Explosive New Details About Rush Controversy

Two full days before Rush Limbaugh made his “phony soldiers” remarks, ABC News aired a report using similar language and the very same context that for some reason now has the talk titan in hot water.

Here’s my post.


Clinton Rally For Tsongas- They Must Be Worried

According to the AP, Bill Clinton is gearing up for a fundraiser and rally for Niki Tsongas in the Fifth Congressional District.

If they thought Republican Jim Ogonowski couldn’t possibly win, would Bubba waste his time here?

Interestingly, one of the first questions Bob Grant asked me during Friday evening’s WABC interview was about Jim and his campaign. I was surprised to learn New Yorkers were following the race.

A GOP upset in Massachusetts would send political shock waves across the country. Clearly, there’s an intriguing, man-bites-dog aspect to it.

All Eyes On Rush & O’Reilly

Yes, I know I said I’d have some Boston-specific updates for you this weekend, but the Limbaugh / O’Reilly flaps are still dominating coverage, so that remains my focus. No doubt both hosts have many fans here in New England.

First, here’s an update on the Limbaugh situation that I’ve just posted.

Second, take a look at this. Note the date and the language used. You’ll be hearing much more about this in the days to come.

What A Week

When you’re not seeing updates here, it’s because I’m swamped with other work. This week, thanks to Media Matters and their gross distortions regarding Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limabaugh, I’ve been at it non-stop.

I have some items to post here, however and will be doing so over the weekend. Do check back.

Quick thoughts:

— It just sounds silly to continue calling WRKO’s afternoon program The Howie Carr Show. He quit. He’s gone. It’s not fooling anybody.

— Those at the national level looking to remove Rush and Bill from the airwaves ought to study recent moves in Boston. Howie was out-maneuvered right off the airwaves, with no relief in sight. The rest of talk radio has been watered down to the point of irrelevancy. They’re clever here, aren’t they?

— Despite no outside promotion, few links from other sites and almost no on-air mentions, this site’s traffic is still growing. It now has thousands of daily visits, almost entirely from word-of-mouth.

Know someone that should be reading our site? Send them an email with our link. You say you’ve never posted a comment? Why not join the conversation now?

Boston Rag Again Bashes Howie, Listeners

Boston magazine is at it again, cranking the “smear” knob up to “11”. Are they taking lessons from Media Matters and MSNBC?

The publication, which is overseen by WRKO Empress Julie Kahn’s husband, used its daily update section to badmouth Carr even more than in the most recent print edition. And this time, WRKO’s listeners are also trashed:

Couple of things here. First, if Carr isn’t allowed to work for TKK, what happens to the $7 million that parent company Greater Media has already allocated? Since they’ve decided to shell out the money anyway, let me make a suggestion: Give it to the poor. Specifically: me.

Second, how fantastic is this limbo? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter from which station Carr broadcasts his lazy, often offensive garbage. The people who listen to his show don’t care. They’ll tune in if he’s on TKK or RKO, in the morning or during the afternoon drive — just so long as it doesn’t prevent them from dating their relatives or protecting the Commonwealth’s borders from the flood of illegals preparing to invade from Canada.

Ah, but for the rest of us who don’t delight in being subjected to his on-air idiocy, this radio blackout has been a little something I like to call awesome. For people who like talk radio, we’re now treated to not one, but two major stations without Howie the Horrible.

No “whiner line.” No “immigrant update,” or whatever it is he calls the fascist segment that details the missteps of people with Hispanic last names. No ranting about liberal “moonbats.” Just pure, uninterrupted silence.

So I’d like to make a plea to Judge van Gestel as well — don’t take another look at the case. Keep Howie right where he is.

It may be purgatory for him, but it’s heaven for us.

Isn’t this EXACTLY what I’ve been saying? Why did any of you doubt me? WRKO is being destroyed on purpose. The sleazy ruling regime hates effective talk radio and will do anything to destroy it. They keep WTKK watered down (and low-rated) and are out to shut WRKO for good.

They are thrilled to see Howie off the air, this is what the Beacon Hill crooks and their print apologists want. If you think for a moment that the Empress disagrees with a word of this, you’re crazy.

They see you as backwater lowlife and themselves as city sophisticates. Isn’t that funny: snooty Manhattan socialites think Bostonians are small-town hicks. So much for the beautiful people.

I don’t care what Kahn says in Entercom’s court filing about Howie’s value, they are trying to win the case. They would drop him in Boston Harbor tied to a concrete block if they could get away with it.

These aren’t conspiracy theories cooked up by this site, they admit outright to everything I’ve been warning you about. Welcome to Venezuela.

Ogonowski Fundraising Shatters Expectations!

Thanks to you and the readers of several other sites, Jim Ogonowski’s attempt to become the first Bay State GOP congressman in ten years has received a major shot in the arm. From Patrick Ruffini:

At just after midnight on the East Coast, we’ve raised $14,824 for Jim Ogonowski’s surging campaign, from 244 individual contributions. Wow! We started today at less than half that total money-wise.

Thank you! I’d never thought a result like this would be possible in an off-year, and you’ve helped a Republican be competitive in (of all places) Massachusetts.

That’s way ahead of what was expected. Great work!