Mike Barnicle: Still Useless

Civic nuisance Mike Barnicle, the ratings-challenged former WTKK talker, is at it again.

This time, while filling in for “Morning Joe” Scarborough (was it something I said?), Barnicle found himself in agreement with incendiary remarks made by crackpot Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

From Mike Sargent at NewsBusters:

WHITEHOUSE: They [the GOP] are desperate to break this president. They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of President Barack Obama. The birthers, the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups, it is unbearable to them that President Barack Obama should exist. That is one powerful reason. It is not the only one.”

And here’s the reaction upon hearing the senator’s remarks:

MIKE BARNICLE: In what context was Senator Whitehorse [sic] saying that?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I think he’s angry at the Republicans because they have worked hard to derail health care among other things.

BARNICLE: Well, then he would be correct.


Isn’t this typical Barnicle? Shoots his mouth off, but doesn’t even know the senator’s name (is Rhode Island really that far from here?), probably thinking of White Horse Beach or the White Horse Tavern.

And yet, despite Mike’s stupidity, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to wake up tomorrow and find him back on WTKK’s talk lineup. As it is, still heard on the station via pre-recorded rants that air during morning drive. (Is this still the case? He’s not listed as part of the program.)


25 thoughts on “Mike Barnicle: Still Useless

  1. If his stupidity wasn’t covered here or on Newsbusters I wouldn’t even know Barnicle was still on tv or radio. He’s a hasbeen on a thirdrate network, nuf said.

  2. It’s been enjoyable watching liberal media hacks suffer near apoplectic meltdowns in 2009. Matthews. Olbermann. Eagan. Maddow. Shultz. This was supposed to be their ‘raining candy’ year. Rule #1: If you lose the election, make sure the winning side is miserable, too. Check! 2010 will be a fun year also!

  3. Barnicle serves a purpose. He reinforces the maxim “Life isn’t Fair”. There’s no reason this guy should even be able to find employment after his shameful career.

  4. Usually listen to Howie but put on WTKK during an ad break. Michael Graham (fill in) was on promoting a charity. “Let’s go now to our good friend Mike Barnicle..”

    –I couldn’t hit the RKO button fast enough. Get me outta here!

  5. Is he still connected to WTKK because he can bring in ad dollars; isn’t his wife a huge bank bigwig or something? (In THAT way.)

    WTKK’s studios are just down the street from the Boston Globe. VB was filling in for Howie once and told how, when he heard the news of Barnicle leaving the paper, a giddy Howie kept going through the hallways exulting, “Barnicle resigns! Barnicle resigns!”

    Meanwhile yet another progtalker gone this time in Dallas where KMNY is changing on 1/1 (no more Cindy Sheehan Sun afternoons). One comment on the Dal. Observer says that “lefties listen to mp3 players and NPR, righties listen to conservative talk, sports talk, and music” and that the station didn’t have a chance.

  6. Off topic, but such fun…….listening to Gump today- he has yet another title to add to his resume: writer, director and producer of commericals…..over 20 years. Who knew? Is there any career Ms. Jay DIDN’T dabble in?

    And his “baby talk” is so annoying. Kids and/or childrens are referred to as one’s “babies” and moms, dads and/or parents are “mommies and daddies”.

    Knock it the fu_k off, Severino. We get it- you’re a “Daddy”.

  7. Barnicle is not a regular on TKK anymore, he did donate something, maybe red sox tickets for the benefit?

    His wife is at Bank of America

  8. Even though he sucks a boatload like his namesake barnacles, he can draw the mindless loonies who love the MSNBC approach to “news” programs. How many voters use that network as their primary source of, again, “news”?

  9. Yes, Aunt Bea, include all should be fellow travelers and my sentiments exactly.

    Now my dillema- what to bring for last minute gifts to a Christmas Eve party I wasn’t planning on attending? I know! Gift subscriptions to the Sunday Globe!

    Here’s my Christmas jingle to Brian (tune is from a popular Smith’s song):

    “All the Globies on this site,

    unite and take over.

    All the Globies on this site,

    take it over, take it over.”

    All in good fun, Brian. Thanks for the site. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


  10. Bring a whole bunch of “see thrus” to your party. I will stand guard and

    absolutely not one single globie will get in.

  11. Aunt Bea? “See thrus”? You need to explain.

    But let me tell you about the party. One of the guests had recently broken up w/their SO. Bent out of shape, distraught (apparently) they flirted – no not just flirting- really coming on to me. I was pleasant, but gave no indication of any interest whatsoever. But it continued throughout the whole evening. To the point where I became really uncomfortable.

    So here’s my point: when someone is coming on to you, and you make it clear you’re not interested, why don’t they stop? You try to be nice while getting your message across- not interested- yet they continue. So one has the option of pulling them aside and telling them to knock it off OR silently enduring and ruining my evening. I chose the latter, and ended up leaving early.

    I don’t know why I’m posting this….I just don’t get people who don’t take a hint.

    Anyway, ancient history.

