On WEEI, It’s S-Bombs Away!

During yesterday’s Dennis & Callahan Show on WEEI, Curt Schilling got a bit heated when talking about Dice-K’s recent finger-pointing.

Here’s the exclusive exchange:

Please don’t tell the FCC about this, okay?


Moving On: T-Day Is Upon Us

OK, they’ve had their beers, so let’s begin to move on, can we?

And that brings us to Topic A: T-Day in Massachusetts, which begins tomorrow and features a 25% sales tax increase, in addition to an especially onerous new 6.25% tax on alcohol sales at package stores.

As Howie Carr points out in today’s column, there was already an excise tax built into the price, so this represents a tax on top of a tax. I believe very few Massachusetts residents understand this, it’s time to get the word out.

No wonder store owners have already launched an effort to repeal the new 6.25% sales tax on top of the excise tax.

While Carr blames Deval Patrick, I believe in spreading the blame across Beacon Hill. Senate President Therese Murray was quick to impose huge tax increases without any attempt at spending reform and her corrupt cohorts instantly fell into line. Stuffing ca$h into undergarments remains the highest priority there.

Last night, I visited a nearby packy to make some pre-tax purchases and had an interesting conversation with the clerk, who told me they were expecting record crowds today. Extra staff had been added and stock was beefed up overnight to make sure they didn’t run out of key items during today’s anticipated mayhem.

After today, the motivation to purchase beer, wine and spirits in New Hampshire and Rhode Island will be greater than ever for fed-up Massachusetts taxpayers. Expect widespread evasion, which will hurt Bay State business owners and undermine rosy revenue projections for Beacon Hill’s Corruptocrats.

Patrick image: Boston Herald

Not Over Yet

Just when it appeared the Gates story was ready to disappear from the news cycle, a new development has created fresh headlines. When phoning the police, Lucia Whalen is adamant that race was never a factor, to the point where it was never even mentioned.

Whalen’s safety is still of concern, as there are certainly a few nutcases out there suggesting “repercussions” for her brazen act of snitchin’.

As for talk hosts who are suggesting the Gates flap has been used as a distraction from other issues such as Obamacare, Sotomayor and huge tax increases taking effect next week in Massachusetts, this week will provide the true test.

At a nearby packy, there are signs on every aisle comparing today’s prices with the post-August 1 rates, which will be 6.25% higher. I fully expect the shelves to be stripped bare by Friday evening.

Between television, radio and newspaper ads, plus signs inside stores, don’t believe for a moment the public isn’t concerned about these price increases.

WRKO Duped By Sgt Crowley Impersonator?

Have a listener reporting that WRKO has been duped into giving an on-air “interview” with a fake Sgt James Crowley. If true, it’s disturbing, but these things do happen.

At least Howie’s fill-in hosts are all over the topic, unlike Vay Cay, who continues to wander into different subject areas.

This is Talk Radio 101: play the hits. Gates-gate is a number one hit record. Listeners want to hear it.

Day Two: Gates Brings On The Thuggery

By now, one thing is clear: Henry Louis Gates may be a “renowned scholar”, but when push comes to shove, he’s little more than a thuggish punk. Using his ethnic background as a weapon against anyone in his way, it’s no wonder Al Sharpton has emerged as Henry’s chief defender.

But the local and national media’s antics have clearly been just as disgraceful, especially the Boston Globe’s strange attempts to suppress the Cambridge Police report (which is found elsewhere in its entirety).

Is that because the report might lead some to conclude that Gates behaved in a downright childish manner? This photo isn’t exactly flattering, either.

And the Boston Herald is currently featuring this slanted AP “analysis” piece, which frankly degrades a publication that ought to know better:

It took less than a day for the arrest of Henry Louis Gates to become racial lore. When one of America’s most prominent black intellectuals winds up in handcuffs, it’s not just another episode of profiling — it’s a signpost on the nation’s bumpy road to equality.

The news was parsed and Tweeted, rued and debated. This was, after all Henry “Skip” Gates: Summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Yale. MacArthur “genius grant” recipient. Acclaimed historian and PBS documentarian. One of Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Americans” in 1997. Holder of 50 honorary degrees.

If this man can be taken away by police officers from the porch of his own home, what does it say about the treatment that average blacks can expect in 2009?

As for local talk radio, without Howie Carr, it was a bit of a mess today. I’ll give WRKO’s Col Hunt credit for developing the topic, but he’s too scatterbrained to make sustained, coherent points. Nonetheless, I did listen to quite a bit of the conversation.

Over at troubled WTKK-FM, despite repeated attempts, I never did manage to catch Jay Severin addressing the issue. Did I miss it?

It was THE topic today, Jay should NOT have spent much time on secondary matters during commute hour. It’s a fresh reminder of why WTKK is trailing behind so many other stations in the market.

I’ll be covering talk radio’s reaction to the Gates arrest at the Radio Equalizer later, watch for it.

UPDATE: More at Hub Politics.