Neutered Jay Severin To Return To Troubled WTKK

After weeks with an outdated message regarding Jay Severin’s suspension, troubled WTKK has finally updated its website to announce this:

On Tuesday June 2nd, at 3 p.m., Jay Severin will return to the weekday afternoon timeslot on Boston’s Talk Evolution 96.9 FM-WTKK. Jay regrets the remarks for which he was suspended and understands that his comments were indeed wrong and hurtful to the Mexican and Mexican-American communities.

Accordingly, we feel it is time to end Jay’s suspension and welcome him back to WTKK. All of our hosts have strong opinions and talk radio is a format for open and spirited debate about the many issues we face in Boston, New England, our nation and our world.

There will no doubt be times when you disagree with Jay – and our other hosts too – but our ultimate goal is to maintain a level of conversation that is entertaining, compelling, and thought-provoking, yet civil and respectful. While we will not always succeed in walking this line, we will continually strive to do so.

We hope you’ll experience what Jay has to say this Tuesday and every weekday from 3 to 7 p.m.

Many thanks for listening to Boston’s Talk Evolution 96.9 FM-WTKK.

Warm regards,

WTKK Management

Anyone care to translate this into what they really mean to say?

The Boston Herald has full coverage here.


52 thoughts on “Neutered Jay Severin To Return To Troubled WTKK

  1. He’ll come back on Tuesday…just in time to wing off on some well-earned five-week vacation. I don’t think Boston has ever seen a more acerbic and tiresome host than Severin. Certainly, not a host that has taken way more than he’s given. Imagine his ‘living large’ salary flying in the face of fleeing advertisers. A really great economic model, that.

  2. Brian, does this really mean that Jay won? The station has to pay him regardless due to an ill-advised contract?

    Or is he crawling back to work for food?

    What is it?

  3. It means that my original assertion was probably right, that this was not a cost cutting measure for GM and that Lazy Jessica, among others, got it wrong yet again.

  4. Ad Man, I believe it DOES prove this really WAS about money. If he was THAT offensive, Severin wouldn’t be returning at all.

    Severin accepted their new terms because he had NOWHERE else to go. There is no demand for local talk hosts right now, anywhere, and Jay’s track record is SPOTTY.

    It was this or unemployment. He knew that.

  5. Any chance he’ll be humbled by the experience?

    HAH! Just kidding. He can’t find the word in a dictionary.

    I expect that we’ll be treated to another barrage of his bravado and ever-so-sickening machismo.

    Well, there’s always Howie!

  6. Was it about money, or, well everything in business is about money, isn’t it, or was it about money and Jay’s bent?

    Jay may be neutered or will he? All he has to do is use facts to paint the same picture that the Mexican culture and the Puerto Rican culture is not compatible with western European values of education and work ethics. One just has to look to the city of Lawrence to see what Hispanics and welfare does to a once great city.

    It used to be that the European immigrants spoke English, even poorly. Now, after several generations the Hispanics still do not.

    Why is Jay so wrong???

  7. I think it means that he will not be able to relate his ribald stories about all his female conquests. After seeing his picture in the Herald, who would believe those stories anyway?

  8. I was not impressed with any of his replacements especially that stooge from Philly, but I was really hoping that the lying disengenuous sack of bull crap was gone for good.

    So here is what we have, Imus the shadow of his former self, Graham who is marginal at best, the unlistenable dynamic duo and the lying sniveling ferrit.

    Be greatful KSFO streams.

  9. Pat – You forgot about WTKK’s evening programming in which the one trick rantathon/butt kisser to da mayah and BPD comes on the air.

    Has anyone noticed how Joe of the “Joe and Huggy” show has transformed himself into this p.c. do-goodie type? I mean, this is the same guy who as “The Guy from Bostonused to use all sorts of vile terms and would essentially go ballastic with his eyes all crossed and steam rising from his head. Also, he was basically to the right of Attila the Hun. Now, he honestly sounds like he could be on NPR. Has this guy’s management team and/or WTKK devised a 10 point plan for him to appeal to more women listeners or something? Talk about a complete fraud/phony. All his old gumba’s who loved him as the “Guy from Boston” now call in to the Saturday show and slam him. As I mentioned, this guy named Vito called in yesterday and called Joe a “pussy”. I hope Joe continues to catch grief from his listeners because it is so blatantly obvious he is such a calculated careerist who really has no beliefs except for trying to become famous. I don’t think it is going to work for him. Come on Brian, let’s have a “Joe and Huggy” thread? These two media created goons deserve to catch some grief.