    I’m quite excited w/a new Dell Mini Inspiron that I purchased tonight. I’m setting it up right now. I LOVE it, and it’s super fast.

  12. Bea! Are you being factious? The candy bar is better than my silly story…..now if I included some of the actual dialogue, my tale of woe on Christmas Eve would be far more witty and enjoyable. Alas, I am reluctant to include details of the conversations as I am not willing to expose too much of my personal life here.

    But here’s a few interesting factoids, O. Henry first used his pseudonym for a story titled “Whistling Dick’s Christmas Stocking”. Maybe it’s just me…..kinda tickled my funny bone.


    prior to using a pseudonym, he wrote for a periodical named “The Rolling Stone”. Did Jann Werner (sp?) have O. Henry in mind when naming his paper/magazine?

  13. 2oz chilled Absolut

    1oz Martini & Rossi white Vermouth

    stir with a glass spoon ever so gently

    pour into a chilled “tini” glass

    1 glass of round ice cubes on the side

    Pour a tad of olive juice over the round cubes

    Slip into tini glass as needed

    Thus you have a “see thru”

    Happy New Year PT.

  14. well, I haven’t had a vodka martini in years, but back in the day, when I mixed a “see thru”, I’d barely splash the vodka with vermouth. Two to one is a bit heavy. My preference: very dry and very cold.

    Round ice cubes? Any reason, or just a personal preference?

    HNY 2 U 2, B.

  15. I forgot to mention that the Absolut is kept in the

    freezer all the time. I think it makes a better drink.

    I guess the round cubes are my own “thing”. They

    are smaller than the square cube and less clunky

    and seem to absorb the olive juice quicker.

    The olive juice I buy from a company in New Orleans. See thrus are a bit ritualistic I guess but

    ever so satisfying.

  16. Bea, I’ll confide in you- well it’s not really something confidential- so I’ll just tell you.

    I’m aware of and sometime miss the “rituals” associated with mixing and enjoying a cocktail…or the pleasure from the first sip of a really fine wine. However after about 25 years sober, I have to find satisfaction in other ways- ways that don’t include martini glasses and/or fine bottles of wine. When I join someone for a drink, I usually order a black coffee and a tall club soda. And I am perfectly happy and content. I am not bothered by being around drinks and people drinking. With one exception: drunks.

    I have NO tolerance- ZERO- for any drunk who tries to get my ear or in my face. I will walk away- no apologies. Under no circumstances will I endure a drunk; however I will inquire who’s responsible for driving them home. If no one volunteers, then I’ll do it. I will not ever EVER let a drunk get behind a wheel.

    And I have found a variety of ways to get “high” that don’t include drugs or alcohol. Those little ice cubes have other uses besides chilling a martini and rituals are important elements to me, too. Music! Music gets me high.

    I think Absolute was just after my time. Stolyi was what I kept in my freezer.

  17. -Every year on my birthday I have one and only one see thru. That in itself is a ritual because

    every year this one tini is imbibed in a different

    place (geography). I bring just one disc with me

    and it is Ray Charles and Betty Carter. My kids(adult) make the journey with me every yr.

    It sounds a bit coo-coo but it is such fun.

    Congrats on your 25 yrs sobriety. You are to be

    admired. A strong sense of priorities.

  18. Bea- there is NOTHING about your ritual that sounds cuckoo to me- to the contrary it’s beautiful and quite moving.

    Must be something about the end of the year that gets me so emotional. I feel so sad. Many of my rituals during the holidays were associated with family members (mine and my ex’s), and I miss them.

    Little by little, I am establishing new ones. Rituals and traditions- and the people they’re shared with are both important and beloved to me. You are very lucky.

  19. There is no other time of year when we give of ourselves and share feelings, both happy and sad.

    That is the magic of “the ritual”. It happens and

    we do not even notice.

    In response to your post, yes I am very lucky.

    Take care in the New Year. It sure seems as if it

    is going to be challenging.

  20. I have 2 rituals that happen in the summer. I’ll share one now and save the other.

    As a kid we had a local Tastee-Freeze (softserve ice cream). My favorite was vanilla swirl with cherry dip. We’d go a few times a week. It was a treat.

    Every year for maybe the past 30+, the summer never officially started for me until I have one. No matter where I am, or who I’m with, after July 1st the first Dairy Queen, Soft-serve, Tastee-Freeze I see, I stop, get a small vanilla/cherry dip, and my summer officially begins.

    Typically I don’t get another until the next year. They’re no longer my favorite- far from it. It’s just a few precious moments that brings me back to my summers as a child. It’s my personal summer ritual.

    Bea: Yes, 2010 will be another year of challenges- each and every one of us will be presented with our own- some we share collectively and others will be both unique and personal to us. I’m always fascinated observing how people handle problems and challenges.

    My most difficult challenge is decision making. I silently ponder the decision, stress out over it, usually take a long time to make the decision. However, once decided, it’s full steam ahead, no looking back. I no longer consider it a decision, it is now part of me.

    Boy oh boy, what’s happening to me. I’m all over the place. What’s this blogs topic anyway?

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