We DO Have A Candidate That Can Win, Howie!

Think there’s no hope for the Republicans in a special election on a snowy January Tuesday?

Guess again, Howie, there’s one potential candidate that could turn this race upside-down: Joe Perry of Deluxe-bury.

Think young people wouldn’t take an interest in the legendary Aerosmith guitarist’s run for the US Senate? Think he couldn’t handle the debates and campaigning?

Guess again. He knows rigorous road tours better than any of us.

THIS is the kind of wild card entry that has Democrats losing sleep at night. THAT’S why they are busy plotting and scheming to designate one of their own as the Bay State’s next entrenched incumbent.

Are there others like Joe Perry? Yes: how about Curt Schilling? Anyone else?

For any Republican or independent to win this race, it will take star power that translates into a serious ability to raise money and generate headlines. This would be one for the ages.


Shoving Ted K Hysteria Down Our Throats

Who said Michael Jackson’s death coverage was overdone?

Truly overwhelming is the best way to describe today’s over-the-top adoration of Ted Kennedy.

Will the overkill create a backlash, however? Almost certainly, particularly with young people who don’t feel the personal connection to the Kennedys. This one is all about selfish, aging Boomers having another one of their precious moments of reflection.

THREE DAYS of events? Ted K-branded aspirin? The killer we HAD to like? He WASN’T an ideologue? The stories become more absurd by the hour.

From here, the real battle ahead lies in fending off sleazy maneuvers meant to install a favored insider into the US Senate for the long haul. This story jumps off the page:

Citing the high cost and tiny turnout of special elections, a town clerk is proposing a controversial option that would allow Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint – with Senate approval – a successor to the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy who would serve until the next statewide election.

In a letter to Patrick, Woburn Town Clerk William C. Campbell said a proposal last month by Kennedy for a temporary successor who would be appointed by the governor and serve until a special election “is contrary to the principle of seeking the most qualified representative for our State.”

Campbell suggested allowing Patrick to appoint a successor, so long as the state Senate votes to approve. The successor, along with other candidates who covet the seat, would have to run for election during the next statewide race in 2010.

Focus on “tiny turnout”, that’s key: the Bay State’s corrupt establishment fears a low-turnout election that could favor less-connected Democrats, independents or Republicans. They’re ready to use every dirty trick in the book to hand-select Ted K’s replacement.

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: tune out local TV coverage, let’s deny stations the ratings they covet. Skip buying area newspapers until they’ve moved on. Let’s vote with our feet!

The War Begins

The day we’ve been dreading for so long is finally here:

– The Globies have already remade Ted K into a saint. Expect the next thundering editorial to be aimed at the Pope for his slow pace in deifying the late senator.

– Don’t believe for a moment that Democrats have time for genuine mourning, the internal war over his successor is already underway. Calls to rewrite the 2004 law in order to provide their party with the advantage of incumbency will grow louder, especially from The Globies.

In fact, Beacon Hill ruling party sleazebags are already plotting and scheming as we speak.

One upshot: the political infighting and backstabbing will be fun to watch.

Another: if the rules are changed, the appointment process could easily destroy Deval Patrick for good, just ask David Paterson.

– Network news coverage could prove even more over-the-top than what is seen locally.

– As nonbelievers are singled out for scorn after making “insensitive” statements about Ted K, watch for the “gotcha” game to begin.

– Even token conservative Michael Graham’s WTKK-FM slot has been overtaken by flaky quasi-liberal talk today. A touchy-feely weekend advice talker is filling-in and providing syrupy, sugar-coated love letters to Ted K. No wonder the ratings are in the toilet.

Here’s a letter from a SaveWRKO reader:

WTF? Today of all days, you would think WTKK would want a news / political person — Dan Flynn maybe?

Even if there were not major breaking news, does it make sense to have a self-help guru covering a political talk show? Does Dr. Laura ever fill in for Rush? Maybe Dr. Dean Edell can fill in for Jay next time he’s on vacation. It’s been almost a week since he hasn’t had one.

It takes a lot to get me to listen to WRKO when Howie isn’t on, but the suits at ‘TKK are making it easier and easier.

— Perhaps trying to one-up WTKK’s leftward shift, WRKO actually dumped Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham today, replacing them with convicted felon Tom Finneran, the corrupt former Democratic House Speaker.

Ted K’s passing provides the elitist, establishment media a chance to flex its muscles, perhaps for the last time. Don’t think for a moment The Globies aren’t prepared to take full advantage of this opportunity to sustain and promote political corruption in Massachusetts.

BREAKING: Entercom Moves All Sox Games To WEEI

In a move clearly meant to restore the station’s sagging ratings, effective tomorrow, ALL Red Sox games are being returned to WEEI. WRKO will no longer air ANY Sox games.

