A Tale Of Two Performers

Once upon a time, there were two unhappy performers, each making the desire to depart abundantly clear to their respective employers.

One company put up with their troubled staffer’s antics for some time, partly because he was still doing a good job. But as time went on, the quality of his output began to slip and he became a distraction to the others. He began to bad-mouth management in public and eventually lost the support of his co-workers.

That’s when his employer decided it was time to move on, for the sake of both sides. He accepted a new position 3000 miles away and everyone seems pleased with the outcome.

After a lengthy tenure, the other employee also signaled that he wanted out. He began to act out in a similar manner behind the scenes and (perhaps intentionally) even performed at a sub-par level while on the job.

Taking matters into his own hands, he found a new position with another business in the same industry.

But instead of saying goodbye and moving forward, his employer took him to court and found a way to force him to remain with the firm against his will.

Clearly unhappy over his forced tenure with a company he despises, he now ridicules the firm in public, laughing out loud as its stock price drops through the floor.

Radio could learn
a lot from professional baseball, don’t you think?


Much Worse Than Windsurfing

What is it about John Kerry and awkward social situations? The latest flap may be his worst yet and it is providing lots of fun for blogs and talk radio.

If not for images leaked to TMZ.com, news of last weekend’s F’n Beach Party might not have reached beyond Nantucket.

What the hell was he thinking?

Kerry John TMZ Nantucket.jpg

Actually, with a number of new
revelations, the story’s really just heating up today, providing a whole new dose of talk radio fodder. The Herald’s Track Gals are all over it:

Sen. John Kerry, already under fire after an ill-fated photo op on Nantucket last weekend, was hanging out that same night with a man who is facing charges that he assaulted an island construction worker and the man’s 11-year-old daughter.

Kirby Jones, 47, an island boat captain, is scheduled for a court hearing after a melee in The Club Car where he allegedly punched out 41-year-old Sean Joslin. Joslin’s young daughter was injured in the row.

Jones was one of Kerry’s two companions Saturday night and was photographed with the senator and some booze-swilling coeds on the island’s Straight Wharf.

“Sen. Kerry had no knowledge whatsoever of this incident until your phone call,” said Kerry’s spokeswoman Brigid O’Rourke. “Mr. Jones was invited to dinner by Kerim Koseatac.”

Kerry John TMZ Nantucket 2.jpg

Koseatac, the other man with Kerry Saturday night, is the caretaker at the Nantucket manse owned by Kerry’s wife, ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz. But on Tuesday Рbefore word of the assault allegations trickled to Boston РKerry aide David Wade described both Koseatac and Jones as the senator’s “friends.”

Yesterday, not so much. It seems that Jones, a well-known character on the island, allegedly sucker-punched Joslin Thursday as he sat in The Club Car, an expensive island eatery, with his daughter and a client.

According to Joslin, he and Jones had a run-in several years ago, and when the boat captain entered the eatery, he began talking to Joslin’s daughter.

And later in the column, they nail it:

So to recap: Kerry was out to dinner with a man he didn’t know was facing assault charges. After which he was photographed with a group of drinking, college-aged women with penis straws whom he didn’t know. And no one knows how the pictures wound up on TMZ.

Perhaps the senator should just stay home . . . .

We don’t think
of Kerry as a wild party guy, so what was he up to? Was this just a case of accidentally socializing with commoners (seems hard to believe in his case), or part of a calculated move to reshape his sullen, wooden image? I’m going with the former.

The bigger question: though Ted K could probably escape unharmed from this kind of publicity, Kerry is another story. He isn’t terribly popular here and not known to spend a lot of time dealing with Bay State issues. Will this hurt him politically?

Images: TMZ.com

Huckster Host Nailed In California

I bring this
to your attention because I’ve heard the same pitch in ads running on Boston talk radio, haven’t you?

Beyond that, this scam has been thriving in the Bay State for many years.

It’s simple: convince an elderly relative to transfer assets to a family member, making them “destitute”, which then qualifies them for taxpayer-funded nursing home care.

When desperate corporate owners of talk stations fill spot breaks and weekend programming with shady hucksters, they not only undermine the format’s credibility, but also potentially expose the company to liability.

In this case, California’s AG went after the host, but it should serve as a warning nonetheless. From the Sacramento Bee:

Radio host to pay fine in AG’s inquiry

Relatively wealthy clients filed false claims for benefits, officials argued

By Cynthia Hubert – chubert@sacbee.com

Lawyer and radio host James Walker has made a living advising California senior citizens on how to shift the cost of their nursing home care to taxpayers.

“Find out the best way to stop long term care from wiping out everything you have!” Walker’s Senior Care Advocates urges on its Web site.

Walker has insisted that, by helping older people qualify for Medi-Cal, the state’s insurance program for the poor, he is looking out for their rights. But state officials have argued that Walker abused the system by, among other things, helping relatively wealthy seniors file false claims for Medi-Cal benefits.

The state attorney general’s office recently completed a four-year investigation of Walker. In a settlement filed in Sacramento Superior Court, Walker agreed to change his business practices, pay a civil penalty of up to $275,000 and clearly separate his legal and consulting services. No criminal charges were filed.


Walker is part of a growing industry of financial advisers who focus on seniors, according to elder advocates. The advocates worry that older people are giving away their assets to qualify for Medi-Cal nursing home coverage and paying thousands of dollars in fees to obtain aid they do not need.

“There are lots of scammers out there, and they’re getting away with it,” said Carole Herman, founder and director of Foundation for Aiding the Elderly in Sacramento. Herman said she has had five complaints related to Walker’s business.

Howie’s Own Evacuation Day

There’s a bit of snickering from Beacon Hill elitists over a certain Radio Hall Of Fame inductee’s self-declaration of “Howie Carr Day” in the Commonwealth.

But if this were made into a bona fide state holiday, it could be taken quite seriously, don’t you think? It could rival Evacuation Day, Bunker Hill Day, or any of the other dubious reasons to shut down government offices.

With that kind of incentive, the hacks could warm up to a Howie holiday rather quickly.

Troubled Reigh-lations

Last night’s Amber Alert and today’s subsequent headlines are tailor-made for talk radio.

That’s because the apparent “kidnapping” of Reigh Rockefeller by her father during a supervised visit has raised many questions about how this could have occurred and especially how it was handled by police and the media:

— Why was an Amber Alert issued in a custodial case? With no known history of domestic violence, how is Reigh in physical danger? It’s clear this is seen differently in New York, where police would not have issued one based on these circumstances.

— How was the public supposed to be of any use without details on the vehicle Reigh’s father used to flee the scene? In addition, why wasn’t a photo of Clark Rockefeller immediately made available? Isn’t he on file with the RMV?

— Another unexplained
element of the story: while Reigh’s mother appears to have custody, she lives and works in London. Does that mean the child was flown here from the UK just for the supervised visit, or does she live here with someone else?

— The latest update has Clark Rockefeller possibly using a newly-acquired boat to flee with Reigh. In addition, he may have had assistance from a friend. Where does he intend to take her and why can’t anyone locate the vessel at sea?

It’s time for a healthy discussion on the proper use of the Amber Alert system. Is this one of them?