  10. Staffer,

    I cannot bring myself to mention the screecher from 7 to 10.

    The even more pathetic thing about Joe is that he started out on his site as a cheap immitation of “The Kid from Brooklyn.”

    The entire lineup at TKK simply demonstrates how weak the management is over there. Dumb, intellectually bankrupt morons all day, all night and all weekend.

  11. By te way, is anyone else annoyed that neither Mc Phee nor Eagan, both reporters, can figure out the correct use of I and me?

    I seem to remember Mrs. Driscoll jamming nominative and objective case into our brains in grade nine at the Parlin Junior High School.

    These two dim bulbs do not know that yet, and Mag the hag actually went to Smith and Stanford.

  12. Since Jay is apparently ready and willing to apologize to the CRIMINALS who enter this country, maybe he will think about apologizing to women.

    Being that talk radio listeners are overwhelmingly male, women are a demographic that stations claim they want to capture.

    Yet all Jay does is bash working women, saying they should be at home with their kids. And when he’s not bashing them, he’s making icky come-ons.

    As a conservative woman, I find him offensive.

    Time you learned to respect women, Jay. Check your misogyny at the door. And grow up.

  13. Brian, I guess we’ll never know if he accepted some sort of reworked contract, but I suspect if they used this suspension as a pretense for it, as I said earlier, Jay would win in court.

    On the other hand, if the suspension begins to build a case to allow them to fire him before the end of the deal to get out from under, that would be possible, but probably not the easiest way to go.

    So if Jay is now “neutered”, that evens things out with Howie who’s been neutered for about a year and a half now, right?

  14. The statement from WTKK’s management about Jay’s return is all you need to know about their mindset. Was it about money? That’s part of it. But mostly, it’s about frightened sales and management people who are all under the spell of PC.

    And just what does “civil and respectful” mean? Does that only apply to anyone NOT a Democrat???

    Jay Severin is a boorish, pompous ass. His ego prevented him from resigning. Any talk host with guts would’ve resigned after taking such a public “bitch-slap” from management over comments that were indeed offensive, crude, based in fact, and somewhat funny. So what if people were offended!! So what???? That edge of conflict is the spark that keeps people tuned in, whether they agree or disagree with the host.

    The folks who occupy the corner offices at Greater Media have obviously swallowed the Obama Kool Aid. Meanwhile, more power to Michael Graham and Michelle McPhee (her problem is the tone of her voice, not the content of her shows).

    And speaking of the Obama Kool Aid management at WTKK…soon there’ll be nothing left of America and capitalism. You might look back and recall Jay’s comments and wonder what YOU were thinking at the time you suspended him.

  15. I’m thrilled Jay is returning, not because I love Jay and think he’s great and agree with most of what he says, but rather because music on radio today is garbage and I can’t take crappy Smerconish (see what Brian Maloney had to say about him in October — ) nor can I take Howie’s POS “Chump Line” that makes me feel embarrassed to even sometimes listen to his show.

    I’m glad Jay’s coming back because he’s an “acceptable alternative”.

  16. Anything – and I do mean anything – is better than those voids of intellect that were filling in. The guy from Philly (who’s name I don’t remember to spell and can’t be bothered to copy it from up-thread) is absolutely horrendous. How do people listen to him? I have no idea what his opinions are, as I could never get 30 seconds in without wanting to rip the radio out of my car and throw it through my windshield.

    In the few times I tried to listen, I head “stop that, this is a family show” somewhere around 54354350431735721453173173810735 times.


  17. Smerkonish is a fake. He’s like Mike Segal. They’ll both do anything to be on the air. Need a Democrat? He’s there. Need a Republican? He’s there.

    Pro-Obama? You guessed it. Anti-Obama…he’s there, again. How about a UFO abductee?

    He’s never been on the air for you and me…just for himself…and the money. Shame on TKK for ever putting him on. What a great way to further tarnish the credibility of the station.

