Obliterating Entercom’s Rush Excuses

So much for Entercom’s claim that it doesn’t need Rush Limbaugh- just look at what El Rushbo just did for a composer who’s been dead since 1977!

An album by Waldo de los Rios, a long-forgotten Argentine composer, has rocketed up the charts today thanks to the airing of a brief selection during Rush’s show yesterday and subsequent mention today. It’s now in first place at Amazon, ahead of new releases by Jimi Hendrix and Sade.

This underscores the power of effective talk radio (not the garbage WRKO airs based on who has curried favor with local management). Besides Oprah, who else could pull this off?

If Entercom (NYSE:ETM) couldn’t sell Limbaugh’s program, that’s a reflection of weak sales management, not a problem with Rush himself. The pathetic excuses simply don’t hold water.


513 thoughts on “Obliterating Entercom’s Rush Excuses

  1. Hey, if the Health Care bill is passed, Rusbo the Whale is moving out of the country.

    Boo fuc-ing hoo! Don’t let the door hit you on your fat ass, Whale-tale.

    Oh, you might want to do some research before you leave. Line up a few doctors, put them on retainer, and then find out the Spanish or Portuguese translations for “Vicodin” and “Viagra”. Or are you all “Oxy” all the time?

    What language do they speak in Costa Rica?

  2. I don’t know whether it’s true any longer now that he’s only on before I get up, but an appearance Imus used to be able to sell a lot of books. I’m guessing he’s done a lot of good for Levon Helm’s recent material, too. Not in the same league as Limbaugh & Oprah, though.

  3. Rush plans to stop off in Mehico first as he can get all the party favors he wants at the local cnady store. Then it is on to CR. she likes the very young ago of consent and the ready supply of underage rent girls.

    Oh Brian I take back all the mean things I said,his post proves You Are Cutting Edge. This is a real Save WRKO Exclusive. I hope you have this copywrited, The Washington Times will no doubt have this story on tomorrows page 1 And two posts in almost two days did they cut back your schedule at the Hyannis Stop and Shop?

  4. Haven’t heard Manning yet, but Rush is too full of partisan hyperbole. Although he’s not as bad as Laura Ingraham. I just love it when Rush and other right wingnuts make fun of whatever Hillary is wearing. That makes me want to take him seriously.

    I prefer listening to Howie on WCRN – that way I get CBS news instead of Metro Traffic News…

  5. These wacko lib trolls just can’t believe in Rush’s success.

    Here is a case of pure market forces driving up sales solely due to the Limbaugh radio show. A perfect example of the power of the EIB audience.

  6. A caller asked Howie about the Rush thing yesterday, Howie said don’t believe what you read in the papers. Rush is no longer on because the syndicator moved him to their station. Nothing more nothing less.

    Anti-brian has to prOof his own proff

  7. “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers”, remember Howie’s sage advice next time he plants some inaccurate stupidity with his secretary Jessica.

    Also, I don’t believe anyone faults Rush or his show for WRKO’s inability to sell it as well as possible. The reasons for that (besides ratings and sales ability of course), are A) middays are not in as much demand as AM or PM drive and B) advertisers prefer local reads and embedded content to spots in a national show.

    Rush puts on an entertaining program that draws a large audience. Personal politics and hypocracy aside, that is unassailable.

  8. Howie’s right. The syndicator indeed moved Rush to their own station. The RKO spin is just plain dumb.

    And Pirateboy…Rush never said he was leaving the country if the health care bill passed. He said he’d go to Costa Rica for medical care.

    Pirateboy…learn to listen and someday you’ll grow up to be PirateMAN. What are you, 12??

  9. Adman. Unlike the band of Maloney Baloney Sycophants on this site, you obviously work in the business and know what you are talking about. Except when he was doing his Rush to Excellence road show. Did the uneducated DJ ever come to Boston to help promote the show on RKO? No. Except for getting very high fees, requiring a heavy network spot load and at one point insisting that stations also carry the canned Dr. Dean Edell medical show. El Windbag didn’t do much for RKO. For every local client an RKO rep called on who expressed some interest on buying spots that would air from noon to three there was another who wanted nothing to do with the with the program. Does anyone realize how many calls a sales guy for RKO or EEI for that matter has to make on a daily basis? The agencies will request an avail for 12p-3p but the number of retail advertisers who called RKO over the years becasuse they want to be on Limbo’s show are few and far between. If they pair Manning with a progressive who is also a good communicator, RKO could do just fine. Gene Burns did just fine when he was on from 10a-2p and Limbaugh was perfecting his act in Sacramento.

    And I have so much fun on this site poking holes in Brian’s posts and laughing at the wing nuts visititors, I would actually pay Brian a small subscription fee provided he installed a spell check feature.

  10. Anti Brian, maybe you should “pOOF” read your rants before you hit “submit.” Oh and just a quick suggestion, try putting a comma in your run-on sentences now and then.

  11. “Unlike the band of Maloney Baloney Sycophants on this site”

    Antibrian, if you are so good at your job then I assume there is no problem there? Your station is flourishing and we sycophants should just keep our mouths shut? Your liberal arrogance is showing!

  12. Ad man is spot on with this one…and no Rush never came to Boston to support WRKO.

    He was scheduled to come in 2009. WRKO had even sold sponsors tied into the event, including Bill Kelly, but the event was canceled at the last minute without explanation to sales staff or advertisers.

  13. Brian,

    Here is why your reasoning is non-sense. The sales of that album went up after Rush played it on his NATIONAL show. Please show my how well that album did with Boston Consumers.

    It is a fact, Brian, Rush didn’t do very well. I know you’ve been out of radio for a long time and probably don’t understand the PPM, so I guess I’ll let you slide on that.

  14. ok. let’s see if this one goes thru:

    bob: So your BOY Rush is goin’ to Costa Rica for medical care? Do they have doctors on the take, too? Seem his medical care here has adequately served his addiction well. No problem with his getting the “meds” he need.

    So, I’ll listen (at your suggestion) if you’ll read more carefully. My moniker is “piratetoby”, not “pirateboy”. Maybe I’ll grow up to be a Tobias?

  15. Rent the movie An American Carol to see a funny spoof of socialized medicine in Cuba and fat US film director “Michael Malone” (Kevin Farley), at the start (liberal warning: conservative content)

    Entercom finally entering the 21st century, with addition of WEEI to WMKK’s HD-3 signal. I actually spent $40 on an HD portable. Now I can hear Sox games (or I should) at work, clearly. Many teams have clear FM market-covering signals. Entercom has WEEI (yes, on FM in RI; but not on FM here). Maybe someday they’ll add Sox games to WMKK’s analog signal, too

    (keeping Mike format otherwise) but for now,

    it’s a start. Don’t know if they will put WRKO on an HD signal.

    Re: WCRN: At least you don’t have to register to get their webstream

    Howie btw made fun of Rush when the Oxys thing came out. He never got to fill in for El


  16. Pirate Boy…

    You wouldn’t know sarcasm if it hit you on your liberal head! Same goes for you, AntiBrian..or Anti BRAIN.

    Liberalism IS a mental disorder! you guys are proof. Please respond. I need another good laugh!

    You guys are going to need meds after the next few elections.

  17. Hey “bob”, if your intention is using sarcasm in your posts, might I suggest using a temherte slaq or a bracketed exclamation point?

    Then I can be sure that you were going for sarcasm, and not trying to cover up the fact that your reading and comprehension skills are severely limited.

    Oh, and that Anti BRAIN play-on-words was really, really clever [!]

  18. Well alright everybody, right now ah, what wee-ah gonna do is ow-ah poll question hee-ah on 969 Boston Talks, the Sports Huddle which, ta-night, is: Who has the bettah comb-ovah: Howie Kah or Ted Sarandis?

    And let me tell YOU, if you’ve nevvah seen Ted Sarandis’ comb-ovah, it is truly FABULOUS:

  19. I heard Ingraham this A.M. urge people who attend “Tea Party” rallies or “Town Hall Meetings” to wear her fu_king “Freedom Czar” gear. Then, of course, she immediately attempts to immunize herself from being a shameless hawker by claiming that the proceeds from purchases of this promotional sh_t of hers go “to a great cause.”

    Unclip the clothespin from the end of your nose and just shut up, honey.

    It’s no wonder that her ratings here are worse than Riker’s Island Reese.

  20. I saw Hank Phillipi Ryan on TV the other night and it appears she’s had such botched cosmetic surgery recently that she looks Chinese now (maybe she wants to look Chinese?)

    Her photo on her website looks at least 15 years old because she actually looks human in it.

    I don’t think you can get much more disturbing-looking locally though than Susan Warnick- Oy fuc_ing vey!

  21. Oh so much to say so little time. Some day boys and girls I will tell you the entire story of the weeken I spent in DC at the Radio and Records radio convention with Howie Carr and Don Imus. ABC was trying to sell Howie on a national level. I could retire to my room and watch a Howie Carr promotional video on my inroom TV service. Howie and and were in the same circle at a cocktail party enjoying free cigars and ice cream I didn’t say much as he ripped apart then WRKO PD Al Mayers. Little did Howie know I was from Boston and Al was one of my best clients at the time. I was tempted to tell Al all the rotten things Howie said about him that night but there was no miliage in it for me.

    Imus got an award at that show and I found myself sitting at the same table with him and Diedria (sic) Mr. Imus never made eye contact with me or the other 8 people at the table he stared at the floor and only talked very low into what’s her names ear. He received his award walked back to the table and left.

    Drudge was there as well. I ran into him on the elevator on Saturday night i was going to ask him if he wanted to hit a few of DC’s best alternative bars with me but I really didn’t want to be the guy at the bar standing with the guy wearing the Fedora,

  22. Mr. A.: With all due respect, I watched the Letterman show last night and trust me, neither Carr or Sarandis’ CO’s come anywhere in the ball park of Donald Trump.

    Wait, did I say in the ballpark? No, they’re not even in the vicinity of Trump’s ballpark.

    I don’t think “comb-over” is even the correct term for what he’s got goin’ on up there. I’ll have to come up with a new word, worthy of submission in the Urban Dictionary.

    And NYP, locally those women might stand out, but when it comes to botched procedures, Melanie Griffith’s lips are right up there. I got a quick glimpse of her and Antonio at the Oscars.

    Her lips….now there’s are an oy f**king vey for you.

  23. WRKO is modeling itself after WOR which is highly successful and VERY profitable in New York.

    Rush prevents national buys from WalMart for one. Others are Lawyers.com, Geico, GMAC.

    Basically anyone who is in bed with the current left wing administration or can be shaken down by Color of Change, Jessie Jackson or Sharpton have to live by this boycott. As a sales director at a major local station it might become frustrating due to the fact so many simply will not buy Rush.

  24. Pirate, I swear you have to be a chick. Between your comments on people’s appearance and your “beautiful dining room” I think you are pretending to be a pirate when you are really a damsel in distress.

    Anti Brian, you missed a great opportunity to hang out with Matt Dridge just because he wears a fedora? How shallow of you.

    Bill, WalMart anti-Rush? That surprises me.

  25. AntiBrian–yes, the “uneducated DJ” did come to Boston, at least once, to promote his show. It was in 1992. Got my picture taken with him.

    Maybe your handle should be “uneducated poster.”

  26. Joe Perry! Look who’s calling the pirate female! An Aerosmith wannabe. The “real” Joe wouldn’t give a second thought to my gender. Why? Because a.) he’s married to Billie and is so smitten with his lovely wife, he could care less about speculating a blogger’s gender and b.) he’s a lover of boats and the sea. He’d got a bit of pirate in him himself. He’s hip to the fact that a pirate is a pirate. Gender does not matter, or factor into being a pirate.

    And male or female, gaping holes and water leaking from one’s ceiling, is distressing……wheter one is a damsel or an Orlando Bloom kind of hero.

    Now speculate on NYP. Pizza and the Doc post about physical appearance stuff, too. Ok, matey?

    Now, what shall I do today? A mani/pedi? Too girly-girl? Ok, forget I posted that.

  27. Oops, almost forgot my comment re: Wal-Mart / Rush. I despised the Wal-Mart Corporation but have read a few pieces of positive things Wal-Mart has done to improve their image. I can’t think of the specifics right off the top of my head, but I remember being surprised because they were more than superficial PR kind of changes.

  28. magpie! where ya been, girl-friend.

    Give us your female perspective …. do you have a problem with bald or balding men? Is it more about what is under the dome, than covering it? Could you date a man with a hideous combover?

    C’mon girl….give it up…..start dishin’……

  29. Hi PT….Yep, it’s what’s under the dome that matters. When I see a bad combover, I want to comb it back and cut it off. How can they not know how silly it looks! Especially when they wake up in the morning!

    And re WRKO, I wonder how Charlie Manning’s show will go. I tuned in for a while the other day and found it pretty interesting….good focus on local stuff, but without the hysterics of Graham or McPhee.

  30. I like Manning. I haven’t listened to him on the radio yet. I like Avi Nelson, too.

    I like to listen to hosts without hysterics. Going forward, HH will be assigned to all hysterical hosts. Code letters…..Graham- HH, Michele McOutrage- another HH.

    Now I’ve been listening (well, not really LISTENING), hearing Joe and Huggy. It seems like every time I’ve tuned in to them, they’re talking about gay issues. Yes, we get that they’re trying to be libertarian and all that sort of stuff, but if one is truly so accepting and libertarian, then WHY do they keep going on and on about it? Why do they speculate on someone being gay?

  31. Manning isn’t bad so far. I agree with the other poster. No hysterics like Graham or McFake. For that alone he gets points.

    Rush declared he’d go to Costa Rica for Medical treatment not permanently. He made that statement for a few reasons.

    1). Under the new Healthcare Bill we will have a single/universal patient database (Newt Gingrich was right about this, we track a fed Ex package better than a patients health record). That means no matter how hard he tries, no more doctor shopping for Rush. He’ll have to get his Oxy’s the old fashioned way (off the street-and let’s face it, he’s still a junky).

    2). Rush needs to distract from the fact that he was leading the charge against this and lost. What better way to take the sting out of losing for the ditto heads than by Rush talking about this the day after instead of actual defeat.

    3). With so much competition (Beck, Palin, etc. ) It is now all about who can garner the most attention with bold statements for the week amongst this lot (sorry Rush, Beck beat you with his “Born in the USA” by Bruce is really an ode to Communism not America statement).

  32. Marco–I wouldn’t say Rush has “lost” this fight. They don’t have the votes. They may not get the votes, and if they do, they’ll get slaughtered even worse than they’re already gonna be.

    And I wouldn’t characterize “Born in the USA” as an ode to communism as much as an ode to anti-Americanism.

  33. Marco: While I am aware of the database, the info. is only there if it’s entered. If Rushbo sees his doctor and doesn’t put the visit thru this insurance, the doctor doesn’t even have to enter it. Pays cash, gets a fistful of Rx, probably written to a variety of names, staff, assistants, sychopants. There is no way Rush is putting his Rx thru his medical insurance company. Maybe a few legit ones.

    I do agree with the BOLD statements. He’s gotta keep it up for as long as he can. He’s not getting any younger, and there’s plenty of competition nipping at his heels. This awareness will be weighing heavily on him, and he’s gonna need more and more medication to take those nagging thoughts to subside. And the longer he uses, the more his tolerance will increase….he’ll need more just to get out of bed and face the day.

    I hate to sound less than sympathetic towards an addict. Because I know he’s sick. He is a sad, pathetic, shell of a man. And deep down, trust me, he knows it.

  34. Despite massive commercial (not artistic) success subsequently, Springsteen (speaking of bad cosmetic surgery results turning a caucasian into a Chinese-appearing person and, hair replacement systems) to me = one good album (the 2nd one [1973’s “The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle.”]) He’s never been able to write anything as effective as “Incident on 57th Street” or “Kitty’s Back” since.

