Curtis Sliwa Dumped By WABC / Citadel

So where does this leave WTKK? Will they carry his new, scaled-down show run out of a tiny Salem station?

From Perry Simon at All Access:

WABC Expands Batchelor To Weeknights

CITADEL Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK is expanding weekend host JOHN BATCHELOR to weeknights 9p-1a ET starting MONDAY (11/30). The move into the slot presently occupied by CITADEL MEDIA’s CURTIS SLIWA follows the recent launch of BATCHELOR’s weekend show into syndication by WABC.

GM STEVE BORNEMAN said, “BATCHELOR’s SATURDAY and SUNDAY ratings have been so explosive, it’s a logical move to expand the program to weeknights.”

PD LAURIE CANTILLO added, “BATCHELOR offers a road map for understanding our fast-changing world at a time when listeners are hungrier for information than ever before.”

So, where does that leave SLIWA? Will he be taking another bite of the APPLE shortly elsewhere on the NEW YORK dial?

Batchelor, by the way, has been syndicated in the past and bombed. He’s about as interesting as watching paint dry.


Evil Minds Converge – For Cocktails

From the Track Gals and their “Tracked Down” notes:

Senate President Therese Murray being feted by U.S. Rep. Bill Delahunt, Quincy Mayor Tom Koch, Julie Kahn from Entercom and many more at the Marina Bay home of PR guy George Regan…

Did the neighbors complain of any sulphur-like odor coming from the event?

Isn’t it fascinating how readily evil is attracted to evil? It’s magnetic.

At the global level, it’s like the dictators of North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, etc, gathering for cocktails. Hey, Delahunt pals around with those thugs as well! He’s the one guy who’d be comfortable in either setting.

Who would throw a party for corruptocrat Therese Murray? Unbelievable.

It’s almost as crazy as naming your dog “Maloney”.

Even more surreal: having one of these crooks as your neighbor.

WTKK – In Over Their Heads

Struggling FM talker WTKK’s troubling habit of rearranging its deck chairs continues with revamped station imaging and a new website.

Almost all references to “WTKK” have been removed and the “talk evolution” tag has disappeared as well.

Now, 96.9 is referred to as “Boston Talks”, using a generic design that looks suspiciously like a “lite FM” or “smooth jazz” cookie cutter template. If I were to take one message away from “Boston Talks”, it is that WTKK avoids controversy at all costs and is now aimed at dental waiting rooms and office park lobbies.

Here, there’s a lot of text, I’m not sure how WTKK’s remaining listeners are supposed to digest it in this format.

Another issue: the prominence of “Boston” for a station whose target audience lives in places like Peabody, Rockland, etc. Boston means little to a suburban listenership, should it really be the main focus?

The bottom line: these guys are in over their heads and another re-imaging isn’t going to help until WTKK has a lineup that makes sense and can be marketed that way.

Globie Dem Senate Poll Cooked?

For two days, we’ve seen the Boston Globe’s US Senate Democratic primary poll touted as firm evidence of Martha Coakley’s commanding lead over her challengers. WRKO’s piped-in “news” has highlighted it more than once, as have other outlets.

But did anyone bother to look at the data itself? The sample is heavily skewed toward female voters, with about a 60-40 women-men breakdown.

Why the oversampling? Is there evidence that men plan to stay home on election day? If so, let’s hear the reasoning.

And does it surprise anyone that Coakley would come out ahead in a survey that heavily favors women?

Could The Globies explain why they didn’t address this issue in the story?

We’ve seen oversampling used a great deal in recent months at the national level: by padding polls with extra Democrats, Obama’s ratings were kept artificially high, but that trick isn’t working terribly well at this point.

Meanwhile, bumbling primary campaigners have needlessly stepped into another pile of doggy-doo, this time related to Patches Kennedy’s troubles with the Catholic Church in Rhode Island.

Why did Coakley and Michael Capuano think attacking the bishop and church teachings on television would be wise?