  18. Has anyone actually missed this guy? His comments attacking illegal alien criminal invaders are fine with me-but he’s the most boring Boston talk show host (on the FM dial).

    Felon Finneran owns that title on the AM side.

  19. The only difference between the talent at WTKK and WRKO is that WTKK stinks 24×7 and WRKO stinks all day and all night.

  20. jay who??????????

    and as far as joe and huggy are concerned……i feel bad for huggy………he has some smarts.

    that joe fat load…….what the hell is with him?……….why is he on the radio.

    he is such a moron.

    he cannont sustain a normal thought.

    he is truly a moron.

  21. Maybe … they read what I said about Jay Severin defecting to a competitor radio station and finishing WTKK off … (?!?)

  22. Neutered Jay? I just hope when TKK handed him his testicles, Jay preserved them in a jar of formaldehyde.

    I’ve got a grand that says they’re smaller that the cocktail onions in a Gibson.

    Anyone want some action?

  23. Can’t wait for Jay’s return! Other than Imus, WTKK has the best line up around…Who else would you want to listen to?

  24. Remember when Jay use to be good? Before he did the failed national thing? I would love to get that Jay back, I have no interest in the recent version.

  25. Face it, Jimmy Severino III has always been a eunuch. No doubt.

    Jay (er, I mean “Mike”) – go back to sleep now.

  26. As much as The Felon stinks, I’d have to say that any station with Laura, Rush, Howie, and the Sox

    can’t be too bad.

  27. All in all, I’m happy to have more choice out here in “Fly over country” than you have in “Bean Town”.

    When Obama’s FCC nationalizes radio, all anyone will get is the All abortion hour, “NOW, and men go to Hell”, “The Dean Scream”, and the “UAW Hour”.

  28. Will Jay’s “rebirth” bring his ratings up from 14th place to 2nd or 3rd? That is the real issue here. Ratings, ratings, ratings….I don’t care if he’s talking politics, sports, or home and garden, he’s got 3 months to get his ratings back up or he’s gone. No different than a salesman who used to beat his quota by 25% every quarter and then has come in 25% below. They are given warnings, then put on plan, and then fired if they don’t turn it around. Jay is on “plan” right now.

  29. Marco – Maybe he will be forced to have his producer let thru the occasional caller that Jimmy Severino III does not agree with?

    Maybe even let someone thru who has a pulse?

    But, no, Jay will (as always) take the easy way out, play-acting all the way like he’s some kind of libertine, knows something about guitars and music, likes women, etc. It’s all part of the schtick. His run is, effectively, over.

    Somewhere Scott Lehigh is preparing an obit for Jay’s radio “career” … and he is smiling while doing so!

  30. Upon Severino’s return, I wonder just how many of his never been kissed by a girl, “libertarian” – by way of Rush’s 2112 – fanboy shut-ins will be left to sing his praise?

  31. Marco, the big difference between Severin and a salesman is that Jay has a long term contract which pays him whether he is on the air or not. Of course he can be fired for “cause”, but I’d hate to have to make that case. The other thing is that some deals offer an out for precipitous ratings drops, but I have no idea if GM has one of those clauses. Actually, this occurs to me. Suppose the out clause is based on a rank below X for two straight books? What better way to keep the TP numbers down than to keep him off the air for a good portion of the second book? Then again, the monthly ratings vs the former quarterly numbers may create some apples and oranges comparisons, not to mention the ability to extract the non-Jay ratings if this were to be litigated. I still say Jay gets full value on his deal, but this experience was a hell of a shot across the bow.

  32. Circlit,

    I will say what you said but with a journalistic edge. Severin is a fake, phoney and liar who manages calls in a completely disengeous manner because he is not as bright as he attempts to perport and is terrified to be confrunted by anyone with whom he disagrees especially if a superior intellect can present arguements with which he disagrees. He is intellectually bankrupt and shall surely be dispatched ASAP, with any luck at all.

  33. Pat, “make that confronted”? What about his name, “Circlit”?

    It’s Circlet!

    Our “Sir clet” is no “Sir clit”.

    Am I correct, Softy?

