Target: Therese Murray


With the Massachusetts Senate passing the New Hampshire Economic Recovery Act of 2009 tonight, talk radio has been handed an exceptionally effective weapon to use against Beacon Hill Corruptocrats for years to come.

It’s not just the fact that a huge sales tax increase was passed by Democrats without a serious effort to cut wasteful spending (not the draconian local aid scare tactics we’ve recently seen), but that the public has completely been left out of the equation.

Our crooked legislature has simply shut out taxpaying voters, assuming they will all be safely re-elected next year.

Talk radio has an opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and show that it can be an effective force. And the first place to start is with hotheaded malcontent Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth), who had an opportunity to stop this madness but instead chose to ram a 25% tax increase down our throats.

While Murray’s district does feature a few moonbat areas, it also includes some of the most conservative towns in Massachusetts. Murray hasn’t had an opponent recently. It’s time to change that.

Talk radio still has a chance to fight this increase, which is sure to benefit New Hampshire as shoppers will now have a much greater incentive to cross state lines and save big. Governor Patrick’s expected veto will be overridden by Democratic senators, but are there enough in marginal suburban districts that can be persuaded to change their votes?

Effective hosts would name names and single out particular districts. Voters aren’t tuning in to hear about our “hopeless” political system, they are ready for change and are looking for leaders. Who will step up to the plate?

UPDATE: According to the Patriot-Ledger, towns and cities won’t even benefit from the tax hikes, the Senate decided to screw them during a sneaky, last-minute maneuver.


36 thoughts on “Target: Therese Murray

  1. Did you have to post that pic, Bri-guy? Therese and Magpie should “go clubbin'” together IMO… not that I swing that way. You know – two 60+ YO chicks lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.

  2. I heard a caller on WTKK last night (Dan Flynn fill in show) saying that people are going to be flooding to NH from south of Boston so they can avoid the paying the sales tax. Nice “best and brightest” logic as it would seem they’d be burning up alot gasoline getting there and back.

  3. The tax increase topic will get superficial discussion for a day or two, then talk radio will go back to talking about some trivial pop culture topic.

    Jerry Williams would have talked about this every day for the next 6 months. Graham might spend an hour on it before he turns to the Canda geese nuisance. JimPie will giggle and joke about reform then call for even more taxes. Howie will talk about pictures of a coyote killing and McScreech will talk about her love of mounted police…Dan Rae will conduct the only sustained rational discussion of taxes and wasteful spending…Face it, local talk radio is now irrelevant on important issues.

  4. Staffer – I’d gladly trade the increase in gas costs and time for the decrease in item cost by travelling to NH. Of course, I live in Merrimack Valley (a border town), so it’s not an issue for me.

    It’s typical of this state: it’s never a “budget” problem, it’s a “revenue” problem. Once again, our masters in this state have voted us a pay cut (while they themselves took a pay raise last fall).

  5. Buying online is good, but with Salem and Nashua each about 15-20 minutes from me, why would I ever buy anything in this state again? Everything I need is right up the street.

  6. Can anyone even find the roll call for the sales tax vote? I have been searching since yesterday for it and I can’t find it anywhere.

    Of course, they did a voice vote on the meals tax so no one would have to go on the record.

  7. What all of you are missing is the opportunity now available for those of us that work in MA, but live in NH. We can now get our MA non-resident taxes back. Just think of the opportunity for delivery daily, Monday – Friday to the North Shore. Smokes, alcohol, sugar. (Larger items on request.) ALL TAX FREE!!! Don’t, as staffer suggests, “…be burning up alot gasoline getting there and back.” Have it delivered. For a “small fee” of course.

    Hell bootlegging worked for the Kennedy’s, it can certainly work now. Thank you Devil Patrick! Go ahead, try putting MA Staties in the parking lot of convince stores looking for people buying candy and then crossing state lines.

    What tools Murray and Patrick are, and what bigger tools the voters of MA are. Seems to me you keep electing these fools and when you had the opportunity on the ballot to stop being taxed, you voted to keep paying. Your elected officials are only giving you want, more taxes. Enjoy the taxes and all the wonderful things the state will do with all of YOUR money. They’ll certainly spend it better, on more important things than you ever could.

  8. bjd – Last time I checked NH has gone completely blue and it is only going to get “bluer”. You think you have yourself a redneck paradise up there. Well, it’s changing my friend. I notice a lot of developments going up around Manchester also there are more and more people moving in to your state. With the sprawl and growth will require….more services. Don’t get too comfy.

  9. For now anyway, we can still buy guns and amo when they are in stock. (Seems there’s been a run on them since that clown, hopey change has moved into the white house.)

    “From my cold dead hands!”

  10. staffer: You are a typical, text-book, misinformed, and absolutely clueless mass-hole. You deserve to live in MA. So where in Cambridge do you live?

