Don’t Be Fooled By Phony Outrage

HILARIOUS UPDATE: Deval Patrick plans “ethics panel” – Let me know when you’re done laughing

Regardless of how
safe Democrats may feel in Massachusetts, this week has been an unmitigated public relations disaster for our crooked friends on Beacon Hill.

Extending far beyond Boston talk radio and blogs, their corruption has dominated headlines this week throughout New England.

To have their dirty dealings exposed by the FBI just days before the election has greatly damaged the Dem’s public image. Yes, most of them are still safe in their seats, but public disgust may yet send a handful of new Republicans to Beacon Hill.

Wilkerson Dianne - flowers - Stuart Cahill.jpg

Citizens For Limited Taxation
has a few Republicans in mind, by the way:

CLT’s 2¬Ω PAC “Focuses on Four”

Legislators who don’t respect their voters and deserve defeat

CLT’S 2¬Ω PAC has endorsed 33 candidates for the State Legislature.

However, we are asking the voters to particularly focus on four of these candidates. These individuals are running against four incumbents who represent a total of twenty-one towns/cities in Massachusetts.

All twenty-one communities voted “Yes” for the income tax rollback to 5% on the 2000 ballot. The Legislature “froze” the rollback “temporarily”at 5.3% in 2002.

Since then the four incumbents have consistently voted to thwart the will of their own constituents on the rollback. Collectively on twenty four votes over the last few years, they have failed to honor the wishes of the people they purport to represent and return the income tax rate to 5%.

Fortunately, there are four individuals running strong campaigns this year against these four incumbents. They have also vowed to make the rollback to 5% an essential part their campaigns.

They are: Chelmsford Senate candidate Sandi Martinez, running against Sen. Fargo (D-Lincoln); House candidates “Lonnie Brennan”of Georgetown against Rep. Barbara L‚ÄôItalien (D-Andover), Kevin Kuros from Uxbridge challenging Rep. Paul Kujawski (D-Webster) and Billerica‚Äôs Tony Lucacio opposing Rep. William Greene (D-Billerica).

All have received the maximum donation from our PAC. We urge the voters in these areas to support them. Defeating these four incumbents on November 4th will send a strong message to Beacon Hill that the voters deserve respect and are not happy.

Obviously, this isn’t
going to bring revolutionary change to Beacon Hill, but it’s a start. Anything that undermines single-party corruption should be welcomed by the public.

Meanwhile, don’t be fooled by phony “outrage” coming from shady pols, especially Therese Murray (D- Single Party Purgatory). They’ve all thrown Dianne Wilkerson under the bus, hoping her taint won’t bring them down with her.

But we still don’t know what the FBI has on the other Dems. Nor do they.

Though Wilkerson is now suspending her write-in campaign, most likely because she doesn’t have a prayer of winning, the damage has been done.

Wilkerson image: Stuart Cahill, Boston Herald


Beacon Hill In Meltdown Mode

Could things be any worse for the Corruptocrats on Beacon Hill?

Just days before the election, senators are meeting to determine the fate of Bay State Bra Bandit Dianne Wilkerson (D-Robbery). They could move to oust her, but she might retaliate and finger them for their own crooked behavior.

In a particularly precarious position is mean-spirited, anger-filled Senate President Therese Murray (D-Ragebury), who may prove to have had a role in the alleged Beacon Hill bribery/extortion racket.

This makes it tough for SE Mass papers like the Patriot-Ledger, which normally lionize Murray and support corrupt, single-party rule. Today, however, that paper did report on her troubles.

Especially hilarious is watching Mayor-For-Life Mumbles Menino claim his hands are clean.

Menino, Mumbles Mayor-For-Life.jpg

At this point, we don’t even know what impact this could have on the elections, where area Democrats now caught up in this meltdown are the very ones who’ve pushed hard for Barack Obama.

That may not affect the Massachusetts vote, but remember that Boston television and radio outlets dominate New Hampshire, where the race between Obama and McCain is very close.

With Wilkerson and the rapidly-growing corruption scandal now dominating headlines for almost two days, this can’t be good for their cause.

