Live Over The Holidays?

Recently, I was talking with several bloggers who told me about an especially persistent colleague who has a habit of posting updates without taking holiday breaks. “He’ll even blog on Christmas,” one explained.

Why, you ask? Apparently, it’s good for business: his stats remain high during normally slow periods as web surfers, finding few updates anywhere else, turn to him for fresh material. Some readers return soon after, leading to sustained readership gains for his site.

That got me thinking about talk radio- could hosts benefit from sticking around as well? These days, long breaks have become the norm, particularly in Boston, where our local talkers seem to have endless time off built into their contracts.

But why not be the one who sticks around? It’s not always easy to get calls during major holidays, but one key difference is that the news cycle is much busier than it used to be (ObamaCare vote on Christmas Eve day as an example), so there’s plenty of material.

I’m told that Coast-to-Coast AM will be live all night during Christmas, so apparently, someone in network syndication feels this is worthwhile.

It would be nice to see one or two in our area hungry enough to show this kind of commitment, but most seem like they’d rather appear important by simulating the contractual excesses of the highest-paid folks in Boston radio.


28 thoughts on “Live Over The Holidays?

  1. Bill Cunningham hasn’t taken one night off from his Sunday night show since taking over from Matt Drudge over two years ago. I expect to listen to him this weekend live. Your point is well taken. Talk Radio is no longer just for fun. It’s our lifeline and the House of Lords showed us yesterday the damage that they can do to the Republic over the holidays.

    Brian’s 11:12 p.m. post on Christmas Eve shows the level of commitment that hosts should have in serving the public. I’d like to thank you Brian for providing this incredible source of information. Your insights are valued, as well as providing us the chance to express our views. Thank you and I wish you and everyone here a great 2010.


  2. This of course is a blatant and shameless attempt by the unemployable Brian Maloney (rhymes with ‘baloney’) to get a paid gig ANYWHERE! Not a chance.

  3. Little men hiding behind keyboards in their Mothers’ basement apparently don’t take the holidays off from trying to drag down people who are actually contributing. Take the rest of the year off LG.

  4. Al B-I understand you are not happy with LG but the “mothers basement” metaphor is a tired and old one. Please come up with something more original! The “mothers basement” line is so old and tired that Michelle McFraud uses it on her show everytime she is panicked by a caller who trumps her by stating fact and she has to hang up on him. That one and “don’t go there”, let’s all hold hands and sing Coombaya”, and “TMI” all should be retired!

  5. Marco Polo (can I just call you Polo? I like using nicknames)…anyway, I agree. This “Mother’s basement” is so lame and over-used. “Don’t go there” would never pass my lips or keyboard. Good God- doesn’t that date back to the 80’s?

    “Coombaya”- anyone who uses that word, unless they’re a kid around a campfire in some goody movie is relegated to my list of least important people. Who the hell ever came up with that one?

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to come up with something witty/clever/catchy to replace “Mom’s basement”.

    C’mon fellow comrades. We need to collectively stamp out Mom and her god damn basement. All ideas are welcome.

    Now get to work- yeah that means you.

  6. Speaking of people who never seem to go on vacay: Howie Kurtz has been there LIVE every Sunday morning for his “Reliable Sorcerors” show on CNN at 10:00 am (or so; today, some time was taken away for the latest “engineer” to go rogue on an aeroplane) for years. The same appears to be true of John McLaughlin, who never has a substitute, although this week’s and next week’s “McLaughlin Group” shows are taped-in-advance year-end shows. I think John drags himself to the TV studio every week to gaze at Monica Crowley’s gams, which are much more impressive than her brains (does anybody know if her syndicated weekend show is even on-the-air anymore).

  7. MSNBC went on vacation…but FINALLY came back when they realized people were interested in the latest “shoe bomber”. It took them until today to cover the story. (Maybe because FOX was all over it).

    As for talk radio, I don’t mind them taking a break. Hell, I needed a break from all of them.

  8. Criticism understood. I’ll spend the first few months of the new year coming up with a new designation for bitter sexually repressed lard asses who can’t accomplish anything. I’m on it.

    This is a challenge because people like LG are living cliches. I’ll try harder.

  9. Al, it would have been nice to hear ALL of Cunningham’s show last nite, but noooooooooo, it was taken over by football………….how much longer is the interruption w/football going to continue? I know football season ends soon, I’m asking how many more years of this crap do we have to put up with? If it’s not football, it’s basketball, no basketball then let’s broadcast soccer, hell yeah, all sports all the damn time on RKO! And they have the audacity to promote themselves as a TALK station………I guess it depends on what the definition of “talk” is…..paging slick willy, paging slick willy!! 🙂

  10. How ironic that the blogger who expects talk hosts to work over the holidays hasn’t been able to produce a new post for 4 days. Brian it is time to put away the Mannheim Steamroller Xmass tapes you bought on the Limbo web site and get back to the business of writing about a industry you will never work in.