    I did enjoy watching his roll of fat jiggle while he “slid” across the stage on his knees during the Super Bowl Halftime Show however.

  35. Pizza: Funny, personally I’m not wild about Springstein’s commercial success- his hits- per se. I like the songs that never became hits. And I think he is still has the ability to write some really good lyrics…..just different from his older stuff.

    I haven’t seen any pics of him lately, so I can’t comment on his appearance. I love his wife, Patti. A few years ago, and quite by accident, I was walking down Tremont St, passing the Four Seasons just as Patti and their 2 kids were coming out and getting into a limo. A few minutes later, Bruce came out, spent about 5 or so minutes signing albums for the dozen or so fans miling about. If not for the fans and the limo, they looked like just another family, off to sightsee Boston.

    As far as the Super Bowl, compared to “The Who” (or what’s left of them) and the Stones, and Steve Tyler (who did his face?), Bruce looked pretty good.

    For men, the curse of age is the spare tire thing, for women the curse is gravity (everything droops), wrinkles and much, much more. That’s life. Hopefully by the time one reaches middle age, they come to terms with the real truth: it’s not about the outside appearance- life and happiness is an “inside job”. Unless you’re Melanie Griffith!!!!

  36. v. funny, magpie. Which genius decided to name it a “law”? Gallileo? Newton? Anything given the distinction of being a “law” should also include a way to break it. There’s no way to break this damn law!

    But there is a law of the universe that I love. Karma. What comes around goes around. I’ll tell you the details as soon as I finish paying my contractor for repairing my dining room…..yes, Joe Perry, my “beautiful” dining room.

  37. Is New York Pizza your BFF Pirate? Springsteen can do whatever he wants, with his talent he could give a shit what you think!

    You do love your addicts pirate, but only if they are lefties.

  38. Joe: how wrong you are….you’re an addict, and not a lefty, and I like you. At times you can be an asshole, but we all can be an asshole once in a while.

    And your Sprinsteen comment makes no sense to me. Did I disparage him and/or his talent? Maybe your bad cosmetic surgeries affected your gray matter.

    Damsel in distress my ass!

  39. Let me rephrase, IF healthcare passes. Rush like many of the “Political Entertainers” have planted a flag on healthcare failing to pass (and logically so, it has been floating around for 40 plus years and never passed). What was the comment? “This will be Obama’s Waterloo”. A safe bet. Now it looks like it just may pass. My point is these guys who had the balloons, party makers, and champagne on ice thinking this was going to fail now will distance themselves from it passing, i.e. a loss for them.

    Born in the USA was an o.k. album. The stuff before that was his best (especially his 1st 2 albums Though Darkness was really good as well. ). I haven’t seen a picture of him in a while. Is his face work just plain bad or Kenny Rogers bad, or even worse Bruce Jenner bad?

  40. I figured I might try to drown out the sound of the sump pump so I turned the Sony on a little after 7…

    On the Big 68 you have 3 financial advice “shows” on in a row — where’s Pundit Review? Over on 96.9 after the unlistenable Opologists –The Guardian At The Gate and the man-lady– they have radio pro Eddie clearing his throat into the mic while on 1200 they have yelled legal advice. Can the state of radio get any effing worse?

  41. Yes Toby, he is a sad twisted shell of a man and just like Dr. Laura and Michael Weiner Savage he could never make it on TV. Because listening to hate speak is one thing actually seeing it said is another.

    He is a guy with zero self control. Back when I was living in NYC in 1990, I used to hear stories abut him from a guy I knew who worked at PLJ. One was about how he was trying to drop some pounds by walking to Penn Plaza. More often than not he would walk 2 blocks give up and hail a cab. Well he has shed some fat and kept it off and we all know how.

  42. 14. medic | March 12th, 2010 at 9:21 am

    Anti Brian, maybe you should “pOOF” read your rants before you hit “submit.” Oh and just a quick suggestion, try putting a comma in your run-on sentences now and then.

    Medic, thanks for thinking about me. I visit this blog to kill time when things are slow at work. It is like talking at the water cooler. Although, based on some of the responses my posts receive one would think the cooler is located at the Bridgewater State Hospital . I realize my grammer and syntax is not perfect. And I have always been a poor speller. But frankly, given the audience I don’t care. Trust me, when it counts, my copy is always broadcast quality.

  43. AntiBrian. Wow, things must really be slow at the “station.” Oh, maybe not today since I’m sure you must be one of the “reporters” doing the old road-side reports????

  44. Cap’n pundit review was bumped for paid programming, the sox were on in the afternoon and screwed up the whole schedule, not that weekend programming on RKO is worth listening to anyway, but it would have been nice to hear a live and local program as opposed to those ridiculous finance programs that just drone on and on! And to top it off they replayed that snore fest that was the St. Patty’s day breakfast……luckily the radio has on off button!

  45. Yes capn sorry, I didn’t mean to make is sound like kevin was bumped for good, just for yesterday in lieu of paid programming because of the sox game that screwed everything up, not that the programming isn’t screwed up to begin with!

  46. Barbara,

    I feel your pain. The prescription is a subscription to Sirius. All the talk you want. 24/7. The only downside, all the breaks seem to air on all the talk ch’s at the same time. I bought a portable receiver just after the 1st of the year. It was the best $99.00 bucks, I have spent in a long time.

  47. Is anyone else listening to charlie manning? Does this guy have a clue? WTH? has he done radio before? He can’t speak to save his life. um ah ah ah um um ah sheesh!

  48. Meanwhile flooding in Waltham has knocked WWZN 1510 prog talk off the air (that’s where their transmitter is). Yikes, Rev. Al Gore told us global warming would make the weather wacky…

  49. Real Barbara. I had to go out today and I dont have 1200 programmed on my car radio yet. I listened to Manning for 5 minutes and I don’t know why I even did that. It’s really painful with all the “uhs ummm’s and ahs” between every other actual word!

  50. medic, I listened to manning for about 45 minutes, couldn’t take it any more. I thought rush was bad with his constant over inflated ego, land figured manning might be a breath of fresh air, but, this manning guy can’t even speak, sheesh. I hope he replays his show everyday to hear himself, he really needs to work on the um ah thing, it’s very annoying, unprofessional and makes him sound like a dummy.

  51. I have been listening to him since last week. I like him, much better show than Rush…and Graham is getting to screechy for me.

  52. Keep up the mediocrity – It is killing Talk Radio.

    Bring Back Jerry Williams and David Brudnoy.

    Even dead they would be better than the bozos who are now on local talk.

  53. Nathan, You are correct. My ques. is, why do we

    comfort ourselves by trying to find the best of the worst? Mediocrity is all by design according to my

    conspiratorial bent.

  54. I agree Nathan, you would never hear Jerry or David pat themselves on the back for 3 hours nor would you hear them constantly stumbling with ah’s and um’s. Talkradio has been going down hill for years, where is all the talent and why can’t local radio hire said talent.

  55. Nathan & Barbara, More importantly why do the

    consumers(listeners)ques about the product that

    is being put on the air fall on very deaf ears?

  56. I have sent several emails to jason wolfe and have never received a response to any of them. I sent one years ago to Scotto when he was doing the morning show and got an immediate response. Jason does’t want to hear what we have to say, he prefers to run the station into the ground.

  57. nathan, barbara, 1st:

    c’mon, you guys! you know it all boils down to one thing, $$$$$. plain and simple.

    graham’s new “anit-american” target…..tom hanks. oh, he just completed a 7 hr. film, 10 yrs. in the making, about WWII (w/speilberg). no matter to the cracker….hank’s is now another “bad guy” for these HH’s.

  58. I like yourself have done the same things over

    the last few years and also no response. One

    would think that we are a valuable commodity.

    The fish rots from the head down Barbara and

    I think we all know there is another shoe to be

    dropped. You know it is sad for two avid radio

    fans to be having a conversation as we are.

    Thanx for responding to my queries.

  59. Pirate, Are there really people who will listen

    24/7 to infomercial radio?? The other option is

    the un listenable. No continuity. No chance to

    be a fan of anyone. Nobody worth while of any

    party affiliation. Crappy. Even Howie does not

    care if we listen.

  60. 1stX: Why would WTKK keep Michele (the ear bleeding) McOutrage on the air? She’s gotta have an audience, and the station has to be making $$ selling ad time in her time slot.

    Do you think any of the parent companies of these talk radio venues care about anything other than the bottom line?

    Sad to say, but talk radio’s days are numbered. It doesn’t appeal to or attract younger listeners. I’d love to listen to stimulating, intellegent discussions, from both sides. Guess that format doesn’t sell in this market. Outrage, hysterics, riling up the public, who are so dumb they actually BUY this crap as gospel….that seems to be the model for success.

  61. Does anyone have any creative ways to talk about dead air? Please forward to this blog.

    At some point we will need such info.

  62. Despite his obvious commercial success, Hanks, even before executing his recent publicity stunt of opining about how the U.S. supposedly perceived the Japanese during WW II, needed to be criticized anyway, just for being a self-absorbed douche bag who can’t act outside comedy.

    A few years ago when he appeared on Leno, he looked like a blob of chilled chicken fat turning room temperature. Now, he appears to be taking female hormones to make his already puffy face look more feminine. Maybe he could provide Gisele Bündchen some advice on how to have a woman’s face instead of “her” current equine-like man face. Tom Hanks’ hips are probably rounder than “hers,” and at least his breasts are not bolted on, like “hers.”

  63. Doc: I’ll agree w/you- he is self-absorbed and I never thought he was a very good actor. In most roles he’s played, I never felt he captured the “character” he was playing. I was always keenly aware of watching Tom Hanks acting. I do, however, disagree with Graham Crackers. I don’t think he is anti-American. Outspoken liberals, a la Hanks, often get that undeserved label, when if fact they are really just what you said: self-absorbed and outspoken.

    Now chicken fat jelling to room temp? That is quite a description! Why is it that you never get the “must be a chick” thing that I get? Your eye for appearances is sharper than mine.

    I get the “femme” look of Hanks, but I disagree with your “equine” look for Giselle. You do know she gave birth, right? Just checking. You seem to doubt that “she” is a female. Right?

  64. Graham looking to make noise that’s all. The Scott Brown election fervor has died down so he needs to do something to keep the ratings from sinking back down to 15th place for his station. With the addition of AM 1200, they are going to lose more listeners.

    I don’t care about Tom Hanks the person but I did enjoy Band of Brothers and The Pacific seems to be good so far. Having a father and 2 Uncles who all served in Europe in WW II (all are gone now) and NEVER talked about it. I appreciate him (and Clint Eastwood bringing the James Bradley books to film) bringing these stories and battles to light.

    As for chicken fat jelling, I think the stuff sucked out of Michelle McFake’s face and arse by Dr. Steven (he rocks! )Margolis has somehow made its way to Grahams Jowels.

  65. IMO, Graham is always just making noise. Even if he did have some valid point, his delivery makes it impossible to hear it. Maybe it’s because he’s more interested in making jokes and/or belittling others – any serious and/or legit issue somehow gets lost. I hate his rapport w/his callers.

    The only credit I can give Graham is a. the work he did for Fisher House and b. the campaign workshop he organized (I still can’t figure how he got Bruce Bolling to participate).

    Now that he’s single, occasionally he tosses in some racy/sexy comments. Is there any man who sounds less sexy than Graham trying to be sexy? Yuck!

  66. Staffer: Where you been? Nothing like a bit of dishin’ to get coax out of hiding.

    And while we’re dishin’ on appearances, tell me, how does Kirstie Alley do it? She’s made a career (post-Cheers) on being fat. She was on Lettermen promoting her new A & E show, “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life” and yes, she is big. Really big (she claims to have recently lost about 25 lbs) and still she’s big.

    Lettermen was kinda scolding her (in jest) for her weight and the yo-yo diet thing she does and they had this rap goin’ and she finally says something like, “OK Dave! I get it. You’re making me feel bad with this scolding, like you’re gonna spank me or something”. Lettermen, without skipping a beat comes back with, “Ok, now were talking MY talk” as he deadpans into the camera. Love him.

    Gotta give Alley credit. She has parlayed her fat body into a career. She’s a kook, but I like her. She speaks her mind, and really doesn’t give a rat’s ass if she’s fat or not.

  67. For years I’ve kept silent over my hatred of “Forrest Gump,” but I guess I can finally free myself of this burden!

  68. Two of the most over-rated films that I hate:

    1. Forrest Gump

    2. Titanic (Cameron’s version)

    “Life is like a box of chocolates”……really? Really? Why don’t you just STF up, Gump. Stuff the whole damn box of chocolates in your mouth, how about that, Gump.

    And when I hear the first notes of Celine Dion singing the theme from “Titanic” I rush to turn off whatever device is playing that annoying song. Hate her almost as much as I hate the film. “Oooooh, my darling husband Rene, we’re just happy being together”…..yeah, happy in a Vegas penthouse that costs about 10K a day.

  69. Pirate, you are on a tare today. The one thing

    you forgot about that sicko Rene’ is that he likes really really young ‘uns. She was 11 or 12 and he

    was in his 30’s I believe. If I am wrong I know

    someone here will correct.

    You are correct-Gump is one dumb film. The oil

    that was wasted on that “film” is criminal.

  70. Oh, no, I know all about Rene. Not only was she about 12 or 13, she was also so hideously ugly that she was nicknamed by her fellow Canadians as the “sabre-toothed tiger”. I’d say he was 30ish. He got her a new set of choppers, a stylist, a wardrobe and introduced her to the world. He took a child and made her a star. And deflowered her in the process. And she made them millions.

    I’ve seen the two of them interviewed. She does all the talking and he just sits back with this self-satisfied smirk on his face. I really go off when I’d see them on TV. I yell at them!

    “ooooooh my Rene……oooooh my husband…….ooooooh my life, I owe it all to my Rene…….”. Shut up Celine! Your darling Rene robbed the cradle and you made him a cazillionare.

    “duh…..stupid is as stupid does……” what the hell is that supposed to mean, Gump? Stupid? That statement is stupid. The whole fuc-ing movie was stupid.

  71. Regarding “chicken fat jelling to room temp:” It was just the opposite look for Hanks on Leno (going from chilled to room temperature [i.e., getting softer.])

    pirate: You were duped by Bündchen’s fake pregnacy? Remember the days (like the mid-late 90s) when Victoria’s Secret had models like Laetitia Casta, Tyra Banks, and that other one with the sexy heavy eyelids who actualy looked like women, not boy-hipped, bolted-on breasted, horsey man faces?

    Forrest Gump: One of the most overrated & overhyped movies in history. Someone I used to work with had her own copy (she loved it so much) and I watched while she was in the shower but shut it off after the scene where Gump is running down the road in his leg braces– Such fu_king overkill in its attempts to impress. I started watching “Primal Fear” instead! A much better movie even though I’m not a Richard gere enthusiast… Ed Norton’s a much better actor than Hanks.

  72. Yeah, Ed Norton was really, really good as that charachter. I think my jaw dropped when the real him was revelaed. Gere is ok- I can take him or leave him.

    Giselle faked her pregnancy? You’re nuts. Here’s the thing: Giselle is not a girly-girl and Brady is not a manly-man. That’s why they will make a perfect couple. She loves his “femme” side (which she lacks) and he loves her strong “masculine” side (which he lacks). They’re perfect for each other.

    Bolted on breasts? A nut, bolt and washer…..her nipple? Ha!

  73. I gave Charlie Manning the benefit of the doubt for a few weeks, but holy crap is he hard to listen to! I’m sure he’s a great guy. Seems to know his stuff. But has ZERO personality for talk radio. No fire. No bomb throwing. No insults. No….well, nothing. Which leads me to wonder what in the world was the genius Jason Wolfe thinking? More proof he’s just a jock-sniffing dope with a sour attitude.