Clearly, Emily Rooney was looking to stir things up, but “front-runners” should know better than to jump into an internal religious dispute that isn’t even related to Massachusetts! Politicians defending other incumbents against a bishop in this heavily Catholic state? It risks scaring away the devout, especially older (high-propensity) voters.

Since she’s already under fire for her curious handling of the infamous Father Geoghan case in 1995, there’s a particular level of indiscretion here that could hand foes a great deal of fodder in the days to come.

In an election where tiny turnout swings will make all the difference, this was a major blunder.

WGBH Senate debate image: Boston Globe

Mixed-Up Margery

Thanks to a series of muddled Boston Herald columns that put together make absolutely no sense, it’s been quite a week for WTKK’s Margery Eagan.

Try following along:

— Martha Coakley (who blindly supports ObamaNancyHarryCare even though it will damage healthcare in Massachusetts): good!

— Sarah Palin (who opposes this bureaucratic monstrosity): bad

— Sarah Palin: very, very, very bad (two catty tirades in a row just to make the point clear)

— ObamaCare that doesn’t include taxpayer-funded abortions: unacceptable

— Health care rationing (the direct result of coming “reform”, including reduced pap smears and mammograms: bad

Added together, how does any of this make sense? Eagan supports the very people who want to bring about the rationing she fears. She opposes those who question this rushed, bloated, expensive and generally ill-considered legislation, but is also angry with its proponents because they aren’t extreme enough on the abortion question.

She knows rationing is coming, with women a likely early target, but sees it as inevitable (when it isn’t at all if this bill is killed!) because “Americans (unrealistically) demand perfection“:

The dilemma, of course, is that when it comes to cancer or heart disease or lung transplants or anything else health-wise, Americans demand perfection. But perfection is very, very expensive, and we’re just about tapped out.

Understandably, she’s taking a lot of heat in the comments section below her piece. A sampling:

Hey Madge- that’s the BEGINNING of the health care “rationing” that us “scare mongers” (b@stards that we are) have been telling you would happen under this health care shell game. Ironic that they’d start with one of their base constituencies. The Bill hasn’t even PASSED yet, and the rationing and rationalizing has begun.

Years and Years of “get in early, get checked, early detection is key” goes out the window because why? Because Obama wants it that way? What’s amazing is that all those medical experts can be bought off that easily. And this is JUST the beginning….

Hey ladies, is this the “Change” you voted for? When are the people who pay bills in this country going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and stop this moron in the White House from jeopardizing the safety of women!

Hey Marge:

NOW you get it… Your Messiah let you down (again) only THIS TIME you can SEE it

He isn’t REFORMING health care, he is TAKING IT OVER, and replacing it with something else.

It sure ain’t HEALTH CARE, except by name

Marge, now it’s YOUR TURN. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, for a change, instead of whining about the problem

Poor Marge, she just cannot get over the fact that her idol, “The Great Messiah” “Mr. O” could care less about what happens to her or anyone else. Now the people who run this nation who will vote for and pass anything he asks them to, which some of them have not read. They might do something if they knew it would cost them their cushy jobs. Marge, you will just have to live with it til 2010, and then pray we can get them out of there and just possibly have another impeachment trial.

The big question: Margery, you left yourself wide open for intense blowback, why?

Eagan & Braude image: Boston Herald library picture

Globies Play Bury The Headline

The Globies have managed to bury the Alexandra Kerry DUI bust story, with just a small link deep on the left side at leading to a brief AP story.

At the Herald’s site, by contrast, it’s front and center, with a locally-written piece.

Meanwhile, Howie Carr can’t wait until 3pm to dig into this one. Needed: a female “do you know who I am?” voice.

UPDATE: Rush Limbaugh covered her arrest here:

RUSH: I normally would not even mention this. Senator John Kerry (who served in Vietnam)’s daughter has been arrested for DUI in LA. I normally wouldn’t mention this, folks — and I’m not going to make a big deal out of it now — but I will say this: “I wonder if AP will assign an army of reporters looking into this,” because you know that if this were Sarah Palin’s child who had been stopped for DUI, more than 11 reporters would be looking into it, don’t you?