todd Feinburg is going to be hosting. There’s an animated graphic of a whale breaking water in the ad, and that’s what they were talking about before Cooksey went off on a tangent about Nancy/Sandy. If anyone had bothered to actually LISTEN to the show over the past weeks, they’d also know that Tom & Tood had nicknamed the whale in the ad “Howie”…NOT “Sandy”…a long time ago.

    That’s what happens when you take snippets of dialog out of context.

  15. Raccoon posted that suspending Howie one week saves EC $17k. Multiply that by 4 and you’d get what Feinberg and the distraction that won’t shut up make in a year…combined. Now that’s funny.

  16. Raccoonradio, that may be the case, but I think it’s pretty obvious from the clip that they were referring to Sandy. Producer-boy wouldn’t have been worried about the Felon being mean to the Fat Bastard.

  17. Hmm!

    btw last night, and next Fri, they have to cut away from the Not-Howie-Carr show at 6 pm for the very

    exciting Red Sox pregame show–since C’s playoffs are on 850, Sox are on 680. _That_ is fine with

    me as 680 comes in better at work–and tonight’s game was a doozy, but they need an HOUR pregame show now?

    Of course…they sell more ads. So on Fri

    Avi is really only on from 3-6 pm (unless you

    switch to WCRN at 6). Also happens next

    Tue I think or will the C’s sweep the Heat

    by then?

    Heard on the Sox pregame show: some guy from Sylvania talking about light bulbs with

    Joe and Dave for 10 minutes. Not kidding.

    (But, they’re a sponsor.)

  18. Advertisers are pulling away from WRKO.

    I heard when Julie suspended Howie for this week, even though he’s also on a scheduled vacation, Giant Glass yanked their ads off, and won’t pay anything til his return! Great move! The Sylvania lightbulb nonsense was dreamed up to get money, but also was a HUGE tune out. Doesn’t matter if they’re a sponsor. 10 minutes of global warming/cap n trade propaganda in the middle of sports programming tells you exactly what’s wrong at 20 Guest. Next it’ll probably be Joe talking with the Chamonix honcho!

    Crackerjack management decisions!!

  19. WRKO is still on the air? Tuned up the dial and haven’t gone back. Maybe when the frequency opens up, Rush and company can move back to a 50kW channel.

    Sorry ’bout that, Howie . . .

  20. Seems advertisers have been pulling away from RKO for awhile. I’m so sick of the same old ads but I do not miss the never ending spackle and paste ad!

    cooksey is extremely rude and is on a total power trip. He needs to be slapped down, he constantly cuts off callers and makes fun of them. IMO he has waaaaaaay too much power.

  21. um um ummmmmm ummmm ummmmmm um aaahhhh ummmmmmm ummmmmmmmm ummmmmmm – what’s more exciting – the pregame shows or charlie manning? ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  22. Wendy Murphy defending felon, Wow is she desperate for a talk gig. This woman disparaged hispanics on air. Now she fills in on TKK get her off the airwaves.

  23. Barb, Let me tell ya that is awesome and also

    danceable (new word) I just started to hum

    to it and the people around the table followed

    right along. By cracky you are a flippin genius

    and I am proud to be in your company!

  24. I am so glad the screecher Wendy is no longer on RKO, what a disaster she was and there were a couple others that were just as bad, that horrible maryellen burns, ellen o’brien, and going back a ways, darlene mccarthy. And the biggest whiner screecher of them all, marjorie claprood.

    1st, lol! Yep, it’s a real toe tapper isn’t it! ummmmm ummmmmmmm wooooooooooooummmmmmmmmmhoooooooooooooo! Altogether now! – ummmmmmm ummmmmmm wooooooooooooummmmmmmmmmmmmhoooooooooo! Grab your partner round and round, ummmmmmm ummmmmmmmm woooooooooooummmmmmmmmhoooooooo!

  25. So, Finneran (who generates no revenue or decent ratings) gets a pass, and Howie Carr (the franchise of the radio station) get a bitch slap! You want to know about the culture at WRKO? There’s your answer. It’s sick! Think back to the time when real talent inhabited the airwaves at 680. Until the current owners arrived, the station meant something…and it made money! It’s been on a slide ever since. Hiring Finneran heralded the demise of any Talk credibility and relevance at RKO. Sad. Howie carries the weight alone.

  26. I saw Tom Finneran fairly close up, pushing a stroller with 2 young children (grandchildren?,) through the Milton Cemetary yesterday. It appears he’s had some face work done. His skin looked suspiciously tight, and his eyes “refreshed.” He looked much better in person than Paul McCartney, I must say.

  27. Sandy (or Nancy, God Bless her, she is fantastic!) needs to file suit against those immature liberal overpaid morons, FAST! And if Howie ain’t on, there is NO F’ING REASON TO KEEP WRKO on my radio quick dial. It’s gone, no longer necessary without Rush, Howie or common decency! Won’t even consider a looksee at Chamonix either, and I am their demographic, just ask my mirror!!

    Screw WRKO and the bloody morons that have killed it. If there is a reason for them to be criminally charged (antitrust, free speech, whatever), and sued, I hope they get hung out to dry…

    Yours truly in NH – Evil Con….AKA another Nancy who leans towards chubby, but gorgeous just the same! You go Sandy Girl!!! Hit ’em where it hurts!

