Howie, Turn Out The Lights As You Exit WRKO

We are quite close to the point where WRKO’s only remaining staffers other than its bloated, useless management will be The Felon and Howie Carr:

Board operators need not apply to WRKO.

The news talk station has gone automated during its syndicated shows. That means a computer – not a $10-an-hour board op – is operating the sound board during Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham.

So WRKO is now in a position to have absolutely nobody minding the store during key hours, yet can still afford to pay The Felon his ridiculous salary to generate tiny ratings?

Remember the computer meltdown that hit Howie’s show recently? They couldn’t run spots or audio cuts. Instead, he was forced to do a talk marathon without opportunities to catch his breath.

One thing we’ve learned from the media meltdown is that instead of prudently shedding assets in order to survive, stubborn managers are willing to run legendary stations right into the ground. That’s what’s happening at Entercom Boston these days. Even when it fools no one, David Field is still pretending his company has a future.

Howie, when you finally do exit WRKO, be sure to turn out the lights. Just don’t trip over The Felon in the darkened hallways.


Braude’s Breathtaking Arrogance Could Make A Brahmin Blush

Not content with a judicial slap on the wrist after his dangerous, wrong-way driving nearly panicked staties escorting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, WTKK/ Boston libtalker Jim Braude is now going after the police sergeant who dared to issue a citation over the matter.

According to Jessica Heslam in today’s Boston Herald, Braude has been fined just $20 for driving in the wrong direction on Morrissey Boulevard, which is a busy, divided thoroughfare. His impatience with the PM’s motorcade nearly caused an “international incident”, as officers at the scene described it:

Braude said he plans to file a complaint against Godfrey, who testified in court that he never swore at the host, who appears on the FM radio station as well as on NECN. “The sergeant was verbally abusive on Morrissey Boulevard and verbally deceitful in court, so it’s on to Round 2,” Braude said.

Godfrey’s attorney, Timothy Burke, said, “It’s too bad the penalty isn’t worse, because (Braude’s) conduct obviously endangered the public.”

Of the complaint Braude plans to file, Burke said, “He’ll grasp at any straw to try to further maintain the public arena, but I think that will have as little success as his appeal did through the court system.”

Dorchester District Court Judge James Coffey denied Braude’s motion to dismiss the citation.

So while he’ll only be compelled to pay a measly $20, that didn’t provide the full vindication he was seeking, so now it’s time for a vindictive crusade against the police in charge of protecting world leaders from media morons. That kind of arrogance could make a Beacon Hill brahmin blush.

On Tuesday, Braude made his attempt to get the whole thing dismissed on a technicality, which we now know didn’t fly:

State police Sgt. Steven Godfrey stopped Braude on April 18 after the SUV-driving media personality nearly caused an international incident during British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s visit to Boston.

Godfrey mailed Braude a citation for wrong-way operation and making an illegal U-turn, which Braude has appealed.

The two sides argued yesterday before Dorchester District Court Judge James Coffey, who could issue a decision as early as today.

Braude’s attorney, Edward Ryan, filed a motion to dismiss the citation citing a state law that requires officers to give a person the citation at the time of the offense.

During the hearing, Godfrey said his job was to protect the prime minister, who was under heavy security, and that he put Braude’s citation in the mail that day.

Braude testified he was heading to a doctor’s appointment when he pulled onto Morrissey Boulevard.

Many Herald readers have already pointed out that considering the circumstances, officers probably had justification to shoot at Braude’s vehicle. But rather than let this matter fade, Braude has insisted upon fighting this pointless battle, at the expense of WTKK’s credibility. This is NOT good publicity for his station.

Let’s hope the police are not subsequently put on the defensive over their clearly professional (and quite restrained) handling of this alarming incident.

Courtroom image: Mike Adaskaveg, Boston Herald

The Empress Gains Dubious Recognition

In any industry, there’s nothing worse than seeing incompetent supervisors rewarded with praise. And with WRKO and WEEI still suffering from epic mismanagement, it’s not a surprise to get this type of complaint:

While the ship sinks, the captain gets an award.  Wonderful:

Once again Julie Kahn has been named one of the Best Managers in Radio by Radio Inc. magazine. While this has become an annual honor for Julie, this year she is one of only eight managers chosen in the Regional Manager category and the only manager from Boston to make the list at all.

We are all fortunate to work with such an effective and tireless advocate for radio. Please take a moment to congratulate her when you can.

Happy Thanksgiving.


By the way, it’s Radio Ink, not Inc. And no one should be fooled by this publication: it hands out “awards” and dubious recognition to just about anyone willing to fork out big money for an annual subscription to its glossy advertorial trade rag.

Some radio trades in the past have engaged in deceptive subscription practices, such as sending invoices right to accounts payable, as though managers had asked to receive the publication.

It’s a sleazy way to cover an even sleazier industry.

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Something To Watch For

You know the routine: whenever Beacon Hill and City Hall Democrats are in meltdown mode (with no better example than this), we inevitably begin to see media grumbling over Howie Carr’s job having become “too easy”. Watch for that this week and report back here with your findings, please.

What’s stopping other local hosts from picking this low-hanging fruit, however? Other than The Felon, who will defend these creeps until the end, this corruption fiasco should be great for all of them.

My favorite bit so far: Chuck Turner complaining that he was being mistreated by “Channel 27”, which is actually the local Univision outlet.

It’s Getting Creepy Out There V: Nightmare On Obama Street

If you’re in need of a fresh reality check on just how downright creepy the Obamist media cult has become, there’s no better example than this, from today’s San Jose (California) Mercury News:

The political contrasts between Obama, who arrives in Washington with the largest electoral plurality of any Democratic president since Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and George W. Bush, who will slink out of office with history’s most abysmal approval ratings, are stark. But as the nation’s first African-American president, and the first post-baby boom chief executive, Obama will doubtless influence Americans in ways never seen before.