    He doesn’t care about WRKO. If he did, there’s be something to HEAR besides Howie. No wonder they won’t let Carr out of his contract. Once he’s gone….dead air.

  74. The Box Tops….didn’t they do “The Letter”? Liked that song.

    Frederika was a popular V.S. model….late 80’s early 90’s. She was a beauty and she def. had a bod.

    The ONLY positive thing I can come up w/ re: Forrest Gump is Gary Sinese. I wasn’t aware of him prior to that film, even though he did have a career. I became a fan of his because of his performance in Gump.

  75. Forrest Gump was terrible. Never liked it. I didn’t like Cast Away either. He was good in Saving Private Ryan and if you want to enjoy a really quirky and fun movie watch The Lady Killers. I enjoyed Big as well But now that I think about it, these are the only 3 Hanks movies I like. Joe versus the Volcano? Turner and Hooch? Sleepless? Bonfire? Yikes. Stick to producing WWII stuff.

  76. Bob, I agree about manning, I’ve tried listening to him on and off the last couple of days and you’re right, he’s very difficult to listen to especially when he starts tripping over himself with the ums and ahs. An um here or there isn’t too bad but when someone just gets stuck on it and all you hear is um um um um um for 5 or 6 seconds, it’s annoying. You’re right, he lacks fire, he’s hum drum. With Jerry Williams I was glued to the radio, this manning guy, well I can take him or leave him and the last couple of days I’ve either turned the radio off or changed the station.

  77. Good morning kids! I moment of silence for Davy Crockett please! Now I don’t know how many of you were kicking around back in the ’50’s but wow, Fess Parker passing. Who wudda thunk that Davy would ever go away! I’m gettin’ my coonskin cap and putting it on in honor of Fess. OTOH, I just can’t listen to Manning. His ah’s and ummmm’s are like hearing fingernails over a chalk board.

    As to Forrest Gump burn the damned thing. I think it was a total insult to anyone who was in ‘Nam and any person who has a disablilty that “Gump” had in the movie. Just my opinion folks.

  78. Well, I was a real young ‘un, but I do remember Davy Crockett. I was always intrigued by their log cabin. What was Mrs. Crockett’s first name, Bess? Nell?

    My favorite show during that time was “Gunsmoke”. Loved the sheriff (James Arness?) and loved Festus. Miss Kitty! Now she was a broad! “Gunsmoke” had guns, and gambling and saloon ladies……Davy Crockett just battled the elements and shot dinner. And after boiling some critter for dinner, they just hung out in that one room cabin. Made out of Lincoln Logs! (loved that little cabin, though!)

  79. Hmmm, just checked out the Sunday schedule on RKO. You’d think with the big vote coming up on Sunday RKO would have someone live and local instead of the nonsense they choose to broadcast.

  80. NYP: Hmmmm, I can not recall that band. Any song that I might have heard? I’ll have to see if I can find some tracks to listen to online…..something might ring a bell.

    Doc: This is for you…..your favorite model is gracing the cover of this month’s Vogue – Mr. Ed.

    Back to movies. Anyone seen “Arjani”? It’s a foreign film in the same vein as “Crash”- only with Arabs and Jews (maybe a Christian tossed into the mix as well). Made plans to see it tonight, but feeling to tired to move. And love the sunshine, but day one of sun and my alergies kick in.

    Good Gawd! I sound like such a whiner.

  81. WRKO fixed the promo problem. Dana Hersey now says Laura I. at 9 am (not 10) followed by Charlie

    Manning at noon

  82. I like Manning but I have listened to Rush for 20 years and will not change.

    Avi Nelson is a better host though.

    The absolute worst talk shows in Boston radio are on 96.9.

    Tie for first, J&M, and Mel Robbins.

    Second, that bozo cowboy there….

    Third is Mr. Pompous, J. Severin.

    No one else even comes close….

  83. A response to a radio-info.com thread posted about what to do with RKO. I wrote:


    Note the figures on http://www.bostonradiowatch.com (Local radio revenue declines 19% in 2009)

    Can you guess what station got which revenue?

    A) $23.2 million

    B) $10.1 million

    C) $8.4 million

    D) $6 million

    All of them are Entercom stations. They rank #2, #10, #12, and #15

    The answers—drumroll please

    A) The guys still living in their mom’s basement with the Roger Clemens ’86 poster on the wall.


    B) No DJs–They play everything (WMKK)

    C) Howie calls them “The Beavis and Butthead station” (WAAF, WKAF)

    D) Howie Radio 680

    Yup, Hey Ordwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! is top dog and got the primo studios (Howie wound up in

    the broom closet). Mike did pretty well–low budget operation but good demos. (Now if they’d

    only simulcast Sox games–well, they do on the HD3 but it’s shaky at my workplace)

    Whatever WRKO does the eyes will be on what makes money. Do they keep going with what they

    have, or try something different? Urban AC? Pretty good signal exc. MetroWest at night…

    Money is the key. They are dead last among the Entercom stations here, money wise. Ratings

    so so, depends on what demo

  84. Just heard that Avi Nelson will be on the air live tomorrow from 1-4 to discuss the healthcare fiasco. Finally, RKO uses common sense and gives the listeners what they want.

  85. beautiful sunshine today…..should be outdoors enjoying the weather…..instead I’m glued to C-Span. I feel so fortunate to be living and aware during these historical times (and I’m not just talking about today). Living thru the debacle in Fla. in Gore v Bush- history in the making- first time in history a woman was almost elected Pres. of US, first time in history when we elected an African-American President…..and today we’re a heartbeat away from providing healt care to all US citizens. For me, it’s not just historical, it’s very emotional as well. For a nation who prides itself on helping other nations around the world, not providing decent health care to our own less fortunate is unacceptable.

    And on a lighter note, I became a “Big Star” fan overnight. After listening to their music, it’s clear how they influenced both The Replacements and R.E.M. Huge fan of The Replacements. What a cool revelation – Big Star …….but so sad listening to their music for the 1st the week of Alex Chilton’s death. Even their logo the “Big” surrounded by a star was super-cool.

  86. Yes Pirate, very historical, in that the United States has become the United SOVIET States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Ok, medic: Can you clarify your “soviet” comment. Are you referring to the healt reform bill or legislative reconcilliation?

  88. Medic, happy Dependence Day. The only appropriate thing to do this evening is to go outside and not shoot off fireworks. The nanny state has deemed them to be illegal because it knows what’s good for you.

  89. Pirate, I’m sure you took History in high school and/or college. You know what SOVIET means! The ultimate NANNY state. But just as the USSR failed, Obama will too!

  90. USSR – United Soviet Socialist Republic. So your inferring that the passage of health care reform is strictly a “social” issue. Add it to unemployment benefits, welfare benefits and we become a “socialist” society? Well, when the soviet/people rise up, and Obama’s Marxist plan is well established, we can discuss “soviet”, comrade.

  91. Laughing at what you wrote Pirate. If this NHC is NOT defeated, you’re health care will be come nothing but garbage. If you have ANY type of chronic problems, you will be put at the back of the line. Only the rich will be able to afford GOOD health care. Under this NHC do you think Ted Kennedy would be waiting in line to see a surgeon or an oncologist??????? Pahleeze!!!!!!!! The US Soviet Politburo (sp) voted for this in spite of what people were saying! The OVERWHELMING majority of the people were/are against this piece of crap!

  92. Medic: didja listen to the news? “If” it’s not defeated?

    And the OVERWHELMING majority of the people get their info. from blow hards like Rusbo.

    And, I know this might be hard to believe, as far as I’m concerned, I’d gladly compromise for the good of others (within reason).

    Now, it has passed. You can either continue to bitch and moan about it, or accept it and let your next vote speak your disapproval.

    I can not keep up discussions with those who just want Obama to fail. I’m soooooo happy that our country finally has a program of universal health care. Debate it with someone else. I’m movin’ on……..

  93. Pirate, move on and put your head back in your shell. NHS does not work in Canada, UK or Sweden. My vote will be counted again in November as it was in January and the TAUNTON FLAG will be raised again in defiance of THE ONE, just as it was raised in 1774 against the Crown!

  94. For anyone who hasn’t bothered to read the HC bill and thinks it’s fantastic, here’s a few facts for you.

    A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you will get and there will not be an appeals process

    The federal government (IRS) will have direct, real time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

    All private healthcare plans must conform to government rules to participate in a heathcare exchange and all private hc plans must participate in the healthcare exchange.

    Those eligible for medicaid will be automatically enrolled – you will not have a choice.

    The government will set wages for physicians.

    Any individual who doesn’t have acceptable healthcare as deemed by the government will be taxed 2.5% of their income.

    If a doctor treats a patient during an initial admission that results in a readmission, the doctor will be penazlied by the government.

    Government mandated program ordering end of life treatment, and will decide what level of treatments you may have at end of life.

    Government will instruct/consult regarding lilving wills, durable powers of attorney. etc. Locks in estate taxes ahead of time. Government provides approved list of end of ife resources, guiding you into death.

    Advance care planning consults will be used to dictate treatment as patient’s health deteriorates. This can include an order for end of life plans.

    Government will build registries and data networks from your electronic medical records.

    Offircers and employees of government healthcare bureaucracy will have access to all american financial and personal records.

  95. real Barb: while I wouldn’t go so far as to call the bill “fantastic”, I will say it’s a step in the right direction. Insurance companies are croaking everyone – they are biggest theives on the planet.

    Now, where the heck is Bea? No internet down there in Biloxi? Been missin’ you, Auntie.

  96. Oh, yeah, Joe. Politifact.com is just where I’ll go to find the “truth”. I needn’t look any further than my own premiums and co-pays. I symaphize with my primary care doctor. She spends more time filling out paperwork to justify treatment/medications.

    Insurance companies have the same M.O.: exhaust everyone with red-tape until you give up. And this is fair? Premiums going up and up and having to fight for treatment when you’re sick? And then being denied coverage coverage because you have a pre-existing condition, regardless of the condition?

    And I have one of the higher-end providers.

    But, you can just get off my back right here and now, Joe. I know how you love to pick a fight with me, but in case you haven’t realized this- the bill has passed. Nothing to fight about.


  97. OR, pirate can go read the bill for himself just like I did rather than glean info from a political website. Reading the actual bill is different from reading someone’s opinions on a political website.

  98. real Barb: well, you must have a lot more time than I do. I’m lucky if I can read the newspaper every day.

    Even if I did have the time, reading the bill was not my job. That job belonged to my two Senators and my Rep. Capuanno.

  99. Pirate I doubt that they read that %&^$#@*.

    I know that when I called mine I was told a

    web site to go to. I insisted that there was one

    question I needed an answer to and I was called

    back and told he has not had the time to read

    the entire bill. I replied that I only have one life

    to give for my country and I want to be the one

    to say when along with my Maker. I do not like

    life by committee. By the way this is the day

    after he voted for the freakin thing.

  100. Cap’n It is my understanding that if you are one

    of the undocumented millions you will receive the

    Ted K quality health care.

  101. pirate, it took awhile to read it and I didn’t actually read the whole thing, a lot of it was not understandable, it seems to just go ’round in circles here and there.

  102. pirate: The Big Star “logo” on their 1st album cover, etc., was actually that era’s signage of the eponymous supermarket chain, whose locations included Memphis, where the still unnamed band was recording across the street from a Big Star store. Per Alex Chilton, during a recording break outside the studio, they were inspired to name the band after the grocery chain.

  103. I suspect Pelosi et al were already confident they could ultimately secure enough “yes” votes to allow phony tough guy but genuine fraud Little Stevie “I was an eye-un wurk-ah — I was an eye-un wurk-ah — I was an eye-un wurk-ah” voted for the war, the stimulus scam, & T.A.RP., but voted against de-funding ACORN Lynch to vote no on the “Health Reform” Bill.

    Yes, everybody else in the House is running for reelection but Lynch already has 2 people (Dunkelbarger [U] & Lepore [R]) running against him. Do you think Lynch would’ve voted “no” otherwise? If he has so much influence as a “Floor Leader,” why couldn’t he increase the amount of “no” votes among his fellow Dems?

  104. What a little gem of a band. Isn’t it odd their influence upon R.E.M. (super-successful) and The Replacement (fairly successful), however commercial success eluded them? I love the story of how they named the band.

    What a sad day. Alex Chilton was only 57 or 58. And still playing music! I felt sad listening to his music for the 1st time, knowing he’d just died.

  105. I just had this conversation yesterday w/a friend who’s in Lynch’s district. What an act! He is such a phony. Screamin’ and yellin’- getting all red in the face. He’s just trying to get a little attention with his “tantrums”.

    And all his hype about being a former Ironworker. It’s all talk…..he does not go out of his way to help his brother and sisters in that union. All talk!

  106. Tonight Michele with one ‘L’ (leave off the last ‘L’ for ‘Liposuction) and whatever the hell Andelman offspring sounds like a Connecticut School of Broadcasting product were ridiculing a caller who said he was from Stoughton and Lynch was his rep. How could be be his rep, Lynch is from Southie? Maybe she should go back to the crime beat.

  107. Yeah, I heard a bit of Michele’s (leave that last “L” out for un- LISTENABLE) rap about Lynch. Pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth I find annoying, but when she calls Lynch, “Stevie”? Now that is MY outrage of the day. Stevie? Does anything sound sillier that calling a middle-aged man Stevie?

    The only man that can still pull “Stevie” off is Stevie Wonder.

    Yeah, Michele, we GET IT. You and Stevie are tight. Now can you call him Steve or Stephen like normal people do? Remember you are on the radio, not the playground.

  108. She’s tight with ‘Stevie’, but has no idea that his district extends down to pick up chunks of Bristol and Plymouth Cos., basically getting spooned by Barney’s gerrymandered monstrosity.

  109. >>The government will set wages for physicians.

    Some may have to move to areas where they are needed, but won’t have to remove. Many may retire (Atlas is shrugging)

    Thank you Democrats, America’s _national,

    socialist_ party.

  110. oops, should read as followed (distracted by heavy rain outside)

    >>The government will set wages for physicians.

    Some may have to move to areas where they are needed, but won’t want to move. Many may retire (Atlas is shrugging)

    Thank you Democrats, America’s _national,

    socialist_ party.

  111. radio-info says the FCC caught Sacramento’s KBZC missing legal IDs 5 times last fall. Fines, probably. Who’s the owner? “entercom happens”

  112. RBR.com is reporting that Jeff Katz will be doing the morning drive shift at WXKS-AM , starting April 5th. It says that he’ll be hosting a show that runs from FIVe am until 9! Four hours with very few if any callers. He’ll have to absorb an awful lot of (not so) Breitbart entries.

  113. The only thing I remember about this Katz guy is that his RKO ads used to promote his show by making fun of the fact that the Bob Raleigh show gave away pens. I suppose it could be better than the stale reruns they run now leading up to 9.

  114. Katz did late night, then was paired up with Darlene McCarthy for mornings. He has filled in for Howie recently. Has a “hip young conservative talker” type voice.

    >>his RKO ads used to promote his show by making fun of the fact that the Bob Raleigh show gave away pens

    Yeah I think WBZ had Bob Raleigh on at the time (or was it Leveille?) and Katz said, “I’m not like the other station where you answer a trivia question about Glenn Miller…and get a pen…”

  115. Yes Katz has filled in for Howie before, and I thought he did pretty good. So much better than that Light Colonel (damn I forgot his name, a senior moment I guess) who does Fox Comentary at times!

