The Felon’s On His Own

Beyond WRKO’s managers, who are compelled via corporate edict, there aren’t many still defending Tom Finneran. Even Boston’s politics- media establishment now seems content to let him hang, rather than ride to the rescue.

As an example, check out Boston magazine’s Boston Daily, where The Felon is treated harshly over his S-Bomb tirade:

Tom Finneran is getting desperate. Last month, the former speaker announced he was launching a lobbying firm, then reneged on his plan after critics pointed out that it was a huge conflict of interest for the talk radio host. Now Finneran is screaming profanities on air to drum up ratings because a guest talked over him.

A year ago, it was a far different story, as establishment cronies applauded the Finne-felon’s takeover of WRKO’s morning show.

Meanwhile, the Herald’s Jessica Heslam has written a follow-up on The Felon’s abusive mistreatment of Barbara Anderson here.


“Black Friday” Has Broadcasters In State Of Panic

I can’t possibly understate the level of panic in the radio industry today. The collapse of WPRO owner Citadel Communications has worried broadcasters sending emails as fast as they can, looking for the latest layoff information.

Entercom isn’t escaping the carnage, either, with shares now down 50 cents to $11.30.

Fired Entercom Employees File Federal Complaint

It’s hard to find a broadcasting company more associated with ugly firings than Entercom, but in one city, sacked staffers are fighting back. That’s according to the Kansas City Star:

Four former employees of classic-rock station KYYS-FM have filed an age-discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over their firings in January.

Former morning-show hosts Max Floyd, 67; Tanna Guthrie, 51; afternoon host Brian “Slacker” Adams; and mid-day host Traci Martens, aka Traci Wilde, allege that Entercom Communications of Philadelphia pink-slipped them because of their age.

Entercom officials said the moves were made in order to relaunch the station as “99.7 The Boulevard.”

“They said this was a format change,” lawyer Brian Costello, who is representing the four employees, said at a news conference Thursday. “They’re tied to that excuse.”

WRKO’s Weird Finne-Spin

As could be expected, trying to defend The Felon’s abusive and unhinged meltdown on the air with guest Barbara Anderson proved difficult for our Entercom friends.

But they took it a lot further than I would have expected, actually praising Tom Finneran for his disrespectful treatment of the longtime taxpayer advocate.

And PR flakmeister George Regan actually tried to claim it never happened. Apparently, he’s never heard of YouTube.

From today’s Herald, here’s Coffee Boy clumsily executing WRKO’s ill-considered strategy:

WRKO-AM (680) yapper Tom Finneran lost his cool the other morning, sputtering “bull (expletive)” twice on his show after hanging up on a woman who dared to talk over the serial chatterbox.

Lucky for the fuming, foul-mouthed Finneran, his producer apparently pushed the “dump button” in time and people tuning into terrestrial radio didn’t hear the offensive language, which carries a steep FCC fine.

“There was no profanity on the airwaves,” said WRKO spokesman George Regan.

But when MediaBiz listened to the audio bite on WRKO’s very own Web site last night, Finneran’s expletives were loud and clear.

After hanging up on Barbara Anderson from Citizens for Limited Taxation Tuesday morning, Finneran unleashed a verbal tirade and warned his producer of the curse words to come.

“I’ll have a civil conversation with anybody, but when it amounts to Рhey, do you got your finger on the button? But when it amounts to bull (expletive), that’s what it is, bull (expletive), see you later.”

Tsk, tsk.

The explosive audio clip was posted last night on Brian Maloney’s Web site, Maloney said he received numerous e-mails from listeners who heard Finneran Gone Wild.

“It might have been bleeped over the broadcast signal, however, anyone listening online to the computer absolutely, definitely heard it because I got e-mails from people,” Maloney said.

WRKO Program Director Jason Wolfe called it “excellent radio,” adding that it’s “exactly what our listeners are looking for.”

“He was arguing with Barbara Anderson. She wouldn’t let him make a point to her, so he cut her off. He was aggravated and told the producers to get ready to bleep him out,” Wolfe said.

“Then he said he would not stand for her BS. They edited him. Nothing made the air and it was excellent radio, exactly what our listeners are looking for. The show was outstanding,” Wolfe said.

Finneran’s producer had called Anderson to come on the show to talk about a Herald story on the millions of dollars Beacon Hill lawmakers earmarked for an environmental bond bill.

“With Finneran, your choice is, you either let him do all the talking and he will talk forever, he has been talking for 30 years nonstop, or you talk over him,” said Anderson, a former WRKO personality herself.

“When he just continued to talk, then I continued to talk,” she said. “We just kept going and going until he finally hung up on me, which I thought, that means I won.”

While we know the ex-House speaker lo-ooves to talk, he didn’t return a call to MediaBiz last night.

Even Coffee can’t be this stupid- does he really believe it was “excellent radio”?

Think about this: have you ever heard Howie Carr, Jay Severin or Rush Limbaugh treat a guest like this? If so, was it “excellent radio” or a real tune-out?

Here’s a reader email that hits the nail on the head:

Since when do news talk listeners want to hear profanity on the airwaves? There is always another word to use. Plus it is very unprofessional to lose your cool like that on the air. He just got too emotional and was too lazy to construct a more appropriate response.

The point of yesterday’s post and YouTube clip was to demonstrate just how little Finneran has grown since taking the microphone over a year ago. Boston knows The Felon stinks and has rejected him accordingly.

Even he was looking for the exit doors recently, setting up a Beacon Hill lobbying practice. But David Field just can’t admit to a mistake, so this madness continues.

Tom Finneran Drops Double S-Bomb On Caller

During yesterday’s show, WRKO’s Tom Finneran dropped a double S-Bomb on a caller that dared to challenge his statements. After hanging up on her, he lost his cool:

Thanks to our Finne-monitors for their help with this. We know this reached audio streaming listeners because I’ve been getting emails, whether it was bleeped for land-based radio listeners isn’t clear. My guess is that it was dumped.

That means the issue here isn’t necessarily about FCC fines, but rather Finneran’s suitability to serve as an on-air host. In this short segment, he violates every broadcast standard under the sun.

Why can’t he take critical calls without melting down?

UPDATE: the caller appears to be Barbara Anderson of Citizens For Limited Taxation. Gee, Barb, you sure know how to push his buttons!