Meanwhile, The Felon’s sick attempt at defending Wilkerson and Beacon Hill’s corruption is making news today. From the Boston Herald’s Media Biz column:

Wilkerson Dianne - John Wilcox Boston Herald 2.jpg

And as Finneran defended the scandal-plagued Wilkerson yesterday, co-host Wendy Murphy let him have it.

“The fact that you want to say ‘just cause somebody’s giving me money and I happened to help them with their special legislation doesn’t mean the money was a quid pro quo’ – you can say that all day long and I hope it helped you sleep nights,” Murphy said.

Finneran cut her off and shot back: “Don’t even get up to a line let alone cross a line on that bull (expletive). I’m dead serious.”

Finneran’s foul language didn’t make it onto the air, said program director Jason Wolfe, but it was heard loud and clear on the Internet, where listeners can tune into WRKO-AM (680) live.

“When you nail him he just gets angry and resorts to abusive language,” said blogger Brian Maloney . “Wendy went for his throat and he couldn’t take it because he’s trying to defend the indefensible.”

Finneran didn’t return a call to MediaBiz yesterday.

Potential WRKO hosts should be required to take a character test. With last week’s arrest of Reese Hopkins, the station can add alleged child molester to its roster of ex-personalities.

Yesterday wasn’t the first time Finneran lost it on the air.

Back in February, Finneran fumed “bull (expletive)” twice on his show but the producer pushed the “dump button” in time and the profanity wasn’t heard on terrestrial radio. Offensive on-air language can mean a steep FCC fine.

Finneran has failed to attract a large audience, and it’s pretty clear why.

Mumbles, Wilkerson images: John Wilcox, Boston Herald

Globie Spreads Hatred Overseas

Here’s a dubious
American export: liberal newspaper columnists. Do we really need The Globies spreading their elitist crap overseas?

That’s exactly what Kevin Cullen is doing, playing to the darkest fears of Europeans, who already have wildly distorted impressions of Americans thanks to their rabid, kooky media environment. In comes Cullen to pour gasoline on a raging fire.

See my Radio Equalizer piece on the subject here.

Even More Bay State Political Corruption

While Beacon Hill,
the press and voters are on pins and needles waiting to see who else goes down with Bra Bandit Dianne Wilkerson, yet another case of Bay State corruption leads to a conviction:

BOSTON РA former employee in state Auditor Joseph DeNucci’s office has been convicted of taking thousands of dollars in bribes from people in exchange for reinstating their suspended driver’s licenses.

Lawrence Trapasso, of Worcester, was found guilty Wednesday on three counts of bribery and one count of larceny over $250, but was acquitted of one count of attempted extortion.

The allegations became public when the lawyer for a man convicted of vehicular manslaughter filed court documents saying his client bribed Trapasso, an administrative staff assistant, with nearly $15,000. Attorney General Martha Coakley said two other people paid Trapasso a total of $6,500 to get their suspended licenses back.

Does She Look Worried?

Take a look
at this picture by John Wilcox of the Boston Herald:

Wilkerson Dianne - John Wilcox Boston Herald.jpg

Does this look like a woman who’s worried about her future? Hell, no!

Dianne Wilkerson clearly expects her crooked co-conspirators on Beacon Hill, including Deval Patrick, to provide cover when the time is right. Don’t be fooled by their phony indignation, that’s pre-election posturing.

Plus, if they don’t help her, she could rat them out! That and the political fallout from her arrest has them terribly worried.

Beyond that, the Bay State’s Bra Bandit is probably counting on a pardon from President Obama.

In our fundamentally corrupt state, this is business as usual. Is it any wonder her Roxbury neighbors are standing by her?

Massachusetts voters have been conditioned to accept an almost Nigerian-level of corruption that in any other state outside of New Jersey or Rhode Island would have citizens outraged.

Wilkerson’s arrest has probably just undone $2 million worth of anti-Question One advertising paid for by the government union thugs. I’m not saying it’s going to pass, but it will now be closer than it would have been if not for today’s Beacon Hill debacle.