  116. Maybe he will do a column on CC hiring Katz when he gets back. For the record, when CC had 1200/1430 doing prog talk, they had no local host daily

    even though they had 1 or 2 local hosts on WHJJ down in Buddy Cianci-land, when IT was prog talk. These days 920 is cons. talk and they have Helen Glover, mornings.

    CC is spending some money on Rush Radio–antenna move, power increase, and now hiring of Katz. Whether or not it gets good ratings, who knows, but they could well get a 2 or so

    which would be about 3 times the ratings they got in the peak periods of prog talk they did. More importantly to bottom line, they are making some money on ad buys with with the national hosts and now Katz…plus there’s something people can hear that they may enjoy

    RKO: Finneran and the Felon

    TKK: Great grandpa Imus and Meagre & Lousy

    XKS: Jeff Katz

  117. N E Revolution moving their games to 98.5

    No more soccer being tossed over to RKO

    (due to conflict), pre-empting Savage etc.



  118. Woooooooohooooooo! No more crappy soccer, now if we can just get rid of all the other sports the TALK STATION insists on broadcasting things would be…well, I was going to say things would be great, but RKO has a long way to go before things are great!

    Just tuned in to RKO to hear Charlie Manning saying that someone (can’t remember who) is reporting the recession is over here in MA? Yeah, on what planet is the recession over in MA?

  119. Real Barbara. The recession is over in our parallel universe, and NOT here in the REAL MA. Even RUSH RADIO was broadcasting that all day. What bleeping joke that is!

  120. I was off today and turned on 680AM and they wern’t playing the top 10 most requested songs. Anyone know what’s up?

  121. trB, it was Moody’s. They don’t figure in unemployment, which has been going up steadily for over 2 years.

  122. Cap’n, 90% of the people are employed, notice how they spin it? If this was happening under Bush, everyday we’d be hearing how unemployment is 10% oh and by the way, how come I don’t hear anything about the gas prices rising? That was news day in and day out when Bush was president. Prices are getting close to $3 a gallon and no one is saying a peep.

  123. I keep expecting one of those Go-Daddy “domain has expired” placeholders when I click on my link to this site.

    Is there anybody out there?


    Iluvrushmore.com is reporting that Brian Maloney has been named Senior Flight Attendant at RushAirways Plc. Maloney will be aboard the April 1, 2010 madien flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. Maloney stated at a private press conference this afternoon, “My lifelong dream has always been to serve Elrushbow’anyway I can. I always knew that some day I would place the coveted EIB Silver Slippers gently on his feet as we taxied into position.”

  125. Looks like Brian is using the reader comments as fresh content for this blog. Kind of like Howie writes his columns these days.

  126. Brian,

    Please open up a new post. The inmates are getting stir crazy. Anti-Brian is even starting to believe he is funny. Help.

  127. Ok, we’re headed to 200 posts, so what’s the prize for the person who hits post #200?

    So, what shall we talk about today?

    What’s everyone doing for the weekend?

    Anyone still flooded?

    Is the Easter bunny coming to your house?

    Hey Moody’s, is the recession still over?

    Anyone else hear that a tidalwave is supposed to hit Dec 21, 2012?

    Did you return your census form yet?

  128. C’mon, you guys. You move all slow as Congress. You’ve got the votes, the “ayes” have it, now change the damn topic.

  129. Atten Medic, please stand by just in case

    pirate needs your type of expertise!

    we hope you won’t have to be pressed into

    duty but………expiring is serious sh.. I hear.

  130. thanks for your concern, 1stX, however if I do expire, it’s gonna take more than a “medic” to revive me. Why? Cause expiring IS serious sh**.

    You’ll be hauling my dead ass over to Doc Quincy at the morgue.

  131. Are you giving us posters your medical proxy?

    Expiring is really really serious sh.. Please

    hold on to be the 200th.

    Quincy ME and Paul Dudley White and Ben Casey

    and Consuelo have all been notified. You are

    very highly thought of.

  132. OBAMA Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return 2009

    For the year Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2009


    1 Wages, salaries, tips, etc. Attach Form(s) W-2 … | 1 | ____________


    2 Make check payable for above amount to: United States Treasury

    3 HOPE you’ll be getting back some CHANGE

  133. can anyone tell me why I can’t post here via my Blackberry? I was able to in the past, but not recently.

    Oh, FYI: I’m melting….melting….

  134. Pirate, et al, I think we have out lived our

    usefulness on this blog.

    I cannot use my crackberry either.

    What is up with Rahel Maddow slamming Scott?

    There isn’t enuff going on in her world.

  135. Pyrate could be needin a new crackberry after only two hundred posts.

    Wow, they really don’t make em like dey used to

  136. when you lance that boil, put a bit of Bactrim on it. I’d hate to see you get an infection. And never stepped foot in Tom English’s. Sorry, wrong pirate.

    When will Brian pull the plug here? And who’s to blame?

    My vote is Scott Brown. Sen. Brown is responsible for the downfall of Save WRKO. Anyone else have a nomination for the “Blame Game”?

  137. Jay Severin was off this week. Another vacay? Curtis Sliwa sat in one day; it was good to hear him.

    What’s up with Jay? I get a feeling like they might be phasing him out. He’s out a LOT. And from what I can tell, his substitutes get as many callers as he does, a sign that people are staying tuned in. Heh heh, wouldn’t it be ticklish to see Jay replaced by Howie one day?

    I only listen to WRKO for Savage. Jay, Michele, and now even Michael Graham have become too annoying to listen to, WAY too whiney, and bray out the same slantily-spun tirades over and over.

    I think Jim and Margery have gotten into the groove of the morning thing, just wish they were still on 12-3 when I can really listen. (Though their new News Quiz feature is basically “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.”)

    WTKK has lost me weekdays 10am-10pm.

    That’s a big loss considering that I used to listen all day. Are there others, too, put off by the tone that’s developing over there?

  138. You can tell that WTKK isn’t pushing Jay Severino as hard as they used to. Graham has some new book out or something and is getting some brief national exposure on Beck’s show (I think about 10 minutes) and he’s out there on a book signing tour so he’s amped up his rhetoric over the last week. McFraud is just, well a Fraud. The few minutes I listened to the other night was yet another segment of her and the gay Andleman brother talking where they think its cool to call each other by their last name. She also referenced him at her place with “Aruba Girl” watching some show. Since “Aruba Girl” is made up I have to wonder if he was there alone, with his boyfriend, or if he was there at all. My guess is he was never there at all and the whole “McFee/Andleman” buddy buddy routine is just made up to pretend that the fools at this station are one big happy family.

  139. Why does RKO consistently play one ad on top of the other? Last nite there was dead air just before 10pm, no surprise there, RKO is infamous for dead air and now the playing of one ad on top of the other is becomming a regular event.

    My nomination for the “Blame Game” is the usual suspect…………BUSH! It’s Bush’s fault!

  140. magpie: yeah, from what I hear, J&M seem to have found their groove in their new slot. I like their show too, but no longer have the opportunity to listen like I did from noon-3. I’m glad they nixed the “gossip report”, but I do like the “In a Minute” thing. And the audio of Matt w/people on the street is funny, too.

  141. Tony Pepper! Now there’s a blast from the past.

    V. funny, Barb. I like your “Blame Game” response.

    Marco: I’m shattered! You’re telling me that the crew over there at TKK is not one big group of kissin’ cousins?

  142. RealBarb– I have heard that WRKO has no live board ops overnight–all running on automation. Not sure if it’s true, but it would explain a lot.

  143. Howie said yesterday that for the foreseeable

    future he would be on the air “somewhere”

    Yes barb, last night was exceptionally horrible

    with the ride overs all night long. It was the

    loudest during the Jerry Doyle show.

    Just so rinky dink and shows how little anyone

    gives a muffin about on air product.

  144. How long is the “foreseeable future”?

    Where will we go if/when Brian pulls the plug?

    How will Graham squeeze his already big noggin, further swollen with his whirlwind book tour, into the studio?

    Are Ms. Jay’s numbered at TKK? Will he start a new career writing children’s books? As Jay Daddy?

    So many questions….

  145. This reminds me of when I was married and my wife wouldn’t talk to me. I’m trying to figure out what I said or did to Brian to get the silent treatment.

  146. Hi guys, sorry that I was not around to see pirate “expire.” I was looking for my stethescope and I couldn’t find it, plus the batteries on the defribulater had to be recharged, and, and,,,,,,,,,,oh, there you are pirate. You are breathing!

  147. Yes, medic, I am still breathing…..no thanks to you.

    Now I could be wrong, but I think I heard Brian’s name on the Andleman’s show today. I don’t know in what context, but I did hear, “Brain Maloney”. I’ll have to admit they were funny today when they were talking about their mother. How they told her she could do better than their father, Eddie.

    Now medic I’m hoping you’re on call tonight. I baked a cake for a friend’s b’day (3-tier red velvet) w/butter-cream frosting. It’s the frosting that could be a problem….3/4 lb. of butter. Clogging arteries. Contributing to obesity & heart attacks. Keep the paddles handy, medic.

  148. magpie, it happens during the daytime as well, mostly during Laura Ingraham and it used to happen during Rush, so what’s their excuse for daytime? LOL! I’m thinking total incompetence!

    1st time caller, Yes! That’s when I heard it start during Doyle’s show. I don’t recall it ever happening during Savage. Now that they rebroadcast Howie’s show overnite strange things happen there as well. During Howie live he does the news at the top and bottom of the hour, during the replay they sometimes play music where the bottom of the hour news would have been or they replay it exactly has it happened live, so at 2:30 in the morning you hear “good afternoon the legislature is bla bla bla. Rinky dink doesn’t even begin to describe it!

  149. Does Sen. Brown really need to tie his wagon

    to Rachel Maddow? She has MSNBC $$ behind

    her but nobody (biggies R) seem to be helping

    him. What up?

  150. 1stX: Not to worry about Scott Brown. Sarah Palin’s on her way to help…….like she did recently for John McCain in Arizona.

    Speaking of which…..did anyone see that? Did McCain’s wife look like she hadn’t a clue where she was? I wonder if she’s battling with her own addictions again.

  151. Yes Pirate, Cindy looked liked and aged Barbie

    wondering where the hell her Ken went to. She

    has that blank stare.

    It is amazing that these women allow themselves

    to be dragged around. The fact that she had to

    introduce Mrs. Dithers had to have been just

    about the worst.

  152. 1stX: You know, I was on the fence w/McCain for the longest time. Now I’ve come to really dislkie him. I think he’s been a horrible husband to his wife who clearly needs help. I don’t think he has all that much respect for women, in general.

    And during the debates w/Obama he came across as a sneering, mean gremlin. Really mean spirited. Like down to his core mean.

    Finally when he made an announcement this past week about Obama and the Dems. no longer getting any assistance from his party, in response to the health care reform bill passing, that did it. His declaration of war.

    No wonder he’s having a tough time getting re-elected. He has turned into a mean, honery (sp?) old man. Imagine him needing Palin to stump for him? He must’ve been horrified.

  153. Pirate: Once again McCain shows he’s out of touch. He’s made an announcement this past week that Obama and the Dems will no longer get assistance from his party? What’s next? A declaration That he has a suspicion that Tiger Woods may be cheating on his wife?

  154. Good stuff on the equalizer site. As for the Republicans, I wish they would stop asking Palin to help. She is the last person on the right they need at this time.

  155. Jim: love her or hate her, she is able to garner attention. Mitt’s out promoting his book, and Brown is too busy getting his sea legs. Who else is available to beat that GOP drum, besides a party of old, white men?

    I don’t have many fans here on this site when it comes to politics, however I won’t let that deter me. I am so happy that Obama is in Afghanistan today. I only wish health care reform didn’t take so long to pass. There’s so much work for him (and us) to do. And, we know how much help the Rep. are gonna be.

  156. It’s strange that there’s still no update to this site from Brian. Maybe there’s more to the story than Brian just being bored by savewrko or nothing new to update with.

  157. Palin may be beating the drum but she is doing a poor job at it. I listened to her “speech” in Harry Ried’s hometown of Nevada. She went on about how the Tea party members are the only ones who understand/respect the constitution. A few minutes later she is going on about how we don’t need a “constitutional law professor in the white house” Huh?

    Meanwhile, Scott Brown was here in my hometown of Taunton this weekend at a ceremony honoring our Vietnam Veterans at our memorial. There hasn’t been a politician at his level here in 20 years. He also downplayed his own service by pointing out he has been in the NG for 20 years and never saw combat and these combat vets are the ones who are the heroes. Love him or hate him on this subject/event he gets an A+ in my book.

  158. Marco, I was there at the POW-MIA Ceremony in Taunton also. Did you see both Pacheco and Fagan almost trip over themselves to see who would be the first to shake his hand? But, I do have to say, both State Senator Pacheco and State Rep Fagan have always been there to salute the Vietnam Vets. Senator Brown even mentioned that we (all) Vietnam Era Veterans should be given a hug. Thank you Senator Brown, that was so very nice of you to say that.

  159. Medic: And then all you have to do is stroll down the street 50 yards and see the Star Theater Debacle that is being played out. Hilarious as these townies go at it.

  160. marco, you are so right! I am not a native Tauntonian, but what is going on is hilarious, and the City Council trying to make themselves more important than any national pol.

  161. Marco, to comment on Palins’ saying that we don’t need a “Constitutional Lawyer in the White House, Obama CLAIMS to be a “constitutional lawyer” and by her saying that was a back-handed compliment on someone who knows NOTHING about the Constitution except to find ways to destry it.

  162. Well at least the head Repub is having one hell

    of a good ol time! This guy has a “Steele” head!

    Just an ordinary every day thief in an Armani.

  163. Palin’s voice is too screechy for me. What’s up with that anyway?

    Listened to Redeye radio overnite last nite and a caller said that all the teaparty people are racists and that Palin is a racist as well. Host asked caller to give example of something Palin said or did to make her a racist. Caller had nothing, just shooting his mouth off without any facts to back up his statement. I’m not a big Palin fan but I don’t recall anything she’s said or done to make her a racist.

  164. Hi Barb, Someone I was listening to last night

    played quite a bit of her speech and the voice is just so bad. With her money and handlers why

    doesn’t some kind soul get her a few classes in

    elocution. It would probably change her whole

    presentation. She could can the hillbilly stuff and

    really become a speaking force for the party.

    Just a thought…

  165. 1stX: Are you f_ing nuts? There is no amount of elocution classes, snazzy wardrobe and great hair to mask what she is: a gun-toting half-assed governor from some frozen netherland, where they apparently don’t have newspapers, who happened to be born with a horeshoe up her ass (what else could explain her being chosen to run as McCain’s VP?)

    She can’t ditch the Alaskan hillbilly rap, because THAT’S who she is.

    Now let me find my post from earlier today that never made it here. I thought maybe a firewall was preventing it from going out, but I was able to post on another blog. So I tried another option…..crack attack. Again, no luck.

  166. Jeez I guess I have been given what for!!

    That’s ok. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    PS You are slightly over 100% right btw!

  167. “Jeez I guess I have been given what for!!”

    You betcha! My grandmother would have said that I “gave you the business”!

    Anyway, the following is from about 11 hours ago:

    Marco: Oh, I agree 100% w/your assessment of Palin. She’s NOT the brightest bulb. However, she will appeal to these Tea Party members. She’s the last one ANYONE should listen to when it comes to constitutional law. I’d like someone to ask her if she has ever READ the Constitution. “Betcha” she’s never even read it.

    When the Tea Party members starting organizing and rallying I was pleased. Any time people get involved – I think is a good thing. But the more they increase, the more concern I have. Any group who listens to and is supportive of Sarah Palin scares the s_t out of me.

    Just think, if McCain had been elected, this woman was literally a heartbeat away from being our President. Sarah F_ing Palin!!