For WRKO listeners, this is terrific news, as talk shows will no longer be interrupted for game coverage. During major news events, this has been a particular problem.

No doubt new competition from WBZ-FM triggered this sudden move near the end of the season.

From Entercom’s press release:

August 25, 2009 (Boston) — Entercom New England announced today that, effective with the team’s game against the Chicago White Sox Wednesday evening, August 26th, all future Boston Red Sox games will be carried on WEEI 850 AM in Boston, the flagship station of the WEEI Sports Radio Network.

From 1995 to 2006, Red Sox games were carried exclusively on WEEI. In 2006, the games were shifted to Entercom sister station WRKO AM 680.

“We have a tremendously close partnership with the Red Sox, and are very excited to bring them back to WEEI,” said Jason Wolfe, Entercom New England’s Vice President of AM Programming. “This move will add consistency to our lineup, whereby all of our sports assets will be consolidated in the same place. There’s no better compliment to the Boston Celtics, Patriots Monday and Patriots Friday, Sunday Night and Monday Night NFL football, the Super Bowl and NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, than adding Red Sox baseball back to nation’s biggest sports radio station.”

Added Julie Kahn, Entercom New England Market Manager/VP: “We’re delighted to bring the Red Sox back to their original home on WEEI. The Red Sox and WEEI have a long history together and it’s a partnership that’s a win for all – WEEI, the Sox and the Boston sports fans.”

…A Similar Story In Charlotte

What is it about talk radio that is simply baffling to the suits (or suit) at Greater Media?

It isn’t just Boston’s WTKK-FM sinking like a rock, recently-acquired WBT-FM / Charlotte is now in the same position. Since Fall 2008’s Arbitron survey, WBT has steadily fallen from a 5.7 share of that market (listeners 12 and older) to the 4.9 figure released yesterday.

At one time, WBT dominated Charlotte, but now, it is tied for fifth place. One of the first moves Greater Media made was to water down the local programming’s conservative focus, accomplished primarily by firing Jeff Katz.

Charlotte is still using the paper diary system, but will eventually convert to the Portable People Meter (PPM) now utilized in major markets such as Boston. PPM has revealed a serious weakness in WTKK’s programming, marketing and imaging and this could easily be repeated at WBT.

Under PPM, news-talk stations without a clear sense of identity and featuring muddled programming lineups are finding their ratings demolished, with no clear way to dig out of the hole.

WTKK has failed to properly react to this change and has experienced severe consequences as a result.

Failing WTKK Moves Left

As failing WTKK-FM continues to shed listeners, it’s interesting to note how its management reacts by moving further to the left.

Do they really see that as the solution, or do they know WTKK’s days are numbered and now feel free to program the station based on their own personal political views (with nothing to lose, of course)?

This week, for example, Vay Cay Jay has been replaced by dreadful Philly-based Obamist Michael Smerconish, with the “highlight” being today’s suck-up session with Barack himself in the White House. Though it was a pre-planned, no-surprises snoozefest, WTKK not only pre-empted Eagan & Braude to air it live, but re-ran the interview during afternoon drive as well.

After that, WTKK has utilized a a bottom-feeding, far-left fill-in host normally associated with the libtalk format to cover for Michele McPhee.

In that kind of lineup, Michael Graham must be feeling terribly lonely.

The question we will continue to ask: at what point does WTKK get serious about succeeding? Or has Greater Media already thrown in the towel on the station?

Cheap Kennedy Family Ploy May Backfire

Let’s get one thing straight: Ted K’s “moving” letter written to Bay State corruptocrats is entirely designed to keep his US Senate seat in the family by any means possible.

GOP House Leader Bradley Jones (R-North Reading) says it best here:

“Back in 2004, when the possibility existed that then Governor Mitt Romney could be making an appointment to fill Senator John Kerry’s seat, the Democratic-controlled House and Senate hastily passed a law stripping the governor of the appointment power,” Jones (R-N. Reading) said. “Now, fast forward five years, a Democrat holds the corner office and suddenly there’s an effort to change the law yet again.

“The Democrats in Massachusetts have proven time and time again that they don’t hold democracy to the highest regard,” Jones continued. “Out of political expediency and convenience, the Democrats are again considering showing a complete disregard of the democratic process and the laws of the Commonwealth by contemplating a change to the law to serve their partisan interests.”

So many Democrats are gearing up for this knife fight, however, that it seems unlikely the partisan establishment would allow one of them to gain the advantage of incumbency.

One wild card: with a decent candidate and solid fundraising, the GOP actually has an outside chance at this seat. That’s possible given the current political climate and low turnout normally associated with a special election.

Howie, go get ’em.

Kennedy image: USA Today