    Barbara you didn’t miss anything on the Bill Cunningham show last night here is a highlite to hold you till next week. He said Barack Hussein Obama 70 times.

  11. My cable is down, so no TV last night. I was listening to music, and when the disc ends, WTKK comes on. It must’ve been late, but I was listening to a show with a host I’d never listened to before.

    Is it Bachelor? Anyway, I was working and listening at the same time. His guest was talking about the Mid-East and all the stuff going on over there. It’s funny, things have been so hectic here: all the health care reform talk, senate race, bad economy, etc., that one loses track of the newsworthy international struggles.

    I found both the host and his guest refreshing to listen to, because they were just reporting facts. No Obama bashing, no dumb commentary- just straight forward, thought provoking talk radio.

    And let me tell you, while I know the mess the Middle East is in currently and has been for years, this guy made me really sit up and listen. There is no trusting anything that Akmadidijad – he is just a snake in the grass- is involved with, and Iraq? They seem no better for what our troops sacrificed for them. One exception- Sadam Hussein is dead. They’re still a bunch of tribes with Akmadidijad on their tails. And Netanyahu? He says something one day, and then changes his mind the next. How is it possible to stabilize that whole region? Impossible.

    I know I’m rambling and being less than succinct in my comment here. Let me just close by saying it was a good show, designed for adults with a brain.

  12. It was Batchelor. He’s on every night now in the old Curtis Sliwa slot. You can also get his show Podcasts on the WABC website.

    Real Barbara – I listen to Willie’s Sunday night show on Monday morning. WLW posts the Podcasts.

    Cunningham has earned the right to say BHO 800 times a show after what McKennedy did to him in 2008.

    Sports preemption is a curse.

  13. I heard the 3 or 4 sentences that WRKO passes off as “news” a few times today and they had a “news” item each time in which they mentioned that Coakley is running for Kennedy’s seat but isn’t tying herself to Kennedy’s legacy, and that her election would be historic. AND NO MENTION OF THE OTHER CANDIDATE.

  14. Speaking of Batchelor, he sounds like the type of guy – like Jay – who would enjoy kicking back with a Brandy Alexander while Noel Coward tunes play on the Hi-Fi (not that there is anything wrong with that).

  15. staffer made a motion, do I hear a 2nd? Al second’s. All in favor? Aye. (that’s me, pirate speak).

    Motion accepted. JB most likey belongs to the same “Ladies who Lunch” club as Ms. Jay, but he spares us the details, minetua and outright fabrication listeners endure with new Jay Daddy.

    Fell asleep listening to JB last night, and woke up to Phil Hendry (Hendrick?) show. OMG. Two guests- one who wants Mexican hockey players and another (I’m a gay jounalist”)* who claims anyone offended by two gay men kissing are filled with and harboring murderous rage.

    Comcast is coming today to fix my cable. Thank god! These night-time radio shows are freaking me out.

    * the guest used that self- description no less than 20 times, but was too dumb to figure out why he was being mocked for saying it.

    Where’s my cable guy?

  16. ….speaking of over-usage, if Michele McFruitoftheLoom says “tighty-whiteys” ONE MORE TIME today, I will personally drive over to that studio on Morrissey Blvd. and stuff a pair in her mouth to SHUT HER THE FU_K UP.

    Larry the Cable Guy…..please get you butt-crack ass over here……hurry up!

  17. To The Real Barbara: I always tune in to Cunningham on Sundays. If RKO is pulling the sports pre-empt crap, try WGIR-AM web site, out of Manchester NH. Also, Willie’s home base is WLW-AM in Cincinatti. The crazy thing is WLW often does not air the third hour of Cunningham’s network show.

  18. Joe: It’s TighTy not TiDey. Michele McDiction-challenged pronounces her “t’s” with a “d”.

    Actually, that’s the least of her speech problems.

    Here’s a little story for you Joe, if you were Joe. I took my nephew to his first concert on New Years Eve, maybe 15 years ago? It was Aerosmith.

    Billie (your beautiful wife) was a row or two behind us, with your young son. Right when the band got on stage, Billie brushed aside his long hair aside and gently placed ear plugs in his ears. She sat alone with her son, not with the other wives/girlfriends/family. That little 30 seconds watching her really touched me- and I never forgot it. Later in the show, Billie and all the entourage left their seats. A few minutes later they all came on stage with a cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to you.

    Yeah, that was my nephew Tyler’s first concert/show. New Years Eve. mid 1990’s.

  19. I did not offer a second. I was merely confirming that JB is erudite.

    BTW, Batchelor is working this week. Last night’s show was live and topical.

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