    Anyone who acknowledges our “forgotten” vets, the unfortunate men who served in Vietnam, should be commended. Love that! While I am not a Brown supporter, I think he is a good man and his heart was in the right place there in Taunton.

  168. Yeah, Gov. Palin could never be as brilliant a president as that jug-eared genius currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., never mind the equal of the Veep picked for his “foreign policy chops”. She never could have conceived of a brilliant scheme like Plugs’ idea to send $200M to Iran after 9.11.

  169. And we all know a “hillbilly” with an accent could never be President, right? A certain cigar shover comes to mind…

    (When did a Minnesota accent become a “hillbilly” accent, anyway? Didn’t moonbats take geography in junior high?)

  170. You’re right Cap’n. Palin could never compare to Obama in intellegence. Nor can she hold a candle to Biden’s grasp of foreign policy. She has a cursory, at best, grasp of foreign affairs. Similar to McFlea. Superficial, general sound bytes. Which is fine, so long as she does not delude herself into thinking she is anywhere near qualified for President or VP.

    You can not tell me in all honesty you would vote for Palin, Cap’n. Would you?

  171. Herald says Howie was hospitalized (but should be out now) after a dizzy spell, a case of the vapors, while eating at Papa Razzi in Wellesley on Sat night with the Mrs. (A post on radio-info.com calls it a cardio vascular incident). I didn’t hear Howie’s call in to the Col. but they are downplaying any seriousness, for now…back


  172. Gee, I understand some you dislike Sarah Palin and question her intelligence but have any of you listened to the Speaker of the House lately. I think the botox has leaked into her brain and caused her brain cells to flatten out. Remember, she’s third in line behind the F bomber and the Anointed one. Scary huh?

  173. Yep, Palin is smarter than Obama, McCain, Biden, Bush and Clinton. Her grasp of Foreign and domestic policy is deep. Her higher education speaks for itself, loads and loads of accomplishments in college. All the polls are wrong! Her being added to the McCain ticket had a positive effect on his campaign! Had he picked an experienced partner who was low key (Lieberman, Pawlenty, etc.) he would have lost by an even bigger margin! Sarah is such a skilled politician and committed to America that she would never bail out on her office to make the big $$$$$ on books, speeches, and a gig on FOX News. It’s all about America 1st with Sarah and her personal gains 2nd! LOL! LOL! LOL!

  174. Since Brian is apparently on vacation, I didn’t have anywhere else to post this.

    I rolled over in my sleep last night and heard Phil Hendrie on 96.9 doing a “comedy” bit with his “characters” about the child who recently committed suicide to escape bullying. His “character” suggested she should have been tougher and should have been able to accept gang rape. What a disgusting sick bastard this Hendrie is.

  175. Gee Marco, I didn’t know that we were so fortunate to have those brilliant democrats looking out for our welfare. The past years legislation has done soooo much to help America. The bailouts, the stimulus bills, and of course the health care bill. And Barry and his pals have tripled the debt in one year. I guess Palin had the audacity to ask why and challenge what the hell the morons in Washington are doing. And Barry’s foreign policy is really brilliant. Insult our allies and kiss up to our enemies. Should bring huge dividends. Even Castro likes the new health care bill. If it’s good enough for Fidel, it’s good enough for Barry.

  176. Missing my point Subman. My post isn’t about the politics. Note I lumped Bush and McCain in that post as well. The point was that she is an opportunist looking to make big bucks off of the teaparty movement. My guess is she is happy that this bill passed as it gives her another round of opportunities to “speak” (i.e. get paid) to the unhappy masses.

    I watched a rerun of that show the office last night. She is the “Michael Scott” of the political talker circuit. Has no clue what she is saying just reads right along off the page (or her hand).

    And just for the record Subman-I am not happy about the bill either but I’m not at the point that I’m thin skinned enough about losing on it that the only thing I glean from a post criticizing “Sarah” for her OVERALL suspect motivations and turn that into a rant on Castro, foriegn policy, bailouts, etc. we all know that already about the Obama admin. Again, I know the HC bill sucks but blind rage instead of staying on subject point doesn’t do anyone any good.

  177. Avi in for Carr today but Howie due to return tomorrow…prog talk 1510 will have Red Sox games in Spanish this yr (often it won’t pre-empt talk shows but when there are weekday aft games the shows will be placed online and/or delayed.

  178. Been listening to Avi this afternoon. He is just

    such a nice man with a ton of history in his

    briefcase. No screaming, just conversation.

    Back to Sara; 5’4″ of pure self centered greed.

    Other than that I guess she is ok.

  179. I like Avi, always have.

    As far a Sarah, I really don’t care about her. Don’t care if she’s greedy, don’t care if she shoots her dinner. The ONLY thing I care about in regards to Sarah is her EVER being voted first or second in command.

    She’s likeable, really. She’s not unpleasant. She’s easy on the eyes. The problem is….she’s just a f_ing dope.

  180. “I rolled over in my sleep last night and heard Phil Hendrie on 96.9 doing a “comedy” bit with his “characters” about the child who recently committed suicide to escape bullying. His “character” suggested she should have been tougher and should have been able to accept gang rape. What a disgusting sick bastard this Hendrie is.”

    I heard that myself, he is one creepy dude when he does this. The sad part is the people who call in are clueless and his charachters take them for a ride. There are some issues he steps over the line on and this is one of them.

  181. Plus the Hendrie bit got annoying because his

    character, Bobbie Dooley, kept interrupting callers

    with her “mm hmm”s for close to an hour…

    Heard a bit of McPhee’s fill in the past couple nights. Brian Whitman has done shows for WABC

    and KABC and I think he used to do celeb

    impersonations (Clinton, etc.) for Hannity. Not bad

  182. Marco, we were sold a bill of goods about the guy who presently lives in the White house. He was only a senator for 143 days and suddenly he was qualified to be president. Remember when he said he had campaigned in 57 states but Sarah Palin is dumb. He wrote to books, supposedly, and made $8 million for his efforts. But Sarah Palin is greedy. He can’t make a speech unless the teleprompter is there. He even had the teleprompter set up when he made a speech to a group of 6th graders, but Palin gets whacked because she wrote four words on the palm of her hand. Can you pronounce this word: corpsman? Barry can’t. That damn teleprompter again. You can call people dumb if you want but don’t forget to start with the guy in the White house. PS. Don’t forget the guy he picked for Vice President. He’s a Rhodes Scholar too. Good old Joe(Stand up Chuck) Biden.

  183. Ok, so RKO has changed their programming as we all know and now the replay Howie’s show overnite from 1a to 5a. When they first started doing this if Howie was on vaca they would play Redeye radio which is live. This week Howie was out M-T and yesterday. The Col filled in for Howie M and T and RKO replayed the Col overnite. Yesterday Avi sat in for Howie and RKO chose to air Redeye radio instead of the replay of Avi. Is their any rhyme or reason behind this? No consistency, seems RKO is all over the place, can’t make up their mind what they want to do.

  184. Just remember that the time you spend in the

    shank of the night listening to god awful and

    utterly stupid Phil Hendrie, you will never get


  185. Hi guys! Ok, so I’m riding to work this morning on Route 24 NORTH and I’m just passing the Route 27 merge, and ‘RKO “news” comes on and the Metro reader mentions Home Secruity Chief, now I’m gonna use phonetics here, Janet Nipple-a-tano……..I almost hit the guy coming on 24 from 27 I was laughing so hard! OMG, where do they get these people???????

  186. WRKO auditioned Deval Patrick for a possible

    January opening in its schedule. (no joke) Patrick

    was on Howie’s show from 3:30-4, exchanging T shirts (Howie got a “moonbat” one), and agreeing to disagree on hackery, the Pike, casinos,


  187. Hmmmmm, so who would RKO be replacing in Jan? I missed the deval interview but heard a caller say it was good.

  188. We’re headed for 300 posts! I don’t recall hitting triple digits like this before on a thread. Where is Brian? Has he deserted us?

    1st time caller, the gov makes my head explode!

    Aw geez, first nice day and all the fools are out driving around with windows open and radios cranked to the max, seriously why aren’t radios cranked in the winter time? Do these fools all of a sudden go deaf during the nice weather? Why do they feel the need to share their crappy music with everyone within a ten mile radius? The ground shakes about 10 minutes before one of these fools drives by!

  189. God damn! I hate not being able to post here via by crack. I used to be able to.

    Anyway, when you see me, I’ll be tan, and rested. Spent four hours today getting buffed.

    Oh wait!!! You never see me.

    Ok, just trust me.

  190. >>so who would RKO be replacing in Jan?

    Was kinda kidding, but if Baker or Cahill wins (yes I know Christy’s running but he’s unlikely to win) maybe they’d put Charley Manning on their staff

    and Cadillac Deval could become the new aft.

    guy in his place…?>

  191. I don’t think Christy has a chance, he hasn’t been heard from in awhile, I think the last time I heard him he was whining on Howie’s show and he was not making a very good impression.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if RKO gave deval a show, in fact I’d be stunned if they didn’t!

    Seriously, where is Brian?

  192. Pyrate,sure hope you have that tanning booth cranked up to ELEVEN. Cause’ you is the whitest black man I ever seen.

    Have fun and send us a postcard.

  193. LOL Cap’n!!

    Did anyone listen overnite last nite? raccoon where you listening? Instead of a replay of Howie they actually broadcasted a live program – Redeye Radio and I swear just before the 3am news I heard a promo saying “join howie carr at 5:30 and laura ingraham @ 9” anyone else hear this? A couple of weeks ago they were doing promos for “laura ingraham at 10 and charlie manning at noon” –

  194. BTW, I noticed a big swath of dead air on Rush 1200 Friday afternoon between 12:30 and 1PM.

    For a second I thought I was listening to ‘RKO.

  195. swami, you win the same thing the posters who hit 100 and 200 did! Woohoooo! We’re closing in on 300 – I say we try for 500! Come on gang, let’s try for 500 posts, seeing as Brian has deserted this blog, hell, we can go for a 1000, who’s gonna stop us?? The sky’s the limit! Onward and upward!

  196. >>Instead of a replay of Howie they actually broadcasted a live program

    Long story: when Coast to Coast was pulled from them, WRKO started Howie re-runs for a week

    then picked up Redeye Radio (Howie was on vacation). When Howie got back it was back to

    Howie re-runs exc . on days when Howie had a fill in. Red Eye still running there on weekends…

    but last night, yes I did tune in for a sec and

    Red Eye was on.

    What’s up with the promos? Yes, they did correct the one that had said Laura at 10

    Charlie at noon, but “Howie at 5:30”? Was that an April Fools joke or is he heading to morning drive? And if so, who gets afternoons? Something isn’t right (not to mention the fact that Howie’s “network” would be screwed unless the stations were to re-air a show he had done in am drive…wha…?

  197. I don’t think it was an April fool’s joke, it was aired overnite last nite just before the 3am news – I haven’t heard the promo since then but I haven’t exactly been near the radio all morning!

    Why do they do these incorrect promos and then air them? The ingraham incorrect one ran several times before they pulled it, doesn’t anyone pay attention over there? Who’s job is it to see the promos are done right? I think if Howie was heading to morning drive he would more than likely be crowing about it! So, the question remains, who does these incorrect promos and how do they get away with airing them?

  198. Well, looks like no one in interested in adopting us….thank goodness for “The Cider House Rules”.

    Happy Easter to all, even the peeps (like me) who worship pink and purple Peeps. The one day in the year I eat Peeps. It’s the only requirement for membership. All are welcome.

    See you all soon…….well, sorta?

  199. Would all of us “red headed orphans” be in big

    trouble if instead of #’s Brian (Seldom Seen) had

    used the alphabet? Just thinking.

    Katz pretty ok this AM.

  200. OK, this is IT!!!!!!!!!! I just called ‘RKO and left a voice message on Wolfie’s voice mail and told him that if I wanted to listed to Tiger Woods press conference, I’d stay on WEEI!!!!!!! It really, REALLY must be a slow news day at WRKO, or, Manning has no bleeping clue! I could not get Rush’s streaming for some reason. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. Aw geez, seriously? RKO? Seriously? You interrupt regular programming to bring us a Tiger presser?? Seriously? (Shaking head, rolling eyes, sheesh, walking away!)

  202. Now this ^^^^ got through? And I’m on the same computer!!!!

    Anyway my post was in response to 1stX: numbers or the alphabet? Makes no difference. The “SS Brian” has officially deserted us.

    We’re just a bunch of misfits, no longer wanted or needed by Brian or WRKO and anyone, really. Left to fend for ourselves. Floating around aimlessly.

    Eventually we’ll have to eat one of our own.

    Sorry- someone had to say it.

  203. Everybody has a bitch in here! Obviously no one

    is paying any attention to us. What a big surprise

    that is. Pirate cannot even get the services for

    his posts. What the hell is that all about?

    Hey Barb, shout out a WooooHooooo for 310!

  204. LOL 1st time! Wooooooohooooo for 311 – on our way to 400 – how long do you think it will take to get to 400? Only took about a week to go from 200 to 300 – I bet we can get to 400 in a couple of days, we’re getting to be pros at this posting thingy! LOL!

  205. 1stX: I can not understand why my last posts went through and one I had sent earlier today (maybe noon?) did not. Same computer!

    And I can not understand why I was able at one time to post from my phone and now I can’t.

    Not that anyone associated with administering this site even cares, but I find it odd. If my screen name was banned, I’d understand, but that does not seem to be the case.

    Anyway, where is Anti-Brian….this is all his damn fault! Now he’s hiding. I knew he was nothing but a bad seed, that AB.

  206. “Bad Seed” I have not heard those two words

    put together since I overheard my Dad and Mom

    talking rather low. I was ten years old.

  207. Katz apparently still has a bug up his ass about WBZ (see this thread about 2 weeks ago).

    His promo spots mention that they’re not just going to be doing traffic reports.

  208. save wrko is turning into a private blog for a half dozen lonely people (you know who you are)who make this site their personal spot for socializing, getting real boring

  209. tmp, The “lonely6” are sorry you feel this way.

    Let us hear your thoughts and we will follow.

    As red headed orphans we are always looking

    for a new thread.

  210. Here we go again. I posted earlier this am, and nothing. I posted on another blog and that went through, so I’ll try again here:

    to tmp: thanks for sharing. None of us want you to be bored, so by all means pick a topic.

    Haven’t heard much, if anything from you. Are you just hanging on the sidelines?

    And 1stX, are red-haired orphans less desirable? I’m a darker red- auburn shade. I’ll be the last one picked for sure, and…

    the “bad seed” scenario at your home? HA! Your home was Ozzie and Harriet compared to mine. My parents didn’t use hushed tones- they came right out and told me, point blank, that I was a bad seed and I was 7 (not 10).

    You had it easy, my friend!

  211. Pirate, Look at us now!! On top of the world!

    Who knew?

    Rather than turn out the lights on this blog,it is

    probably an endurance contest.

    How do you feel about this no nuke situation?

    Isn’t the barn door already open? Verification

    seems very subjective.

    Red headed orphans have a matching problem

    I am assuming.

  212. Hell, I WAS a red-head too, but as age came upon me, I turned gray. Anyway, I read in today’s Herald that WBZ-FM fired Gary Tanguay apprentely because, my words, he was not doing a good job on the 10-2 show. When Brian was doing this part of the gig, he seemed to crow that ‘BZ-FM was doing so much better than WEEI was. Plus CBS gave a long term contract to those early morning bozo’s on the so-called sports station competeting with ‘EEI. Where are ya now Brian?

  213. Let’s see….the no nukes policy. I like to think of myself as a pacifist, but as I age I’ve become a bit more pragmatic. 9/11 did change everything. Obama wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons? He wants to discourage those countries who don’t have them from trying to develop them? He wants to show the world what our country is willing to do as a “leader” in this effort?