    Yeah, I’m a racist. You absolute a$$. If you only had a quarter of a clue. It would be difficult for me at clan meetings. I know I’d NEVER be elected Grand Wizzard, unless they have some “set asides” or quotas. Maybe devil can fix that for me?

    Keep believing that all that money MA is STEALING from you is going to further the causes of an oppressed race and to build a utopia where equal opportunity is proven by equal outcome. I’m sure devil can spread your wealth around to all.

    Your comments prove my point about the voters of MA. Why don’t you sign over all of your check to devil? He’s going to take it anyway.

  11. “From my cold dead hands!”

    -Okay…in an ideal world…

    (Just paraphrasing an old Dennis Miller bit, not wishing for BJD’s demise. True Democrats want and respect a loyal opposition.)

  12. Yeah, it always amuses me when I’m lumped in with overly religious right wingers, as I’m pretty far from that. I am, however, very fiscally conservative and prefer to keep my money in my pocket than give it to others at the point of a gun.

    Apparently, despite being pro-choice, pro-stem cell research, pro-gay marriage and whatnot, advocating a lower tax rate makes me:

    – a right wing nutjob

    – a Bible thumper

    – a racist

    – a homophobe

    Did I cover all the bases?

  13. You completely missed illegal immigration Hoss. Are you with the fascists that want to protect the borders, or do you think illegal immigration can be cured with giving illegals your money and then holding hands and sining kum ba yah?

    Prag-man, please define “True Democrat” for us rednecks that cling to our guns and religion up here in NH. We’re not enlightened like those in staffers class that live in cambridge. (Dennis Miller can be funny when he gets on some of his rants.)

  14. Only in the moonbat mind is objecting to raising taxes because of the further damage that will be done to the economy the equivalent of playing your banjo on the front porch next to your old fridge.

    Let’s give ALL our money to the government; they know what’s best for us.

  15. Read my post again Spackle. bjd seems to think that NH is going to remain this old line libertarian Valhalla. I’m just telling him that cruel demographics are in fact pointing in the other direction. When faced with this cold reality, he pulls the “no one’s got get me and my gun stuff”. LOL.

  16. It must suk to be a New Hamphire-er … Every time there’s major economic news for Massachussetts … the border between Massachussetts and New Hampshire is brought up …


  17. The tax rate in MA could go up 25% and no one would complain because it wouldn’t really affect their lifestyle.

    The welfare recipients are unaffected and the 30 year old [IT/Biomed/Programmer/EE] guy making $110,000 will still have his iPhone and new Obama bumper-sticker.

  18. A true democrat should love the process as much as the outcome. A true democrat should realize that someone like Hoss represents the future of the Republican party, if they are smart enough to appeal to him. A true democrat recognizes that as much as we may believe in what Obama is doing, we should encourage even handed scrutiny. A true democrat stood behind our leadership the past eight years while working hard to have them voted out fairly.

    Yeah, I’m an idealist and a pragmatist. I post here because I like to see how the other POV thinks and why. Sometimes I get turned off by the agenda, but occasionally I learn things too.

    Safe holiday weekend to all.

  19. There is a front page article about face transplants in the Globe this morning. I would like to suggest that that SKANK, T. Murray get herself one. The only thing worse than an arrogant A Hole is an ugly arrogant A Hole.

  20. wouldn’t the wrong side of the bed would be that side of the bed next to terry? do you know something we don’t circle?

  21. “Unfortunately, he is kind of making himself irrelevant at this point in the game, which is too bad because we really need him. We haven’t had a Democratic governor in 16 years, and this makes no sense to me. We need to work together,” she said.”

    Terry, honestly…at this point the only ones who are irrevelant are the tax payers of MA. because you all will obviously not reform before you tax.

  22. grace, get help. your stalking is getting very creepy and I amy have to report you to your boss…you know, the taxpayer.

  23. ohhhhh horsey lady, I’m shakin in my boots (for you that’s horseshoes). go ahead, horsey mouth report me to the “you know, taxpayer”. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I laughed soooooo hard, I peed my pants. ps: it’s you who’s creepy and it’s you who’s the stalker. that’s why you post here. cause you’ve got nothing to contribute. the only attention you get is crying “poor me!! grace is stalking me!!” get a life tracie.

  24. grace, have you noticed that you only post after me and attack me? Of course your narcissistic personality disorder won’t allow you to see this.

  25. duh! “grace” only posts after you, and “grace’ will coninue to post after you. god, you really aren’t v. bright, are you?

  26. run along now cricket. you’re much better suited to posting about your tomatoe plants and copy & pasting stories from the “patriot ledger” on “another site”.

  27. ha! I just figured it out! You have a teenage LESBO crush on me! That’s why you rush here, first thing in the morning! Before the crack of dawn. Sorry to disapoint, TRACE, I’m not interested. Not even as an “experiement”……maybe you’d have better luck with a barn kid.

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