  34. You are correct, piratetoby (there’s a standing head for you!).

    Although in my early teen, somewhat unsure days… well, nevermind! 😮

    In general, though, I answer to any moniker.

  35. Softy,

    ….well, you can answer to any moniker you like, however if PL starts addressing me as “piratetity”, well, next thing you know, our screen names will have the inclusion of some erotic female body part.

  36. Pirate,

    I wouldn’t misaddress you for some very logical reasons. In days of old your kind fought with daggers and swords. For that my defense strategy would involve my extensive martial arts training and my trusty 9 mm. Today however, pirates arm themselves with AK 47s. For that I have no defense strategy.

  37. PL:

    Know what the days of old are? OLD. No daggers and /or swords for me. I’m unlike any pirate you might think you know. I HATE TO FIGHT. Enjoy a heated argument, yes, but I’m a lover not a fighter. Think of the affected femme style of Jack Sparrow. Right down to the eye kohl and the knickers!

    Those damn Somali pirates have given us free-spirited, romantic lovers of the sea a BAD NAME.

    By the way, I am scared to death of guns.

  38. Pirate,

    Well said. However that said maybe you are misaddressing yourself. You call yourself a pirate, but you describe yourself as more of a swashbuckler, also a romantic notion.

  39. Matey (that’s you, PL),

    My pirate moniker originated when I joined this site. SAVE WRKO. I’ve listened to RKO for more years than I care to remember, but what I really enjoyed was finding these “pirate stations” back in the day. They were playing the really cool stuff. So, I took the “pirate” and added the “toby”. Toby came from the movie Juno, “I never met a Toby I didn’t like”. Voila- piratetoby.

    But alas, you are correct. I am not a REAL pirate, nor a swashbuckler. However I do have something in common with both- an adventurous spirit. And I love the ocean.

    Romantic notions? Yes, my heart beats as a true romantic. Always has. It’s been both a blessing and (at times) a curse.

    And (don’t tell) its fun to play dress up as a pirate and enjoy a night of pillaging. Walkin’ the plank, and shiverin’ me timbers. You know, doin’ all that piratey kind of stuff.

    And PL, are you like Staffer (Stafer)….sometimes uppercase and sometime lower case? Is there one or two Pat Lucci’s or pat lucci’s?

  40. Abbas Pirate,

    There is only one Pat Lucci. If you are a long time listener do you remember Techbeat which aired on Sundays at RKO. I was the host.

    I live a 10 minute walk from the ocean in Beverly. If you have not done so, you should know that we have some of the most beautiful ocean side parks from the North Shore to the Cape.

    Years ago in Philoadelphia, on a night called freak night, I picked up a girl dressed up like a pirate. That is an interesting story for anther timer as is the story of how a gun saved my life when I was a reporter at CBS Radio. No shots were fired, but the gun clearly saved my life.

  41. PL, In what context do you address me w/abbas? What a variety of meanings that word has.

    I agree- we indeed have beautiful beaches. However most get too crowded (like Crane’s….you have to leave at the crack of dawn if you want to park) and the water (unless there’s an East wind) is too freakin’ cold!

    Beverly is beautiful….lucky you. I’ve spend time in the area….Rockport, Manchester, Marblehead. Used to sail into Marblehead often….easy sail.

    We had a “freak night” in my highschool, too. It was the night before the last day of classes. We were indeed freaky. No guns were involved!

    I don’t remember the show on Sunday night, but I’m sure I listened to it. The only name I can remember is Dale Dorman!

  42. Piratt,

    Abass is a simple greeting. It is kind of like saying hello.

    When Dale Dorman was at RKO I was at WEEI Newsradio. That was a very long time ago. I was at RKO from 2002 to 2003. J.J. Wright and I lived in the same apartment building in Revere during the Dorman years. He was doing 10 to 2 A.M. at RKO then. We partied a lot back then. I became good friends with him and Dale’s wife and brother-in law both of whom were Medford kids.

  43. Softy,

    Great find! And I won’t forget the date as it’s my brother’s b’day! It will be curious if we’re all still here at Save WRKO…..

    Now “avast”. In my post #46- with the play pirate pillaging? The safe word is “avast”, when someone is going TOO far.

    You do know what I mean, yes?

    Great word.

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