    Lofty goals, yes, however I don’t think he needed to announce to the world what we will or will not do to our enemies. What would our response be to a country that does not have nukes yet harbors terrorists? Is that country going to be a safe haven for any terrorist attacks upon us that include biological/chemical warfare? Suicide bombings on our land? Crashing planes, public transportation, etc?

    Rather than eradicate nuclear weapons, I’d much rather work on eradicating terrorism.

    Either way, I don’t feel that this was the right time for Obama to make this declaration to the world. Not only will he further alienate himself from his detractors, there is still the major issue of jobs in this country that needs attention. People in this country want to feel safe and secure, yes, but they’re more concerned with keeping food on their table right now than they are about nuclear war.

    While I agree with Obama’s need for transparency with his agenda, there are times when too much transparency is not a good thing.

  214. barb, naturally, getting nuked trumps jobs, however getting nuked is NOT a major concern we have right now. Who’s gonna do it? Kim Jong Fruitcake? or, Akmadimijad? I’d more worried by terrorist attacks. Bioterrorism. We won’t even know when it hits us until emergency rooms get flooded w/people getting sick.

    1stX, the nuke is in, and will remain in the attic. I don’t have a clue what other weapons we have stockpiled to defend ourselves. Our troops in Iraq were ill-equiped. Where is our inventory? Missles, bombs and all that war-stuff. I don’t think we have a big enough inventory to do what might need to be done. Do we?

  215. Don’t you fools realize we’re DOOMED!

    Our Saviour died on April 30,1945. The planet has sunk into an abyss since that Blue Monday.

    The mulatto monstrosity is living proof of the Stygian existemce we find ourselves in. LEBENSUNWERTES LEBEN!!! That’s the state of humanity in the abattoir known as Earth.

  216. Hello? Anyone home? It’s been almost a month since the Brian’s last post.

    PS – I like listening to Charlie Manning better than Rush.

  217. Pirate, The answer to your ques. is , I don’t know

    if we have a deterrent type arsenal or even a

    defensive one. I sure as hell do not believe there

    is transparency on this issue because that is just

    fool hardy. Nobody seems to be making much noise about this. Why?

    I guess it is back under the desk and wait for the


  218. Manning – what can I say about Manning, um um um um ah ah ah um um. When he first started he lacked fire in the belly, now he seems to be gaining a little, just a little passion. He’s definetly not rush and I mean that in a good way, Charlie doesn’t spend 3 hours patting himself on the back and playing endless clips of what the media is saying about him. I find it difficult to listen to Charlie some days, well most days because of the um um um ah ah factor, he really needs to work on that, he comes across as an inarticulate boob. I’ve mentioned here before that I worked with a woman who started every sentence with the word um, it’s very distracting and takes away from what is being said after the word um. I’m not sure where the word originated or why it’s so prevalent in the language but it does not do the user any good to sound like a stumbling moron.

  219. Subman-Clinton, McCain, Obama, Bush, Biden, are all accomplished politicians (and except for Bush did very well in school. “Sarah” is a 3/4 term Governor who bailed out on her job to go for the $$$. She can’t debate, can’t answer any of the “tough questions” like what do you read? She is an empty suit. The Brittney Spears of talk show politics. Rush, Beck and the rest do it so much better. BTW-her new show on FOX got way lower ratings than expected (light is already starting to fade?). She is Joe the Plumber with a longer shelf life. She knows she is a fad and is trying to grab as much cash as possible before she fades. Even her catch phrases backfire. “How’s that hopey changy thing work’n our for ya?” Well as the opposition has been answering back in light of their healthcare win……”pretty well Sarah, thanks for asking!” She is an anchor around the neck of true conservatives and she is draining the coffers as the rubes who should be donating to right-wing causes that can actually help are sending to her so she can add yet another wing onto her house and amass her fortune for when the big opportunities dry up?

    When the heck is Brian going to add something new here? Is he still mad that his non-stop coverage of the Scott Brown victory/Matt Drudge style of doing it didn’t get the national exposure/create the bigger opportunity he was hoping for so now he’s bailing out only to work on his other site?

  220. 1stX (re#328): The lack of noise is really interesting. Almost like the issue was quashed within 24 hours after Obama announced it. The only one I heard yesterday was Ms. Jay. Of course he goes right for the impeachment option! I thought McFlea would be “outraged”, however the parts of her show I heard, she never mentioned it. Why? That’s right up her outrageous alley. Then on second thought I realized her lack of knowledge on foreign affairs might have discouraged her from going there on live radio. Even she has to be cognizant of her inability to talk about anything having to do with foreign policy. The closest she gets is when she talks about the “troops”. She’s all for the “troops”. Where are they? What are they fighting for? How much has it cost us in lives lost and money spent? None of that matters. Just keep tossing out the word “troops”.

    I guess I think of nukes like I think of guns. I hate and am totally scared of them. However if I had an enemy or two who wanted to get me, and knowing I had a gun would deter them from f_ing with me? I’d go out and get a gun, make damn sure my enemies knew I possessed said gun, and hope like hell I’d never have to use it.

    And Subman, Obama didn’t “supposedly” write “to” books. It’s confirmed that he actually DID, in fact, write two books. Good lord- what are you smoking?

  221. The vast right wing conspiracy continues: post on radio-info says Glenn Beck joining lineup of

    WXTK 95.1 cape cod (Ed Lambert, Rush,

    Howie, Hannity). Also, GB made a mere

    $32 million in one year behind his 400 station

    radio show, TV, books, etc.

    Liberals hate him. Not every conservative loves him, but hey, he’s earned a chunk of change…

  222. Emperor’s Return, I had to look up the word “abattoir” (I left the word “existemnce” alone)

    so how did a hate filled jerk like yourself get such a big vocabulary?

    Main Entry: ab·at·toir

    Pronunciation: \ˈa-bə-ˌtwär, -ˌtwȯr, -ˌtȯr\

    Function: noun

    Etymology: French, from abattre

    Date: 1820

    : slaughterhouse

  223. Hey 1st time glad you’re enjoying it, I heard rain is coming tomorrow, I don’t believe it because the forecasters are useless and clueless! I will just wait til tomorrow and look out the window and see for myself what is happening!

    Yo charlie manning, SERIOUSLY, no one cares what tiger is going to do today at the masters, no one!

  224. Yes, Babs! Thanks for asking. I’m fine, too, as long as the sun is out! It’s kinda chilly w/the wind but the SUN is so vital to my mood.

    “when the rain comes, they go and hide their heads….they might as well be dead….when the rain comes, when the rain comes” That sums up how I feel about any rain in the forecast.

    Jim: You were able to get past ER’s 1st post? I couldn’t. But you’re right. He does have an interesting vocabulary- I remembered that from a while back. I recall looking up a few words myself. Shame he’s filled with so much hate.

    Speaking of orphans, has anyone here read John Irving’s “Cider House Rules”? Great story about an ether-addicted doctor who performs abortions at an orphanage he runs. Takes place in Maine, maybe in like the 1940’s?

    Hi 1stX.

  225. pirate, as charlie manning would say, um um um um um ah um, glad you’re ummmmmmm enjoying the day, stay tuned though, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm there maybe rain tomorrow! Hang on to your bippy!

  226. I watched a bit of cable tv news/commentary

    shows last night. They are all whacked regardless

    of party. It seems as if they are spewing the news out in sloppy fashion to the lowest common

    denominator. Watching quickly ended.

    Rain on the morrow so let a smile be your


  227. babs: is a “bippy” a pacifier? I though that was a “binky”? I’ll hang on to whatever- just need to know what it is.

    1stX: I agree- they are all whacked. Maddow, Olberman (the side I tuck to) are much too much to listen to (even for me!) I like Larry O’Donnell (when I can catch him- he no longer has a regular gig), but even he has gotten too far out there, and rapidly approaching a meltdown. I’m done w/cable news until some channel gets someone worth listening to.

    Man, do I miss Tim Russert. And Anderson Cooper is OK

    “Rain on the morrow so let a smile be your

    umbrella!” Well, that’s good advice. I’ve been inspired recently by a picture of an old friend’s mother. Truly a unique woman. She had a zest and love for life that was deliberate- and it rubbed off on all who came near her. Kindy kooky, but a true original and free spirit. Everyone called her Weezie.

    Under her picture was the caption, “Be your best selves, Darlings”.

    Under the comments for her pic, one of her grandsons wrote there is no other day better than rainy one where her memory is the most treasured.

    So, regardless of the weather, my intention is to be my best self.

  228. Hey Barbara, Oil up your ol’ WhoooooHoooooo

    machine! 350 is fast approaching.

    I can hear that awe inspiring sound now!

  229. pirate – Bippy comes from the old Laugh In show – I think the actual phrase was you bet you’re bippy or something like that, not sure what a bippy is, I guess it can be whatever you want it to be! LOL!

    1st, I got out the Zep 2000 and greased it up real good!! Here ya go>>>>>>>wooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  230. rB: Ok, now I know where you got “bippy” from. And I can confirm that was the line on Laugh-In. I remember Goldie Hawn dancing around in a bikini, body painted with flowers, peace signs, etc. looking into the camera asking, “what’s a bippy?” And yes, I’m that old.

    Jim: Hotel NH was great, as well as A Prayer for Owen Meeney. CH Rules was still my favorite.

    Oh, just heard McFlea’s “Outrage”. She’s outraged that approx. 42% of tax filers do not have to pay any tax …..many for a variety of reasons including not making enough income, and qualifying for tax credits. She is horrified that a family of 4 making “as much as 50K” (her word’s) won’t have to pay tax.

    As “much” as? Fifty grand for a family of four?

    Does she realize how many people were out of work because they no longer had jobs?

    Pardon my language, but she is a f_ing moron.

  231. Ques: Once one of us shuts the light and closes

    the door (it will happen) where are we going to

    go to meet again. Already I am feeling the angst

    of withdrawal! I was tunning around this morning

    and yesterday afternoon and I can tell you I am

    so damn sick of being yelled at by big mouths and that is bi-partisan. At the very least Savage has

    something to say that I learn from. He is also

    entertaining in his screaming.

  232. OK now, WRKO broke Natinoal News this AM, when someone who worked at the station years ago called Tom and Tod. The caller was in Michigan when he called and let them know that Stupak was NOT going to run for re-election. This happned just before 9 AM. Sure enough at the FOX 9 AM news they mentioned it! Hey Brian, anything new happening out there??????????

  233. OK, here’s where we can connect when Brian pulls the plug. You’ll need a yahoo account. If you do a search for the group in yahoo, it can be found under the “Entertainment” category / sub-category is “Pirate radio”. The name is “wrkoorphans@yahoogroups.com.


    So when they pull the plug, we have a place to go. Check it out.

  234. ok signed up. I also have a facebook group called Boston and New England talk radio…also: Ingraham tweets that acc to her sources Barney Frank not running for re-election. Nothing official yet. filing deadline 5/4?

  235. The Radio Equalizer (link at the top of this page) also allows comments and is another part of the Maloney Media Empire.

    Raccoon: Good widdance to bad wubbish. It can’t happen soon enough. If one single person can be said to be most responsible for this financial mess, it’s that guy.

  236. The rumors about Bunny Frank if true, would be music to my ears. But I’m going to be like St. Thomas — I won’t belive it until I see or hear it! He is supposedly my US Rep………..oh per chance to dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. Wooooooohoooooooooooo! It’s Friday, I’m signed up for wrko orphans, life is good! Come on everyone, sign up at yahoo!

    What is this delicious rumor I missed about Bunny Fwank????

  238. I think I signed up. My skills on La Machine do

    border on severe teckno disability!

    Thank you Pirate. Barbs. you certainly have

    found yourself a signature for the ages.


    right back at ya!

    I heard on some middle of the night dialing around

    that same rumor. It will be an interesting turn of

    events for this state or with the “chair” he holds

    every state.

  239. What is THE RUMOR about Bwaney – is he quitting or is he becoming king er um or should that be queen of the world?

    Listening to charlie manning, um um um ah um um um ah jpod um um ummmmmmmmmmmmm cripes.


  240. Aw shucks – listening to Howie and he says THE RUMOR about bwaney is not true…….damn, the world would have been a better place if he quit.

  241. Laura’s tweet read: “Sources tell me Bawney Fwank won’t run for re-election. Wants to work on the board of a bank and make $ before retirement.”

    no confirmation otherwise

  242. I wonder if there’s a way this delay of a new posting by Brian could be blamed on the Cambridge Police.

  243. realB: you believe Howie Carr when it comes to ruling out rumors? Pa-leeeze! What is it about him that makes so many believe everything he pukes up or scribbles out?

    NYP: what does the Cambridge PD have to do w/ Maloney sandwich on Wonder Bread?

    Oh and this story has not been brought up here, however I was so horrified by Phoebe Prince’s death and the totally inept school administration in So. Hadley, that I wrote a letter to the Mass. Dept of Education. If there are no criminal charges that can be brought against those within the school (teachers, principal, etc) who KNEW and did nothing, at least the Dept. of Education should be able to dismiss them.

    Wrong! I rec’d a personal call (well it’s a voice mail) and there is nothing they can do NOW. That is what I was told. I was not happy, nor do I believe that nothing can be done.

    Anyway, I’ll give more details later on the exact message I rec’d….if anyone is interested.

  244. pirate: If the Cambridge Police “acted stupidly” regarding Professional Victim “Skip” Gates, then it’s possible that the CPD is adversely impacting this site.

  245. 1stX: sorry to inform you, techno challenged one, but you did not sign up. it’s really really easy.

    click on the link I posted. when you get to the page, there is a box (bottom right?) where you click to become a member. if you don’t have a yahoo e-mail account, you’ll need to set that up first (again, that’s easy). use a name so we know it’s you.

    i used piratetoby.wrko@yahoo.com.

    now get out there you techo-phobe and make us proud!

  246. I don’t think I did it! I will keep working at it.

    Barb, if I were to believe it would probably be

    Laura. At this point I think he (Barney) is just

    testing the water. This State is pretty volatile

    at this time. Agree?

  247. Hmmmmmm, no one in MA seems to want to confirm if barney is leaving, haven’t heard a peep outta the media here or did I miss it? So far laura is the only one who has said a word about barney not seeking re-election.

    1st – I did see you signed up yesterday – firstxcaller – is that you?

  248. Ya it is me Barb but it did not last cuz as usual I

    screwed up my e-mail. I have no idea what the

    hell I am doing. I will keep trying. Pirate tells me

    how very easy it is. Maybe it is a vast right wing

    conspiracy! It coo hoppen!

  249. 1st – just sign up at yahoo for an account –

    follow pirate’s link in post #350 – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wrkoorphans/

    In the top left hand corner “create an account” – when you get to “select an id and password” put firstxcaller, then whatever password you want – “in case you forget your id or password” that’s where you put your own personal email addy that you use everyday – follow the rest of the instructions! You should end up with an email addy at yahoo that reads firstxcaller@yahoo.com! Then all you have to do is go back to the original link in #350 – top left hand corner “sign in” that’s where you put “firstxcaller@yahoo.com” and then you’re good to go! If when you’re signing up there already is an id with firstxcaller yahoo will let you know – that’s where you can play with the name i.e. firstcaller or firsttimecaller or some combination thereof! Good luck!

  250. Ahh yesssss, Barney Frank,umm,lemme see, yes that vast right wing and drum stick seem to be more of a problem for him than the vast right wing conspiracy.

  251. I had Rush Radio on this morning during my ride to Yoga at 7:30 and was pleased to here that the weather is going to be nice on Easter.

