Even Margery Gets It: It’s Time To Revolt

Clearly, Massachusetts Corruptocrats have learned nothing from California’s overwhelming rejection of tax-and-spend initiatives Tuesday. The attempt by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic-controlled legislature to shove this bloated excess down their throats failed uniformly across the state.

As the Golden State’s results and impact is felt across the country, this tidbit from the San Francisco Chronicle’s analysis stands out:

Focus groups run by the “yes” campaigns were so uniformly negative that consultants thought there was a problem with the groups.

“We moved to different cities and tried different questions, but we got to the same place with every group,” said Gale Kaufman, a consultant for education groups supporting the ballot measures. “People sent a very simple message: ‘It’s not our job.’ ”

Even before the election, focus groups were sending a clear message to Sacramento: after a wild spending spree, you created this mess. Now that it has become unmanageable, you want us to fix it?

In the Bay State, the key difference is that politicians aren’t inclined to place anything on the ballot when they can simply sneak in big tax hikes during a late-night session.

But the public anger is the same: anyone assuming Massachusetts taxpayers are going to roll over and play dead (like they usually do) may be proven wrong this time.

In today’s Herald, even WTKK’s Margery Eagan gets it, to the point where she’s quoting Howie Carr in her column. An excerpt:

The Tax Stealers – aka, our legislators – just did again what they do best: Tell us taxpayers to drop dead.

And we taxpayers just did what we do best: play dead.

Reform before revenue! That’s been Senate President Terry Murray’s mantra.

Guess that’s gone by the boards.

Several dutiful taxpayers told me yesterday they’re doing all they can to fight back: e-mailing and calling to harass The Stealers.

Either The Stealers ask for lots of personal information before responding, or they don’t respond. Or they send a form letter answering nothing. Or they do call back, and lie.

But there are signs that taxpayers are ready for all-out revolt. From Hillary Chabot in today’s Herald:

Outraged small businesses and tax watchdogs promised yesterday they’ll be heard on the hikes, be it at a rally planned for the State House steps today or at the voting booth in November.

“It’s completely out of control,” said Barbara Anderson, executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation. “The only thing they care about is not getting re-elected. We have to throw them out.”

Corie Whalen, who organized the conservative anti-tax Tea Party in Boston last month, invited anti-tax citizens to gather at the State House starting at 11 a.m. today.

“They’re misleading people when they act like necessary cuts have to be made when they haven’t worked to clear up real waste,” Whalen said.

Jeff Golden, a buyer at Downtown Wine & Spirits in Somerville, said the vote to remove the sales tax exemption from liquor at package stores means many smaller shops would close their doors.

“It’s frustrating for a smaller place. We’re operating on the margins already,” said Golden. “We’re going to have a hard time convincing people to come here when they can get it for less in New Hampshire.”

In the end, it’s not enough to simply write columns about unfair tax increases. How about using that microphone? It’s right there in front of you.

First task: removing Therese Murray from office.

Time to raise some hell.

Arnold image: KCBS


16 thoughts on “Even Margery Gets It: It’s Time To Revolt

  1. We have to get rid of this bunch in Boston. I’ve written letters to the Taunton Gazette regarding both Senator Pacheco and Rep. Fagan NOT doing anything to cut the spending on Beacon Hill. We HAVE to get rid of these dopes that supposedly represent US, but they work for themselves.

  2. The ‘takers’ are outnumbering the ‘donors.’ Time to move the ‘takers’ to another state where they can live in unencumbered sloth-like bliss. Pluto.

  3. As I type this it’s 5:24 pm EDST, and you don’t have a comment on the latest Boston PPM ratings which have been out for 24 minutes…slacker! WTKK keeps slip-sliding away.

  4. I love the Tea-bag movement HOWEVER … the fact that the G.O.P. planned some-sort of online teabagging thing really trivializes it, if you ask me … It’s a shame that the Californian tea-bagging advent couldn’t come before the online thing … protests only matter on the street.

    The other note, though, is that this is another gash in any hope Schwarzenegger has in even higher offices than Governor — and it comes from the right, I assume. I suppose 1 could think of it as from the right … but it’s really more of a grassroots, tax-payer’s unite!-type thing. I’ll assume the governor thinks of it as from the right … but regardless, he’s embaressed, running out of options, and should never even try for higher office. There’s a future problem we don’t need to have.

  5. Given the history of this place about Magpie, couldn’t there have been a better title than:

    “Margery gets it”?

    Just an observation.

  6. Margie and Jim fell from 8th to 15th place which must mean they are behind some kids playing on a walkie-talkie in the backyard…nothing to giggle about…Heslam must be wrong though. She said Howie went from 12th to 7th place. I thought his promos said he was #1. Maybe they meant he #1 with his audience in northern Vermont.

  7. I think what no one really wants to admit, is the fact that Finneran’s Forum actually has improved as a show and is a pretty good place for issues radio. This is not to say that the Felon isn’t still ridiculous at times but hey, I have to give the show some credit. With Todd on board full time, they have found some stability. I mean, maybe it is just that other local radio shows are so bad. Eagan and Braude do the same stale “humor” they did back around 2001. The only difference is that the show has become more entrenched and dependent upon establishment a&* kissing. McPhee is not even worth mentioning. Graham…I don’t know, some people like this guy. I find him incredibly hyper. Anyway, I’ll probably catch hell for even giving Finneran’s Forum a bit of a nod on the site. I mean, remember when this site was created to counter Finneran being on WRKO? It seems to have developed into just another right wing media blog.

  8. Magpie gettin’ it? Anyone’s guess. Clues vary from day to day. Maybe Magpie’s gettin’ it, or not, or who she’s gettin’ it from, or not, might factor into their program’s drop in the ratings? Just a very uneducated guess.

  9. In a recent non-PPM 25-54 ratings period, Howie was tied for first with a music station (Kiss 108 I


  10. ‘RKO staffer, I agree about Graham. It’s his delivery that bugs me; his little girl voice. In fact, Boston seems to be a magnet for girly-voiced radio guys(Holley and Arnold are two more who come to mind.) Tough to listen to.

  11. hey, what gives? I post on Magpie gettin’ it, and no response? nuthin’! Is it gettin’ old? Any volunteers for giving the Magpie a rub down with self tanning lotion? Can only imagine how white her belly must be…..I’ll bet it’s so white, it appears blue.

  12. NOTHING, repeat, NOTHING is going to happen. When I talk to family and friends through out the states they are all outraged as well. Yet when I ask them about their local rep they say that they like him/her. They don’t agree with the taxes but they like everyone thing else they have done for their district (even if they can’t name one thing they have done.)

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