  28. See it and say it in Charley Manning-Speak.


    “Library” “Lie-berry”

    “Amphitheater” “Amplitheater”

    “Pizza” “Peet-ser”

    “Oklahoma” “Oklahomer”

    “Christy Mihos” “Christy MY-house”

    “Obama” “O-bah-mer”

    “The town of Hull” “Near Boston Common”

    “Um” “Um, um. um, um, um”

    ENGLISH: “Steve Lynch voted ‘No’ on ‘Healthcare’ after pleading for and receiving

    permission from Pelosi to do so because she already knew there were enough yeas for

    passage and Lynch already had 2 opponents

    running against him, plus the Brown victory’s impact was still fresh.”

    CHARLEY MANNING-SPEAK: “My man crush Stevie

    Lynch was the only one in our congressional delegation to have the courage to cross party

    lines on health care.”

  29. The 2 columns I created didn’t survive submission but hopefully you can still decipher (e.g., “library” in Charley Manning-Speak is “lie-berry,” residing in Hull in Charley Manning-Speak means you live “near Boston Common.” )

  30. Evilcon is correkt – Sandy should file a complaint with either the Entercom HR dept. or the state about Finneran creating a hostile work environment.

    How come Sandy never gets to guest host? She’d be better than OyVey Nelson.

  31. Didn’t WRKO fire a host because he called somebody a fat lesbian?

    Howie should call Finneran a fat lesbian, they’d have to let him out of his contract.

    When Howie makes like a tree and leafs, he should bring Dana Hersey with him.

  32. RKO fired Depetro for two comments: “F– Matt. Wife wears the pants” (re: Amorello)–for that he was suspended but then later he called Grace Ross a “fat lesbian” (btw Howie says he’s voting for Ross in the Dem primary vs Deval!). Some say that crossed the line…”well, she is fat and she is a lesbian” but perhaps the way he said it plus perhaps sexual orientation remarks cross the line.

    Of course Howie has made similar remarks and played the “Scondras cough” (unnh! unnh!)

    though you’ll note that the “cough” isn’t really heard anymore.

    It was said btw that sponsor pressure may have been the key to kicking out Depetro.

    One major sponsor: Harvard Pilgrim whose

    chair at the time, one Charles Duane Baker,

    is the endorsed GOP candidate for governor now. Baker btw is taking heat from social

    conservatives for having a running mate who’s

    openly gay, Rich Tisei (Howie did a fundraiser for Tisei many years ago, I recall). Baker could be painted as a social moderate or liberal and his views may have resulted in aforementioned

    “sponsor pressure”.

  33. In two major radio markets libtalk stations have switched to an interim format and then…to conservative talk.

    Washington DC: WTNT 570 was billed as McCain 570 and WWRC 1260 was called Obama 1260, but mere days after Obama took office, 1260 changed the format to money talk. Daniel Snyder of the Redskins owned both stations. 570’s ratings (conservative talk) doubled…1260 didn’t do as well. Now 1260 is being bought or LMA-ed by Salem who will do conservative talk.

    Same happened here. 1200 was prog talk. Then Spanish. And now (all under Clear Channel) conservative talk.

  34. I think i’ve made this point on here before but Finneran brings in a lot of ad revenue indirectly. For instance, he is best buds with SBLI president Bob Sheridan who spends a crap-ton on WEEI and WRKO. All he has to do is place a call and they’ll buy whatever inventory is open. He also brought in a $1,000,000 deal from the Massachusetts Department of Economic Development when he first signed on. I know of other deals too that hinge on Finneran. So even though he show sucks he has been profitable which is the goal.

  35. The goal is “profitable”?

    What about quality programming?

    What about credibility?

    This post says it all.

    No wonder the station’s in the crapper!

    They don’t care.

  36. It was said one reason WTKK had Barnicle–and he was on for so many years–is his big money wife (high ranking VP at Bank of America). Helped to bring in ad money?

  37. bob,

    i’m not saying it’s right, but newsflash, some companies choose profitability over quality and credibility.

    personally i think it will come back to bite ETM in the ass but everyone keeps saying finneran gets no ratings and brings in no money to the station. well that’s just not true.

  38. ENGLISH: “Alan Khazei”

    CHARLEY MANNING-SPEAK: “Alan Karzai” (As in ‘Hamid Karzai,’ our puppet of Afghanistan)

  39. I suspect that WRKO was just looking for a reason to fire Combover DePetro (speaking of awful shows that were on RKO…)

    Whatever is atop DePetro’s head looks almost as bizarre as what’s atop Michael Graham’s head (a glued-on, inverted spaghetti strainer beneath his “hair” to heighten it?) WTF?

    Another thing DePetro and Graham have in common appears to be that, they’re on the same type of mood-elevating drugs.

    Speaking of drugs, the likable Jordan Rich appears to be on some anti-nervous breakdown medication, which causes him to look like he’s in a wind tunnel, although his hair remains stationary.

    Combover Carr’s show should revive airing the recording of Scondras’ “MMMM! MMMM!” It would be an improvement. Was there a legal injunction issued to prohibit same?

  40. Jim: My full head of hair is merely coincidental good luck and not a suggestion of superiority. It’s irrelevant to my comments about DePreto’s and Graham’s bizarre, albeit entertaining, techniques of maximizing what’s left of their hair with combovers and shims for heightening. Graham’s hovering “hair” disc looks like it’s awaiting clearance for take-off.

    They should just have what’s left of their real hair cut as short as possible (i.e., a very short crew cut, not head shaving.) Perhaps they also need medication to face accept THAT.

  41. RKO could have had Gregg Jackson of the old “Pundit Review Radio” on Sunday nights on in the morning and it would have been the #1 rated show on RKO. Instead of putting on the most conservative talk show host ever heard on RKO, the idiots running RKO put on the Felon and kiss butt Feinberg and have made RKO the laughing stock.

    What an absolute joke…

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