  252. LOL Al!

    I was listening to Redeye Radio overnite and the news at the top of the hour was reporting that the last four miners were found dead, the host, Doug McIntyre was saying that there were 25 dead in the mine explosion and four still missing, I HATE retread radio! He was also commenting on the “breaking news” about the buffoon who was smoking in the bathroom of the airplane and then made a crack about setting his shoes on fire…….I believe the incident happened on Wednesday so last nite’s show was a retread of Wednesday’s.

    Mak1, imagine, finneran outliving the blog that was set up to save wrko from him!

  253. Cap’n: I’ve observed at radio-info. I feel like I’m a pre-med sitting in on a skillfull operation. I’m not that into radio. I like it here cause it’s fun and gossipy. Comfortable.

    Yes, comfort is the key for me.

    And besides, I didn’t suggest yahoo as a place to bail…..I suggested it as place to connect if this place suddenly goes dark. I was out of town for a few days and half suspected that this blog would be gone when I returned.

    Just thinking a head, that’s all.

  254. I think the B. Frank thing is coming from Rachel Brown. She is running against him as a Democrat but is really a member of the Lyndon LaRouche party. Some of their claims: Obama needs to be impeached because he entered into a secret pact with Bush/Cheney to keep the Afgahn war going in order for both the DNC & RNC to continue to secretly make $ off of the heroin trade. They also demand that Bush/Cheney be imprisoned for the same thing. She/they also propose we need to scrap the world monetary system and create a credit system instead where the U.S., China, and Russia dole out credit to the rest of the world based on merit. complete loons.

  255. Hi everyone. I think it was a good move priate by going to Yahoo. I have no clue as to why Brian does not want to keep this going. I guess we can keep it “alive” for him. As to the gal running against Bunny, she is a Lyndon Larouch “democrat” and therefore a whackjob. There is a Republican running, but I don’t know who he is yet, not the same guy who has run against Bunny in the past. I got fed up with Frank, that I called his Taunton office, after he called the Repubs/tea partiers bullies, and I mentioned to the young lady who answered that he was the punk and not anyone who opposes him. I was surprised when she thanked me for calling.

  256. Miller is just sooo acerbic. Not funny but more

    on the “I know much more than you stupid” side.

    In the way way back he did have a funny act.

    Just mho!

  257. I don’t know who the Republican running against Frank is either. The reason that I bring up Rachel Brown is that her supporters have been around the Taunton area as of late. They are trying to get sigs to get her on the ballet.

    I had asked her staffer what her policies were and he was very vague. I had asked him who the Republican candidate was and he didn’t know. He just kept asking for a signature and then said “go to the website”. I did. These people are way out there. They seem to be anti-Semitic and use the word “British Empire” in place of Israel or Jewish as a code word. All sorts of conspiracy theories on their as well.

    As much as I don’t like B. Frank, these people concern me. The U.S. Government is the main “pusher” of heroin in the world? What?

    I hope the GOP can field someone better than this Rachel Brown. She is a loon.

  258. Every once in a while Iget approached by a Larouche supporter. I give them an “Oh, paleeze” and continue walking. I’m always surprised because I kinda thought he’d died or something.

    Apparently not. Although I haven’t seen him in a long time. Maybe he is dead and his followers are carrying on?

  259. I remember that Larouche bought some air time on one or more of the networks. I think it was in prime time, probably the 1988 campaign, because of where I was living at the time, the year fits.

    He had a strange tic when he spoke. It gave me the impression that he was unhinged, which turns out to have been the case.

  260. MAK1: Have you seen him recently? I haven’t seen him in years.

    I don’t quite remember his “tic”, but I still thought he A

    And regarding Miller’s radio show, I don’t listen, and haven’t listened too much, however when I did tune it, I always got the feeling that he was looking to be entertained (by his callers, sidekicks, etc.) rather than himself providing entertainment. Like he had done his time as an entertainer, and now he wanted to be entertained.

  261. Great guests, Jim? I never heard any. The guests I heard stunk up the joint.

    But that’s just me and my taste.

    Imus at one time had great guests, too. Not so much anymore.

  262. Heading to 400 posts! Woooooohoooooooo!

    As for Miller, I think yesterday was the first time I actually listened to him, somedays I have the radio on but I’m not actually listening, it’s background noise, yesterday I turned it on and actually listened for a bit and was taken aback at what I was hearing, the guy is stuck in the 60’s, yeah man, what’s that cat’s name? Dig it baby……….I had to shut it off, I didnt’ find him the least bit amusing, as for guests, well I didn’t listen long enough to make a comment.

    A lot of the programming on weekends on RKO is hideous. Let’s start with that boring bill kelly, his show is the same thing every week, I think he changes it up once a month and then the rest of the time it’s just a repeat. Next we have an hour of plastic surgery talk, yeah that’s exciting followed by an hour of a finneran retread. Next we finally have two hours live and local with Avi. Then we have mortgage talk for two hours followed by three hours of financial talk. From 8pm to 2am it’s retread radio followed by 3 or 4 hours of paid programming followed by a gardening show where you can’t understand a word they guy is saying, he’s got a wicked thick accent. Sheesh, two more hours of finance talk followed by three hours of restaurant talk. BTW whitley just likes the sound of his own voice, just rambles on and on and on and then points out how the lines are full but then continues to ramble on! Next we have “the aforementioned Mr. miller” followed by two hours of finance talk. Then finally we have two hours of live and local and then more finance talk.

    Program directors should be strapped to a chair and forced to listen to their choices maybe then things would change!

  263. Look smart Barb when you give us our fave

    sound evah! It is just around the proverbial


    Program directors are against Democracy!

  264. Barbara, 96.9 isn’t much better. Sometimes it’s worse (Jimmy the Guardian at the Gate, the Hamburger Huddle, etc.).

  265. Cap’n, Nobody listens to us around here!

    Nobody cares what we think or want to listen

    to or pay our $ for. I like Red Eye but as Barb said

    the shows are dated. Whatever the hell has

    happened to our once envied radio situation here

    in Boston and other points? Who are these people who want to hear the crap that is on now?

    Also do they spend all this $ on these products

    that are being shilled on air?

  266. Cap, isn’t angry jimmy supposed to be the “keeper of the flame” or something like that for Reggie’s family? I’ve only listened to about 5 minutes of his show, he really does need an attitude adjustment.

    1st – this past Friday nite’s redeye was a repeat but last nite’s I think was live! I only heard the first couple of minutes where Doug said it’s early Monday morning on the east coast and evening on the west coast, that’s all I heard but for all I know he could have been talking about last Monday!

    Speaking of crap on the radio, remember those horrible “spackle and paste” ads on RKO, seems like they were on every 10 minutes. Now they’re hawking vitamins from purity products and I think some skin care product too. I miss coast to coast am, I can’t get rush radio here on the south shore, the reception is really bad during the day and even worse at nite. Life goes on though!

  267. Hi Barbara,

    That recent post (#393) was a great description of the WRKO weekend line-up. I too listen to much of talk radio as a background, and though perhaps boring, it’s part of the laid-back weekend ambiance, just as the regular weekday line up is part of the usual work day. A lot of my week day airtime though is now trending to AM 1200.

    I really wish the Salem Communications syndicate, especially Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager were available here.

  268. Nobody does a better job of describing how the Chinatown Ribs are “cut at an angle to the bone” than Whitley.

    I love how Polcari’s “Corporate Chef” Louis Hubbell and Whitley both claim, with a straight face/voice, that the pizza at the satellite Pizzeria Reginas is “the same” as the one on Thatcher Street. They should share notes with Obama on how to con.

  269. I don’t know if anyone is selling any of the products or services, but I’ll tell ya this, my idea of a cosmetic surgeon is not a doctor who “rocks”. I don’t care how old you are, young or old, NO ONE wants to go to a doctor who F_ing rocks!

    And while I’m on my little tirade here, what the F_k is Michael Graham’s problem ? “Cheerleadrer”for the “Tea Party” and describes any protesters planning on the big Palen event as wearing “swaztika” and “moustaches”.

    So let me get this right: if one has the audacity to show up at the “Tea Party” rally, they’re considered a Nazi?

    I thought their agenda was focused on less gov’t spending and better representation. I didn’t know if you weren’t one of “them”, you were evil.

    Pardon my language, but he’s a F_ing idiot.

  270. But right now, I’d like to welcome to 969 Boston Talks The Sports Huddle, someone who was not given much air time earlier today when he called Jimmy My-ahs, apparently for not kissing President Obama’s ass enough for Jimmy’s satisfaction and, ahm, I don’t think you’d evvah see him in Fanton Goo-wah-may purple sweat pants, although you might see him in a daishiki but, he IS with us tonight to complain about how Michael Bishop was mistreated by the N.E. Patriots, along with the rest of the NFL, hee-yahs my good friend, SIDIKI FROM ROXBURY!

    Sidiki, how-ah YOU???!!!

  271. NYP: Not one of the satellite Regina’s can compare to the original. The pizza’s share nothing in common except the name. Although a friend of mine said there is one in Medford that’s kinda close to the original. I can’t say.

    Whale tail? If Rushbo did wear a thong, it would be tough to determine….. from the rear, it wouldn’t be noticable because it would be tucked into his cheeks like butt floss, and in the front, his belly would apron his Viagra addicted penis.

    Pizza, I really don’t want to think about what Limbaugh has goin on down there. Did I bring it up?

    Oh, and hello Mr. Andleman.

  272. Cap’n, that is NOT fantasizing that is a full

    blown nightmare!

    When God makes a mistake (Rush) He/She

    really shi.. the bed!

  273. NY pizza, Regina’s only has one location that is worth the drive. Baghdad Bob is the one who researches material for whitley!

    Yes pirate, if you attend a tea party rally or even utter the words tea party you are automatically a nazi. If you disagree with obama and deval you are automatically a racist – ask sidiki and esther, both used to call into RKO on a regular basis and rant needlessly. Look up the recent comment by Newt Gingrich about having an athlete in the WH and how now Newt is a racist for making that comment.

    Would someone please explain the following: RKO used to have Wall Street Journal on from 5-6am but changed the programming to accommodate Laura Ingraham. Now the felon is on from 5:30am to 9am. I never really listened to the felon at 5:30 in the morning but last week and this week I’ve been up at that hour and tuned in and actually listened. My question is this, why would RKO take a 1/2 hour of relevant information from WSJ and replace it with a half hour of totally irrelevant radio? From 5:30-6am the felon and crew do nothing but banter and talk about absolutely nothing. The program doesn’t really start going til after 6am and even that is a stretch, so why cut out a good half hour of WSJ for this crap?

    Have a good day everyone!

  274. Barb, there is no explaining RKO. I also miss the

    WSJ full version but the reality is, I go right on

    missing! Yes, I did hear Red Eye.

    Just an aside: I am reading a good novel by

    Nelson DeMille titled “Wild Fire”. A great story

    and a smooth read.

  275. Seems capin’ graf’ isn’t worth saving. A good example of the Captain going down with the ship. This place isn’t mentioned on The Radio Equalizer. The last link was on 06 April.

    Good job capin’, we’ll miss you.

  276. I wonder if Brian got a cease and desist letter from Entercom legal over this site? I say that because of how abruptly his posting stopped without any notice to the readers at all.

  277. Cap’n: Your post is so funny! Fanatisizng over “Fudgie the Whale”! Trust me, with the drugs he’s taking, he’s a Viagra away from being a eunch.

    I saw a picture of Obama and Chancellor Merkel. It was a funny pic. (it’s on page 2 Globe). They held onto each other’s shoulders, but Merkel’s body language suggests she’s keeping her distance- and her feet look like she’s ready to sprint.

    Could it be she’s a little skeptical of American Presidents touching her? Remember when Bush siddled up behing her and rubbed her neck? Did he cop a feel too? Whatever he did, she was totally creeped out.

  278. Just posted the following on Brian’s facebook:

    “Any reason, Brian, why SaveWRKO.com has been dormant (in terms of your posts) since early March? We are up to 400+ replies on the last post you did. Before we save WRKO we must save Save WRKO…thanks, we love the blog!”

    Also: reports say a couple in Louisiana was savagely beaten for wearing Palin buttons. Wonder how media would react if it were

    Obama buttons?

  279. raccoon: “reports say”… but not any “reports” from any major media outlets. The closest thing I can find to any mention of it in a big media outlet is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which calls it a “fight” and a “discussion”.

  280. ….and on the Radio Equalizer, Maloney’s info. does NOT list this Blog “Save WRKO” nor the other two.

    D-day…..it’s getting closer…….

  281. Hi Racoon. I just checked Michelle Malkin’s blog and it has been reported that the couple, Louisiana Gov Jindal’s fundraiser chief and her boyfriend, were savagely beaten in New Orleans but they were NOT wearing Palin buttons. I have a friend in NO and I will check with her about any new updates. The beatings are being investigated by the NO Police but at this posting they have not released updated info.

  282. “Couple assaulted for wearing Palin buttons”. Yeah, just like the McCain Supporter had an “O” carved in her face with a butter knife by a “black man” in the final days of the Presidential election.

    But that won’t stop some people from spreading it anyway because they WANT to believe it to give them purpose.

  283. 1stX: apparently I am sporting hemp shoes.

    Marco: I am so F_g fed-up with this kind of crap. It affects me and then I want to come out swinging. It is so irresponsible for media to perpetuate this kind of BS.

    God I listen to Michael Graham and I want to jump thru the radio and strangle him.

  284. PT: The comment was in reference to the numerous times BJD declared that he was taking WRKO in the death pool following one of Brian’s “The Sky is Falling at WRKO” posts.

    I’ll miss this blog. Many of the posters are passionate radio listeners and it was fun and sometimes enlightening to get some depth to go with the objective ratings and revenue data. Best of luck to all.

  285. Thx for the clarification, Ad. I guess I missed those references.

    Go to: http://www.yahoo.com/groups. There is a small group of us there under wrkoorphans. You can get into the group with an email (it doesn’t have to be a yahoo email), however it’s easy to get a yahoo email.

    It’s just a place to connect when it’s lights out here.

    Identiify yourself somehow as Ad Man so we’ll know who you are.

    If you don’t want to join, that’s cool, too. It’s up to you.


  286. Hey remember me? Just kidding. Looks like this is the end of savewrko. I don’t think I’ve actually posted here for well over a year.


  287. Brian: Can’t you tell everyone your plans for the site? It seems obvious you are letting it go the way of good local radio. You’re apparently going to focus your efforts on the national site. How about an “it’s been real” or “we came, we blogged, we failed to save WRKO” or “you cheap b@st@rds didn’t buy enough books at amazon so I’m going to try to save something on a national level”?

  288. Well, it’s official. Hell has frozen over. I have agreed w/Michele McOutrage. She supports Scott Brown not attending the Tea Party rally, while Michael Graham Cracker does not.

    Graham just betrayed himself by insisting Brown come. Here’s why: if Graham truly believed in what his Tea Party preaches- government spending less and focusing more on the will of the people, then he would certainly be able to understand that Brown is doing exactly that. He’s not wasting time and money to attend a rally- he’s in Washington doing his job.

    Graham was instrumental in organizing the Tea Party here in MA. He was begging everyone who called into his show today to attend the rally. He’s the 2nd speaker (after Palin). He’s got a new book out, he’s getting some national attention. Do not tell me that Graham’s being bent out of shape over Brown’s absence is motivated more by self-interest/self-promotion than anything else.

    Frankly I think Brown made a wise decision. He gets credit for staying in Washington and doing his job, while keeping his distance from that fruit-loop, Palin. It’s a win-win for him.

    And finally, did anyone hear Graham’s conversation with a female reporter from Al-Jazera today? Is he F_ing 12 years old? This woman sounded smart, sophisticated and Graham sounded like a pre-teenage boy all goo-goo over a girl. I was embarrassed for him. And the poor woman was trying to be as professional as possible. He asked her if she was a “babe”….oh it was just pitiful.