Obama cultists.jpg

Jolt of vitality

“It’s going to be fascinating to see how that spins off in terms of movies that people watch, music that becomes more fashionable, even the clothes that people wear,” says Chris Lehane, who worked in the Clinton White House and is a close confidante of Obama’s expected nominee for secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. “When you move from one era to another, you usually have all these cultural issues that accompany the transition.”

Just as 43-year-old John F. Kennedy brought an electrifying jolt of vitality ‚Äî or “vigah,” as he called it ‚Äî when he introduced the country to its new first family in 1961, much of the excitement about the Obamas swirls around 7-year-old Sasha and 10-year-old Malia, the first pair of young children to move into the White House since Caroline and John Kennedy Jr. Even hardened Washington veterans still talk mistily about those touch football games at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.

The prospect of having a youthful first family again in the White House has set the nation’s capital aflutter with talk of the torch being passed to a new generation, a whole new black-inflected White House of Style. Robin Givhan, the Pulitzer Prize-winning style writer for The Washington Post, has referred to the adorable Obama brood as “Camelot with a tan.”

“They’re good-looking, stylish people, with attractive children,” says Letitia Baldrige, White House social secretary to Jackie Kennedy and a lifelong Republican. “And Americans like attractive people. They just do. The Obamas are going to bring a whole new style, start a whole new national conversation. And it’s going to be a wonderful thing for the country.”

‘The Obama Show’

Obamastyle is already taking hold in the capitals of fashion, media and music. If the TV audience for Obama’s campaign infomercial (34 million viewers) and the first postelection interview he and Michelle gave to the CBS newsmagazine “60 Minutes” (25.1 million viewers, the biggest audience for any prime time show this season) were treated as a series, “The Obama Show” would be the top-rated program of the fall.

On Election Night ‚Äî with 71 million people watching on TV, another ratings smash ‚Äî former Bush adviser Karl Rove asserted that the Obamas will not be America’s first “first family” of color. “We’ve had an African-American first family for many years in different forms,” Rove said on Fox News. “When ‘The Cosby Show’ was on, that was America’s family. It wasn’t a black family. It was America’s family.”

The Huxtables first appeared on NBC in 1984, midway between the gathering of the Kennedy and Obama clans at the White House. By presenting an intact black family as successful, and unthreatening to a broad swath of white America, Bill Cosby’s hugely popular TV series helped build a bridge for the Obamas to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., says psychiatrist Alvin F. Poussaint of Harvard Medical School, an African-American and the script consultant for the program.

“That show represented a breakthrough in sending the message that we are just like all other American families, that we have the same concerns for our children,” Poussaint says. “It was a black family that was different from most of the portrayals people had seen on TV before.

Here, it deteriorates further:

One way Cliff Huxtable differed sharply from the characters on those shows also happens to be one of the big differences between George W. Bush and Barack Obama: their skill using the language.

As Andy Borowitz noted last week on Huffington Post, Obama “has broken with a tradition established over the past eight years through his controversial use of complete sentences. … Millions of Americans who watched Mr. Obama’s appearance on CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ “… witnessed the president-elect’s unorthodox verbal tick, which had Mr. Obama employing grammatically correct sentences virtually every time he opened his mouth.”

In other ways great and small, what comes out of the new president’s mouth ‚Äî and evidently out of his wife’s closet ‚Äî will likely make the Obamas the center of attention no matter where you look the next four years. Michelle Obama’s election night dress ‚Äî a black and red number by designer Narciso Rodriguez ‚Äî ignited a fashionista firestorm worthy of any Oscar-night red-carpet controversy, a designer dust-up that was taken by some fashion followers as an encouraging sign of life in the capital.

“When was the last time people even cared what the first lady wore, and were dissecting it?” asks Pamela Keough, author of the book “Jackie Style,” which unraveled the mystique of Camelot’s high-threadcount queen. “That hasn’t happened since Jackie.”

During the campaign, Michelle Obama appeared on “The View” in an off-the-rack outfit she bought for under $150 at the aptly named chain White House/Black Market. Within 24 hours of her appearance, the dress had sold out nationwide.

Until now, Oprah Winfrey was the only black woman in America who has exerted that sort of powerful influence in matters of style, taste and professional aspiration. But with her confident parenting style, political acumen and that strand of Jackie power pearls, Michelle Obama is about to become the “O” the country looks to first.

Michelle Obama has also disarmed the fashion world by frequently going sleeveless. “Forget her husband, I want her arms,” Keough says. “She has gorgeous, gorgeous arms. I think we better start doing push-ups and getting our arms in shape, because sleeveless is back.”

All the early attention to what the Obamas are wearing suggests a hunger for glamour ‚Äî even, or maybe especially, if it’s done on a budget ‚Äî following an era of staid pantsuits worn by Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. Nancy Reagan’s expensive designer wear was nice if you happened to be a size 2.

Hip Lincoln bedroom

On the social front, longtime Washington hands are anticipating the return of glittering state dinners ‚Äî Obamastyle, of course ‚Äî that should go a long way toward banishing the gloom that’s lingered over the town during George W. Bush’s ghastly second term. At times, the White House incumbent has felt less like an occupant than occupier.

“Forget the Oscars,” Keough says. “I think state dinners are going to be big national social events. With the Obamas, there’s clearly a renewed sense of optimism and style, just a sense of joy that we’re back from the wilderness.”

Amazingly, that’s just an excerpt from this work of art.

It’s one thing to support a candidate and wish him well once he has achieved victory, but this is positively, stunningly creepy coverage.

Will it be possible to deprogram these people? Could modern medical treatment save them?

And with these weirdos in control, what happens to our country?