Inspired By Hugo: The Threat To Talk Radio Is Real

At the Radio Equalizer, we take a look at the coming crackdown on talk radio in America and the steps that are already being taken to accomplish this task.

Included is a new interview with Brian Jennings, longtime radio executive and author of a new book, Censorship: The Threat To Silence Talk Radio.


10 thoughts on “Inspired By Hugo: The Threat To Talk Radio Is Real

  1. I was blown away for the past several days as WOR put on the idiot and unlistenable Smerconish on at the 8:00 or 9:00 hour instead of Michael Savage. It was a copy of the crap that filled in for Jay’s spot. It reminds me of a local shopper newspaper that is good to take a look at and read but matters not whether one reads it or not as the content has no significance.

    In the Boston market having no significance over time means having no ratings. But then again, why would the Obama butt boys and gals care? If the weak advertising meets the expenses and they, the butt boys and gals, get to go to the right parties, after all, the party in power has the best parties with the best booze and other enticements, then everything is right, isn’t it? Except of course, when Obama and his henchmen come after you.

  2. I’m initially willing to call b***s*** on anything with Sean Hannity’s name on the cover BUT wrecklessly buying up whole businesses and then bullying who they don’t like out of existence … it’s right up Barack Obama’s ally.

  3. I suspect that the growing frequency of “balanced” (read “boring”) people like Smerconish is the lame suits’ idea of a a way to defend against the upcoming censorship. They figure if they have the appearance of middle ground that Obama might give them a pass.

    Too bad they haven’t taken a lesson from the newspapers. Water down content and people leave anyway.

  4. WTKK runs the syndie Phil Hendrie show (last night there was a hilarious spoof of Tom Leykis

    voiced by the versatile Phil). Hendrie says he isn’t hard right or hard left–perhaps conserv. on some issues, liberal on others. One minute he defends Bush’s WOT and the next he praises Obama. He puts down talk hosts who do a solid left or right and no deviation approach.

    Maybe he figures he can draw listeners from both the left and the right.

    People like Rush make fun of moderates, etc.

    I have heard a talk host named Alan Nathan who says he’s a “militant moderate” and his motto is “we want the Republicans out of our bedrooms, the Democrats out of our wallets, and both away from our First and Second Amendment Rights”

  5. Hmmmmmmmm, all you have to do is tune into RKO any nite passed 10pm, all you hear is long periods of dead air, happens every nite and more than once.

  6. Um circ? In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve never commented on jimmy, why? Because I don’t listen to him, please make a note so you won’t forget.

  7. know what?…………..I think in ten years there will be no talk radio………..not like we know it now.

    two words………


    all my friends my age never listen to this stuff. they think i am weird because i do.

    my friends…… will be all over soon.

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