  289. joy: don’t think we’ve met. where have you been? we’re becoming extinct. we do have an anti-brian, but not an anti-braude……does he rub you the wrong way?

  290. I support Brown not attending as well…I don’t think any of the people already in congress should/need to be there.

    Why do you all think the b log is dead? It looks to me like there is some active posting going on. I will stick it out, Brian is bound to be back. In the meantime let’s all report for him.

  291. IMHO (not so humble) Graham and Palin are

    right where they should be today—-

    standing in a pasture where cows once shat!

    It is truly a love story. Don’t cha thinky winky??

  292. Hi everyone! Right now I’m “listening” to 96.9 and Graham at the Tea Party. I cannot believe a so-called full power radio station sounds like WVBF (yes they are the call letters for a Middleboro radio station) when the broadcast the Coyle-Cassidy-Taunton High School Thanksgiving game in Taunton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. Hello orphans! Nice day today! Anyone go to the teaparty today or work near the area? Apparently the media is reporting only 1k people showed up but those who were actually there say there was waaay waaay more than a mere 1k.

  294. Here’s pirate, just back from that “scene”, man.

    Graham: voice so loud, he could be heard as far away as Park St. station. Again shilling his book. Why do I get the distinct impression he is more interested in self-promotion, rather than the “Tea Party” agenda?

    Palin: looked great in red leather jacket (she does love her leather!). Thankfully she is great looking- it makes up for the fact she says NOTHING of any substance. Rhetoric and sound bytes. One stuck out, “forget about yes we can….how about no you shouldn’t”. That got big applause. Do you think she paid a writer for that “gem”?

    Joe Ligotti is as big as a house.

    Michele looked the same as she always does- black leather jacket, blonde asymmetrical hair hanging over her face and looking a bit befuddled.

    Braude was tall and thin, chatting with a very attractive red headed woman. I was too shy to approach and ask her to join our red haired orphans group.

    Margery- didn’t see her.

    Nuts of all shapes and variety. Signs with every type of message. Young, old, kids, dogs, professionals, unemployed, gay, straight and many “undetermined”.

    Number of people in attendance? I haven’t a clue. I’m not any good as estimating crowd sizes.

  295. I was there. Probably a couple thousand, but it didn’t feel packed. I didn’t get there until after 10 and I got pretty close (less than 50 yds) to Palin. I also was able to drive in and park without a lot of difficulty

    Big props to the people that were there though. Not a bunch of rascist Nazis, just concerned people making themselves heard. Sure some were angry, some might be scared, some are bad spellers and yes, a few of the signs bordered on hateful, but by and large it was normal folks getting involved. There was a small but noticeable protester presence, but all I saw was peaceful discussion. I never felt like anything violent was going to happen.

    As I said before Obama was elected, the more people that get involved, the more representative of the people the electorate becomes, and the better off we will be.

  296. @pirateboy: When I used to post here “the real barbara” was know simply as “Barbara”. Because of Baloney’s non-existant identity authentication policy there were a lot of trolls posting as other users. For a while I think we had like 5 “joy” and several “Barbara” and of course “Celtic Frost”. Anyhow it was fun for a while but then it went a bit overboard and you couldn’t even have real back and forth anymore. Seems like things have quieted down here now though.

  297. well, anti, I don’t know how much it’s changed. I never know who’s who anymore. All I can guarantee is this: I use one name here, piratetoby ( that’s “toby” not “boy”) and so far no one has hijacked my screen name.

    now, give me your best anti-braude argument. I like him a lot, so I’m curious as to your opinion. I’ll give you my pros when you supply my with your cons. okay, matey?

  298. NYP:

    I just read a piece that Alex Chilton’s death could possibly have been prevented if he HAD MEDICAL INSURANCE. He knew he had a heart condition, however didn’t have medical insurance to treat it properly.

    Makes me wanna cry.

  299. Yo P, from your link:

    Despite his iconic indie rock stature, Chilton’s wife said, “He was kind of lazy … He took it very easy. He’d say, ‘Why work when I don’t have to?’ He wanted a very simple life. He was not interested in fame. He was interested in money — he wanted enough to be comfortable and to travel.”

    Dunno about most folks, but my health comes before my vacation budget.

  300. Cap’n: that statement says nothing more than he WANTED comfort and travel.

    You’re making an assumption that he DID travel and vacation and neglected his health by choosing to spend his money on self indulgence.

    Being “comfortable” includes being healthy.

  301. It sounds like Alex Chilton didn’t want to establish an account with the billing office and/or his health care provider(s) didn’t stress to him that he could not be denied access to care due to no “health insurance.”

    In pre-Romneycare MA, hospitals that received Federal grants had to provide apportioned free care based on the patient’s income/assets. Romneycare supporters use the uncompensated care pool becoming “unsustainable” excuse without ever admitting that this unsustainability was due to so many people who are here illegally exploiting it.

    1) These hospitals lobbied aggressively to pass Romneycare in 2006 so they could retain more of their Fed Grant $

    2) Romney backed it so he could use it as a tool to campaign for president with

    3) Health “insurers” (like Charlie Faker’s company) backed it so they could improve their financial positions via a forced spike in demand, selling relatively low coverage/high deductible (i.e., higher margin) products (even if they’re “non-profits,” they still seek to maximize positive cash flows)

    4) Organized labor backed it to make non-union employers less competitive

  302. I’d like to see an “objective” study of how much less expensive medicine would be if the provider was paid cash by the patient versus being paid by health “insurers.”

    1) Americans should be able to increase the amount of pre-tax $ they may save for medical care accounts (e.g., “HCSAs,” etc.)

    2) The tax deduction for medical expenses should be liberalized (e.g., no more deduction only for amounts greater than 7.5% of AGI.) It ALL should be tax deductible, with a carry-forward for unapplied amounts. To appease the haters of the “wealthy, ” a deduction phaseout based on AGI or modified AGI might be feasible.

    Unsurprisingly, the Obama Administration and Congress advocate just the opposite.

  303. We all know that an emergency room can’t deny care. But where do people like him go if they have a condition that requires testing, monitoring, Rx, etc?

    I know a man who broke his back in New Hampshire (this was 15-20 years ago). He was taken to the local ER, admitted to the hospital and the next day they threw him out because he didn’t have insurance, and the company he was working for didn’t have workers comp.

    He was never given the proper treatment and to this day has major back problems.

    I don’t have the details on Alex Chilton. I just read the short article I linked here. It’s just a sad story for a man of 59 dying when there was a possibility he didn’t have to die.

    I’ve read that MA insurance companies are already trying to increase their rates, and have been denied by the court until there is a hearing. So they petitioned the court for a speedy trial- this, too, was denied.

    Anyone in their right mind who thinks insurance companies are the victims in health care reform are just nuts. Blame all the high costs of insurance on illegal aliens. It’s “them” that are the root of insurance companies rates.

    Insurance companies are the biggest bandits on the planet. I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for them. Illegal aliens my ass. Most of them are afraid to walk into a hospital and give their names!

    How did I get on this topic?

  304. Pizza: Is it 7.5% of AGI? I thought it was even higher- like 10%. I don’t even bother working on my Medical expenses anymore when preparing my taxes. Even years where I may have had substantial expenses- they still fell short of the requirement.

    Too bad pet medical expenses don’t count!

    By the way, thx for the reminder. I need to file an extension with the state. Love Turbo tax!

  305. In the words of Paul Westerberg in tribute to Mr. Chilton, “I Never travel far without a little Big Star.”

    I listened a little to TKK today, their “live” presence at tea party sounded awful. Who was at the studio? I only caught a few minutes.

  306. Pirate, Re: post # 457.

    My response is for Gov’t to go after the bad guys and leave us the hell alone. There is some serious need for heavy Insurance regulation in this country NOT a take over of how I live and die.

    The poor in this country are covered by many, many free or penney programs which function very well. This is about a whole other issue that

    has damn little to do with you or me. This transition is not going to be pretty or good.

  307. 1stX: I agree with the need for heavy regs. on insurance companies. THEY are the problem. It’s too bad that the HCR bill did not include a public option.

    Maybe as reform gets implemented and grows, a public option might be a transformation further down the line.

    What pisses me off is this notion that we’re in the problem we’re in because of illegal aliens and welfare cases.

    The problem is the insurance companies. They have raped all of use.

  308. Pirate, a VAT TAXES EVERYTHING manufactured from the beginning of maufacture THROUGH the time it is sold. And guess who pays the Tax??????????

  309. Pirate, For me it boils down to “who do you trust” as far as this “reform” that is not a “reform” is concerned. I trust not a single soul except my very

    own self when it comes to my health, good or bad.

    This has such a stench to it that it makes me sick.

    If I sound angry, I am. I have told each of my Reps how I feel and not even one of them told me

    I had valid points or ques. Can you imagine!! My

    body my health and I have not a single valid point

    or ques. I dislike intensely feeling this way.

  310. 1stX: Your anger is based on your Reps. not validating your issues, which is what? Issues with your insurance provider?

    Yes, I agree. I don’t trust my insurance company. I feel like I have to keep upgrading my coverage (and my premiums) because every year they reduce services and change their policies and practices. And, for the first time, I have a doctor that I no longer trust either. It bothered me and I had to confront her. She was both defensive and patronizing. I’m still debating whether I can continue with her.

    This subject is giving me a headache.

  311. VAT- yes, I know exactly what it is. The taxes along the way that are factored into the final price/cost to the consumer. It was the acronym that threw me.

  312. My mis-trust is directed to both political parties

    that will continue to let insurance companies

    legally ROB US BLIND and turn our lives up side friggin down.

  313. yes, you’re right and it is both parties….insurance companies robbing us blind is/was the best argument for a public option.

  314. Don’t lie, Jim. Braude argued safety, not money for police details. Although I don’t know how qualified the police are in matters of safety if they are working back to back shifts.

    And I don’t know why general contractors don’t pay the tab for details, or at least the premium for the over time rate. These GC’s a raking it in….you mean to tell me they can’t spring for the cost of a police detail?

    There is a legit argument for increasing the salaries of many police- I think they start off too low- but that’s a seperate isssue. And don’t even get me going on the drug testing of BPD. Isn’t drug testing supposed to be random? Not in the BPD. They know the day of their test and still many fail!

    Don’t rile me up. It doesn’t take much lately.

  315. Cap’n: if you trying NOT to rile me up, you can start with addressing me properly- it’s pirateTOBY. Yes, I may be an excitable BOY, but that’s not my screen name!

    And look at me, defending Braude! Frankly, he may have said it AND meant it for all I know.

    Which is the perfect segue into my next topic. This requires a response from “Staffer”.

    My primary reason for loving this blog has nothing to do with saving RKO. I’m here for the gossipy, juicy stuff. I was under the impression that J & M were no longer sharing the big bed. Seems like that’s not the case. They now discuss stuff they’ve done together. Are they out? Staffer?

  316. Pi, I am not lying, maybe he has put it a few different ways but I heard this version when I was listening. Don’t call me a liar you ass.

  317. Sharing the same bed with Braude is


    Visuals are not good. For instance Larry King

    and anyone sharing a bed=rileupability.

    And on it goes,

  318. I like pirateboy better. Kinda like a superhero sidekick name or something. Why noy just call yourself TOBY then? Which reminds me why I quit this insane asylum in the first place. Getting “riled-up” by that? Really? This is the anonymous person I want to engage in an intelligent dialogue about a socialist liberal pervert named Jim Braude? Nah, I’m good. I only checked back here to see if producer Bill Cooksey actually jumped ship to another station because I couldn’t find anything about it after reading it once. Probably an April Fools joke.

  319. Duh! Getting riled up by “pirateboy”?

    And when I use “don’t lie” it’s an expression like “no way”.

    My rileabily factor has dropped considerably this morning…..so have a nice time today.

  320. In my best Robin Williams voice (good morning vietnam) Goooooooooooooooooooood Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning orphans!!

    Wooooooooohooooooooooooo! 500th post is coming up today! How many posts do you think this thread will get before Brian decides to post here again?

  321. Morning back at cha Barb. Anti, Cooksey is still on ‘RKO, he and Todd have done a couple of re-mixes of some songs, and it gets a good laugh while driving up 24, as long as it isn’t closed due to fiber optic wires that is. BTW, who the heck would do the horizontal momba with dead man walking, Larry King? Really, REALLY SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. Good morning all.

    Anti: Engaging in intellegent dialogue regarding a talk-radio host? That aint happenin’ here. Cheap shots, name calling- that’s the sort of stuff we do to amuse ourselves here in the asylum.

    Jim: If you read my post # 477, you’ll read my follow-up to #474. Trust me, I know when I’m as ass- don’t need you to inform me.

    1stX: Gross visuals do not matter when it comes to strange bedfellows.

    Medic: King has always had beautiful wives. He has fathered children with them, too. All those dollars sign must get them through a torturous sex session. He can’t go for very long, I’d imagine.

  323. “BTW, who the heck would do the horizontal momba with dead man walking, Larry King? Really, REALLY SICK!!!!!!!!!!!”

    supposedly he was screwing his current wifes younger sister (46). Blech! He did not have a prenup with the current wife. Cha Ching!

  324. Wonder if Brian will write about Fox pulling Hannity from his Cincy tea party appearance. Rupert Murdoch has said he doesn’t want his network to support the tea party, or ANY party…TP organizers said the event cost them $50k and the $5/ $20 charge was to recoup costs.

    Hannity would have done part or all of his show

    from there but Fox said no and he jetted back to

    NYC. This report from Les Nessman, 5 time winner of the Buckeye Newshawk award. (maybe at least one time for when turkeys were tossed out of helicopters ;0 0

  325. Yippee Barb, glad to hear you are tunning up!

    You are talented, consistent and loyal. Your

    brethren red headed orphans know how lucky

    we are to have you and your fabulous sound!

  326. ^^^^^^^

    how many scoldings/beating did the poor pooch endure in the name of “Barak Obama”?

    One can only hope “mom” and “dad” didn’t procreate and kept their parenting skill to their dog only.

    Sorry, Babs. I’m a pet lover, respect our President and hate that video.

  327. The weasel formerly known as Maloney, now known as Baloney Maloney, does not have the guts to kill “this thing of ours”. Just one more reason to shut the radio off and subscribe to what Carr calls the “magic radio”.

    Damn loser Maloney ,no wonder he can’t find a real job.

  328. Now we find why Howie off: suspended for 1 wk due to his badmouthing rko. See post–yes we do finally have another thread!

  329. Barb! Who the hell wooda thunk it??

    500 big ones calls for a dbl WooooooooHoooooo!

    We are glad it was you who hit it..

  330. Jim, You are on! 600 it is! I hope you are as interesting as I think you are cuz we probably are alone out here. Ok, now you owe one!

    This sounds more and more like LMN tv.

  331. 1stX….now why didja have to go makin’ that type of challenge. Jim will have to be really, really interesting to live up to the pressure.

    Now what is LMN tv?

  332. pirate: I believe the med expenses threshold is increasing to > 10% from > 7.5 of AGI on IRS Schedule A as part of health care “reform.”

    Like I already said, just the opposite makes more sense (it should all be deductible.)

  333. oh right…..those god-awful lifetime movies-

    and yes- all medical costs s/be deductible, unless elective and/or cosmetic procedures-

  334. My definition of a cosmetic procedure is one where there is no medical reason or condition for the procedure.

    Are you willing to share the good reason for asking?

  335. Hola! Hmmmm 511, we have a ways to go to get to 600 but I have no doubt we’ll get there! Woooooooohoooooooooooo 600 here we come!

  336. Barb, Not actually,but it was a hell of a dream.

    Of course I won, woooohooooo! You may have seen me—-red shorts, black tee with ###

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